Officer Buckle and Gloria
Peggy Rathmann
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Officer Buckle and Gloria

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Officer Buckle is a roly-poly bloke, dedicated to teaching schoolchildren important safety tips, such as never put anything in your ear and never stand on a swivel chair. The problem is, Officer Buckle's school assemblies are dull, dull, dull, and the children of Napville just sleep, sleep, sleep. That is, until Gloria the police dog is invited along! Stealthily pantomimin...more
Hardcover, Dolly Parton's Imagination Library
Published (first published 1995)
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"Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah" is what it sounds like to children when we're trying to teach them the simple rules of life. They are important lessons to live by, but how do we convey them to our kids without sounding like the voice on the phone in all Peanuts movies? We could wait until they knock themselves almost unconscious to remind them not to lean back in their chairs, or we could read them Peggy Rathmann's book, Officer Buckle and Gloria. Giving them simple reminders like "Never stand on...more
A Caldecott award winner that I wasn't that impressed with. The pictures must have won because of the dog's tricks but overall I've seen so much better illustrations. The story was cute, but only kept my 5 yr old somewhat interested. My preschoolers were completely bored even though I continually tried to pull them in with stuff about the dog, it just didn't help. Not one we'll be reading again.
karrie's corner
Officer Buckle is boring students everyday with his safety talks. Students and teachers are sleeping in the auditorium, and they are not paying attention. Then one day, Officer Buckle gets a partner name Gloria. Gloria is a scruffy looking dog, but looks deceive. She is smart as a whip and very silly. While Officer Buckle is up before the audience, Gloria is play acting whatever Safety Tip is being described. Suddenly the children are sitting in their seats, laughing and enjoying the show. Of co...more
Jazzmarie Vedrine
Who would of thought that the dog, Gloria, would be a dog who loves to put on a show, like she did. She was used to help Officer Buckle, who is so passionate about safety and sharing those safety rules to young children in all the schools in his district that Gloria just wanted to help "emphasis" some of these rules with some antics making the audience laugh in their seats. Regardless of the quickly, rising popularity of Gloria, both Gloria and Officer Buckler realized the true meaning of teamwo...more
Alyssa Pierce
Officer Buckle is a stickler for safety. He worries aout everything that you shouldn’t do. When he comes up with a safety tip he writes it down and then shares it with people. In the book, we see him go to the school where the children are bored out of their minds. Then one day Officer Buckle gets Gloria; his new partner. When Gloria starts to go with Officer Buckle to talk with students, they are fascinated by his presentation. Officer Buckle becomes very popular; he is busy beyond belief with...more
Miranda Jones
I really enjoyed reading this book. I thought that these cartoon, watercolor illustrations perfectly fit this childish, spunky story. The vibrant colors used really brought forth excitement and was befitting for this children’s book. The illustrations offered a different viewpoint than the text used; the text offered the view of Officer Buckle, while the illustrations offered the view of what the students saw. While the students were watching Officer Buckle and Gloria on stage, they could see ho...more
Mariah Olson
I absolutely loved reading this book because the illustrations did a fantastic job of showing what was actually happening during the safety speeches. Although the text did not mention what Gloria the dog was doing behind Officer Buckle while he told his safety tips, it showed everything she was doing! While the text told us how the children laughed during the speech, the pictures showed us how the Officer had no idea what was going on behind him, providing a silly image. Without the pictures of...more
This is one of my favorite Caldecott Winners because of the illustrations and story line. The beginning and end pages are filled with safety badges of Gloria, the dog, participating in unsafe acts. Before the story even begins, the reader has an idea of what the story line could include and that one of the main characters could be a dog. Not only are the illustrations allowing the reader to know more then the character, Officer Buckle, but the colors also capture the reader’s attention. The illu...more
Brenna Daugherty
Officer Buckle is a safety fanatic. He is always thinking up new safety rules. He gives presentations to the local school but the children are not very interested. One day Officer Buckle receives a police dog named Gloria. Gloria goes with him to his presentation. Unbeknownst to Officer Buckle, Gloria is acting out each and every safety tip. Soon he is receiving fan mail and request to come and speak about safety rules at other schools. Officer Buckle finds out that the only reason he was such a...more
Robyn Hubbell
Officer Buckle and Gloria, was a five out of five star book in my opinion. This short story is about an officer who gives safety tips to schools and other places. Before Officer Buckle had Gloria, the dog that helps in give the speeches, no one quite listened and payed attention. Then the police station that Officer Buckle works at recieved a phone call and they got Gloria. Together they grew an audience and people loved them. Until Officer Buckle saw that the crowd only liked them because of Gl...more
Karly Kovac
I LOVED this book as a little kid and it was just as cute when I read it today. I remember getting this book read to me when i was little. I LOVE the pictures in the book and colors the pages all have. I love the story as well. I think this is a great book to read to kids because the pictures catch their attention and if the reader has a lot of enthusiasm they can make it fun for the kids to listen to. I thought it was an adorable book!
Peggy Rathmann created such a fun novel including two main characters; a little bit hefty, Officer Buckle and black and white little dog Gloria, who together makes the perfect team. Officer Buckle is a kind police officer that takes his job of delivering safety speeches the local elementary schools extremely seriously. These safety speeches have a high tendency of putting the children to sleep. That is, until the Napville Police Department buys a police dog, Gloria, who becomes Officer Buckle’s...more
Margo Martin
Officer Buckle and Gloria is an outstanding book to incorporate into a classroom for many reasons. Not only is this a great read with a theme of friendship, but this book could also be read before a police officer came into the classroom to speak to the students about safety. In this book Officer buckle was the safest officer around, and pinned every safety tip he could think of to his bulletin board. He would go to the school and share all of his safety tips with the students, but no one ever l...more
Anna Summers
In the book, Officer Gloria and Buckle, the children at Napville Elementary School were bored and never listened to Officer Buckle’s dull speech on safety tips. Things turned around when Gloria, a dog, joined Officer Buckle in his speeches. The children were entertained and engaged when Gloria began acting out Officer Buckle’s safety tips on stage. Officer Buckle learned the biggest safety tip is “to stick with your buddy”. This cleverly written book is funny and engaging. The lively illustratio...more
Melody Wolen
Reading Level:2nd grade
Officer Buckle and Gloria is undoubtedly the definition of a great picture book. Not only is this book, written and illustrated by Peggy Rathmann and published in 1995, a Caldecott award winner, it is also a fantastic book for young children. Something that I can personally attest to since I remember reading this book as a child and greatly enjoying not only the story, but the illustrations as well.
A picture book can be considered a well-illustrated book in numerous way...more
Teddie Trombley
This story is about officer buckle and his new dog Gloria. Officer Buckle went to a school to tell the students about safety tips, but none of the kids listened. He got a new dog named Gloria and he decided to go to the same school and try and tell the kids his safety tips again but this time he brought his new dog with him. The kids were listening to him and were laughing so hard and officer Buckle thought the kids were interested in him but really the dog Gloria was doing funny things behind O...more
Sandra Ayala
Another book I choose to read was Officer Buckle and Gloria by Peggy Rathmann . The story is about a police officer who reads safety tips to kids who never listen. It isn't until he is joined by a dog named Gloria that the kids start paying attention. The dog starts acting out the tips to get the kids to listen without the officer knowing. The officer finds out and is saddened that the kids pay more attention to the dog but in the end learn that it is a team effort. The illustration clearly repr...more
Grace Bradley
Officer Buckle knew lots of safety tips! He had so many tips that he pinned them to his bulletin board every time he had a new one. Officer Buckle would speak at the schools to inform the schools of all safety rules. One day he got a police dog named Gloria. Gloria got to come with Officer Buckle to the school to give is safety speech. When Officer Buckle wasn’t looking, Gloria was doing funny moves and making the children laugh behind Officer Buckle while he was giving his speech. Officer Buckl...more
At first I thought, "Fun story, but why did this win the Caldecott?" So I read it again. The second time through, I noticed that the pictures give you as much of the story as the words. They work seamlessly together to tell a very funny story! I especially love how Gloria's personality shines through in the illustrations. She's an amazing dog!
Officer Buckle and Gloria by Peggy Rathmann is a book about a police officer who shares safety tips of the town. No one cares to listen to him, until the police officer named Buckle brings along a dog to his talks. The audience decides to pay attention when the dog, named Gloria, entertains the viewers while the officer talks. Out of frustration Officer Buckle resigns from safety tips, leaving the town concerned on what to do next when an accident outbreaks. This story is a humorous, yet informa...more
This is about a police officer whose dog helps him give safety tip talks to students. It is cute, but not amazing. I am surprised it won the Caldecott medal. It must have been a slow year for picture books... Although I will say that this is probably one of the most child-friendly and "normal" of the Caldecotts that I've read!
Anna Larson
The illustrations in Officer Buckle and Gloria are fun and inviting. The book is a humorous book about a Police Officer and his dog Gloria so the drawings reflect the mood very well. The artist used bright water colors with bold black lines throughout the story, and this kind of art makes the reader feel happy while reading the story. Even when Officer Buckle is upset the illustrations remain bright and upbeat. The detail of the illustrations in the characters faces depicts the emotion of them v...more
Caelyn Pietila
Officer Buckle and Gloria is written by Peggy Rathmann. This story is about a school police Officer; Officer Buckle, and he talks to the children at the school about safety. During his speeches, he introduces his dog Gloria. Gloria is the amusement of the speeches, and really is a creative way to teach the students of the school about safety. This is an excellent tool to use in the classroom to teach about safety first. In elementary school, safety is almost always talked about to students every...more
Jennifer Varela
The picture book, Officer Buckle and Gloria, outlines the rules that any child (and person in general) should abide by. However, no one listened to Officer Buckle’s tips and guidelines. When Officer Buckle explained his rules and the importance of them, his dog, Gloria, would be in the background jumping around and doing tricks so the students in the school paid no attention to him. Once he realized that no one paid attention to him he sent off Gloria by herself to the school and the whole schoo...more
Jaycie Shearer
Although the main characters of this book are the officer and his dog, the children in the audience play an important role throughout the book. This story is appealing because the illustrations that follow the story switch back and forth to show different perspectives. The illustrations are classic stereotypes of the officer and the students, which is helpful to relate to. On some pages, the drawings are scattered all about. The drawings seem to jump around the pages, which is a way to show the...more
Maddie Sharp
This is a cool book that shows a kind of guideline for how children should act. However, no one listened to Officer Buckle’s tips and guidelines. When Officer Buckle explained his rules and the importance of them, his dog, Gloria, would be in the background jumping around and doing tricks so the students in the school paid no attention to him. After realizing that no one was paying attention to him, he sent Gloria away by herself to the school and the whole school got caught in tons of accidents...more
This has become one of my favorite picture books. It is an adorable story of a very talented dog and her officer friend. The book has many cute safety tips that are both reasonable and very funny. Good story for kids learning about safety.
Mallori Allphin
This child friendly tale is great. Rathmann tells the story of a police officer with his puppy sidekick, Gloria. They travel to different school to explain the importance of safety tips. This book includes great tips that children should use everyday. By sharing this book with the class, a teacher will be able to introduce safety measures that students should use on a daily basis. The storyline was very well done. At times I found myself saying “awww” or feeling bad for characters in the book....more
Danielle Leider
Officer Buckle is a police officer that has been assigned to teach about safety at a school and has to take Gloria, the dog, along. He was concerned because every time he makes a speech everyone falls asleep. While he is speaking, Gloria decides to do tricks behind the back of Officer Buckle, which gets the crowd involved in the show. When Officer Buckle sees that it was not him who making the crowd happy, he vowed to never make a speech again. Then something a terrible accident happens and Clar...more
Courtney Gregory
Officer Buckle and Gloria is written by Peggy Rathman. This is a cute story about a school police officer who is HUGE on safety and rules. He always puts up new safety rules in the school and gives presentations about them to the students. No one ever listens to him until the day he brings his new partner with him, his dog Gloria. Gloria entertains the students during the presentations which in turn helps them to listen and the school becomes a safer place. This book is engaging and silly. The p...more
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