A Hopeless Romantic
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A Hopeless Romantic

3.77 of 5 stars 3.77  ·  rating details  ·  4,542 ratings  ·  340 reviews
From the bestselling author of Going Home, which Sophie Kinsella hailed as "fabulous," comes a novel sure to touch and delight anyone who believes in love.

Laura Foster is a hopeless romantic. Her friends know it, her parents know it - even Laura acknowledges she lives either with her head in the clouds or buried in a romance novel. It's proved harmless enough, even if it...more
Paperback, 531 pages
Published October 9th 2007 by Downtown Press (first published October 23rd 2006)
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Well the book title attracts me though..the first 15 chapters well it felt like HOPELESS really, it's so unsettling and exhausting thinking how stupid Laura was in getting trouble falling in Love to an engage man( really hate those chapters):(, but after she realized that she cannot get what she wanted and renewed her view in life and relationship,
then comes Nick...I set in a pace when he came into view in the next few chapters...though he only comes brief he gives an impact to Laura, I'm hoping...more
Aug 16, 2007 Katie rated it 4 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: Chick-lit Fans
Shelves: chick-lit

I thought "A Hopeless Romantic" was brillinat and is the type of book that women (and men) can relate to. I have included a synopsis below for those who might be interested in reading it.


Laura was a hopelessly hopeful romantic. Cupid’s arrow was always just around the corner and the look of love was forever pasted across her face. But there are only so many disastrous relationships a girl can take; the budding theatre director (gay), the romantic poet (psychopath...more
Love Fool
LOVE the title of the book and the cover. It just made my heart warm. Despite what people think, I am a hopeless romantic so once I heard about this book I wanted to read it because I knew I was able to relate to it. This was a funny book that made you believe there is love out there and not just for Disney princesses.
Also, here is a deep confession... I love British chick-lit books. Everything is so romantic when you add some UK men, language, and London.
I had a false-start with this book a while back, and decided to wait a bit and start over. I'm solidly into it now, but am occasionally having to backtrack to figure out who a character is (which is why I stopped initially. I was 20 pages in and didn't know who any of these people were. the way characters are introduced just doesn't cement them in my head or something). Had I not found my "One" as early as I did, I think I would be the Laura in this book. So though I haven't experienced these si...more
This was a somewhat frusterating book. Its challenging for the author to make the readers care about a main character (Laura) who willingly engages in an affair with a guy who has a girlfriend (they are all in the same group of friends)...and many times did not succeed, IMO. Then, when Laura goes on vacation and meets a new guy, you just know that this is the one who she'll get with that will be right, but there was A LOT of back-and-forth until we got there. The book was too long, and not fun e...more
so.. i'm a little ashamed to include this to bookshelf, but it was a really enjoyable read which got me through a brief period of loneliness and negative thinking. it's just one of those good cheesy beach reads. enjoy it for what it is; it didn't change my life, but it added a little more sugar to my bleak winter days in boston.
A lot of reviews praise this book, but I seem to be in the minority. The problem is that the characterisation is awful - no one comes across as likeable, especially the main character, Laura. She is completely selfish, whiny and self-obsessed that you don't feel sorry for her when she loses her job and things start to go wrong for her. Things pick up slightly after a tedious passage about her holidaying in Norfolk with her family when she meets Nick, and the fairytale romantic storyline seemed l...more
"A heart is a package tangled up in knots someone else tied" Joash Ritter sings in his song "Kathleen" and he's right. Our heroine, Laura, is a hopless romantic and she knows it. Her friends know it. Her family knows it. After a particularly bad relationship, the knots that guy tied almost ruins the next relationship she has. It takes some time for her to untie the knots and open back up to love and regain a little bit of her hopeless romantic charm as her willingness to fall in love at the drop...more
I need to stop reading books by Harriet Evans as I'm 0 for 2. I find her main characters to be intensely unlikeable. I understand the notion of having a "flawed character" but this goes far beyond that. I kept reading hoping to get over my dislike and it just didn't happen. No one this unlikeable should have a happy ending and all her books end that way. Seriously, the main character just made me sick. I also find this book way too long. The story could have been told in about half the length. I...more
I thought that this was a very good book that many 20-30 something singles could relate to. The bad relationships, the day dreaming that the server is your true love... but during the middle of the book is like the author lost the focus of the book. Like she was going in circles and never wanted to make a decision. Also, i think she could developed a lot more the characters. Not a bad book but it could have been better!
As a hopeless romantic myself, I could not help but be mesmerized by Ms. Harriet Evans' book covers. In fact, another friend bought her book also because of the pretty. We just had to have it. I eventually managed to tear my eyes from the covers, and with titles and little summaries like these, who can resist what hopes to be a good read, yeah? This is a long post, and spoilers of course, so beware.

(view spoiler)...more
Zoe and the Edge
3.5 Stars
There are a lot of things about this book that aren't my style, yet the author pulled it off for me. There's a lot of detail and background information which isn't my kind of thing. Seriously, the hero is introduced at the 30% mark. But it's told in a gentle rambling style that caught my attention. Secondly, the heroine has all the characteristics that I usually hate. But that's not what brought the rating down for me. It was the lack of romance - yes! - believe it or not in a book titl...more
I would bet money that this was inspired by Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice. Not only is she mentioned a few times but the book is divided up into three parts and there are other likenesses that I don't realize so I'm not spoiling the book. I could have done without the first part though. It made me not really like the main character though I do like who she becomes in the next two parts. Maybe you're not meant to like her in the beginning.
Tattered Cover Book Store
Fans of Fielding, Bushnell and Lippman will love this book. It's very much in the Bridget Jones formula: 20something woman continues to make a disaster of her life with bad choices, vows to change, struggles with it and nearly misses true love when it crosses her path (or, in this case, literally mows her down). I would call it a comfort read for chic lit fans.

-Jackie B

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It was the title that drew me to this book. I was once described by a friend as having the "hopeless romantic" trait so I was curious to see what the book was about and how the characters were presented. The novel revolves around hopeless romantic Laura, showing us that living your life in a romantic dreamworld is more trouble than it's worth.

I loved Laura, I did see some of myself in her. Some of her actions I could see myself doing exactly the same if I was in her situation. When she met Dan...more
I was pleasantly surprised by this book. I'm really picky when it comes to my click-lit. I don't like over the top stuff, and I don't like smut either. This book was very sweet and romantic, even if it does attribute to the unreasonable standards guys feel that they have to reach (when a friend saw me reading this, he made that comment). ;)

It's basically about a girl who's a hopeless romantic (go figure) and also very unlucky in love. She always seems to end up with the wrong sorts of men, and h...more
When Laura was with Dan, I badly wanted to punch her in the face and then cut Dan's willy. I am not good with love relationships - given that I haven't been in one all my life. So correct me if I am wrong with this. When you are with someone, you should always ask yourself if be brings out the best in you. But with Laura, her life centered with Dan and she neglected the others. She ditched her friends and in work, her mind wanders off. Is she that man-deprived? I wanted to beat some sense into h...more
Wow! I was in a mood for chick lit for quite some time, but this book certainly exceeded my expectations; the romance was far more angsty than usual in this genre, which was certainly up to my taste. However, the emotional scenes of heartache were nicely interspersed with humorous dialogues, great one liners and not a few funny scenes from the heroine's family and friends, especially her flatmate Paddy (who is one of the best secondary heroes I've read about) making it an easy and light read, pe...more
Elizabeth (Miss Eliza)
Laura is a desperate, hopeless romantic. She believes in the dream of a white knight on a gallant steed. From Jane Austen to Georgette Heyer, she has spent her life looking for "the one" who will match her romantic ideal. Of course this leads her to nothing but trouble. She has the worst taste when it comes to men, but she always bends the facts of the situation to fit her romantic daydreams. Take Dan. Sure he has a girlfriend, sure it's technically an affair, but that doesn't stop Laura and her...more
I loved this book.I have to admit, the title is what made me pick it up (spot on marketing I'd say). It was an easy read, a quick read and it's a romantic guilty pleasure. I typically give away most of my "romance" books but this one is a keeper. It's the answer to the "mean reds" as Audrey would put it - for those days when you are down and out. It's like my fictional "Prince and Me". I love a good fairy tale every so often and this is it.

It has a Sophie Kinsella feel to it, but it is much long...more
This was a cute, if very long, chick-lit romance set in London. I enjoyed it. Laura is kind of annoying at first because of the choices she makes, but she evolves as the story goes along. You understand her hesitance about Nick, although you want to yell at her to take the chance. Her friends and family do and ultimately she finds what is best for her. Lots of characters and very detailed, this book is well written and, despite the length, I never got bored or felt it was being repetative or any...more
So as to not to have to hide for spoilers I'm just going to say I hated 'Part One'. I felt it could have been done in one chapter and that Laura really was played for the sucker too much. But on to the rest of the book... I LOVED it! I loved the relationship between Laura and Mary, and also the one between Mary and Nick. I like how Harriet Evans doesn't have Laura just drop everything for her man and follow him around like a puppy. This is a great book, but I do wish we got to see a little more...more
christine danielle the romance addict
Rated: 3.5 stars
I started reading this last week and just had the heart to finish it today.

That's a bad thing since I usually finish reading a book in 1-3 hours depending on its length.

So what made me finishing this book almost impossible?

Well, the female protagonist statted out so dumb since she was having an affair. (Though technically she's not the one having an affair but the guy)

All of her friends told her it was a BAD IDEA, but did she listen?

So she ended up heartbroken and sworn off rom...more
A Hopeless Romantic is a truthful tale about love and the myth of finding 'The One.'

Laura is something of a love junkie. Or, she is a hopeless romantic, as the title suggests. Beyond all reason or common sense, she throws her heart and soul into every relationship, believing whatever man she is with at the time to be her soul mate or 'The One.' This leads to an number of heartbreaking situations, as Laura finds herself in an ill advised relationship that simply does not work. Eventually heartbr...more
Nancy Murphy
Okay so I really wanted to like this book. I was excited to receive this. The size was not the issue, it was the story itself.

I could not feel sympathy or relate to the main character. Her situations were too many that makes them unrealistic. She comes across as whiny and ungrateful. The romantic interest is nothing but your typical handsome rich guy.

There are elements and situations that become an obstacle but are then dropped with no resolve. Some elements appear are resolved and then come bac...more
So, this was a good enough read. There are funny bits, happy bits, sad bits and they all mingle well enough. I'd probably read it again, but probably not for a few years and here's why...

It's entirely pointlessly too long. The story could have been told in about half of the time and I'd wager, it would actually have been better if there was less.

Like for example, the whole of part one could have been shortened to about fifteen pages? Why, you ask? Because it actually served to make Laura, our ma...more
Venus Smurf
This book is a good beach read--it's light, has no plot beyond providing a female character with an impossible romance, and doesn't inspire lingering consideration once the book is finished. Perfect for the beach.

The writing style didn't make an impression either way, but I can't say I liked the main character or the plot. I think the writer was trying to recreate the type of girl from one of the early Kinsella novels (Confessions of a Shopaholic), quirky and fun if very flawed, but it didn't q...more
Jessica *The Lovely Books*
Started out a bit slow but ended up being so good! A classic love story. My favorites.
Claire Hill
This is the first book I have read by by this lovely lady and probably the longest book I have read to date but loved every page.
Laura foster is the hopeless romantic who falls in love at a drop of a hat and this is how the story starts will Laura fallen for off on Dan who is in a relationship but they have been off on for so long that it seems he has a relationship with Dan which is kept a secret even from her best friends paddy, Jo and Hilary but then one bad day turns into a bad week as Jo fi...more
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I was born in London in 1974 and grew up on the mean streets of Chiswick, where I went to school. I was a completely undistinguished pupil in every way, except I absolutely loved reading and drama. My only achievements from the age of 5 to 18 were, a) winning a doodling competition at primary school (of a witch flying in the sky with balloons...more
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