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Fashion Kitty
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Fashion Kitty (Fashion Kitty)

3.85 of 5 stars 3.85  ·  rating details  ·  1,222 ratings  ·  113 reviews
On her birthday, as Kiki Kittie is making her wish, a pile of fashion magazines tumble on her head and voila! Fashion Kitty is born. As such, she helps other kittens with their wardrobe dilemmas and with their interactions with their peers. The story, though seemingly simplistic, touches upon a variety of themes including bullying, self-esteem, and family relationships. Fa ...more
Paperback, Graphic Novel, 96 pages
Published August 30th 2005 by Disney-Hyperion
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Fashion Kitty is a graphic novel about a cat with fashion-crime solving powers. She helps her friend, Mary Jane, to avoid a fashion faux pas by matching perfect outfits for her, and helps her to get revenge on the popular girl in school who tried to make her wear a silly outfit. In the end, the popular girl gets teased and Mary Jane comes to her aid, showing how kindness is always the best way to act, even if someone has been mean to you.
This graphic novel is very “girly.” The illustrations are
FASHION KITTY is a graphic novel book written and illustrated by Charise Mericle Marpet. It is about a girl cat named Kiki who lives with her mother, father, little sister Lana and their pet mouse, mousey. The story begins by explaining how Kiki's family is unlike other cat families. Because they have a mouse as a pet, they are vegetarian and because all the family knows that Kiki is Fashion Kitty. On Kiki's birthday something happens to her that makes her even more special. She gains special po ...more
Oct 09, 2013 Becca added it
Shelves: graphic-novel
Fashion Kitty is about a cat family with a mouse for a pet. On Kiki's birthday, a disaster happens with her birthday cake, the candles, and a shelf of fashion magazines falling on her head as she was blowing out the candles. Because of this, Kiki turned into the Fashion Kitty, where she had a secret costume to disguise her looks and could fly. She flew to a classmates house to help her decide what to wear to school, and even played a mean trick on the most popular and rude girl in school.

This b
Parry Rigney
Kiki Kitty is just her normal, fashionable, kitty self...until one day an unexplainable event occurs and she is given fashion super powers! Fashion Kitty is born, with the abilities to to help little kitties everywhere with their fashion crises.

Fun, silly, and girly, Fashion Kitty is a quick read with lots of appeal. The pictures are adorable. The storyline is very simple and pretty wacky/a bit nonsensical...kind of like something a kid would make up. I could see this inspiring kids to make the
"Fashion Kitty" by Charise Mercile Harper is a story of a Kitty who gets into fashion after a pile of fashion magazines fall on her head on her birthday. She kicks it up and notch and becomes a fashion hero!
I enjoyed this book and would definitely recommend it to young girls. Girls love fashion, and so they can really relate to and enjoy this book. The story had great humor in it which definitely enhances the enjoyment of the story. As a teacher, I'm not sure I would read this aloud to my class,
Georgia Karr
I thought Fashion Kitty was a very superficial book. I don't really see how it has any educational aspects. Although it does teach the lesson of being nice to others, even if they haven't been very nice in the past, it seemed like a lower quality book. I believe there is a series of Fashion Kitty books, so maybe this book wasn't as great because it told the story of of Fashion Kitty came about. She only goes on one adventure in the entire book, which does help a girl that isn't very popular at s ...more
Mckenzie Marcinek
Let me start by saying im not much of a graphic novel kind of person, so I probably have a different outlook on this then people who enjoy graphic novels. However I do love fashion so I thought this would be a good place to meet in the middle. Fashion Kitty is a graphic novel about a cat with fashion-crime solving powers. She helps her friend, Mary Jane, to avoid a fashion faux pas by matching perfect outfits for her, and helps her to get revenge on the popular girl in school who tried to make h ...more
Fashion Kitty, written by Charise Harper is a short story comic book style reading. This book isn't a book that i would read aloud to the classroom, its more of a book that i would let my students read as a free choice reading. Obviously, it wouldn't be interesting to everyone in the classroom, mainly just the young ladies would like it. The novel is a short story about the kitty family, they are a little unusual... They keep a mouse as a pet, but they are vegetarians so don't worry about the po ...more
Fashion Kitty by Charise Mericle Harper is a great book for young girls who are starting to excel in their reading. This graphic novel was an adorable and fun read that has humor and a sweet story to it. I really like the idea of incorporating graphic novels into the classroom setting. I believe that these books really set children up for moving onto chapter books. They have enough text on each page to get the child reading more text than in traditional picture books and enough illustrations to ...more
Rebecca McNutt
This book looks enticing with all its glitter and full-color pictures, but what it holds greatly in aesthetics, it seriously lacks in text. Never mind the fact that the most creative title they could come up with was "Fashion Kitty", this book was generic, predictable, silly and at times boring. It had the potential to be so much better than it was, and it's a great example of why you shouldn't judge a book by its necessarily glittery cover. I was hoping for something original but all this was i ...more
Renee Clark
Fashion kitty is a graphic novel about a kitty who's birthday ended up having an unexplainable event. She is now talented with her fashion abilities and is able to solve wardrobe dilemmas. Although clothes are a big priority in this book, the main emphasis is having fun by finding your own style/likes. Her new powers allow her to fly and she is able to be disguised by her costume. Fashion Kitty is fun, girly, and can be a little quirky. At times I don't fully agree with her attitude but I think ...more
Erin Reilly-Sanders
Ah, this was so much better than Babymouse! While they both have similar girlie audiences and hype up the pink, Fashion Kitty is surprisingly not so materialistic, whiney, and self-centered. As the back of the novel points out, she has a (mostly) good heart. The first volume also seems more about dressing to look good than fashion and has some great funny moments.
Maya Benberry
Fashion Kitty is about a cat name Kiki who discovers her love for fashion on accident. On her birthday she is blowing out the candles on her birthday cake when a shelf full of fashion magazines falls on her. With this accident, Fashion Kitty was born. She had a different costume that she would use to disguise her looks and also gave her the ability to fly. I enjoyed this book and would definitely recommend it to young girls. Girls love fashion, and so they can really relate to and enjoy this boo ...more
Margaret Henderson
Fashion Kitty is a fun and girly version of Captain Underpants in my opinion. The girly tendencies are carried throughout and make it a very quick and easy read. I think that this book shows responsibility in a fun and goofy way. When turning into Fashion Kitty, Kiki is responsible for saving other kitties from fashion disasters. The illustrations do a good job aiding to the text and I love the use of pinks and purples. I would not use to teach a lesson but it would be a great book to recommend ...more
Rachel Stolzman
Fashion Kitty was about Kiki Kitty's transition from the normal Kiki Kitty to the fashion hero "Fashion Kitty". The story was upbeat, fun and a pleasure to read. I loved how the book was structured like a comic book--it added an extra flare to the book that made it more fun and exciting. I thought adding a mix and match activity in between pages 41 and 43 was a great idea. It allows the reader to interact with the story by creating the perfect outfit for Mary Jane. I really enjoyed reading about ...more
A freak accident turns ordinary Kiki Kitty into Fashion Kitty, a superhero dedicated to righting fashion wrongs the world over.

Aimed squarely at the Babymouse demographic, Fashion Kitty's silly humor is likely to win over even the most reluctant reader. The pink and gray color scheme, glittery cover, cartoon illustrations, and girl friendly subject matter will pique young girls' interest, even if they do not usually read graphic novels. Parents and educators will appreciate the "clean" subject
Christine Ummel  Hosler
As Kiki Kittie blows out her birthday candles and makes a wish, a shelf above her breaks, dropping a stack of fashion magazines onto her head. Suddenly, she is transformed into Fashion Kitty, a superhero whose amazing abilities empower her to “fight for fashion freedom!”

Clothes are definitely a high priority in this book but the emphasis is on having fun and finding your own style. The book also touches on themes of being a good friend and dealing with mean pranks. Bonus: Girls cutting along the
Kay Ray
Fashion Kitty by Charise Mercle Harper is about a prissy, sassy kat that is obsessed with her fashion. Going by the name kiki kitty she let it be known she wants everything. On her birthday she made a particular wish, that ended in the result of her becoming a fashion hero. While she was hero she would correct anyone that was not dressed appropriately. She would fix there shirt, or pants, whatever didn't look fashionably right, she would fix.
When you first see this book you cant help but you la
I think this book would be great for students in grade 1st or 2nd or students that are still in the early stages of reading. I do not think this is a book that young boys or guys would lkike but I do think that young girls will get a kick out of it. It is a very easy and quick read with some fun and humor. Harper used a very approiate methaphor "the Kitty" Most young children adore animals or cats , so making her book about"a Fashion Kitty" brings in alot of insight and younger readers. This boo ...more
Annalise Michael
Kiki Kitty is able to sense a fashion crisis at any time. On her birthday she was making a wish, when all of the sudden a stack of fashion magazines fell on her head. This incident gave her powers that she never dreamed of, and she helped people if they eve had a fashion crisis. Having these powers makes her very popular. The story even touches on bullying when one of Kiki's classmates threatens to tell everyone her secret identity. Luckily her friends work together and they were able to keep he ...more
Dani Heller
For my graphic novel, I chose to read Fashion Kitty written and illustrated by Charise Mericle Harper. This story was easy to read and I can see how much fun it would be for young readers, especially girls! I think it would be best for girls grades 3-5. It is about a girl cat named Kiki who lives with her mother, father, little sister Lana and their pet mouse, mousey. The story begins by explaining how Kiki's family is unlike other cat families. They compare how the Kittie's having a pet mouse, ...more
Andrea Carter
The graphic novel, 'Fashion Kitty' by Charise Mercle Harper is about a sassy fashionista in the form of a kitten. KiKi Kittie makes a wish on her birthday and turns into a fashion hero. Fashion Kitty then helps everyone going through fashion dilemmas. The cover of this book shows a mismatched, sly looking, sparkly kitten. Fashion Kitty almost looks as if she has a superhero cape if the reader looks close enough. On the cover of this book it also shows a small quote bubble that says, "I need fash ...more
Fashion Kitty is a book targeted at 3rd graders and a book that would mainly be suited for girls but boys could also enjoy it. Kiki Kittie is the main character and she is very fashion-forward and with her love of fashion she becomes a fashion superhero! With her superhero powers she is able to save other kitties from fashion disasters and change an enemy into a friend. She becomes a superhero by accident with many events lead up to her gaining that role. Kiki Kittie is able to give fashion advi ...more
This graphic novel is for all cat lovers. It is about a cat named Kiki who turns into Fashion Kitty after she blew out her candles on her birthday cake. The first person she saves from humiliation is her friend, Mary Jane. She told Fashion Kitty her friend told her to wear shorts over her pants. Fashion Kitty is Mary Jane's true hero after stops the chaos and helps her pick out a wardrobe that is really styling. Fashion Kitty gets revenge on the kitty, Priscilla, who was mean to Mary Jane. The l ...more
Anne Catesby
Fashion Kitty written and illustrated by Charise Mericle Harper is great graphic novel for young girls. This is a story about a young kitty named Kiki who one day discovers that she has powers beyond her control. She is able to sense a fashion crisis at any time. However, when a boy at her school gets into a tiff with Kiki he is threatens to out her secret identity to everyone. However, when Kiki and her friends ban together they are able to stop the boy and keep her secret an identity. I believ ...more
Christina Mathers
Fashion Kitty was written and illustrated by Charise Mericle Harper in 2005. This book is a children’s graphic novel. It is about cat named Kiki Kittie. The story is written in third person and first person by Kiki Kittie. She is a normal cat until her birthday. Kiki starts the story off explaining why her family is unusual. The text is written in a child-like writing, which helps keep the book a little more interesting. I believe it keeps it more interesting because it makes you think it is act ...more
Jordon Worley
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Macy Tone
"Fashion Kitty" by Charise Mericle Harper is a graphic novel about a kitty named KiKi. She is very fashion forward and many people ask her about fashion tips. She is a trendsetter and a very popular girl. She has quite the abnormal family and they have three reason for being unusual. The graphic novel is very hands on as well as colorful. There's eight pages were you can cut along the dotted lines and make different outfits. The story is written in three important colors-pink, gray, and black. T ...more
Rose Undeutsch
This book was not what I expected at all. It is a very short book and a very easy read in terms of words and length. The story has some good and bad qualities to do. There are few themes that stuck out to me within the book. One of those is that everyone is unique, and this was shown through the book by the characters. I think it is an important idea of children to learn. It does not overpower the story at all and it just comes out naturally. It is seen at the very start though.
The plot is a bi
Patrice Sartor
GENRE: Fiction, graphic novel.

SUMMARY: In a bizarre birthday-cake candle blowing incident, Kiki Kittie was struck by a vase and then hit on the head with a bunch of fashion magazines, which turned her into Fashion Kitty, able to hear fashion calls of despair. She rushes to the aid of friends and strangers alike, preventing fashion mishaps of the first degree.

EVALUATION: As a die-hard tomboy, I find obvious 'girly' titles like this a bit difficult to take. However, the artwork was well done, and
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