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Rebel Fay (Noble Dead: Series 1, #5)
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Rebel Fay (Noble Dead Saga: Series 1 #5)

4.01  ·  Rating Details ·  2,765 Ratings  ·  70 Reviews
The Noble Dead Saga has been hailed as “fabulous entertainment wrought with mystery, adventure, and sharp-toothed wit.” * Now the “action-packed” ** adventures of Magiere and Leesil continue as they journey into the dangerous and mysterious Elven Territories...

Desperate to free his mother from a caste of ruthless elven assassins, Leesil pushes on through the mountains at t
Hardcover, 1st Edition, 372 pages
Published January 2nd 2007 by Roc
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Sep 23, 2011 Viridian5 rated it liked it
Shelves: fantasy, dark-fantasy
I enjoyed Barb & J.C. Hendee's Rebel Fay quite a bit, though I had some problems with it. A lot happens, our protagonists are often in danger, and there are very few slack sections. We and Chap learn more about his purpose and origins, while Magiere gets a glimpse of her possible, highly unpleasant future. I appreciated the character development our protagonists get.

That said, sometimes I wanted to smack Leesil very hard for how often his obsession with finding and rescuing his mother from c
Apr 14, 2009 Ricky rated it did not like it
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Catherine Fitzsimmons
I’ve been following this duo’s Noble Dead series since book two – before I realized it was a book 2 – and I was looking forward to this fifth book in the series. I was interested in the idea of a vampire story in a fantasy setting and I found the books I read engaging in a way that regrettably few fantasy books I have read are. The characters are delightfully temperamental and sarcastic, the climax tends to begin directly building starting from about halfway through the book, and in general, the ...more
Jul 30, 2008 Ken rated it really liked it

If you've gotten far enough in the Noble Dead series to get to this, the fifth book, then it's likely that you don't need too much convincing to read on. In many ways, this was the best yet. Our vampire friends Welstiel and Chane, while pivotal to the arc of the series, were becoming a bit tiresome and repetitive in their obsessions, so I'm glad that Rebel Fay doesn't center on them. Instead, the action moves into new territory, literally and figuratively, as our protagonists journey into the El

Rebel Fay is Chap's story. I very much enjoyed this book. The Journey into the elven lands breathed new life into the series for me. I liked seeing more from his perspective. And although Wynn does do some stupid things like going off and getting lost, I still like her. Her character grows on me with each book.
Best Vampire Series to date

I love this series. It is by far the best. Vampires, elves, and spiritual wolves... it's got it all. Wow!
Oct 03, 2013 Krazykiwi rated it really liked it
Rebel Fay Book 4 took me three weeks to read, this one I knocked off on the train this afternoon. And not entirely because they were both due back at the library. In fact this is easily the best book of the series.That said, Magiere is still grumpy (but actually making sensible decisions and not just being Miss Stubbornpants), Leesil is sullen and confused but sort of actually has a reason now, Wynn is still annoying but actually gets useful, Welstiel and Chane... meh, who cares about them.

Feb 16, 2011 Shelley rated it it was ok
I really truly did want to like this book more than I rated it, but, I, for one am sick to death of both Chane and Welsteil, and wish they would just die already! I know, I know, that's just mean and all, but seriously hasn't the storyline gone on long enough? And, I'm tired of the moaning and groaning Chane does about poor defenseless Wynn. Aww shut yer pie hole already!

Leesil is still a killjoy, and will be for as long as I can tell, even after finding his long lost mother Cuirin'nena (Nein'a
Dec 30, 2010 Karissa rated it really liked it
This book is the fifth installment of The Noble Dead series by Barb and JC Hendee. This has been a pretty good series.

In this book Leesil, Magiere, Wynn, and Chap make their way into the elvish lands to find and rescue Leesil's mother who is being held captive by the very elves she was working for. As you can imagine upon entering the elvish land things start to get complicated. The party run into a number of elves that they have meet before. They are granted guardianship by Sgaile and Leesil fi
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
May 29, 2014 Danielle rated it it was amazing  ·  review of another edition
I found this one to be a bit slower, but I loved it just as much. You get to be in the perspective of Chap much more and I really enjoyed reading it. Though I found this one to be slower nothing about its pace bothers me. We found out a lot about why Leesil was born and why Magiere was born. You got to get a look into the Elven Territories. This I found interesting to find out how they run and handle things. As in the other novels I found Wynn to be a bit annoying, but she has grown on me much m ...more
Dec 17, 2012 Jenifer1223 rated it liked it
Shelves: favorite
The fifth book in the series and it finds Magiere, Leesil, Wynn, and Chap in the Elves territory.

Readers gain a a fair amount of information about the things going on in this story line, but I do feel like this book never really picks up in the way of action like previous books did.

While I like the character of Sgaile, I do NOT like Osha and I'm not super thrilled that he even exists. However, that is merely a personal preference that I'm sure others will disagree with me on.

This book is one
Lisa King
Aug 12, 2013 Lisa King rated it liked it
Magiere, Leesil, Chap and Wynn make it out of the Warlands but nothing will be the same. Darmouth is dead by Lessil's hands, tricked by an Anmaglahk. Our half-bloods are being used repeatedly as someone else's tools. Leesil is determined to reach the Elven lands and free his mother Nein'a from their clutches. It's the dead of winter as our heroes try to breach the protective mountains that form a barrier to the land of the Elves. Will they survive the harsh conditions to reach the elves? Will Le ...more
Sep 25, 2007 Schnaucl rated it liked it
I liked this book much more than the previous book in the series. I thought the pacing and the story were better this time around. There was minimal cutting to the antagonists, which was appreciated. I find I don't care about the antagonists at all and each time the story cut to them I was annoyed.

It was interesting to see Chap and Leesil among their own kinds. Leesil's homecoming worked better for me than Seregil's in Lynn Flewelling's Traitor's Moon, though I suspect that's because I spent
Darla Stokes
Nov 21, 2013 Darla Stokes rated it liked it
I thought this was the next book in the series, but I must have missed at least one, because parts had me thoroughly confused. This is obviously not a series where each book stands alone.

One of the things that made it take longer than it should have for me to catch up and get into the characters is that the point of view changes frequently and without warning. Add to that the unnecessarily unpronounceable names and I nearly gave up on it.

Once I finally had the characters straightened out, the ma
lynne naranek
Jun 16, 2008 lynne naranek rated it really liked it
Shelves: 2008
Unlike the previous book (Traitor to the Blood) that kinda stuttered and didn't really hook me, Rebel Fay was excellent: devoured it in one day :)

I really like how the history of the forgotten war is slipped in via (stolen by Chap) memories of the Old Man of the Tree (that's my name for him, anyway, LoL!)... and how more pieces of the puzzle are slowly falling into place... I am *really* looking forward to Child of a Dead God, the final book in this series.

I hear there's a spin-off series alrea
Aug 15, 2016 Graham rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
Much better. A second wind to this series, with mystery, treachery and magic being woven into the mix. This book is a goodie: a rollicking yarn where lots of stuff happens, and kept me page turning to the last one.
Leesil discovers his real name, and what it means; Magiere has to face a huge barrel of conflicting futures and emotions; Chap and Wynn actually have a proper part to play, like the last couple of books have been building to this one. And the elves are written well: much of their lang
Mar 10, 2009 Nathan rated it liked it
There's really not a whole lot of action in this book compared to previous books in the series.

That isn't necessarily a bad thing as the plot advances further in one novel than it has in any two others.

But it's still hampered by a writing style that I find a bit irritating. It's always tell, don't show. And the characters don't TALK to each other in ways that most human beings that I know do.

Sappy, sentimental, sometimes contrived, it's still interesting enough for me to not downgrade it to 2 st
Aug 29, 2008 Jean rated it really liked it
Shelves: fantasy
This is the fifth book in the excellent series that started with Dhampir. The story continues from the last book and keeps up with its usual edge of your seat excitement and dark intrigue. The characters and settings are vibrant and real, growing as the story progresses. The action is as breath taking as a movie.

This installment does not disappoint. As the series nears its end the pace picks up a bit, and it seems to change point of view more then I remember in the past books. Less emphasis is
Steve Melton
Liked the story, hated the book. Maybe it was unique to the e-book version, but the story jumped back and forth between plot threads and points of view with no rhyme, reason, or warning. At times I would have to go back and reread multiple paragraphs because it took me that long to realize I was in a different part of the world with different characters. The stories were as intriguing as ever (although I'm getting bored with Welstiel and Chane sucks since he died, um, again), but the lack of tra ...more
Oct 14, 2007 Lisa rated it really liked it
I just finished the fourth book in this series and I really liked it! I feel like they give you more information so that the series all falls together and it all starts makeing sense, but then they leave you at the end hanging with even more questions.
I cannot wait for the next book and I am just trying to figure out how this story is all going to end. But they have done a great job with the series so far and I a still enjoyed this one just as much as the other books. What started as a vampire
Aug 06, 2007 Nancy rated it it was amazing
After a "just okay" fourth book, the fifth book in the Noble Dead series introduces a new setting, new characters, and lots of twists and turns. Barb and JC Hendee manage to stray away from some of the biggest fantasy cliches and create a race of elves that are fascinating, not dull. Much is revealed during this book and the plot progresses forward much more than it did with the fourth book. I was also happy that Chap got a lot of attention. For some reason, I really like him.

Can't wait for the
Jul 31, 2016 Roberta rated it it was amazing
This is a great fantasy series. I'm going through the books at an alarming rate! Luckily I've discovered them after this very prolific writer has written quite a few, so I can enjoy marathoning them. It's been like discovering a TV series several seasons in.

The characters are unique and engaging, and the author has done a good job developing them. Even the "bad guys" have interesting, twisted back-stories. Politics, racism, power, and greed drive them.

If you start this series, be prepared to be
Sep 27, 2007 Sean rated it it was ok
Fifth book in the Noble Dead series. Two stars is a little harsh, but this one honestly disappointed me. There are some cool revelations about the world, especially the mysterious Great War, but the elves honestly aren't very interesting, and Leesil has been drained of nearly all his earlier charm. The guy was a laughing cardshark in Dhampir, and now he's a moody avenger.

The fights were also lacking, I thought, in contrast to previous volumes. Some of them seemed just tossed in, with no real poi
Jack Graham
Apr 11, 2016 Jack Graham rated it liked it
Shelves: fantasy
I am not sure how I feel about the fifth book in the series. It finally answered a lot of the; Who, When, Why, questions regarding our protagonists. But the finale was not very satisfying.

World Building: We learn a lot more about the Elves. Including why they have such disdain for humans. I really liked the naming ritual / activity for the elves – the ancestors were a nice touch.
I also like the concept that only humans can be turned into undead.

Narrative: The pacing was fairly well done with onl
Mar 20, 2011 Enjee rated it liked it
In this book we learn what Magiere was made for (but not until near the end of the book). More unpronounceble names. Not much of a romantic element...unless you count the dog, and even that doesn't last past the end of the book. I don't care for Wynn and I can't beleive that there is a whole new series about her. I have many more books on my TBR pile before I will get to the next (and last) book in this series.
Ben Marble
Jul 12, 2008 Ben Marble rated it really liked it
Recommends it for: Fantasy/horror fans
First, since I haven't said it yet. Finally a series where Elves aren't thin, short, and somewhat frail. This book regained the momentum that the last book lost. The story forced me to jet forward through it, and I am enjoying the story arc of the books and I'm excited to see how it finishes. One question though... If the main character is Magiere, why does she get one book for her back story, and Leesil gets two? Strange to anyone else?
Dramatica Darmody
Mar 29, 2016 Dramatica Darmody rated it liked it
I love this series, but had a very difficult time getting into this volume.
The elves are mostly hateful, which is a problem since they are more the center of attention than Magiere and co.
I'm not sure why they even bothered including the Chane and Welstiel bits this time around, they seem like almost an afterthought and only succeed in slowing the story down.
That being said, I still love the characters and the authors and I am excited to move onto the next volume!
Aug 16, 2010 Laura rated it liked it
Shelves: fantasy, vampires
This book could have been half as long and still made a point, but what the point was I am not sure. I get that the authors were trying to add depth to their fantasy world by exploring the culture of the elves, but it was too long of a bunny trial from main goal of the series. You cannot read this book without reading the others. I felt obligated to finish the series, even though it went downhill.
Rebecca Saxton
Sep 10, 2012 Rebecca Saxton rated it really liked it

It most parts, I absolutely loved this book. The only part that was irritating is that the jumping back to Westiel and Chane did not really seem to need to be in this book at and did not add anything interesting. Also, Leesil acting in such a crazed way was a little much, but overall learning the history of Leesil's heritage and furthering the develop of characters like Chap made for a very quick and enjoyable read.
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Like most writers, I've worked at many jobs in my life, including teaching pre-school until I completed my master's degree in Composition Theory. Between 1993 and 2006, I taught college English while writing fiction on the side, some independently and some with my husband and life-long partner J.C.

Over the years, we've lived in Washington State, Idaho, Colorado, and now moved j
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