The Krytos Trap (Star Wars: X-Wing, #3)
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The Krytos Trap (Star Wars: X-Wing #3)

3.86 of 5 stars 3.86  ·  rating details  ·  6,023 ratings  ·  64 reviews
The Rebels have taken the Imperial headquarters world of Coruscant, but their problems are far from over. A killer virus called Krytos is spreading among the population, and fomenting a counter-revolution, at the same time as the treason trial of Rebel hero Tycho Celchu. And X-wing pilot Corran Horn, given up for dead in "Iceheart"'s inescapable prison, discovers an extrao...more
Paperback, 368 pages
Published October 1996 by Spectra
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The thing that strikes me the most about the expanded universe novels I've been reading since starting this little project is how books in the grand scheme of things, and even on a smaller scale within the context of their own saga, can jump from genre to genre with such amazing frequency. The first novel in the "X-Wing" series was a straight up military adventure story, a sort of Top Gun for Star Wars in many ways. I had anticipated the rest of the novels following a similar structure. The seco...more
Crystal Starr Light
"Great risk is necessary to defeat great evil"
Corran is captured in Isard's feared Lusankya. Tycho Celchu is being convicted of Corran's murder and treason. And the Krytos Virus, a deadly virus that affects only non-humans, threatens to destroy the New Republic. Will Corran return? Will Tycho be released of charges? And can the New Republic get enough bacta to reverse the affects of the virus?
NOTE: Based on audiobook and novel.

I Liked:
This has to be my most favorite of the X-Wing novels. It has...more
At first I thought this installment would be quite boring compared to the first two books. The first book had great space dogfights and introduced the main characters. The second book was mainly set on one enemy planet and was more an infiltration/espionage tale. But both were excellent at what they were. Starting this book was kind of a slog. The first 100 pages aren't that interesting for one not interested in interplanetary politics. However, the last 250 pages of the book are even better tha...more
Ricky Ganci
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Aug 26, 2009 Ron rated it 3 of 5 stars
Recommended to Ron by: Wendell
3.5. Half way through i realized I had read this book before. A long time ago. Not quite "Long, long ago ..." but pretty near.

Anyway. Good story; good storytelling.
Stephen Shores
The previous book in the series ('Wedge's Gamble') got a bit too bogged-down in the underground guerrilla operation to retake Coruscant, to the point where I was constantly forgetting who everyone is. This book feels to me like it moves the entire plot forward in leaps and bounds, while narrowing the focus towards certain characters. We have two main plots here and a few subplots that are easier to keep track of, plus several significant 'whoa...' moments. We also get enough information to make...more
Arlene Kellas
Everything for the Alliance revolves around the Krytos virus. Rogue Squadron is being ripped apart the trial of Tycho Chelchu for murder and espionage. People, non - humans of Corescant are dying and in fear of the disease. Meanwhile Imperials continue to undermine everything.

This story again takes our hero's out of the cockpit and into other capacities. For some, it is natural, for others, they belong in their x- wings. Antilles is not a political pawn, but a warrior. Which he proves over and o...more
Haley Keller
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Hilmi Isa
Ini merupakan ulasan buku dwi-bahasa/This is a bilingual book review

The Krytos Trap hasil tulisan Micheal A. Stackpole merupakan siri ketiga Star Wars X Wing: The Krytos Trap . Berikut merupakan sinopsis ringkas novel ini:

Selepas berjaya menawan Coruscant,pihak Rebel Alliance (atau turut dikenali sebagai New Republic),didapati planet tersebut diserang wabak yang dipanggil Krytos Virus. Virus ini memberikan kesan yang membawa maut kepada populasi Coruscant yang bukan dari spesis manusia (spesi...more
Nov 26, 2012 Donald rated it 3 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: fans of Star Wars
Shelves: sci-fi, star-wars
The third of the original four books by Stackpole, I think that this one is the weakest of the group. The book suffers from having Corran separated from the rest of the squadron for the entire book, and I think it really brings the book down as a whole. The prison chapters just aren't as interesting to me as the rest of the goings-on are.

One of the stronger points is that this book does focus a bit more on the other characters, and it's always nice to have a chapter from a new perspective, rathe...more
The third book in the X-Wing series, we're getting better and better.

The remnants of the Empire basically set up Coruscant as a death trap for the Rebels/New Republic. What results is characters in and out of their elements--Wedge dealing with politicians, Tycho under trial, Corran MIA, etc. The conflict makes for several great subplots that work together much better than they have in the past few books.

Many of the characters have more character (!) this time around. Corran is the exception; he'...more
Aeren Umstot
In the Book Krytos Trap #3 of the X-Wing books, Wedge and his squadron called Rouge Squadron have to fly back to courascent where their friend is being trialed for act of treason and murder of corran. Meanwhile this is happening, Corran is actually stuck on a Prison ship just outside of the planets atmosphere and he's being held against the enemy of the republic, The Empire. The only way out of the prison is through the "mine shafts" of the Super destroyer.

The authors main message for this story...more
Daniel Millard
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Delray Beach Public Library Public Library
In this edition of the X-wing series, the rebels have finally captured the heart and capital of the Empire and perhaps the Galaxy as well. But the conquest has not gone without problems. Left behind by the empire was a killer virus that is now taking out the indigenous population and fueling a counterrevolution. Also, the rebel hero Tycho Celchu must now stand trial on charges of high treason. Finally, imperial agents are carrying out acts of terrorism. As the rebellion is tearing itself apart,...more
Presumed dead at the end of "Wedge's Gamble", Corran Horn is actually imprisoned in the infamous Lusankya, being tortured and indoctrinated by Ysanne Isard so that he can potentially become a weapon against the Rebellion. Meanwhile, Rogue Squadron and the rest of the Rebel Alliance believe that Tycho Celchu is his murderer. While the investigation and trial take place, Rogue Squadron and the Alliance are dealing with the trap Isard had laid on Coruscant, which could destroy the Alliance from wit...more
This is my favorite of the first four X-Wing books (the Rogue Squadron books, for two reasons.

Firstly, this book in particular deals with the issue of species, which isn't something the films really bother to do, even though it seems fairly obvious that the Empire isn't dead keen on aliens - all their soldiers are human men. In this book, the new leader of the Empire deliberately sets up a situation in which the very New-New Republic must either bankrupt itself, or look as if they don't care abo...more
Feb 19, 2014 Filip rated it 4 of 5 stars
Shelves: 4-stars, sf, sw
As of now my favourite books from the X-wing cycle. To be honest it's hard for me to point out which thread constituted the main plot, so the book felt sometimes a bit disjointed, but the entire plot was really nice with really good pacing. The parts from the trial - really interesting by the way - was intertwined with mostly routine missions of the Rogue Squadron, rapidly going faster and faster as the climax approached.

The ending was great, a bit bittersweet, but really exciting, with all of t...more
M. David Loyal
I started the month with a Star Wars novel, and now I’m bookending the month with next installment of the X-Wing saga. ‘The Krytos Trap’ features Rogue Squadron leader Wedge Antilles and the others trying to deal with the death of Corran Horn and the trial of their XO Tycho Celchu, who is accused of Horn’s murder. We also see Horn trying to escape from his imprisonment. The backdrop is Corsucant, now under the control of the Rebels, and the politicians trying to set up a government. The mystery...more
One part prison novel and one part criminal procedural: Corran's been captured and Tycho has been framed for Horn's murder when he's not even dead. On top of all of this, it turns out "Insane" Isard has left behind a virus on Coruscant that affects only non-humans. Oh, those crazy evil dictators. What won't they try to win the propaganda war?

Not bad for a legendary squadron that actually got its start being hopelessly outgunned on the ice planet Hoth in ESB. Although I always did wish the initia...more
The Krytos Trap has always been one of my least favorite books in Michael Stackpole's Rogue Squadron series. It gets so mired down in drama, and becomes downright outlandish at some points—too unrealistic even for a Star Wars novel. And for most of the book, my favorite character, Corran Horn, isn't even doing much of anything. That said, it is an entertaining read and one of the better of the Star Wars novels out there—a must-read for any Star Wars fan.
Paul Lunger
Michael Stackpole's "The Krytos Trap" is the 3rd installment in the X-Wing Series. Of the 3, this book is more stage theatrics & less plot advancement save a surprise ending that should bode well for an interesting book #4. The story pretty much focuses on the trial of Tycho Celchu which consumes a good chunk of the story. There is also a bit of continuation into the exact existence of the Krytos virus & it's effect on Coruscant & other worlds. Stackpole's story is at times uninteres...more
Ronald Kelland
This novel is book three in the Star Wars expanded universe X-Wing series, and the author appears to be hitting his stride. Following the events of the previous book, Rogue Squadron is helping to solidify the Alliance’s hold on Coruscant. Meanwhile, one of their pilots is put on trial for treason and the murder of a fellow pilot. “The Krytos Trap” combines the space exploits of a group of fighter pilots with courtroom drama and a daring prison escape. Technically, the novels are making a steady...more
A lot more politics and maneuvering than the previous books in this series. A bit slower to read but still interesting. The big twists were a bit too obvious though.
The series continues to spend most of its time outside of the cockpit of the vehicle featured in the book's title. It also starts to spend time away from action sequences. We trade in aerial dogfights, speeder chases, and firefights for political maneuvering, criminal investigations, and court trials.

Don't get me wrong. What's here is good. And it's not like the book is completely devoid of action scenes. But when something happens in the last chapter, I have to wonder if that was partly becaus...more
May 02, 2014 Devin added it
And Stackpole just keeps setting things up and rolling along. This book concluded a number of plot threads that have been building in the last two books. The characters are still very well-rounded and developed - and you just get to like them. Even the bad guys are at least real - you understand why they are the way they are. Sometimes I did get a little lost with some of the descriptions of dogfighting but that didn't interfere with my enjoyment of the book. Now I'm all geared up to start the n...more
Cian Beirdd
The description says a lot. This is where the Stackpole series gets interesting from a plot perspective. You have three ongoing events throughout the novel. The story also sees the development of Corran Horn's Force abilities. Stackpole never reaches the nuance Zahn manages to, but the way he handles Corran Horn is worth the read. He is also more than capable of telling a yarn about a bunch of pilots. Not my favorite type of novel, but whoever picked Stackpole for it made a good choice.
Chuck Cottrell
Book three of Stackpole's X-Wing series raises the stakes, putting one character in trial for treason and another in prison in the dreaded Lusankya. The novel reveals the traitor in Rogue Squadron's midst, some surprising details about one character's heritage, and ultimately affirms the "impossible is what we do" spirit of the Rogues. The book really sets everything up for the final chapter, The Bacta War, positioning characters and events for an epic finish.
I ignored my friends to read the last quarter of this book. There's a ----------- ---------- buried ------ -------------!

I know it's not a stretch to say this, but this book is totally better than the prequel movies.

I've already decided that regardless of how good the coming sequel films are, the novels are a real story, and this series (not the Thrawn trilogy, which is good but not as good as this) as the flagship story.
Kenneth Flusche
excelant Star Wars Novel just wished I had read earlier
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