El último Catón
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El último Catón

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Una monja paleógrafa que trabaja en el Archivo Secreto del Vaticano, un arqueólogo de Alejandría y un capitán de la Guardia Suiza vaticana se someterán a siete pruebas basadas en los siete pecados capitales, que pondrán en juego sus vidas y les harán descubrir secretos escondidos en Roma, Ravena, Jerusalén, Atenas, Estambul, Alejandría y Antioquía.

Matilde Asensi, con su ha...more
Published November 30th 2004 by Nuevas ediciones de bolsillo (first published 2001)
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Não acredito que tive este livro na estante durante quase quatro anos, sem que o tivesse lido! É como eu sempre digo: as coisas só acontecem no momento certo!

Adorei! A escrita, apesar de não se poder considerar uma obra-prima da literatura é maravilhosa. A trama é um pouco densa, recheada de História e por vezes complicada, mas tão brilhantemente trabalhada que nos envolve e nos leva de aventura em aventura, a cada página que passamos. É um daqueles livros que se pousa com muita dificuldade e qu...more
This book is a delightful historical fantasy. The author allows the reader to experience a literary game played out with Dante's Purgatorio as the rule book and travel guide. While these kinds of conceits frequently produce adventure and action at the expense of interesting characterization, Asensi's characters evolve as interesting and complex human beings. The settings are detailed and richly drawn.

The Last Cato also happens to be an intelligent critique of the Roman Curia as well as a lively...more
Sister Ottavia Salina is a doctor of paleography, the director of the Vatican's Classified Archives, and a member of the Order of the Blessed Virgin Mary. She spends her days interpreting centuries-old documents only a handful of people have ever seen. When the body of an Ethiopian man covered with tattoos of crosses and Greek letters is discovered, the Vatican summons Dr. Salina to a private meeting. Given only the sparest of details about the events surrounding the Ethiopian man's death, Ottav...more
Max Rebo
Una aventura en la línea de los thrillers de conspiración y temática religiosa que posteriormente puso de moda 'El Código da Vinci'. Misterio, sociedades secretas, una obra de la cultura universal (La Divina Comedia) como manual para descifrar la clave... buenos elementos de partida para una novela entretenida, aunque no redonda. A diferencia de lo que sucede con Dan Brown, Matilde Asensi se preocupa por desarrollar a sus personajes, cosa que se agradece. En cambio, su tendencia a irse por las r...more
Paco Orozco
Cogí este libro por casa y comencé a leerlo sin saber de qué trataba. En algunas ocasiones te llevas sorpresas muy agradables, esta fue una de ellas. Me recordó mucho al El código Da Vinci, pero este me pareció mejor. Más documentado, con personajes más profundos y una historia más completa. La trama te mantiene en vilo, aunque debo decir que al final, el último tercio se hace algo largo.
If you like a good puzzle, mystery, or loved The Da Vinci Code, you'll probably enjoy this book. Ottavia Salina is a nun who enjoys a celebrated career working in the Vatican Archives. Her life is a simple and quiet one, until one day she is asked to help decode symbols tattooed on the body of a dead Ethiopian. No one will tell her who he is or what he's done, only that she needs to figure out what the markings on his body mean. It is to be her main priority, and a Swiss Guard Captain, Kaspar Gl...more
Will Byrnes
Doctor Ottavia Salina is a “paleographer” working at the Vatican. Relics of the True Cross from across the world have been disappearing, and an obscure religious order is suspected of collecting them. The pope himself has ordered Salina, together with a big shot in the Swiss Guard and a world-renowned archaeologist to get to the bottom of the disappearances. The trio discovers a connection to Dante’s Divine Comedy, and pursuing clues left in the classic text, they pursue the truth across the anc...more
I've read Iacobus by Matilde Asensi which is really trully amazing. This one may not be amazing but it is still a very good one. Ottavia Salina (her name means the eighth) a paleographer is called by the vatican to take part in a mystery surrounding the disappearance of parts of the holy cross. In her search along with the "rock" a member of the Swiss Guards and a handsome archaeologist, Ottavia faces life changing trials that alter the way she sees the world around her. The same more or less ha...more
OMG! (As any of my grand-daughters would say.) I can not believe I had this on my bookshelves for two years before I read it! I love this book! It is not for everyone. The history is THICK. But the writing is wonderful, the story complicated - so I did not figure it out in the first half as I usually do - and the characters were unusual but believable. This book was originally written in Spanish but is about an Italian family. Yes, that is what I said. And Dante's Divine Comedy is what holds th...more
Beth Cato
I have absolutely no interest in The Da Vinci Code or any books of that sort, but I picked this up for two reasons: my last name is Cato, and it was only $2 for a hardcover at the Phoenix VNSA sale. Personally relevant and cheap![return][return]I was pleasantly surprised by this massive book. Once it got going, I was completely snared. The main character, Ottavia, is a high-ranking nun working in the Vatican. She specializes in ancient manuscripts and research, and therefore she's stunned when h...more
oh wow.....The Last Cato had me sitting on the edge of my seat like i was watching a thrilling movie. great story and plot - again this plot made the book! what imagination the author has to write this book. love the tie in with Dante's Divine Comedy. have always been a little bit intrigued by Divine Comedy and this book made me understand it just a little bit more. The characters were all likable and interesting. the adventures had me hanging on a cliff the whole time......could not put the boo...more
What is with the modern obsession with Dante? There have already been several rather lousy works based on Dante's Inferno, and this adds to that list. It's neither a proper historical thriller nor a very good crime novel. There are elements of fantasy that are a complete let-down. There are improbable protagonists who speak particularly improbably. Either the translation is somewhat lacking or the author's got a tin-ear for conversation. Characters don't so much speak as perorate. There's a nun...more
Prior to reading this novel, for better or worse, I checked a couple of reviews. Most people started by saying "if you liked the Da Vinci code..." which was, to be honest, off putting.

The Da Vinci Code was a poorly written American novel that combined the worst aspects of left and right wingnuttery - antiChristian pomo-paganism and a baseless obsession with conspiracy theories. It only grazed plausibility with loose connections to any facts surrounding the historical characters or groups includ...more
The Last Cato by Matilde Aseni was an intriguing and interesting novel. Adventure, intrigue and vast information on the Catholic church, it really was "The Divinci Code" meets "National Treasure". The characters were believable and likeable and their quest was nail-biting as well as laugh out loud funny at times. I felt Ms. Asani's vast knowledge of the Italy, Egypt and Turkey combined with the history of the church and church relics made for a delightful story. Zillions of names of officials an...more
Lo dejé en la página 358 de 632. Vamos a ver: no es que sea malo de necesidad, es que todo suena a repetido hasta la extenuación. La protagonista, una monja, acompañada de un erudito egipcio copto y un capitán de la guardia suiza del Vaticano, utilizan La divina comedia como guía de viaje para la iniciación en la secta de los staurofílakes, cuyos miembros están robando todas las supuestas reliquias de la vera cruz de los templos y catedrales de la Cristiandad.

Siguiendo la obra de Dante se sumer...more
Pamela Mclaren
First and foremost, I wanted to read this book b because I had heard good things about the author and part of the reason I read is to learn about things that I don't know that much about, including authors that I may never normally come into contact with. Within the last year or so, I have been reading more and more Spanish speaking authors and have discovered that their stories are much different than what American authors I have experienced.

The same with this book. At first, this had a feel as...more
Ο Αιθίοπας Άμπι-Ρουχ-Ιγιασούς βρίσκεται νεκρός και το σώμα του είναι γεμάτο από σταυρικά σκαριφήματα ενώ ταυτόχρονα σημειώνονται κλοπές του Τιμίου Ξύλου απ’ όλο τον κόσμο. Οι Ορθόδοξες και η Καθολική Εκκλησία βρίσκονται σε αδιέξοδο από το οποίο καλούνται να τις βγάλουν 3 άτομα. Πρόκειται για τη Δόκτωρα Οτάβια Σαλίνα, μοναχή του Τάγματος της Μακαρίας Αειπαρθένου Μαρίας και υπεύθυνη του Εργαστηρίου Αποκατάστασης και Παλαιογραφίας του Μυστικού Αρχείου του Βατικανού (ουφ), τον Καθηγητή Φάραγκ Μπόσγο...more
Natxo Cruz
El que comença com una mena de Codi Da Vinci, el guió d'una pel·lícula d'Indiana Jones o d'un videojoc de la sèrie Tomb Raider, acaba d'un manera delirant i ensucrada que suggereix que l'autora va patir un inesperat atac de nostalgia de l'època hippy en no saber com acabar el llibre, carregant-se una trama més o menys competent i intrigant i desaprofitant completament el personatge principal.
This book is along the lines of the DaVinci Code. I learned a lot about the early Christian Church through this book and so I liked the historical aspect. I was a bit turned off when the main character, a nun, falls in love. I really didn't like the ending at all - found it too ridiculous and silly and it ruined the book for me.
Claudia Sesto
"Rimasi in silenzio per qualche minuto, guardando fuori dal finestrino e pensando alle sue parole.Perchè crediamo di vivere le nostre vite dissi poi quando sono le nostre vite a vivere noi?"
Un viaggio dentro alla Divina Commedia di Dante Alighieri ed esattamente nel Purgatorio con i sette peccati capitali ognuno legato ad una prova da superare ed ad una città nella quale eseguirla (Roma la superbia, Ravenna l'invidia, Gerusalemme l'ira, Atene l'accidia, Costantinopoli l'avarizia, Alessandria la...more
Novela de aventuras e intriga bastante apañada, que recuerda mucho al Código Da Vinci en algunos momentos pero con más gracia (nunca le pillé bien el punto). Tenemos una monja estudiosa de textos antiguos, un capitán de la guardia suiza más seco que la mojama y un arqueólogo ateo latin lover. Le añadimos un misterio que afecta a las reliquias de la Iglesia y una serie de pruebas a seguir ocultas como pistas en la Divina Comedia. Agitamos un poco y tenemos algo a caballo entre la novela de ficció...more
Madame Von Bee
I thought the plot of this True Cross conspiracy meets Dante was way over the top and I didn't like the ending. None of the main characters worked well for me and I found the heroine particularly implausible, especially her Sicilian background. That said, it was well researched and there was enough food for thought in parts of it to encourage me to read more of this writer. She is clearly very knowledgeable. I enjoyed what she had to say about Byzantium and she offered some very interesting insi...more
george burns
No Thrills

On the positive side, unlike most writers of thrillers, the author keeps the violence in check. Having as the protagonist a modern scholar nun is interesting, but the characters are wooden and the plot Is unbelievable. The quest for paradise is clogged with filler: church history, travelogue and advice on every subject under the sun (or so it seems). Worse yet the Divine Comedy is the guide for the trip. This thriller does not thrill. If you want to read an interesting account of possi...more
This is absolutely my favorite book. I have now read it 4 times. Interestingly enough, I very nearly abandoned it. I honestly was completely bored through about the first 100 pages. Yes, 100. My best friend, whose taste in history and thriller matches my own, strongly encouraged me to keep with it. I am so glad that I did. Every other fiction book I read is compared to this one. Once the action got going, I was completely engrossed in this story. As a fifth grade teacher, I use this experience t...more
Γυναίκα συγγραφέας. Με γυναίκα στον κεντρικό ρόλο. Με γυναικεία αντίληψη του γίγνεσθαι.
Θέματα που χρήζουν γυναικείας διαχείρησης καθίστανται γεγονότα πρώτης γραμμής παραγκωνίζοντας οτιδήποτε σχετικό με την υπόθεση.
Ναι, αντιλαμβάνομαι πως υπάρχει πρόβλημα μεγάλο που η πρωταγωνίστρια φόρεσε φούστα αντί για παντελόνι, οι συγκυρίες και οι δοκιμασίες που θα υποστεί την έκαναν να το μετανοιώσει πολλές φορές στη διάρκεια εκείνης της μέρας.

Πως θα αντιμετωπίσει τα μεγάλα της αδέλφια, πως θα καταφέρει να...more
Pour commencer, je ferai un bref résumé du livre. Une bonne sœur savante, un garde suisse «agriculturophile» et un chercheur multilingue sont sommés par le Vatican pour retrouver les voleurs de relique de la Croix, les stravophilakes (groupe religieux quasi inconnu qui a fait le vœu de protéger la Croix). Guidé par le texte de la Divine Comédie de Dante, notre trio passe 7 épreuves (une pour chaque péché capital) afin de mettre la main sur le groupe et de rendre les reliques volées.

Le concept du...more
Una monja, un profesor ateo y un capitán entran en un bar...

Bueno, comencemos por el principio… la historia comienza con Ottavia Salina, una monja encargada de los archivos secretos del Vaticano; hasta el momento su vida ha sido tranquila y rutinaria, un orgullo para su familia y es respetada en su ramo... pero algo provoca que salga de su zona de confort, la posibilidad de colaborar en la investigación de la muerte de un ladrón de una de los fragmentos de la Vera Cruz. Sin embargo, la investiga...more
Jo Haff
Coup de cœur ! Si j'avais commencé par Le Salon ou Iacobus, peut-être que je n'aurais pas cette fascination par l'univers de Matilde Asensi. Ses romans sont riches d'histoire, et on note bien la journaliste derrière l'histoire, tellement c'est bien documenté ! De quoi avoir des complexes.
Que je me sens si petite, en fermant ce livre! Si petite et insignifiante dans mes (petites) recherches lorsque je décide d'écrire un roman. Que je me sens si humble, si misérable et si peu talentueuse quand j'a...more
C'est le premier livre de cet auteur que je lis , et j'ai bien aimé. Les énigmes sont nombreuses, les relations entre les 3 personnages principaux sont bien développés.
Un beau roman d'été, l'intrigue vous fera voyager depuis le Vatican jusqu'en Égypte et dans de nombreux lieux chargés d'histoire.
Dans les pas de trois héros originaux : Soeur Ottavia Salina, huitième enfant d'une grande famille sicilienne, professeur chargée des archives du Vatican, du professeur Farag Boswell copte égyptien et d'...more
Ana María
De Matilde Asensi, sólo he leído "Iacobus", "El Salón de Ámbar" y "El origen perdido", además de "El Último Catón". Éste, definitivamente, se me queda como el mejor de todos ellos. Entretenido, ameno e interesante, una trama al estilo Indiana Jones o Tomb Raider pero con un poco más de documentación y rigor histórico, que no tanto como se piensa, porque no debemos olvidar que estamos ante pura ficción (parece ridículo que lo diga, ¿no? Lo diré por si acaso, ya que tanta gente se ha tomado en ser...more
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Matilde Asensi (born 1962 in Alicante, Spain) is a Spanish journalist and writer, who specializes mainly in historical thrillers.

She has more than 20 million readers worldwide and has become the reference of quality bests-sellers in Spanish language. According to the magazine Que Leer she is the ‘Queen of the adventure novels’.

Her books, of an indubitable quality and proven historical documentatio...more
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Iacobus El origen perdido Todo bajo el cielo Tierra firme (Martín Ojo de Plata, #1) El salón de Ámbar

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