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Schooled (Bluford, #15)
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Schooled (Bluford High #15)

4.31 of 5 stars 4.31  ·  rating details  ·  1,079 ratings  ·  112 reviews
There's no backing down for Lionel Shephard, a new freshman at Bluford High. With a dream of joining the NBA, all he wants to do at school is play basketball. But everyone's trying to stop him. His father thinks basketball is a waste of time; his teachers don't know he can barely read and threaten to fail him; and his dropout friend Jamar wants him to quit school. Unsure w ...more
Paperback, 140 pages
Published September 22nd 2008 by Townsend Press
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Caleb Anderson
Mar 08, 2013 Caleb Anderson marked it as to-read
The book is named schooled written by Paul Langan. Lionel is really good at basketball but he can’t keep his grades up. He is thinking of dropping out of school. The book was kind of bad at the beginning then at the end of the book was really good.
There is a kid named Lionel he is a freshman at Bluford High. His dad is a trucker and his mom is in the army and his also has one little sister. Lionel goes to school on Friday and his first class is English with Mrs. Henley. Lionel is talking in he
Brandon Loehrke

"Schooled" is a book about a boy named Lionel. Lionel is a freshman at Bluford High School. Lionel loves basketball. It is the one thing that gets his mind off of school. Lionel struggles when it comes to getting good grades, and completing work on time. Lionel thinks that playing basketball is going to solve all his problems. He believes that he is going to be in the NBA, so he doesn't need to try in school. One day while shooting hoops in the gym the basketball coach tells him that he should t
Kori Looker
I thought "Schooled" by Paul Langan was an easy, yet good read. In this book a high school boy, Lionel, felt as though he was too stupid for school. He had troubles reading and writing. Lionel felt that he didn't belong in school, but he wanted to succeed. He succeeded on the basketball court more than anything. His dream was to be a professional basketball player. One thing was holding him back though, ambition for grades in school.

Lionel goes to Bluford High School, where he struggles with pa

I think the book is a really good book even though it’s about basketball and I don’t like basketball.

The main character, Lionel Shepherd, is a freshman at Blue Ford High School is a very good basketball player. Lionel wants to go to the NBA. All he wants to do is play basketball, but his father and teachers want him to work on school more than basketball. His friend want him to drop out of school and come live with him. Lionel decides not to drop out of school. He decides to finish school. He go
Bryce Akey
“Schooled,” is about a high school boy named Lionel. He attends Blueford High School. He loves basketball more than anything in the world. Maybe a little bit too much. He thinks he is good enough to play in the NBA. Because of that, he does not try hard in school. He is barely able to read, and never finishes any of his homework. One day after school, Lionel sneaks into the gym to shoot some hoops. He gets startled when a man with a clip board walks into the gym and asks him what he is doing. Th ...more
“Schooled” was a really great book to read. It kept me sucked into the story line. The author did a good job on keeping the details in depth with what was happening. I thought the book was overall really good.

Lionel attends Bluford High School. He is not a very good student. He has troubles in school such as reading. His teacher is always picking him to do little things like reading in front of the class. The thing about Lionel is that he is the greatest at basketball. But, he can’t participate
Peter Nicholson
"Schooled" is a book about a freshman boy named Lionel. He loves to play basketball, his goal in life is to become a professional basketball player. He has issues with keeping up on his grades, and handing in his schoolwork in on time. His biggest trouble is English class, because he cannot read at the level he should be reading at. His English teacher is the only teacher who makes him work hard at trying to pass the class. Lionel's dad is a trucker and his mom is in the army so neither of his p ...more
When you have a dream ; dont let anyone stand in your way. Go out there and persue it because the reason why people are holding you back is something you dont know and might not ever figure ou. Life is about choices. You can go right or you can go left. Its your life to live. Your consiquenses to face. Do you. Dont let nothing stop you. You have to live your life not caring because people will try to break you down. and if you let them kill your dream your the dumb one with the mistake.

L had a
Chelsea Cabrera
Date: October 12,2012
Title: Schooled
Author: Paul Langan
Genre: Realistic Fiction
In the book Schooled, written by Paul Langan, The main character Lionel is trying to follow his dreams of becoming a basketball player. But, with school in his way and the people around him stopping him he really doesn't know how to handle all of it. No one is ever there for him when he needs advice, therefore he's been making wrong choices about school.
His father thinks basketball is a waste of time; and wouldn't l
The book Schooled, by Paul Langan is a good book. It's about this boy named Lionel, whose dream is to become a professional basketball player. He's really good at basketball but he doesn't focus on school work that much. His dad wants him to focus on school work, but it's been hard for him because his mom moved to the army. I don't really know if his mom was the only one who could explain the type of stuff he was doing to him or if he just can't focus on school work because he's worried about hi ...more
I read the book "Schooled" by Paul Langan. This book is about a boy in high school named Lionel. Lionel is an amazing athlete and he is very good at basketball. His dream and goal in life is to play in the NBA. There is a problem that Lionel faces though. He has troubles in school and can not seem to keep his grades up. His dad is always working and his mom is in the military across seas. Lionel struggles with all of this and feels very lost and soon all of the pressure builds up and he can not ...more
David Haynes
The genre on the book is fiction. The book is basically about a freshman in high school wants to play for the school and he cant because he is ineligible and so on.

The book itself was good, it kept me interested and wanting to read more. I just didn't like how the book ended but i would still recommend reading it.

I recommend this book for people like fictional books, troubled teenagers, and sports. If you like this book then i would also recommend reading some of the other books in the bluford
Simon Yu
This book is about a boy name Lionel. He keeps on failing on school. His failing subject is literacy. He can't pronounce words correctly and his grammar is bad. His reading and writing grades are horrible. He is also failing in other subjects. He dreamed on being an NBA player. He likes to play basketball. His dad won't let him play basketball because of his failing grades. Lionel is playing to quit school. It is easy to be bad and it is hard to be a good person.

This book make me feel sad beca
I read the book Schooled by Pul Langan. The mani character in this book and I were kind of the sme in someways, beside the fact that he was kind of dumb, we were the same.
Lionel was the main character in the book. He often had problems in school and that ran over into the house hold. He was a fantastic and smart basketball player, but he had to do in the classroom to. He was offered help but didn't take it, and also his "so called friend" pressure him into coming into his broke down apartment an
Lizbeth Flores
In general I strongly agree that Paul Langan is an amazing writer e is one of those authors that i will recommend to someone who is looking of an entertaining,trgaic,eye catching book. An example of this is for example this book its Schooled and this book sounds and kinda is like The Bully by te same author Paul Langan. This book is amazing, I truly love his books. I would recommend this to any person in general, because his books are just that fascinating.

Its about a boy who wants to get out in
Brianna Allen
I read a book called Schooled by Paul Langan. This book is a very interesting story in many different ways. In my outlook of this book I believed that it shows life on the edge in a very unique way. This book showed me how important education is, and how if you want to get somewhere in life you have to step up and earn it. It also showed me the importance of sports, and wanting to do the sport you love so bad that it seems more important than education. I think that many people will enjoy this b ...more
Good, and realistic. NBA Hoop Dreams reminds me of this book
Regino Leon

I loved the book “Schooled” because it had a lot of mystery and suspense. The book “Schooled” starts with the main character, Lionel, who loves basketball. Lionel has a lot of problems with family and academics. In the family; Lionel is having problems with his father. He thinks his father is flirting with another woman. His other problem it he can’t read and feels ridiculed in school. His passion, basketball, is the one thing he feels he is good at. He has a friend named Lamar, who dropped out
Terrence Shepherd
A book I’ve been reading the last couple days or recently is a book called schooled by Paul Langan. The main character’s last name is shephard pronounced like mine but not spelled the same and he has ambitions of playing pro basketball in the NBA like me as well. My little sister recommended this book to me because it reminded her so much of me.
Overall the book is very great it’s definitely a must read. It includes drama and has lots of scenes in the book that really gets you excited. If you’r
Oliver Radtke
I finished the book “Schooled” by Paul Langan. The book is about a high schooler named Lionel. He played basketball as much as possible and he was very good at it. His dream was to play in the NBA, but it is getting harder with school work in the way. His grades were dropping and his life was getting very stressful. His mom was across seas and his dad was seeing another girl from work. His life got so stressful that he drops out of school and he lived with his friend. He gave into peer pressure ...more
Olatunji Coleman
Lionel loves basketballand willplay against anyone who challenges him even Steve Morris.Steve Morris is twice his size.He although Morris fouled he wasnt scared. Acdemic-wise he is doing terrible.Lionel is thinking of what his friend did drop out. If he drops out then school wont be a problem. Since His parents left him and his sister,why cant he?
Tamika Andre
This book was a very easy book to read. It wasn't difficult at all. Lionel was a very interesting character. I felt like he was because he didn't want anything to do with school. He felt like he couldn't achieve anything school wise. He had trouble with reading in school which became difficult. Basketball was all his focus. He thought basketball was his only way of succeeding in life. He dropped out of school without letting his family knowing except for his sister. That was the saddest part bec ...more
this book shows you that you can be whoever you want to be also, his father thinks he should be worrying about school instead of basketball
Alonzo Ayala
Lionel is in his toughest time in life right now. Everything seems to be falling apart. He's a freshman and struggles with his grades a lot. He loves baskteball and thats the only reason hes still in school. He also has friends that are a bad influence on him and they make him do drugs, drop out, etc...When he found out he couldn't play on the team he wanted to dropout but he didn't want to dissapoint his father. I think that its a awsome book because i could relate to it so much. Like i was fai ...more
Gissell Espinal
is a nice book and i really enjoy it so much
Trevor Schmoldt
"Schooled" by Paul Langan was a pretty good book. It was about a boy who loved to play basketball and one day wanted to go pro. He had tried out for the school basketball team and did not make it,because his grades were not passing. After he had received the news,he dropped out and moved out,but shortly found himself back in school trying harder than ever.
Lionel is a teenage boy who is attending high school. Lionel hates school and does not try because he wants to impress a girl. Melinda, the
I'm some where around chapter 3 and i really like the book so far because it talks about how he made a junior look bad when he beat him in basketball. Also since his mother was deported he feels really lonely and he is seeing it a lot in his father as well.

I'm in the middle of chapter 5 and it's talking about how Lionel got in trouble with his father about his grades his father is still upset about his mother being deported for 1 year. Since his mother left it hasn't been easy for Lionel's fath
Daniel O
"Don't do this, Lionel," Dontrell said, trying to hold him back, but Lionel shrugged him aside. Schooled by Paul Langan is a brilliantly written book that talks about a teenager's hard life, and this book helps you love school and shows you the side of not going to school and going to live with your friends. Lionel the main character had lots of problems and even almost got killed because he didn't want to go to school.
Lionel Shephard never backed down on his drea
This book is about a boy name Lionel.He is failing most of all his subjects in high school.His dad won't let him play besketball because of his failing grades.He dreamed of being a NBA star,but he have low self of steem that he thinking about droping out of school.

This book made me feel sad because it felt like im was in his shoes,and what else that made me feel even worse of because off all the people that was making fun of him.

I would recommend this book to everyone because it will teach them
Kelvin Arias
I thought the book was very interesting and the book is about Lionel and he has to read a poem in class but he decides not to do it and nobody knows why so his teacher got worry and sent him home with a letter about his participation in class and his parents have to sign it but his mom is away working and he is stressed out because of that and also his dad works hard and is on the road so lionel doesn't want to show him because that will make him mad and his dad think he's doing good.Lionel is m ...more
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Born in Philadelphia, Paul Langan spent his early childhood in the city before moving with his single mother to southern New Jersey. There he attended public school and worked a variety of jobs—including salesperson at a shoe store, attendant at a horse ranch, landscaper at a mental hospital, and a night-shift stockperson in a warehouse store near Atlantic City. “Each job,” he says today, “could b ...more
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