The Singer of All Songs (The Chanters of Tremaris, #1)
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The Singer of All Songs (The Chanters of Tremaris #1)

3.9 of 5 stars 3.90  ·  rating details  ·  5,745 ratings  ·  284 reviews
Kate Constable's lyrical, acclaimed fantasy debut--now in paperback Calwyn has never been beyond the high ice-wall that guards the sisters of Antaris from the world of Tremaris. She knows only the rounds of her life as a novice ice priestess, tending her bees, singing her ice chantments, and dreaming.

But then Calwyn befriends Darrow, a mysterious Outlander who appears insi...more
Paperback, 320 pages
Published March 1st 2005 by Scholastic Paperbacks (first published September 1st 2002)
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This is the first book in a young adult fantasy triology by Kate Constable. I read the first two last year before I realized the third book hadn't been written. (Why I usually wait for ALL the books in a series--there are starting to be more exceptions to my usual rule these days.)The third book is now available. It's a story of chanters. Calwyn is an ice chanter and the main character. There are nine power of chantment--the power of tongue, beasts, seeming, winds, iron, becoming, fire, ice, and...more
The Singer of All Songs
May 04, 2008 The Singer of All Songs rated it 5 of 5 stars Recommends it for: anybody with a heart for beautiful, mystical writing
Shelves: magic-beloved
this book was spellbinding for me.

not only was the content gripping, enchanting and original- with singers as weavers of magic. but also, it was the writing style of the author that, coupled together with the plot, made reading the book magic itself!

from the start with the seemingly impenetrable ice walls of Antaris which was fine description, and the vivid portrayal of feelings of main character, to the new friends met along the way, and the noble quest set out for, it was simply beautifully w...more
I loved the poetic way that Constable wrote this book. It's beautful!!! And it's mysterious and exciting and interesting and fresh and amazing...
Kelly Aley
I was looking at the ratings and it seems that the younger the reviewer, the more stars they gave it. Perhaps it is because I have read A LOT of fantasy, but this was just ok for me. I liked the world the author created. It was innovative, but not really fresh. I felt like the places where we wanted a deeper understanding of the world, Constable skipped over what could have been interesting. The societies she created were very two dimensional, as were her characters and their struggles, but for...more
If you get the strange feeling that you've already read Kate Constable's first installment of the Tremaris trilogy, it's probably because you've read Garth Nix's Lirael. There is very little original or imaginative in Calwyn's episodic journey to destroy yet another one-dimensional Basic Evil Guy: this novel is not novel.

Calwyn, a cloistered novice who has spent her first seventeen years behind a magically maintained ice-wall, plays the gawking spectator on what is basically a tour of Constable...more
I really wanted to love this one, I did.

I think that some things were just awkwardly placed and then, later on, even more awkwardly explained. The writing style was pretty but had its ups and downs~ I did skip over some paragraphs were the details got particularly elaborate.

The dialogue was stilted a bit like when something bad was happening once of them would go faint and yell "No!" A few eye-rolling moments, but nothing too bad.

Calwyn was pretty good and Trout was really funny~ Darrow was sul...more
The Singer of All Sogs was a very interesting read. I say that like I didn't like it, but I really did like the story. It was so different from all the other YA fantasy that I read, that it was at once both exciting and a little disconcerting. The system of magic - each spell a chantment worked by song - was really intreaguing, and I wish that Constable had gone deeper into that magic, had showed the characters using and learning more chantments. I wish that Calwyn had had more...intention somet...more
This book is more like 4 and a half star, but there was something that bothered in the end. Here goes the riview.

I had high hopes for this series. The author is Austrailian and it was a first for me. (it might be odd to be intrigued by a nationality but, come on! it is quite amazing!)
It wasn't about vampire, warewolf or any kind magic I've heard of before. It's about people with gifts, chanting the words like a song to bring out the power that they were learned to do from a very young age. I ha...more
I enjoyed reading this book. I feel that Kate Constable made a very creative and interesting world. I like the characters, the locations, and the cultures. I thought it was interesting how the different people of the Tremaris felt towards the chanters and their magic. The magic itself was interesting. Maybe I'm just not wise in the world of fantasy, but I thought it was really cool and unique that the magic was produced by singing different enchantments. Their voice had power, which is just a re...more
Jan 18, 2012 Lauren rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommended to Lauren by: Skye Williams
There seems to be a fad in YA fantasy these past years for magic to involve music and the rescued heroines to be the ones to save the world (unexpectedly, of course). Summarizing it like that makes me think "well, that's not really so new," because it's always the rescued hero(ine) who ends up saving the world, now isn't it? But I swear there's a new popular style thing going on, and The Singer of All Songs lands firmly in it.

It reminds me very strongly of the Pellinor series by Alison Croggon,...more
I found this book to be quite… I don’t, cute. It’s not great, and doesn’t compare much to other YA books, but is still worthy. However, I can see why its not a popular book, and why I’d never heard of it before.
The story is pretty good, but there were a few issues I had. One, Calwyn was bit… annoying. Throughout the whole book, I was hoping she and Darrow would not get together, even though we all knew they would – he is at least like 9 years older than her.
Also, the characters were a bit 2D and...more
Apr 19, 2012 Kiwi rated it 5 of 5 stars
Shelves: 2012
I have experienced another case of "supporting characters steal the show". I did enjoy the main character, especially later in the book. The world-building and introduction played out like many a fantasy story, it seemed, which is to say I didn't mind it at all but wasn't "zomgz shocked!!" by anything revealed. I adored the writing style: very poetic and descriptive. I fall head-over for elemental/craft magic and for songs, so the combination was lovely. I enjoyed the way the romance built with...more
Aug 12, 2008 Jessica rated it 4 of 5 stars Recommends it for: 13 and up
Shelves: pre-teen-teens
This was a good fantasy book for young adults. Calwyn is our heroine and she is training to be a priestess of Icecraft a form of chantment exclusive to the people in her country. Darrow is the strnger who has managed to cross the ice wall that protects her valley. Together they set out to stop a sorcerer's quest to rule all of their world.

It was an easy read, being written for young adults. I enjoyed it.
Nanna Bing
The book is about a girl named Calwyn, shes a singer and have the magic power of ice, but she dosent really fit in with the other singers, so one day something happens, that change her life and she is lead on at great trip around the big ocean, hwere she mets friends and ennemies, and learns a lot about herself.

Great book, with many different caraters. It reminds me at bit of Tamore Pierce´s books about the children with magic powers (the immortals, but not in a way that makes it a copy, just we...more
Oct 22, 2009 Angela rated it 5 of 5 stars
Shelves: teen
I was very pleasantly surprised. This book was different from what I normally read. I'm usually more into the darker fantasy novels. This one, though not overly light, was refreshing. It had a different quality than the others that are being produced.
Jul 13, 2008 Naomi rated it 4 of 5 stars
Recommended to Naomi by: Becky
This rating is for the whole series:

The Singer of All Songs
The Waterless Sea
The Tenth Power

I enjoyed all three books and had a hard time putting them down, which is why I was awake reading into the wee hours of the morning last night.
Great fantasy series to read. Just the type that are my favorite with the main charater being a girl. Very clean all around. I love the singing in it to work magic, and the harmony or discord relating to the earth and the magics.
Loved it! Reminds me of the Pellinor series which is one of my favorites, both of which are fantasies with bardic type magic. I can't wait to see the relationship grow between Calwyn and Darrow.
i really enjoyed this book. i found it very refreshing in that it is quite different from any other book i have ever read and i am eager to read the next book in the trilogy.
I really liked this one, I couldn't put it down... really hard for me to wait to get the other ones! She is one of my favorite authors now.
Jul 06, 2011 Anne rated it 2 of 5 stars
Shelves: fantasy, ya
I thought the story was boring and colorless. The ideas-(the magic, the theme) were not original either.
Was interesting and well-written.

Aussie author Kate Constable has brought a music inspired fantasy to the States that is on a par with celebrated works like Edith Pattou's East, and The Golden Compass, by Philip Pullman. In The Singer of All Songs, young Calwyn is a Daughter of Tarsis, an order of priestesses who have mastered the ice call--a singing power over cold and frost. She lives with her sisters behind an enormous wall of ice that separates their small valley from hostile neighbors in th...more
Originally posted on The Authoress: Book Review and More.

I should have given The Singer of All Songs a chance when I first got it from Half Price Books several years ago; I could've avoided the year of literary deprivation. I had read the first page and tossed it aside because the fancy writing style put me off. But I picked it up out of boredom several nights ago and was instantly captured. I read thirty pages that first night before forcing myself to close it and go to bed. Writing that I had...more
My experience with fantasy is so limited that I can't say for sure whether or not the idea of a chanter is original or not. Basically, a chanter is a gifted human who, either through songs or the pitch of their voice, can do unusual and unnatural things such as create ice, call up wind, cut through walls, heal, stop or start motions in inanimate objects and so forth. Most chanters only have and only ever will have one power or chantment, as they're called in the book, so the idea of become a sin...more
The last book I bought without reading burned me, not a third-degree burn, maybe just a sunburn, but enough that I was very nervous about this one (I bought them at the same time). But it came highly recommended by a trustworthy friend, so I took the plunge.

At first the setting was wearingly (apparently "wearingly" wasn't a word, until just now) familiar: cloistered magical community, priestesses, a misfit girl that you know by instinct is the only one who can save the entire universe from the d...more
Althea Ann
I picked up this first novel by Constable because of a cover blurb by Garth Nix. We'll see if I trust HIM again! ;-)
Seriously, maybe Constable will improve with time, but I didn't feel that this book was up to general publishing standards. It really felt like a first effort.
It started out OK, with us meeting the young, talented, but rebellious priestess in her home village... but once she absconds from said village (with an injured sorcerer on the run from his powerful nemesis) it becomes hopele...more
Sixteen-year-old Calwyn has lived almost her entire life behind the ice walls of Antaris, never seeing the rest of the world of Tremaris. Her mother had left Antaris as a young woman and brought baby Calwyn back shortly before her death, but she knows little of her father, only that he was an outsider. She is one of the ice priestesses of Antaris, working to keep their home safe from intruders. But one day, while inspecting the wall, she finds a stranger from the outside, a man named Darrow. By...more
I really enjoyed this book, especially because it refused to dim its shining idealism for us jaded older readers. I liked Kate Constable's flowing style and the fact that she seemed to know what she was doing the whole time--though the term "sobbing breath/gasp" has officially been tapped out.

Calwyn is an interesting point of view character who still sits pretty comfortably within what works for the genre (namely a good but overly curious and perhaps somewhat rebellious teen who discovers that...more
Once again, I read this YA book to preview it for my students. This was a decent book--I would definitely recommend to students. Constable's descriptions are not over-the-top, yet they are enough to allow the reader to paint her own picture. Even though the chapters are long (in terms of number of pages), they fly by. The reading level is not overly challenging so as to discourage an adolescent reader; neither is it too simply to bore an advanced reader.

The protagonist is female, which might be...more
Janni (aka Gulde)
Fantastisk bog - den ender med at imponere mig hver gang.

Hovedpersonen, den unge sanger præstinde Camryn, af det isolerede is-samfund Antaris nærer en dyb respekt og tro på verdnens religion, den store Gudinde Trais, men er på samme tid en drømmer og vild eventyrlysten oprører og da hun en dag finder en fremmede inden for Gudindens store ismur, hvilket ikke burde være muligt, og tilmed opdager at han er i live, bliver hendes liv og verden aldrig det samme igen.

Universet, som i verdnen, er bygg...more
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Kate Constable was born in Sangringham, Melborne (Victoria, Australia). When she was six-years-old, her family moved to Papua New Guinea where her father worked as a pilot.

Constable got her Arts/Law degree at Melborne University, then got a job at Warner Music. She started writing during these years.

She wrote several short-stories before becoming an author and after her first attempt at writing...more
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