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Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us
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Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us

3.81 of 5 stars 3.81  ·  rating details  ·  14,559 ratings  ·  917 reviews
A tribe is any group of people, large or small, who are connected to one another, a leader, and an idea. For millions of years, humans have joined tribes, be they religious, ethnic, political, or even musical (think of the Deadheads). It’s our nature. Now the Internet has eliminated the barriers of geography, cost, and time. All those blogs and social networking sites are ...more
Audio CD, 3 pages
Published October 21st 2008 by Brilliance Audio (first published 2008)
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This book will make you want to go out and change the world.

It's a powerful reminder that what we call "marketing" is really just doing something that you believe in passionately and then sharing that passion with other people, getting them to believe in you as well. There are all sorts of ideas and causes around which we might organize--but in order to do it, we need to be out there, making things happen because we refuse to live with the fear that we can't.
Bonnie Grove
It's been a long time since I've read such a book of nonsense. I'm about half-way in, and so far he has said absolutely nothing. I feel like I'm reading a George Lucas script - all sound-bites and no content.
I'll save you the time and expense of buying this book. The message is this: Give your life over to a specific aspect of life, become the go-to person for that niche, be innovative in your use of the internet to spread the word about your masterfulness.
I cannot for the life of be believe th
Nov 23, 2008 Marianne rated it 1 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommended to Marianne by: JSW
So far, not too impressed. The author stays just on the surface and hasn't said anything new or thought-provoking (so far). It would be a better book if it were more focused and had depth, but it seems to be just a repackaging of what's already out there and trendy in the business/marketing world.
I originally picked up this audiobook because the descriptions I had read of it made it sound as though it were the thematic follow-up to Malcolm Gladwell’s incredibly enjoyableThe Tipping Point. I was expecting a study on how like-minded people have a tendency to congregate and an analysis of how ideas can jump from one micro-group to another. I would have loved a book like that: thought-provoking, engaging, at times irritating, but a book that made me excited to talk about it with others.

Carol Merritt
This was an interesting mix of self-help/motivational leadership stuff with a bit of insight about how tribes are now forming. I liked it best when Godin talked about the nature of how tribes interact,especially when he explained the difference between how things used to be and how they are now.

The motivational cheerleading seemed a bit inauthentic. I mean, he would write things like "you should be leading..." and I would just think, How do you know? You don't know me.
I'll tell you right up front that this is a book you'll dismiss or embrace. I'm fairly certain there is no middle ground here. What it comes down to is your willingness to believe you can lead and your acceptance that most folks are sheepwalking.

Seth takes us through a perspective on what constitutes a leader and what leaders do. He explains from his point of view why companies large and small and the individuals within fight to maintain the status quo. But more than that, there are hit home ex
William Aicher
From the outset, I should make it clear that I only made it about a third of the way through Tribes before closing it for good. So, what follows is only based on what is in that first third of the book.

Seth Godin's 'Tribes' is possibly the worst business-type book I've ever read. Basically it's nothing more than a large motivational speech to try to get people to become leaders. There's very little, if any, research presented in this book - and everything that is presented comes across as Godin'
I don't understand what the big deal is with Seth Godin. I follow his blog and he rarely says anything that I find terribly insightful. Maybe it's the difference in our backgrounds - he comes from a management background and I come from theatre and the arts - but most of what he says is stuff that's pretty obvious to me. And he tends to try and make comparisons between things that are frequently incorrect. For example, in one recent blog post, he compared a Bentley to a Toyota and stated that th ...more
Oct 10, 2008 Molly rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: anyone striving for change
Recommended to Molly by: Seth's blog
Seth Godin is an inspiration to an entire generation of people, many of which spend a large portion of their day in front of a computer for both fun AND profit.

This book Tribes, is the best book on leadership, social change and creating a movement that I have read.

A book that SCREAMS to be highlighted and written in and talked about.

Extremely short chapters that pack a punch, this is a must read for anyone with a burning desire for change who just needs the little push to get beyond the fear.

Ken Schafer
I have to say that I was very disappointed in this outing by Seth Godin. I've read most of his work since Permission Marketing and found this to be one of the weakest.

The book is primarily a call to arms for those in larger organizations who fear taking the lead within those organizations. Very little of it is truly about "Tribes" and how they impact business which is what I thought I was getting.
Scott Radtke
While the book is small and in some ways lightweight, it also manages to be deeply engaging. In essence it's a rant to get you off your ass and do what you love to do and inspire others to follow. It's about true leadership, not about being a boss or a manager, but a leader.
Micah Elliott
In the classic Godin style, more than anything this book is motivational, with an expected emphasis on embracing change and overcoming the F-word (Fear). But this time there's more to it (hence the multitude of tags) -- leadership! We have to assemble and lead a tribe, and "managing" isn't going to work. We must start movements, via motivation and connectivity. "The barriers to leadership have fallen," as the necessary tools are now readily available: blogs, search, RSS, social networks, GTD, pr ...more
Business books are usually so vapid and market driven that they rarely deserve a five star rating. Make no mistake, like other books in the genre this too is a small and silly book. What Tribes lacks in sophistication and documentation it makes up for with anecdotes and elegance. The book is filled with rarely articulated common sense observations. Godin's exploration of 21 Century leadership takes the time to make connections between school and lack of leadership. On page 97...

"Training a stud
Nura Yusof
Am disappointed. This book sounded more like a self-help, ra-ra you-can-do-it diatribe than it is a how-to book.

As usual, it's sprinkled with many anecdotes of little and unheard of people and companies , which as Godin asserts, are leaders in their own right. All of which helped make this book less boring, thankfully.

I distrust any business book that doesn't have a content list or even index pages, not to mention bibliography list. Is this a sign of leadership or fiction?

That the book is split
Gene Babon
Leadership is in desperate demand, especially given the current uncertainty in our global economy. Seth Godin provides a call to action for anyone who wants to fill the void, regardless of your current station in life.

The focus is on "tribes" which the author defines as a group of individuals who share a common interest along with a way to communicate with one another. Tribes need leadership. We all belong to multiple tribes. Pick one and lead. That is the author's call-to-action.

I'm a fan of Se
This is second Seth Godin book I have read this year. It seems as repetitive and hollow as the previous one. In Linchpin, he said you are the one who can act as linchpin, a leader and bring about the change irrespective of your designation in the organization. All it needs is passion and courage. In Tribe, he repeats same thing, only with one additional fact, that you could lead a tribe. For example, Apple employees are a tribe, Grateful Dead is a tribe. Tribes are with three-way connection - Le ...more
Значи, първо искам да кажа, че не я прочетох, за да бъда лидер. Не, не, в никакъв случай, просто харесвам Сет Годин като блогър и преди няколко години се подведох, че може би и книгите му са добри. И точно тук сбърках, защото Сет Годин не става за "маркетинг писател". Трябваше да прочета 4 негови книги, за да съм абсолютно убедена, че той повтаря едно и също и не, че не казва нищо, но да речем, че повече пали фойерверки, отколкото обогатява с твърди познания. Което е супер, когато списва блог, н ...more
CV Rick
I read business books before, but none like Tribes by Seth Godin. When this book was first recommended to me I thought that it was going to be one of those group friendly, feel good, “the Internet will solve all your problems” books. But instead it was about leadership and it's the kind of leadership that I've often suspected to be genuine. Seth describes the act of taking initiative in creating your own tribe which you lead accidentally or on purpose. And I have to say it's quite refreshing.

I am a fan of Seth Godin, but this book annoyed me just as much as it entertained me.

In short, Godin seeks to elevate leadership —and I applaud his ideas in that regard, however he does so at the expense of management, and he depreciates the worth of managers nearly every single time he mentions them. I understand the comparison he is trying to make, however please don’t buy in to that notion that we don’t need managers —he is dead wrong.

I listened to this on audio first, and when I saw the hard
Holly Ord
Seth Godin is the most popular business blogger in the world. He has authored several books, one in particular, The Dip, was a New York Times bestseller. His books have been translated into more than 25 languages. He is the founder and CEO of the social network Seth Godin is a real leader and up until a few weeks ago I had never heard of him. Sure, I had heard about a few times within the past two years or so, but after looking at the social networking site
I dismissed it
Dec 13, 2008 Joe rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: anybody willing to be a heretic
First off, don't approach this book expecting something that is well written. To be honest, the book reads like a few hundred blog posts that, for the most part, link together in some coherent fashion ... although there are times you'll wonder how one thought prompted the next.

Now, with that work of warning out of the way, this book is filled with wisdom about how to lead people. Seth might be a marketing guy to the core, but he's written an amazing book on leadership that aims more to saturate
Trevor Acy
A lot of people complain about these types of books that they aren't "detailed" enough or are just repeating what's been said before. The thing with common sense these days is that it isn't that common anymore. I think Seth Godin is spot on that the status quo is far too prevelant; that work is done to the absolute minimum, just enough to get by but not enough to get noticed. The best advice has been said over and over again and yet most people still don't hear it much less follow it.

Yes there
Seth's approach to defining leadership is refreshing although I should make it clear that this isn't a book about leadership. This book is about making change. Creating a tribe around an idea or finding a tribe that exists and leading it toward greater change.

I read the book because it is becoming part of the business vernacular and everything Seth reads tends to be awesome. This was no different.

This book teaches that anyone can be a leader. There is no necessary personality attribute or circu
The prototypical Mac-culture fanbook, written by someone who's made a lot of money by behaving in nonconventional ways. In my personal experience, the people who trip over themselves for these types of books often use them to prop up, and excuse, behavioural issues--not so much to recognize that those behaviours are used by people like Godin in tandem with a solid sense of ambition, action, and accountability.

It was interesting to read. It's a very Internet-age, "new-rich", fight-the-man book. I
Fotis Chatzinicolaou
Αρκετή τροφή για σκέψη εδώ μέσα. Ο Seth δίνει την ανάλυσή του για τις φυλές και τους αρχηγούς που τις οδηγούν.

Πέρα από την φαινομενικά χαώδης οργάνωση του βιβλίου (μπορείτε να το διαβάσετε από όποιο σημείο θέλετε) το βιβλίο προσπαθεί να εμπνεύσει τον αναγνώστη να αρχίσει να ηγείτε κάποιας φυλής.

Αυτή η φυλή μπορεί να είναι αποτελείτε από τον οποιοδήποτε και να έχει σαν στόχο το οτιδήποτε. Υπάρχουν άτομα που περιμένουν κάποιον να τους βάλει σε μια σειρά και να κινηθούν μαζί προς κάποιον κοινό στόχ
M.A. Lomascolo
I get it, and I see the value in what the author is saying. But I was not in the right mind set to read the book. All around me I see the destruction of the world because of one thing - tribalism. Tribalism in the Middle East, factions in Europe, political parties in the US. All I see around me is where the concept of tribe has gone way too far. For that, I guess the book should get more than 2 stars as I'm at fault for not keeping an open mind, but I guess I don't want to join Grodin's tribe at ...more
Lots of people recommended this book to me.

It reads like a self-help book, which I don't like. The author is constantly saying that 'YOU are the type of leader needed right now!' and rot like that. (Whenever I see things in print telling me that 'YOU are' anything, my immediate reaction is to think it's being presumptuous and to defensively assume I am not at all that thing. So maybe I'm weird.)

The book makes incorrect assumptions about the "new workplace," implying that all factory-style jobs
Reading someone else's book about leadership-- probably my fault on that one. I won't say there weren't any good points in the book because there were. Many were just spot on, but it's the way that the book is written that bothers me. I expected more of an objective approach rather than that of a motivational book. It's those lucid and clear objective bits I liked, but all this "we" talk felt like an insult. Godin writes that "we" are scared to speak up, "we" don't want to be noticed, "we" are s ...more
Jonathan Brooker
It was a good book. I just think I read it wrong.

What I mean is, I thought I'd be reading a book that was going to give pointers and practical help in how to build a tribe, nurture a tribe, and lead a tribe. However, at the very end he states that some will be mad and he'll "get a lot of flak" for not doing that. He says that his goal was to intentionally leave it open and without those concrete elements so that they could be filled in by the readers and leaders from all different walks of life.
Although this book covers some good points and ideas related to management and leadership, that is the extent of my praise for it.

This is not a linear chain of events; it's a random array of stories with narrative commentary. This isn't necessarily bad (postmodernism can be great) but given the disrespectful and overly biased narration of the author, I had a hard time finishing the book.

For a book that supposedly encourages the uniqueness of individuals, and the development of "tribes," it give
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Seth Godin is a bestselling author, entrepreneur and agent of change.

Godin is author of ten books that have been bestsellers around the world, and he is also a renowned speaker. He was recently chosen as one of 21 Speakers for the Next Century by Successful Meetings and is consistently rated among the very best speakers by the audiences he addresses.

Seth was founder and CEO of Yoyodyne, the indust
More about Seth Godin...
Linchpin: Are You Indispensable? Purple Cow: Transform Your Business by Being Remarkable The Dip: A Little Book That Teaches You When to Quit (and When to Stick) Permission Marketing: Turning Strangers Into Friends And Friends Into Customers All Marketers Are Liars: The Power of Telling Authentic Stories in a Low-Trust World

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“A tribe is a group of people connected to one another, connected to a leader, and connected to an idea. For millions of years, human beings have been part of one tribe or another. A group needs only two things to be a tribe: a shared interest and a way to communicate.” 43 likes
“The secret of leadership is simple: Do what you believe in. Paint a picture of the future. Go there.
People will follow.”
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