While I'm Falling
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While I'm Falling

3.38 of 5 stars 3.38  ·  rating details  ·  1,899 ratings  ·  303 reviews
"While I'm Falling deftly captures the moment a child realizes that growing up means being responsible for your parents' mistakes--and preventing yourself from making the same ones. Laura Moriarty keeps getting better and better."
--Jodi Picoult, author of Handle with CareIn While I'm Falling, Laura Moriarty presents a compelling depiction of how one young woman's life chan...more
Hardcover, 305 pages
Published September 1st 2009 by Hyperion (first published 2009)
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Linda Lipko
Oh, what a disappointment this book is! After reading The Center of Everything, I was eagerly anticipating another wonderful book by the same author.

The story line of a college age girl whose parents are getting a divorce simply felt contrived, flat and lacking of depth.

I finished the book, but long about 1/2 way through I wanted to chuck it out a 20 story window.

Not recommended.
I'm feeling like I'm in kind of a slump here. The past several books I've read have just been too unbelievable and all the plot-wise events have felt convenient and contrived. This one was not an exception.

For starters, the whole ice storm/accident/trucker pick up event was unnecessary. I think Moriarty was trying to add suspense, but then the trucker just lets her out anyway. Kind of ridiculous. And then, Jimmy was the thug that bullied her like they were in 3rd grade. Totally unbelievable seri...more
Sonia Reppe
Disappointed in this one. Theme is things falling apart: Veronica's parents marriage and her college classes are out of control. Then she makes some bad choices and those get out of control. For me the premises and situations of this book were so unimaginative. Like if the author was in a hurry and said to herself, "Okay, how can I give my character Veronica a really shitty day? Like this: She'll get in a car wreck and she'll throw a party that gets out of control. And I'll have her cheat on her...more
Diane Chamberlain
A charming book. I love how Moriarty put her character up a tree and then threw rocks at her. Lots of rocks. :)
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Veronica's father finds Roofer Guy in the marital bed, and decides to divorce her mother. As a result, Mom starts on one of those downward slides where everything just snowballs into A Bad Life. Veronica, in college as a pre-med, is heading in the same direction. Not doing her job as an RA well, not getting Organic Chemistry, just Not Doing in general.

The problem is that I just didn't feel sorry for her. I know what depression can be like, and yet there was a part of me that wanted to say "Grab...more
If you’ve read The Rest of Her Life, you already know that Laura Moriarty has such an easy command of language that not a lot needs to happen in her books for them to seem gripping. While I’m Falling is no exception. To over simplify, a college student, Veronica, struggles with a pre-med course load and her parents divorced resulting from her mother’s indiscretion. Veronica makes one bad choice after another over the course of a pretty crappy weekend. Her mom, Natalie, is reeling from the financ...more
The plot offers no surprises and the story itself is pretty ordinary but what makes Moriarty's novel a worthwhile read is her ability to make her characters come to life. This has been true with all three of her books, I get the characters, understand the motivations that drive them and thus, the course of their actions.
First let me start by saying, the writing is flawless, nothing to say about it at all, if it seems I'm stalling your correct in your assumptions. I'm just going to say it then, I have never read a more depressing novel ever. I hated the lawyer husband from the start, but yet thought at one point he seemed at least better able to deal with the girls, I was mistaken, however All the characters were held in contempt equally. This was a very sobering look at a family coming apart in a very desperate...more
Not really sure what drew me to this book, I think I just like reading about people who are having breakdowns and their life is just going downhill to make me realize that my life isn't that bad. How sad that I need a novel to remind me of that. It's just a reminder that no matter how bad things look, they can always be worse.
This book is about Veronica who is a pre-med student in college and is having a bit of a breakdown. And things only get worse when her parents get a divorce and her mother...more
Veronica Von Holten is a pre-med student at the University of Kansas and is struggling through an already tough semester when she gets the news that her parents are divorcing. The stress leads her to a couple of bad decisions over a long weekend, which are only the beginning of an upheaval that will change her life: Her plans, her goals, her relationship with each of her parents.
When her mother shows up at her dorm room, homeless, elderly dog in tow, Veronica is pushed nearly to the breaking poi...more
Sep 24, 2009 Denise rated it 5 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: Those who enjoy relationship driven novels.
I am a huge fan of Laura Moriarty, and I was not a bit disappointed with her latest offering, "While I'm Falling." It is wonderfully relationship driven and fast moving. Ms. Moriarity creates very real, multifaceted characters and has us caring about them before we know it. I sometimes gauge a book by how many times it makese me cry, and this one made me cry twice which is a very good sign. Lol

This is the story of pre-med student Veronica Von Holten and her family. Veronica is struggling and wo...more
Moriarty is a local Kansas writer and I like that she sets her novels in the area where I live. She certainly understands the pulse of campus life and her protagonist, Veronica, deals not only with the pressures of college, but those of her disintegrating family. At one point in the novel she explains, "I was still screwing up. I couldn't stop. It was like I was in free fall." We have all had those moments when a series of events go so badly that the rug is literally pulled out from under our fe...more
Clif Hostetler
The angst of the mother-daughter relationship is thoroughly explored in this book as only the skillful writing of Laura Moriarty can do. However, also contained in this book is exploration of an example of how a long time marriage can end up in divorce. The book is structured around the parallel actions of a mother and her daughter, and as things develop their lives appear to be mirror images of each other. They both make mistakes, and they are both "falling" from their former lives into a poten...more
Chris Blocker
I like Laura Moriarty. I really do. She's really, really nice and her first novel, The Center of Everything, was quite good. I had a lot of hopes for her. I scooped her second novel up right away. Huge disappointment. And when the third, While I'm Falling came out, I was slow to buy it and even slower to get around reading it. Word came out that a fourth novel was on its way, so I thought I better get to it.


Did I mention I really like Laura Moriarty? 'Cause I do. It's j...more
Center of Everything is one of my favorite books - so I had high hopes for While I'm Falling. The story revolves around a college aged young woman whose parents get divorced and she is put in the middle. I went to the University of Kansas (the setting of this book) and enjoyed the descriptions of the buildings and the dorms - it brought back good memories. I also related quite a bit to her college experience (aka - I started off as pre-med too!) However, I was really upset with the main characte...more
Good story, but I was flabbergasted at the number of errors. Misspelled words, missing words, missing quote marks...I can't remember when I've seen a bound book with so many mistakes. (Well, a bound trade book that is. All you MGHers know textbooks have mistakes a plenty. :)) Anyway, I like Moriarty's style; it reminds me of Jodi Picoult in that she focuses on family dynamics, especially the relationship between mother and daughter. The ending was wrapped up a bit too neatly, but overall it was...more
I had to read this book in one evening because I had miscalculated when it was due back at the library, and luckily it was a quick read. A nicely done mother/daughter story, enjoyable if not memorable. But what's up with this woman's book covers? This one: one half of a girl with her red hair blowing in wind, snow and dead grass behind her. "The Center of Everything": one half of the face of a pretty redhead lying on grass. "The Rest of Her Life": the back of the head of a russet-haired girl sta...more
We heard this author read at Watermark Books in Wichita a couple weeks ago and the selection she was reading was so exciting that the lady across from me was actually biting her nails! But really it's just a sweet family story about changes. With a very strong message that all women should work, no matter what their circumstances. The author mentioned that she'd read the book "The Feminine Mistake" that was all about that. Good, good author! Have enjoyed all 3 of her books and heard her speak tw...more
For starters, the whole ice storm/accident/trucker pick up event was unnecessary. I think Moriarty was trying to add suspense, but then the trucker just lets her out anyway. Kind of ridiculous. And then, Jimmy was the thug that bullied her like they were in 3rd grade. Totally unbelievable series of events.The main character makes some pretty dumb choices, with very little reason given. Without knowing why she did what she did nor finding her very likable, it was hard to read about her continual...more
This author first came to my attention when her book The Chaperone received fanfare upon its publication, but apparently she's been writing for a while now. A friend of mine is friends with the author personally, and she lives in and sets some of her books in the Kansas City/Lawrence area, so there's that extra sense of connection. This is a good chick lit kind of book about the various ways life can fall apart for a family going through a divorce. The protagonist, Veronica, is trying to hold it...more
Tattered Cover Book Store
Jackie says:

Veronica, a college junior, and her mother Natalie are going through some major life changes thanks to a pending divorce. Changing financial realities have wrought some drastic and surprising circumstances that give them a new view of themselves and their family. Nobody captures the mother/daughter dynamic better than Moriarty, which adds depth and interest to this page turning story.
Eileen Granfors
I'm very excited to have received this ARC edition--since reading "The Center of Everything" by Moriarty, I've been her fan.

Now that I've finished "While I'm Falling," I'm rendering a split decision. I enjoyed the book, especially the growth of Natalie, the mom.

For more about this book, see my review on amazon.com under the title and my reviewer's name, EGranfors.
Diane Eichler
When everything in your life seems to be going the opposite of how you want it to be, you just have to let go and understand that the universe is trying to tell you to make some changes.
Diane Ferbrache
After her parents' divorce, Veronica can't seem to concentrate on her studies, her job, her boyfriend or her life in general. Her mother is falling apart, her father is looking for any way to punish her mother, her sister is off living her new life in LA and Veronica is stuck trying to pass an impossibly obtuse organic chemistry class. Why is her mother avoiding her? Why does the freshman on her floor insist on following her around? Why is her boyfriend pressuring her to move in with him? And wh...more
Purtroppo la vita ti pone spesso di fronte a situazioni per cui non sei affatto preparata. E’ appunto questo ciò che accade a Veronica, studentessa del college felicemente fidanzata con Tim, figlia adorata. Il mondo le crolla addosso quando i suoi genitori decidono di divorziare e tutto comincia improvvisamente ad andare a rotoli: gli esami non vanno, la sua relazione va in crisi, il suo lavoro viene messo in forse. Non è facile reagire, e basta un piccolo passo falso per combinare un disastro....more
What makes a family? That’s what nineteen year old Veronica is wondering. Her family have always made her feel safe and protected but that’s all been snatched away from her and she’s beginning to wonder if she really knows her family at all . . . With a homeless mother and a missing father Veronica has to grow up fast. Real life is a frightening wake-up call and as truths and tensions percolate and bubble to the surface there are devastating consequences. Can Veronica save those she thought she...more
I have read two other Laura Moriarty books: The Center of Everything and The Rest of Her Life, and I liked both of them relatively well. I cannot say that about this book, though. I have picked this book up and put it aside about 5 times over the last year+. It just did not hold my interest. But as part of a 2012 TBR book reading challenge (sponsored by Roof Beam Reader) I decided to knuckle down and just get it done already. Moriarty is a fantastic writer, to be sure. She realistically portrays...more
Kathy (Bermudaonion)
Veronica’s parents were married for twenty-six years. They may have been in a rut, but they seemed happy enough. Veronica’s dad is a lawyer and her mom stayed home – at first raising the kids and then caring for her and her husband’s elderly mothers. While the roof is being repaired, Veronica’s father comes home to discover one of the roofers asleep on his bed, wearing only a pair of pants. Veronica’s parents end up getting a divorce.

Veronica is a junior in college, and working as a resident adv...more
Georgiana 1792
Precipitando nell'abisso

Diario di una trascurabile Catastrofe è un romanzo di formazione: attraverso tutta la serie di eventi che precipitano a gran velocità e la fanno andare sempre più a fondo, Veronica analizzerà il suo rapporto con gli altri, i suoi desideri, le sue paure, e soprattutto i suoi limiti, e cercherà di risalire dall’abisso seguendo il consiglio di sua madre: «Talvolta devi solo limitare le perdite e andare avanti».

Questo libro mi ha spesso lasciata in uno stato di indignazione:...more
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Laura Moriarty earned a degree is social work before returning for her M.A. in Creative Writing at the University of Kansas. She was the recipient of the George Bennett Fellowship for Creative Writing at Phillips Exeter Academy in New Hampshire. She currenly lives with her daughter in Lawrence, Kansas, and is at work on her next novel. (from http://www.lauramoriarty.net/bio.htm)
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