All About Passion (Cynster, #7)
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All About Passion (Cynster #7)

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New York Times bestselling Australian author Stephanie Laurens delivers the latest tale in the immensely popular Cynster series. When Chillington is elected an ′honorary Cynster′ at the end of All About Love, he knows he needs a wife , and an heir. His goal; a simple marriage without romance. He agrees to marry a woman he believes to be pliant and quiet. Unfortunately for...more
Paperback, 448 pages
Published September 4th 2001 by Avon (first published 2001)
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Oleta Blaylock
I absorbed the first four or five chapters in this book. I was so drawn into finding out if Gyles Rawlings "Chillingworth" would finally find out who Francesca really was. He has been so determined to have a wife that is meek and quite and won't give him any trouble. It is amazing that he never asks who Francesca is he just assumes that first woman he meets and Rawling House is the one he is going to marry. It was fun watching him dig himself further and further into a hole with Francesca. It wa...more
Susan (susayq ~)
3.5 stars

I liked Chillingworth more than I liked the last few Cynster men. However, his fluctuating moods and actions with her drove me crazy. Francesca was a fiesty little thing who won him over. All in all, another great addition to this series :)
3.5 - Francesca has probably been one of my favourite, if not my favourite heroine in this series so far. Passionate, independent and competent. Chillingworth was okay... more of the same. It took him longer than the other heroes to stop acting stupid and accept his feelings for her, which got boring after awhile.

The main reason that this wasn't a 4 star book for me was that the plot wasn't as exciting as some of the others... Chillingworth saw more adventure in Gabriel's story than in his own....more
Great book, the story is really about passion and how it was manifested in many guises. Gyles (Chillingworth) isn't really a Cynster but he's an honorary member, I enjoyed reading about him through the previous Cynster novels and his character is really amusing. Upon reading this book I knew I would like it as I'm very intrigued with his character. This didn't disappoint, I'm very pleased with the story, as it went on it made me curious and anxious at the same time to read about Chillingworth's...more
The time has come!
The next book in the Cynster series lays eyes upon Gyles, Earl of Chillingworth! He has made reoccurring appearances in the Cynster gent's stories and now, it's his turn.
Chillingworth wishes to marry Francesca, a miss he believes to be demure and tame so he can run wild and also inherit some land. He mistakes her cousin Franni for her, so imagine his surprise when he ends up marrying the exotic and untameable beauty, Francesca! Their love story begins, and of course we know fr...more
Jessica Kayuha
Okay, I've now read 7 of these Cynster novels, and I'm still not seeing what all the fuss is about. They are enjoyable, easy reading, but none of them have given me warm fuzzies or made me blush as they are advertised to.

I always read in reviews of more current books, "Ooh, it's hot like the Cynster books", so I managed to buy or borrow them all, and I obviously have a very different definition of hot than most.

Calling the heroine's mouth a "wanton cavern" is not hot. Spending 6 pages describing...more
Yet another amazing Cynster Tale from Stephanie Laurens! This time, instead of an actual Cynster, the story focuses around the Earl of Chillingworth, who was made an honorary Cynster at the end of the previous book. At the beginning of the story the reader just doesn't like him because he is determined to enter into an arranged marriage in order to avoid the Cynster curse... yet, it is easy for the reader to deal with as you KNOW that his plans will fail. Even though you are aware that at the en...more
Sheila Melo
Chillingworth Meets His Match

ALL ABOUT PASSION is the seventh book in the Cynster series. It is the story of the honorary Cynster Gyles Rawling, the Earl of Chillingworth. He seeks to avoid the fate of the Cynster men by contracting an arranged marriage with a woman who he could never passionately love. Without having met her, he chooses Francesca Rawlings. He believes that the placid woman he meets is Francesca, but it's her cousin. Instead, he meets Francesca who he believes is a gypsy and is...more
This was a difficult story to get through at times. I can't say it was my favorite. But I still feel it was worth the read.

Gyles, an earl, is looking for a wife. He makes the trip to the Rawlings home to arrange for the niece to wed him. He doesn't even want to meet her. He only wants her land which is adjacent to his. A case of mistaken identity finds him discovering his mistake at the altar. There are two girls, cousins with similar names. One is very mild and one is very bold. He felt attract...more
Giles Chillingworth, a well known rake within the ton, realizes he needs a wife to help manage land and estate. He decides to enter a marriage of convenience with Francesca, a distant cousin with Italian heritage whose dowry will bring him additional land. Giles is so determined to treat this union as a business transaction, he doesn't even want to meet his bride-to-be before the ceremony. He is shocked to discover that he does know Francesca, and the physical passion between them is something h...more
Oh Gyles. Sight unseen? Cause that was obviously going to work out just fine!

*some spoilers*

Franni was kind of terrifying in her intensity and sheer belief in her delusions. Like Gyles I found her incredibly disturbing. That said I also felt very sorry for her. The state of mind she was in, and the way she viewed the world was so very wrong and I couldn't help pitying her for that.

However, you cant do what she did. Thats bad Franni.

Gyles was, in a lot of ways, very similar to the Cynster's. Inde...more
After the Bar Cynster, Chillingworth is the next I'd wanted to see wed. This is his book and even though Gyles Rawlings, Earl of Chillingworth, understands he must marry he doesn't want to marry for love but for convenience. He watched his father die at 7 years of age and then watched his mother mourn the loss of her beloved husband. His man of business picks his wife, Francesca Rawlings. And when the Earl visits and makes his offer to Francesca's guardian and uncle, he gets a glimpse of who he...more
I haven't actually finished this book as I took too long and then I had to return it to the library...I was really excited to read this book as I had just finished A lady of Expectations; I like this author as she writes regency and adds a few sexy bits too ;) however I don't think this book was well-balanced as there was just one page after the other of them actually having sex for their first night which was just too long! And then after that there were a few scenes here and there, but towards...more
I really liked the beginning of the story, when Chillingworth organizes his perfect marriage of convenience with a bland obedient puppet, while being violently attracted by an exotic witch. And of course, the exotic witch is in fact his intended, and the other her cousin.
I liked that Francesca does not behave impulsively (and stupidly) and slowly works on getting her husband recognize that he cares for her, does not want a marriage of convenience with her and loves her.
Chillingworth is torn betw...more
3.5 Stars! Well, I'm really delayed in writing this review. December was a hectic month, and I got way far behind in my book reviews, and am just now trying to catch up. Hope I can still make some sort of sense here.
Continuing on with our series read and discussion over at Romance Lovers for the Challenge-Impaired. I was really, really looking forward to this one as Chillingworth has been the most attractive guy in the series to me so far. And I have to say, I did like this one quite well. Sure,...more
Katrina Burch
My review for All About Passion by Stephanie Laurens will be fairly short and concise. This book is the same as the majority of her others. If you like your hero to be dark and brooding, and your heroine to be passionate, a little pushy and the one woman who finally overcomes the hero's emotional walls.... then this is the book for you! Stephanie Laurens is the master of this type of novel, and does it well. I do like that in All About Passion she adds an element of mystery/adventure to the nove...more
Helene Harrison
ISBN? - 9780749937225

Genre? - Romance / Erotica / Historical / Drama

Characters? - Gyles Rawlings, Earl of Chillingham / Francesca Rawlings / Devil Cynster / Honoria Cynster / Vane Cynster / Demon Cynster / Flick Cynster / Lucifer Cynster / Scandal Cynster / Gabriel Cynster

Setting? - London & Lambourn (England)

Series? - Cynster #7

Title? - Although a marriage of convenience, their passions play out.

Character Analysis? - I think this is the best Cynster novel since Devil's Bride as Chillingham...more
Beth Dean
Once again I am back on the historical romance, however I have a reason for this one, I was given this one by my friend who wanted to know what the author, and the specific book was like. Who can turn down a book request by one of her closest friends? Not a true book junkie that's for sure.

I enjoyed this one on that note much much MUCH more than Scandal's Bride, maybe because this book was entirely focused on the relationship and not religion. I got more of what I expected from the book because,...more
OK so Chillingworth is now an honorary Cynster. That is just so funny. He hopes to avoid the curse also. So he decides to make an arranged marriage. He has is man-of-business go and find a list of eligible ladies. He also has him check on one that will give him back some property that belonged to his family. Well he picks a name (the one to give back the property) and decides that sight unseen he will marry her. The uncle is the go between because he wants it done like a series business deal. We...more
Gyles, Earl of Chillingworth marries Francesca thinking she's her cousin Franni and he's getting a biddable bride and into a convenient marriage - exactly what he needs to avoid love at all costs. Francesca on the other hand knows exactly what she wants from life - to love and be loved deeply and abidingly - and is willing to do whatever it takes to get it. Only to run into Gyles' love phobia because of a childhood trauma. The twists and turns of their relationship and dealing with the threat of...more
Mia  P.
This was great, was a little slower paced than some of the other Cynster novels, but I loved both H/H, the chemistry between them sizzled and was very sensual! The plot lined seemed to bog down at the end, but still a good story.
Brenda Margriet
Really enjoyed Francesca, the unapologetically sensuous and fiery heroine. Chillington thinks he's marrying a quiet, unassuming woman who will be the perfect wife - bear him an heir and a spare and leave him to his normal life. But his need to keep the marriage as a matter of business means he doesn't meet his bride until the day of the wedding...when he realizes she is really the sexy gypsy he planned on taking as a mistress.

Francesca is strong enough to love Chillingworth, and to know he loves...more
I've read - and thoroughly enjoyed - Stephanie Laurens' Cynster, Bastion Club and Black Cobra series, but somehow I missed this one - the story of Gyles Rawlins, Earl of Chillingworth, an honory Cynster who made an appearance in most of the earlier Cynster novels. So, I was thrilled to find it at the library's used book sale, and read it in a day. Chillingworth decides he wants a marriage of convenience, but the reader knows from the beginning that it's never going to happen, especially after we...more
Tiffany Bell
Blah kind of sums up this book for me. I kept hoping it would get more interesting as it progressed, but it never really did, at least for me. The quality of writing was fine, but like I commented earlier, I didn't feel a connection to the characters for some reason, and its not something I can put my finger on. It was your typical recipe for historical romance, where the hero doesn't want to fall in love, but can't help but fight his 'special' feelings for the heroine despite himself, and final...more
Gyles Fredrick Rawlings, Earl of Chillingworth, finally decides he needs to find a wife to have an heir to keep his cousin (who encourages his marriage) from inheriting the Earldome. He decides to look for an arranged marriage and let it be known that he has no ideas or hopes of love from it. He finds a distant cousin, Francesca Rawlings, who is of marriageable age and is dowered with a slice of his lands that has been lost from the family estates long ago. Unfortunately, Franni is, ill...more
Gyles Chillingworth needs an arranged marriage and an heir soon. He makes an offer for Francesca Rawlings sight unseen, based on her dowry and reputation, and then sets his mind to seducing the sultry lady he has met. On his wedding day he realizes that his intended mistress and his intended bride are one and the same.

Another great installment to the Cynster series, this time focusing on the rakish friend to the Cynsters who has appeared in earlier installments. Francesca is a great heroine who...more
Loved, loved, loved this book!! Francesca was a fantastic heroine; assertive without being pushy, and she doesn't hold a grudge. She still has a temper, but she's not a bitch. And I also loved how she was able to separate the passionate side of their relationship from the emotional side. This is a historical lady who likes sex, and even when she's mad at Gyles, is happy to get herself some. Woot Woot! She made this book a pleasure for me.
Gyles was too angsty, to the point where I thought it was...more
Aruna Nandigama
Again another wonderful book in Bar Cynster Series. Having read the stories of all six Cynsters, the seventh book is of the candidate who was present in almost all books.

Yes this is the story of Chillingworth, who is treated as 'Honorary Cynster'. The status of 'Honorary Cynster' comes with unconditional love and suspense.

A good book and must read. Stephanie Laurens had outdone herself again.
Gyles Chillingworth is not a true Cynster, but he's been adopted by the clan. He refuses to marry for love and instead contracts a very sensible relationship with Francesca Chillingworth (a very distant cousin) for a piece of land that passed out of his immediate family. When he visits, he mistakes Francesca's cousin for his bride-to-be and Francesca for a wanton gypsy. At the ceremony, he realizes his mistake... but so does Francesca. The two have to work through their misunderstandings as well...more
Patricia Lundstrom
Fun to read - flowed well -not too long
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Stephanie Laurens was born in Sri Lanka, which was at the time the British colony of Ceylon. When she was 5, her family moved to Melbourne, Australia, where she was raised. After continuing through school and earning a Ph.D. in Biochemistry in Australia, Laurens and her husband moved to Great Britain, taking one of the last true overland journeys from Katmandu to London.

Once in London, Laurens and...more
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