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Jean-Paul Sartre
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4.06  ·  Rating Details  ·  12,871 Ratings  ·  338 Reviews
'The Wall', the lead story in this collection, introduces three political prisoners on the night prior to their execution. Through the gaze of an impartial doctor--seemingly there for the men's solace--their mental descent is charted in exquisite, often harrowing detail. And as the morning draws inexorably closer, the men cross the psychological wall between life and death ...more
Published by Jendela (first published 1939)
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Mar 15, 2007 Alex rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: People who appreciate booty/Sartrean existentialism
You gotta love Sartre's sexy objectification of women. I totally think Sartre was an ass man. Exempli gratia:

"Her tail is small, yes, a lot smaller than mine, but you can see more of it. It's all around, under her thin back, it fills the skirt, you'd think it was poured in, and besides it jiggles."

Hell is other people... other people who can't appreciate a nice jiggling booty!

If Sartre was alive today, I'm sure he'd give that comment a high five or whatever the French existensialist equivalent
Glenn Russell
May 15, 2014 Glenn Russell rated it it was amazing  ·  review of another edition
My focus is on one of the book's five pieces - The Wall. This existentialist story has the feel of a film shot in stark black and white; the prose is as hard boiled as it gets, told in first-person. The opening scene takes place in a large bare room with white walls where the narrator, Pablo Ibbieta, a man we can visualize with a thin, chiseled face, slick back hair and looking a bit like Albert Camus or Humphrey Bogart - a visualization in keeping with the tone of black and white film - is inte ...more
Pamela W
Oct 07, 2007 Pamela W rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: children and optimists
Oh you know those whacky existentialists . . . just a typical beach read, really. Early chick-lit. Love the stories, they are colorful and fairly realistic in the way they depict the ridiculous, repetitive or futile behaviors people exhibit (other peeps, not me, of course). I'm guessing that Sartre must have been hella good times at cocktail parties. Wonder who would have won in a death match between Jean-Paul, Al Camus and lil' Freddie Nietzsche? (I'm betting Nietzsche, he was uber-efficient.)
Sep 26, 2015 Sophie rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: philosophy
"Υπάρχω" σκέφτηκε, "γιατί έχω το δικαίωμα να υπάρχω."

Μια συλλογή αυτοτελών ιστοριών, η καθεμιά με διαφορετικό προσανατολισμό, με συγκεκριμένη οπτική, αλλά με κοινό παρονομαστή τη μοναξιά , την ανάγκη της ύπαρξης, του ανήκειν.

"I exist," he thought, "because I have the right to exist."

A collection of independent stories, each with a different orientation, with a particular view, but with a common denominator· loneliness, the need of existence, of belonging.
mai ahmd
Feb 06, 2012 mai ahmd rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: روايات

...الكتاب مهدى لأولغا كوزاكيفتش وهي إحدى طالبات سيمون دو بوفوار
يحوي الكتاب خمسة قصص هي الجدار (وهي القصة الأكثر شهرة ) , الغرفة ,
أروسترات , حبل الوريد و تسمى أيضا بالحميمية وأخيرا طفولة قائد

كانت أولى الملاحظات التي قفزت إلى ذهني بعد أن قرأت القصص الثلاث الأولى هي الحالات الغريبة التي وضع فيها سارتر شخصياته والقلق الذي يعتريها

أعني أنه كان يضع مأزقا لبطل القصة أحيانا يكون عنيفا أو محرجا أو مرعبا
لينسف كل القوالب الجامدة ويخرج بها عن القالب النمطي
ولعل تعبير سارتر نفسه عن هذه القصص بإنها خمسة
Aya Hesham
مجموعة قصصية تتكون من خمس قصص:
الجدار - الغرفة - إروسترات - أُلفة - طفولة قائد

العامل المشترك في الأربع قصص الأولى هو وجود أبطالها في وضع ما محبوسين عاجزين بداخله.. ففي "الجدار" كان الأبطال محبوسين في غرفة مغلقة منتظرين موتهم .. وفي "الغرفة" تعيش بطلة القصة في غرفة مع زوجها المصاب بالجنون وبالرغم من أن الغرفة تجعلها بائسة إلا أنها لا تستطيع تركها فهي "تحب الغرفة".. وفي "إروسترات" يسجن بطل القصة بداخل نفسه التي يكرهها في حياة بين بشر يمقتهم فلا هو يستطيع أن ينهي حياتهم جميعا ولا يستطيع أن ينهي حيا
May 01, 2016 qwerty rated it it was amazing  ·  review of another edition
Η πρώτη μου επαφή με τον κόσμο του Σαρτρ μου άφησε πολύ καλές εντυπώσεις. Μου άρεσε πολύ ο ιδιαίτερος τρόπος του να εμβαθύνει στην ψυχοσύνθεση των ηρώων και φυσικά το περιβόητο, και χαρακτηριστικό του, Παράλογο.
Από το πρώτο διήγημα μου έμεινε ο ηρωισμός του κρατούμενου, η πολύ όμορφη περιγραφή της στάσης και της ψυχολογίας του μελλοθάνατου, αλλά κυρίως αυτή η τραγική επίδραση του Τυχαίου.
Στο δεύτερο μου κίνησε πολύ το ενδιαφέρον ο κόσμος του ψυχικά διαταραγμένου ανθρώπου.
Στο τρίτο με εντυπωσίασ
Oct 20, 2015 Reza.Montazer rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
اگر از فضاهای تاریک و مبهم داستان های صادق هدایت که بوی مرگ میدن خوشتون میاد توصیه میکنم این کتاب رو بخونین...
این کتاب شامل هفت داستان کوتاه از نویسنده های مختلفه
وقتی که آدم خیال موهوم ابدیت را از دست داده,چند ساعت و یا چند سال انتظار فرقی نمی کند.من به هیچ چیز علاقه نداشتم, از طرفی نیز آرام بودم.اما این آرامش موحشی بود, به علت جسم؛ با چشم های تن می دیدم و با گوش هایش می شنیدم اما آن جسم دیگر من نبودم.جسمم به تنهایی عرق می ریخت و می لرزید و من آن را نمی شناختم.من مجبور بودم آن را لمس
Luís Blue Yorkie
Sartre in this book covers us with five tales in which:

- The Wall: chronicles the last hours of a man and his two companions, imprisoned for political reasons and in the hours preceding his execution.

- The room: where a wife did not give up accompany its husband, even this with a degenerative mental illness.

- Erostrato:a disgusted man of human beings decide to do something great and famous.

- Intimacy: where another wife who supports her husband's problems for some years now has the dilemma wheth
Dec 08, 2012 Arlina rated it liked it  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: french
Damp hands creeping all over my body; that would be the sensation accompanying me during the read of “The Wall” by Sartre. In fiction, I don’t mind an atmosphere that is oppressive, helpless, absurd or anxious, as is the case in this short story collection. The curious side of me is more often than not bewitched by the subject of human unhappiness. Unhappiness that stems from a realization, that our own existence has a pettiness to it.

Even so, these stories weren’t able to truly fascinate me on
Okla Elliott
Oct 13, 2012 Okla Elliott rated it it was amazing  ·  review of another edition
Each of the pieces in this collection of short fiction has much to recommend it, but the final novella "Childhood of a Leader" stands out as one of finest novellas I've ever read. Even though the title story "The Wall" is considerably more famous, "Childhood of a Leader" is more ambitious and more groundbreaking. Written in the 1930s, this piece explores gender, class, sexuality, homo-eroticism, antisemitism, social-constructedness, and several key philosophical issues -- though it does all this ...more
Aug 01, 2012 Fewlas rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: racconti
I cinque racconti de Il muro hanno come protagonisti dei personaggi che purtroppo e troppo spesso vengono considerati delle copie un po’ più commerciali e un po’ meno pesanti di Roquentin de La nausea. Sebbene molte delle patologie che affliggevano Roquentin si trovino anche in questi nuovi protagonisti, c’è da dire che Sartre approfondisce molto l’indagine cominciata in altre sue opere.
Se a svegliare Roquentin era stato il celebre ciottolo levigato, in questi racconti vi sono ben altre esperien
زهراء الموسوي
هذا العري، هذه القدرة النادرة بالوصول إلى ظلمات النفس البشرية وكل ماتحويه من تعقيد.
باختصار هذا ما يجعل الرواية الغربية تتفوق على الرواية العربية.
Päk  Läng
Jul 03, 2012 Päk Läng rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: favorites
Untuk lelaki yang agak lemah dalam memahami hasil penulisan English terutama yang terlalu dalam maksudnya, aku sangat menghargai usaha Jargon dan menyukai hasil terjemahan ini.
ميقات الراجحي
ثيمة الخوف بصفة عامة الخوف من الغد .. الخوف من القادم هو المحتوى العام لهذه المجموعة القصصية التي تتكون من خمس قصص وفق النسخ العربية لجون سارتر ولا أدري إن كان قد تم إنتقائها من أعمال مختلفة. أقوى هذه القصص وأكثرها بقاءًا في نفسك قصة الجدار وأنت تعيش الخوف من إنتظار الموت مع ثلاثة أشخاص قادمين من خلفيات سياسية محكوم عليهم بالإعدام في اليوم الذي يليه، تنصب هذه القصة على مكنونات النفس وأظن سارتر قدير علي تأدية هذه المهمة وإشعارك بأن أنت / أنتِ من سيعدم في الغد.. هذا هو سارتر "خبير المشاعير الساخب ...more
Feb 22, 2016 bardamu rated it it was amazing  ·  review of another edition
Özellikle son hikaye harikaydı.. İlk hikaye Duvar ise ayrı bir tat bırakıyor.

"İşte Lucien tamı tamına buydu: sorumluluklardan ve haklardan yapılma koskoca bir demet. Rastlantısal olarak var olduğuna uzun süre inanmıştı, ama bu az düşünmüş olmanın yanlışlığıydı. Doğumundan çok önce onun yeri güneş ışığı altında, Ferolles'de belirlenmişti. Daha önce -giderek babasının evliliğinden bile önce- o bekleniyordu. Dünyaya gelmişse bu yeri almak içindi. 'Varım', diye düşündü, 'çünkü var olmaya hakkın var.
Joselito Honestly and Brilliantly
Nighttime. The narrator and his companions inside a prison cell, they've been told they will all be shot by sunrise. Sartre imagines how it is, during one's last evening, knowing of his violent end as soon as the new day breaks. I wonder, though, if that was what it'd really be. It would have been better if one who had actually experienced such a thing (and survived) had written this.

The end could be a delightful surprise. Not for me, though, as I sort of had an inkling it'll be like that (had I
Dec 08, 2014 Nahed.E rated it it was amazing  ·  review of another edition
هي مجموعة قصصية لسارتر
استفدت منها في فهم الكثير من أفكاره
وبغض النظر عن بعض الأحداث التي وردت في الروايات
إلا أنها تعد وبحق وسيلة ممتازة لفهم أفكار سارتر
وكما قال العقاد إذا أردت ان تفهم فيلسوفاً ما
اقرأ رواياته وأقرأ نوادره
قيمتها بــ 5 نجمات
لانها أولا بقلم سارتر نفسه
ولعمق الأفكار التي وردت بها
تحتاج لتحليل متأن وعلي مهل
Ahmad Sharabiani
Le Mur= The wall, Jean-Paul Sartre
مترجم: پرویز شکیب؛ تهران، انتشارات شهریار، در 320 ص
انتشارات دنیای کتاب در سال 1382، در 320 ص، شابک: 9643462145؛
Utku Türk
Mar 25, 2013 Utku Türk rated it it was amazing  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: favorites
Okumaya başlarken korktuğum gibi, anlatmaya başlarken de korkuyorum. Boyumdan büyük bir şey yapıyormuş gibi hissediyorum. Fakat yanıma Depeche Mode şarkıları alıp notlarımı tekrar okuduktan sonra notlarımı yazmaya cesaret edebildim.

Kitap 5 farklı hikayeden oluşuyor. Farklı olduğunu sadece okumadan önce iddia edebileceğiniz 5 hikaye. İlki, duvar, tamamen kişisel bir tepki. İspanya İç Savaş'ına karşı verilen bu tepki, İspanya'da faşizmin yükseldiği döneme denk geliyor, ki Sartre da bir hayli umuts
Naile Berna
Nov 04, 2012 Naile Berna rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
Overall I am very impressed with how much Sartre can accomplish in so few pages in terms of story telling. A great and clear introduction, an intriguing climax then a surprise ending and a very relatable perspective to a characters world view under very strange circumstances during the whole time...

The Wall: I am quite impressed with the way the author describes the physical state of characters. I had to stop a few moments to think about how they feel, and how I would if I were in their shoes. A
Oct 18, 2009 Alexei rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
If all five short stories, included in this book, have such level of mastery and strength as titular story this would be one of the most splendid examples of literature. But, sadly, this collection of short stories is rather inconsistent. "The Wall" itself ia a haunting travel into inner life and experience of a man condemned to death, brilliant in its depiction of the smallest impulses of human psyche in this extreme (of course, borderline in existentialist meaning) situation and striking in it ...more
Luc Abdullah
Terjemahannya ada beberapa struktur ayat kedengaran lucu (bagi saya, lah). Apa-apa pun ini adalah usaha yang baik dalam menambahkan bahan bacaan bahasa Melayu.

Terjemahan yang setahu saya terdiri daripada terjemahan secara literal atau bebas atau mementingkan makna atau mementingkan mood teks asal atau lain-lain. Jadi, tidak terlepas saya dari perasaan membaca terjemahan terus (kadang-kadang) dari kamus walaupun saya sendiri tidak mengetahui proses si penterjemah dalam menghasilkan teks sekunder
Nancy Burns
Needed to go for a walk in the sunshine after all this gloom....

My review:
Jan 15, 2014 Sarar rated it liked it  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: novella, psychology
آخ منك يا سارتر , وكأنه كان ينقصني المزيد من النشويش , سارتر ورحلة البحث عن الحقيقة والذات الانسانية, يلوج الى اعمق تفاصيل الشخصيات نفسيا و جسديا , يكشف امراضنا , عقدة أوديب , الكذب , اللواط , التعصب ومعاداة السامية .
لعل اكثر ما اعجبني هي القصة الأولى تحت عنوان "الجدار" لأنها بدت منطقية أكثر من غيرها , وأحدائها شيقة , والصدفة تلعب فيها دور القاتل , لربما ان أكثرت من قراءاتي لسارتر لكنت قد استمتعت بهذا الكتاب أكثر ,
SaraH Mohammed
Dec 15, 2015 SaraH Mohammed rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
"حين كانت تنظر إليّ، كان شيء ما ينتقل منها إليّ، ولكني فكرت بأن الأمر انتهى: فلو أنها كانت تنظر إليّ الآن لبقي نظرها في عينيها، ولما انتقل إليّ. كنت وحيداً"
David Peak
Apr 06, 2016 David Peak rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
"The Wall," "Erostratus," and "The Childhood of a Leader" are all five-star stories.
Jan 13, 2015 Jim rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
This book was a total surprise to me. I didn’t know it existed. I read Nausea when I was about nineteen and watched the TV adaptation of The Roads to Freedom so I didn’t have to read the novels and somewhere along the line I saw No Exit (probably the TV version with Harold Pinter) but that was me. And then one day I ran across this wee gem: thank you Internet. Okay, it’s dated, but Jane Austen’s dated; you work round it. There wasn’t a single bad piece here although I’m not sure I’d want to rank ...more
Ali Heidari
Nov 26, 2014 Ali Heidari rated it it was amazing  ·  review of another edition
در تاریخ ادبیات مواردی وجود دارد که سبکی با یک داستان کوتاه آغاز شده است . مثل شنل گوگول که رئالیسم روسی را بوجود آورد . اما داستان کوتاه دیوار ، سبکی را بوجود آورد که هنوز که هنوز است در این که آیا این سبک ادبی است یا صرفا ً یک فلسفه ی روایی اختلاف سلیقه وجود دارد : سبک اگزیستانسیالیسم .
دیوار داستان بسیار ساده ای دارد. اصلا ً می توانیم این داستان را آغازگر دوره ای بنامیم که ادبیات مدرن به حذف داستان پرداخت و رمان را به صورتی در آورد که از حالت قصه خارج شود و شکل فیلم نامه به خود بگیرد . دیوار د
Jan 01, 2015 Ali rated it it was amazing  ·  review of another edition
This book is a collection of short stories written by Sartre in his early writing career. Of the five stories, my favorites are "The Wall", "The Childhood of a Leader" and "The Bedroom". The other two are not nearly as good, but those three are enough to earn a five-star rating for the book.

Although the stories are short, you still adopt an empathetic feeling towards the characters; they come out live, their angst is real. Sartre's philosophy is hidden inside his literature. The emphasis that ex
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Jean-Paul Charles Aymard Sartre, normally known simply as Jean-Paul Sartre, was a French existentialist philosopher and pioneer, dramatist and screenwriter, novelist and critic. He was a leading figure in 20th century French philosophy.

He declined the award of the 1964 Nobel Prize in Literature "for his work which, rich in ideas and filled with the spirit of freedom and the quest for truth, has ex
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