Dragons of Winter Night (Dragonlance: Chronicles, #2)
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Dragons of Winter Night (Dragonlance: Chronicles #2)

4.11 of 5 stars 4.11  ·  rating details  ·  26,408 ratings  ·  325 reviews
Now the people know that the dragon minions of Takhisis, Queen of Darkness, have returned. The people pf all nations prepare to fight to save their homes, their lives, and their freedom. But the races have long been divided by hatred and prejudice. Elven warriors and human knights fight among themselves. It seems the battle has been lost before it begins.

The companions are...more
Hardcover, 192 pages
Published October 17th 2007 by Devil's Due Publishing (first published 1985)
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Dec 04, 2009 trina rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: fantasy-loving nerds
Recommended to trina by: evil evil chris
i read this in secret, because i was embarrassed, but now i am embarrassed that i was embarrassed and basically it's a vicious and hideous neverending cycle of guilt and shame. there are far more important books i could and should be reading. there are works of Great Literature on my shelf, glaring at me balefully while i devour these dragon books like a geeky ten year old boy. whatever, man. anyone who doesn't see the appeal of dragons and adventure and elves and dragons and shit just has no so...more
Jason Koivu
Dwarves, elves, wizards, war, the kitchen sink...Great balls of dragon fire, this has it all!

The heroes we met and fell in love with continue their adventure. Evil is on the rise and war is on the way. The action excellerates and the tension tightens...so why only three stars? The writing, man, she stinks. Okay, it's not all bad. Let's call it serviceable. Weis churned out the three books in this popular series within two years. She was writing so fast and the publishers were pushing them out th...more
I have read Dragons of Winter Night a number of times since it was first published, and it has always been my favourite of the Chronicles.

This time I just finished reading it out loud to my four year olds. A long undertaking, and one that was necessarily sporadic. Some nights we read, others we didn't, and how much we read was dependent on levels of sleepiness, focus and interest. But it was well worth the effort because my kids loved the story, and I can see it helping to expand their imaginati...more
Josh Bland
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4.0 stars. These books are a ton of fun and I think they are really well done. The heroes are larger than life, the villians are mega evil and Raistlin, who is a little of both, steals the show. Highly entertaining and highly recommended!!
More nostalgia. Yes, this is definitely a middle book. Yes, it has weird time-jumps and omissions (many of which, I'm sure, have subsequently been filled in with the Lost Chronicles; but I haven't read those yet). Yes, the writing for the most part remains adequate at best. And yes, the events at the climax of the book (view spoiler) still hit me surprisingly hard.

So yeah, somewhere between .5 and 1 of the stars are for nostalgia (and I...more
-Continuación de este éxito del marketing cruzado.-

Género. Narrativa Fantástica.

Lo que nos cuenta. Nuestros queridos aventureros de distintas razas, orígenes y personalidades siguen luchando contra el mal. Los detalles son lo de menos, créanme. Segunda parte de la trilogía Crónicas de la Dragonlance.

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Okay. Yes, I still love these books. But at the same time I am not blind to their faults. It's like loving your husband of twenty years even though he now has a beer belly, has lost most of his hair, leaves the toilet seat up and chews with his mouth open.

Every stereotype of fantasy is here. Every gaming class. The battles are bloodless. The deaths heroic. And only bad girls have sex. (Although apparently it's fine for male heroes.)

It won't be the best series you've ever read if you're over twe...more
It took me about ten years to read this second book in the Dragonlance Chronicles, but I enjoyed this one just as much as I enjoyed the first book in the series. Someone else on Goodreads said something like this, but the writing isn't the best, yet the story and the characters are strong. I like the way the authors developed the members of the company, and I enjoyed the action and the development of the theme. Of course, it's a good versus evil tale, but there are a few interesting twists, part...more
Dan Parrington
Never have I encountered such a pronounced instance of- and this is symptomatic of an 'in-universe'-derived immunity on the part of the authors against technical fault- dialogue and descriptive passage providing a vision of plot events and character natures that is not borne out in the course of the novel as a whole- at all. Maybe X and Y are contrasting sets of values- Charles was raised X to the point of apparent racial hardwiring, is dedicated to them in spirit and reportedly in action- all t...more
Kelanth, numquam risit ubi dracones vivunt
Spero nessuno ne voglia a male se recensisco questo libro considerandolo come parte unico delle "Cronache di Dragonlance" che comprende: "I draghi del crepuscolo d'autunno", "I draghi della notte d'inverno" e "I draghi dell'alba di primavera". Anche perchè se non erro attualmente si trova in commercio appunto il volume che raccoglie tutti i tre romanzi che comprendono questa prima parte del ciclo di "Dragonlance".

Per chi non lo sapesse (sei appena arrivato da Marte, amico?) "Dragonlance" è un'am...more
This will be my same review for all 7 books in the original double-trilogy (plus the 7th add on years later).

There are few D&D novelizations out there that are really worth reading. Only two series have I loved, and the original 6 (became 7) "Dragonlance" novels are one of those great series. (Gord the Rogue is the other).

At first when I read this, I was a bit put off because the "Krynn" world did not "agree" with D&D. The gods had different names (Bahamut = Paladine, Tiamut = Takhesis)...more
The second book in the Dragonlance Trilogy series is a book that can not be put down! The story picks up with the companions after they have escaped Pax Tharkis and killed one of the Dragon Highlords. They fight their way across those country searching for answers to their questions, and find a way to win the war. The companions split up whilelooking for the mysterious dragon orbs and the long lost Dragonlances of children stories. Rasitlin continues to mysteriously get stronger as a strange voi...more
The story of the companions continues as the war begins to pick up. Their quest now is to find the dragon orbs. They get separated, which leads to diverging paths. This book, in terms of the pacing, was a bit slower than the first volume. However, there are some twists towards the end, and the action picks up in the second half. The tone of this one is darker than the first, but that is a good thing as it keeps things interesting. There is a cliffhanger, assuring readers will return for the thir...more
Modern Girl
I read this when I was 15. At the time, I had no attention span, or reading skills and would get exhausted and let my eyes just wander down the pages. Tanis Half-elven is my favorite, and the scenes without him were boring. This was further justified when the characters would cry out "Why isn't Tanis here?!" which they do, a lot.

I just reread it at the age of 27. Wow. Previously Autumn Twilight was my favorite, and will always hold a special place in my heart. But I read it slower and more pati...more
Esteban Ruquet
El mejor libro de las Crónicas de la Dragonlance, sigue siendo bueno en términos generales pero no extraordinario. Logra muy bien llevar a cabo la acción, y la muerte de un personaje importante está muy bien lograda como efecto dramático. Uno de esos libros de adolescencia que convendría releer.
To anybody interested in the Dragonlance Saga, this trilogy is definitely the place to start and an essential read. To others, it may not stand out too much. There is one thing you cannot deny: they are fun. Autumn Twilight will always be a favorite of mine and getting to know the characters and the setting has a feeling reminiscent of (but not overly derivitive of) Tolkein's Fellowship. It is, however, a D&D book and if you are not a fanboy/girl then you won't get quite the same rush I thin...more
DragonLance: Chronicles and Legends are two trilogies that hold a really special place in my heart. So much so that I can't really divvy them up into separate reviews. I don't even think I could give an objective review of the books.

But if I know this: if I've had to replace a book from over-reading, that's amazing. I've had to replace these 6 books so many times that I keep spare copies around just in case. True story.

Chronicles Trilogy:

Dragons of Autumn Twilight
Dragons of Winter Night
Greg Strandberg
I'm looking forward to reading this series again soon. I've only read it once, and that surprises me. I really should have read it again instead of the later trilogies by these authors.

This is old school D&D fantasy, the kind that's classic and good and that more should strive to be like. They don't make stories like this anymore, they try...but they don't. It can't be done, what else is there to say?

Anyone reading this book will know that. Whether it's a small gnome trying to escape a tough...more
Brenton J.
To me, this is my Lord of the Rings. It is a fabulous story about a mixed race group that go on the save the world mission that every story like this has. It his modern and easy to read and has great characters that you can really get into. You may even find yourself liking a couple of the bad guys in this one. The series is so long, and has so many side books that are connected to this story line that you can have fun in this world for a long time. It is a generational story so you are with som...more
Favorite Char...Tanis Half elven
most intriging char...Raistlin
Comic relief...Flint and Tas ( Fizban throws a few out there also)
MOst beheld char...Sturm Brightblade
Char i have come to respect...Goldmoon and Laurana

Gotta love the gnomes tho...just picturing Fizban flying thru the air, hoping and praying the nets catch him before he goes "splat"...and knowing Tas is just waiting with great curiosity for his turn, even wondering what it might feel like to go "splat"...laugh everytime :)
Alley Kat
In the second book of the Dragonlance Chronicles, the band of heroes continue their journey through the world of Dragonlance. This was an amazing second book in the first trilogy. I enjoyed it and never got bored. I loved the placement of Silvara in Part 2 and Kitiara in Part 3. The epic battle scene in the end of Part 3 was action packed and quick moving. I will be continuing the series right away.
Robert Stadnik
I first read this book 20 years ago and decided to revisit the series. It has aged well with time. Again, I find myself deeply connected to the characters in the story. This novel was the most heart-wrenching for me, as the story takes a dark turn and things seem hopeless for our heroes. Anyone who has time to spend invested in a series should consider these Dragonlance novels.
Robert Potts
One of my favorite books. Characters are so richly developed, when something dramatic happens (no spoilers) you can't help but tear up. It builds expertly on Dragons of Autumn Twilight, and sets up readers for an exciting conclusion in the final book, Dragons of Winter Night. It will always have a place in my collection, and I'd recommend it to any fantasy/adventure collectors.
K.C. Rivers
I was truly disappointed by the entire plot of this book. I usually read the Dragonlance series as mindless fluff, so I never expect much, but this was bad even for fluff. The supposed "twists" were mundane at best. Most of the new characters weren't very likeable, much less memorable. Sad, considering the series had a lot more potential from the first book.
I give this series five stars based solely on the fact that I LOVED these as a kid. I am loathe to read them as an adult--I've seen the disappointed reviews by others on GR who reread them in adulthood. These three books hold a special place in my heart, and I think I'll leave things as they are.
Le avventure del gruppo variegato di elfi/e, umani/e, nani, maghi e quant'altro continuano per tutto il continente, e arrivano a momenti cruciali, in cui combattono contro forze misteriose e nemici imprevedibili, oltre che contro le creature più feroci in circolazione, i draghi blu. Scontri , tradimenti e discordie anche interne non mancano, la compagnia si separa anche per protare a termine diverse missioni e qualcuno non si reincontrerà di nuovo.... Qualcun altro dato per perso invece ricompar...more
Bekah Bryson
Once I finished the first book, I couldn't wait to pick up the next in the Trilogy. This book continues the story started from the first. I enjoyed reliving the experiences with the companions from the first book and watching them evolve.
Elisa Kay
My boyfriend has introduced me to this series, books he read as a child. This is a great book. The conflicts between the races makes for an entertaining read. I particularly liked the gnome inventions, imagined being flung up to Level 69.
Matteo Pellegrini
Sul mondo incombono orrende sciagure ora che gli eroi sono stati separati.L'oscura profezia e incubi agghiaccianti li tormentano, mentre vanno allaricerca dei misteriosi globi dei draghi e della leggendaria Dragonlance... Undrappello di eroi risolleva le sorti del mondo, ma si tratta di una treguafragile e precaria, che potrebbe dissolversi per sempre nel freddo pungented'una notte d'inverno. Cavalieri e barbari, elfi e guerrieri, gnomi, maghisapienti dai poteri occulti continuano la loro ricerc...more
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Fantasy novelist who, along with Tracy Hickman, was one of the original creators of the Dragonlance game world. I've written numerous novels and short stories set in the world of Krynn, as well as series in other, original worlds. These include: Darksword, Rose of the Prophet, Star of the Guardians, DeathGate, Dragonvarld, Sovereign Stone, Dragonships, and the Dragon Brigade. I also wrote two para...more
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“How do you know they're magic and not some mechanical device of the dwarves?" Tanis asked, sensing that Tas was hiding something.
Tas gulped. He had been hoping Tanis wouldn't ask him that question.
"Uh," Tas stammered, "I---I guess I did sort of happened to, uh, mention them to Raistilin one night when you were all busy doing something else. He told me they might be magic. To find out, he said one of those weird spells of his and they--uh--began to glow. That meant they were enchanted. He asked me what they did and I demonstated and he said they were 'glasses of true seeing.' The dwarven magic-users of old made them to read books written in other languages and--" Tas stopped.
"And?" Tanis pursued.
"And--uh--magic spellbooks." Tas's voice was a whisper.
"And what else did Raistlin say?"
"That if I touched his spellbooks or even looked at them sideways, he'd turn me into a cricket and s-swallow m-me whole," Tasselhoff stammered. He looked up at Tanis with his wide eyed. "I belived him, too."
Tanis shook his head. Trust Raistlin to come up with a threat awful enough to quensh the curiosity of a kender.”
“Raistlin leaned forward almost unconsciously, his hand stretched out, trembling, to touch the wondrous hair that seemed possessed of a life of its own, so vibrant and luxuriant was it. Then, seeing before his eyes his own dying flesh, he withdrew his hand quickly and sank back in his chair, a bitter smile on his lips. For what Laurana did not know, could not know, was that, in looking at her, Raistlin saw the only beauty he would ever see in his lifetime. Young, by elven standards, she was untouched by death or decay, even in the mage's cursed vision.” 6 likes
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