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What Do You Do All Day?
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What Do You Do All Day?

3.11 of 5 stars 3.11  ·  rating details  ·  485 ratings  ·  81 reviews
Bright, witty, and covered in homemade play-dough, Jennifer Bradley has traded her fabulous job at a New York auction house for the life of a stay-at-home mom. No one said it would be easy. Between the alpha moms all around her and a backstabbing mother-in-law, there's little hope that maternal instinct alone will save her. And perhaps it was less than helpful of her husba ...more
Paperback, 320 pages
Published August 22nd 2006 by Picador (first published October 1st 2005)
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I read several books early last year that were similar to this one and “What Do You Do All Day” is far superior to any of them. Jennifer Bradley is a much more solid and multi-dimensional character, who seems desperately real. It seems to me that books like this often have heroines that are either terribly angry or depressed or happy or organized. Jennifer, rather, was an excellent mix of all characters, acting just the way you generally would expect. Also, it seemed like a lot of women in these ...more
I'm afraid I won't remember everything I hate about this book but I will try my best.
What Do You Do All Day, as you can assume from the title, is a cheap knock off of 'I Don't Know How She Does It,' ie, the rant of the young mom. However, this one fell short of it's original in just about every way possible.
Jennifer is a stay at home mom whose burning conflict seems to be that she is not like the other moms. Either they work, and she is jealous, or they are better moms, and she is jealous. She r

I would have given this book one star, but went with two because it did provide a few chuckles. I couldn't relate to the characters at all, though, because I've never been to (or heard of) a children's party where iPods and designer handbags were given to guests in goody bags, and once I grew up and had children, I never hung around druggies. (Ok, I never did that before kids either.) The only shred I could find in common with this main character is the mommy guilt and comparing my kids to othe
Four words: rich white girl problems. A fun read about amped-up Manhattan mommy madness, with an amusingly snarky narrator.
This is a quick beach read. I picked it up because as a stay at home mom I get this question a lot. The main character is nuts but sweet and i have to admit there are times i laughed out loud. Despite my differences with the main character (unfortunitly i don't live in a huge loft in NY, there are some things in the book that she experiences with her kids that I have experienced with jack.
SAHM Computer speak for Stay At Home Moms. As one myself, I could really relate to this one. Leaving a job in which you are respected, drawing your own paycheck, having lunches and colleagues to commiserate with, these are the things you leave to be a "hands- on" parent. Now your kife revolves around play dates, nursery schools, keeping the Darlings fed, clean and healthy, leaving little time for the mother's ego to be stroked at any time. These are 24 hr jobs, yet there is no end of year review ...more
I am so stealing someone elses review on this book as she said it perfectly

If you work, work part-time, ever worked...and then became a mom, READ THIS:) It is hilarious! I thought it was going to be really annoying about yet another NYC family with unreal spending habits, but that's not the story...the story is navigating parenthood, your own identity, your marriage and oh yeah, making sure someone is paying the bills. Very quick read.

In What Do You Do All Day, first time novelist Amy Scheibe ch
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Brioso e leggero, Bridget Jones è diventata mamma

Per riprendere uno dei commenti del libro, "Bridget Jones è diventata mamma". Direi che è piuttosto azzeccato. Dimenticatevi le paranoie sul peso di Bridget e la sua fissa per gli uomini, qui Jennifer se ne infischia abbastanza dell'essere sovrappeso e le sue preoccupazioni sono diverse, ma abbastanza originali e simpatiche, varie e mai eccessive, soprattutto esposte con un senso dello humor e un'autoironia simile a Bridget Jones. Jennifer è una m
I really enjoyed the 1st half of this book, which is about a stay at home mom who is grappling with the whole concept of staying at home with kids, missing work, feeling as if she is missing life but also loving her children and trying to figure out how to connect to others in the world of stay at home-ness. Halfway through the book shifts gears and becomes a completely different book, and it becomes a bit less likeable and less fluid. It does not make total sense as it gets closer to the end an ...more
Reminded me a lot of Emily Giffin's books combined with the Sophie Kinsella chick lit genre. Right now as I recover from giving birth a fifth time and adjusting to four kids at home, I find that easy chick lit books with funny, smart likable characters are the best reads for me right now. I'm a SAHM, so this book was somewhat relatable although not entirely because I'm a suburban mid-thiry child education major in Oregon and the main character in this book is a forty antiquties dealer living in ...more
Disappointing. The title is promising, that's why I picked it up. But it turns out to be a chick-lit (nothing wrong with that) and a little too conversational for me. There is a lot of potential, I think, asking that simple question. Especially when one half of the parental unit is a stay-at-home. I am not expecting a sociological analysis on human relationship in a beautifully-written novel. But I did expect some degree of depth in the story.

The stay-at-home mom rambles on with her insecuritie
Lady Susan
Blech. I skimmed the last half of this book, which as you know, is never a good sign. I just kept thinking to myself, "what is the point of all of this?" I felt like a lot of the chapters did nothing to forward the rather lame plot. Rather I felt like the chapters spent more time than they needed, in a rather ineffectual way to characterize the main protagonist. Add to that rather crude language (way to many F-bombs were dropped for my liking) and you get a rather insipid novel. Then you read th ...more
This “mom-lit” book provides an entertaining enough read (though certainly not an escape!), though a pretty predictable one. I expected it to be filled with more child-oriented anecdotes, or at least entertaining “cutesy” moments. Unfortunately, this was more of one mother’s overly introspective gaze about her conflicted role as a stay-at-home-mom. Her dissatisfaction with her life became a little trying at times, and while I finished the book, it is definitely one I would never pick up again to ...more
An easy read - no real surprises but entertaining none-the-less
A stay at home mom who feels trapped lately. Jennifer sort of resents her husband and sometimes wonders if she should be the one working. She loves staying home with her kids, especially after 9/11, it is safe. But she isn't enjoying being home like she thinks she should. Then the book digs into her relationship with friends and her over bearing MIL. Then Jennifer starts to suspect her husband is cheating, which is a flimsly plot and when she discovers the truth it is unbelievable. Ok read, funn ...more
Before I read: I am going to start recommending this to other mothers-to-be as opposed to all the pregnancy guides. It's a novel but the author intersperses her own thoughts on motherhood. I'm even more terrified of becoming a mother now, but I also think because of this book, I have a much more realistic view of what it will be like.

Afer I read: Yeah, the ending seems a little out there, but the book is still a complete winner because of the observations on modern motherhood. A classic for me.
A witty tale of a stay agt home mom on the verge of insanity. She's constantly asked what she does all day. And she's beginning to question it as well.
Then a man in her husband's work force shows her pictures of her husband with (gasp) another woman!
Does being home all the time affect the way she perceives things, by jumping to the wrong conclusion or being short tempered? Or is it because she feels she doesn't get the support she needs at home or anytime to herself?
It's a fun beach read.
As a motherhood novel, this book is a cut above the genre. Ms. Scheibe presents a more nuanced view of the stay-at-home vs. work dilemma than many authors do. Her main characters also has to deal with her husband's long absence abroad (which made me ever more grateful for my close-to-home husband). I don't agree with all her views on motherhood, but I thought the characters were much more likeable than I generally find the New Yorkers who inhabit this type of book to be.
If you work, work part-time, ever worked...and then became a mom, READ THIS:) It is hilarious! I thought it was going to be really annoying about yet another NYC family with unreal spending habits, but that's not the story...the story is navigating parenthood, your own identity, your marriage and oh yeah, making sure someone is paying the bills. Very quick read and while I didn't laugh out loud, I really did enjoy every last bit:)

Summer reading for sure:)
Jan 21, 2009 Yolanda rated it 4 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: SAHM who just don't like it
The beginning was a bit slow but once I got into it it was alot deeper than I thought. It was funny and honest. There were the inside thoughts of a stay-at-home-mom (SAHM) who just isn't loving it as much as some others do. As someone who was recently forced in being a SAHM it was nice to see the inner thoughts that I sometimes think but would NEVER say outloud. The ending was sweet and realistic. Would read another book by this author.

I could not get into this book at first. The chapters were short and the first 20 chapters or so were mostly anecdotes and daily life of a stay-at-home-mom and there didn't seem to be a continuing storyline. It took a few days of reading to finally start enjoying this book, and once that happened there were several laugh out loud moments and one-liners that made up for the disjointed beginning.
This book was not what I expected. It started off very slow and it took me a few more days to finished because I wasn't that excited about the storyline. It's a great idea for all stay at home moms, but the main character was hard for me to relate to simply because she's more liberal and worldly than moi. I did finished the book and did enjoy the ending.
Edwina Hall Callan
There were some funny parts in this book but mostly the main character whines her way thru page after boring page.
This book took me a while to finish (I have been busy packing...but that isn't really why). This just didn't hold my attention. I like a little chick lit here and there but this one was so far fetched and Jennifer the main character was very one dimensional...I didn't have any connection to her at all.

Hopefully my next read is a little better!
Perhaps a few funny moments. But otherwise not worth the time.
Meh. Not much to say about this. I didn't dislike it, but didn't think it was more than okay, either.

And while it was only two pages of the entire book, why must so many novels about motherhood perpetuate the myth that natural childbirth is impossible and anyone who would consider it is crazy? (Or perhaps I really am crazy. Hmm....)
Jul 05, 2007 Nyssa is currently reading it
I haven't completed this book yet, but I love the biting humor. I cannot relate to the upper-class quest to "have-it-all", but the truths of staying at home to raise children seem to be universal, regardless of economic status. And, I want to say again that several sections have made me laugh out loud, because they are not politically correct.
Jan 02, 2008 Jessica rated it 4 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: moms
Shelves: readthisyear
i give this four stars just because i have wanted to write a book by this title since 2003. imagine this question asked very snottily, e.g. "What do you *DO* all day?" with scrunched up eyes of disdain. Read in your pjs with a gin drink in the middle of the day while Oprah blares and your kids get finger paint on the furniture. Just kidding.
I'm glad I only paid $4.98 for this book, in the bargain section at Barnes and Noble. It wasn't horrible, but it certainly wasn't great. Not a single character stood out as very likeable, and more than once I found myself thinking "riiiiight."

If you want a quick read, this is fine, but don't be expecting anything amazing.
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