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The wrong angle

Trina: "Hey," I say, though I don't really know them. The boyed-up basketball girl barely moves. The others, her girls, step aside. It's okay if they don't speak. I know how it is. They can't all be Trina.

Dominique: Some stupid little flit cuts right in between us and is like, "Hey." Like she don't see I'm here and all the space around me is mines. I

Hardcover, 169 pages
Published February 24th 2009 by Amistad
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Jul 29, 2010 Alicia rated it liked it
Shelves: urban
All this talk leading up to one event-- jumping Trina because she cut in front of hot-headed Dominique who already has anger issues with not being able to play basketball because of her poor grades.

It's a quick and easy read (I did it in about an hour) from ALA's quick picks for reluctant readers. Especially since the action is broken into three narratives: Trina, who doesn't know that she's going to get jumped; Dominique, who felt dissed by Trina after she cut her off in the hallway; and Letic
Oct 16, 2009 Jeanne rated it did not like it
Shelves: young-adult
The story takes place (mostly) in one day at a large, urban high school. We have three main characters, all female:

• Leticia is the beleaguered cell phone addict, who is mostly interested in gossip and manicures.

• Trina is the bouncy Latina for whom art is everything.

• Dominique is the tough b-baller who’s been benched due to poor grades.

When bitter Dominique decides to jump Trina for some perceived slight, it is up to Leticia to warn Trina. Why? Because Trina is oblivious to the alleged inciden
Tenecia Abbott
Apr 21, 2015 Tenecia Abbott rated it liked it
Interesting read!, this book really expresses the overall meaning of high school drama. Good story line .
Cory Dorn
Mar 19, 2014 Cory Dorn rated it liked it
I Say this book is for older adults to Young Adults of Both genders would be able to read this book. Why, because this book changes characters each Chapter. It would be harder for younger people to pay attention on what is going on. Because kids have a short attentions spend. To be honest I barley know what was going on myself. Other than that it is a easy book to read there is not that much hard of words.
There are three characters that change in each chapter. So you have to pay a lot of attent
Mar 17, 2009 Teen rated it really liked it
This is a great addition to the genre of realistic fiction for African-American girls, although the themes are relevant to readers of any race. I have a few criticisms, which I'll get out of the way: One of the three characters, the vain, bouncy girl who is the target of another girl's violence, was less believable than the others. I actually would have preferred to just hear from the other two characters: the troubled basketball-playing girl who is looking for an outlet for her anger (who I fou ...more
Kirsten Young
Nov 16, 2010 Kirsten Young rated it really liked it
I don't like reading at all but, for the first time I actually liked this book.Jumped is one of the few books that I've read throughout the years. I can actually say that I was comfortable with reading it. If you like stories that can relate to your life or what your surrounded by then Jumped is the book for you. I recommend teenagers between the ages of 14-18 to read this. There are some curse words in here but, if your matture enough then it shouldn't bother you. Jumped relates to a lot of ki ...more
Nov 05, 2009 Cherylann rated it liked it
Shelves: ya
This is a 3.5 star book, which could go up or down depending on how the book sits with me over the next few days.

Jumped takes place during the course of one day. Williams-Garcia weaves her story through the perspectives of Dominique, Trina, and Leticia. At first, I thought Dominique was the only one with a "problem". She is an angry, angry young woman. Her anger is clearly illustrated in her first chapter. She's waiting in the faculty parking lot for her science teacher. She needs to "talk" to
Jan 07, 2010 Siri rated it really liked it
This book reminded me a lot of Inexcusable. It covers a period of one day, and is told from three different viewpoints (all high school girls). One of the high school girls accidentally bumps another girl in the hallway while walking. This girl takes the "bump" offensively...except the girl who bumped into her didn't even realize she had. The girl who is bumped into decides that the offender needs to be "taught a lesson" (get beat up) and that she will do that after school gets out. A third girl ...more
Jennifer Wardrip
Jan 22, 2009 Jennifer Wardrip rated it it was amazing
Reviewed by Grandma Bev for

Trina is a beautiful, bouncy girl who is proud of herself and is sure that everyone envies her looks and personality.

When she is delivering some of her artwork to a teacher for a project, she walks too close to Dominique... "cuts into" her space... and Dominique, who is a tough basketball athlete, takes exception to that. She slams her fist into her other hand, and announces to her friends that Trina is as good as "jumped."

Leticia understands the imp
Vasu Laeietpiboon
Sep 22, 2010 Vasu Laeietpiboon rated it it was ok
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Medeia Sharif
Mar 05, 2011 Medeia Sharif rated it really liked it
Shelves: read-in-2011
Dominique is a rough and tough basketball player. Trina is a pretty-in-pink girl who thinks she's all that. But Trina messes up when she brushes past Dominique, breezing through her personal space when Dominique isn't in a good mood. Dominique is in trouble with her coach over her bad grades and she's trying to intimidate a teacher to pull her grade up a notch. Her solution: take her anger out on Trina after school.

Meanwhile, Leticia is a busybody who overhears Dominique's plan to jump Trina. He
Feb 06, 2010 Jamie rated it liked it
This is one of those books that before you read it, seems like it would be perfect for Reluctant Readers. It's small, about African American girls and impending violence, short chapters, everything. I was really surprised that it had gotten a bit poohpoohed at the Quick Picks meeting, because it "seemed" to have it all.

Well, this is why you read the book. Nothing really happens. The whole book is the buildup and it's not very interesting. There is no reason to root for any of the characters, esp
Nov 04, 2009 Jen added it
Shelves: favorites
Told from the alternating viewpoints of three high school students, this book about girl-on-girl violence will leave you with all sorts of what-if scenarios in your head and a need to the analyze each of the sympathetically portrayed characters. The end is heartbreaking, particularly the final chapter from Leticia's point-of-view, which shows you how little it can all mean. Jumped is up for the National Book Award--I'd be happy to see it win.
Jan 20, 2011 Robin rated it liked it
Told in the voice of three teenage girls as they go through a school day, the story shows how teens interact with friends and teachers often thinking only of themselves and what they want or need. The story collides at the end as one angry girl( Dominique) takes her anger out on another student. Throughout the day, the suspense and anticipation build as students sense something is about to happen. They just don't have sense of what will happen or the long lasting consequences.
✧Nicole Gromadzki✧
Mar 13, 2016 ✧Nicole Gromadzki✧ rated it did not like it
There was literally no plot to this book it was so boring and pointless. I am so confused as to why this was a National Book Award Finalist...
Kwtay Calvin
Mar 01, 2017 Kwtay Calvin rated it really liked it
Shelves: crf
I listened to the story on Amazon audible. The audio had three different women read for the three different students. I think the narrators did a good job reading for each character, I think they brought the characters to life.

Jumped is about three high school students who are present when an incident occurs, but the situation is told from three different point of views. Latisha, the one who likes to gossip, witnessed a situation with Dominique and Trina when she left class. Now she is left with
Dedrea Thomas
Jan 19, 2016 Dedrea Thomas rated it really liked it
In the book jumped, there were three girls trina, dominique and leticia. The book is based on teen girls who were african-american in an urban school, but can relate to any race of readers. I have a few things that i dislike about this book : how trina one of the characters is so conceited it's unbelieveable. Trina is one of the narrators that character is so vain but to me her character is unrealistic. Dominique is also a narrator who plays basketball but is seemed to be looking for a way to re ...more
Aug 19, 2009 Rebecca rated it really liked it
A disturbing and thought-provoking book that narrates a single schoolday from the perspective of three different girls. Dominique is already upset about not having the grades to play basketball when perky, stuck-up Trina unknowingly cuts her off in the hallway. Dominique threatens to "get" Trina after school. Trina doesn't hear this, but bystander Leticia does. The tension mounts as the depth of Dominique's anger is explored, Trina is shown to be someone you might actually want to "take down a p ...more
Oct 29, 2012 Pierre rated it it was amazing
I would like to start off by saying Jumped was probaly one of my favorite books now full of excitement all i kept wondering what was going to happen next.Every time i read a page i couldnt help but want to read the next i read the book all day non stop.Book was so interesting to me i didnt only read it once but i read it twice.The book realyy had me into it.When i first picked out the book wasnt really sure i would like it.I didnt really think i would get all into the book either.But after readi ...more
Sep 06, 2011 Josiah rated it it was ok
As always, the writing of Rita Williams-Garcia in this book is of the highest quality in terms of pure rhythm and readability. The urban pop and stop of the storytelling really works to make for an entertaining narrative all the way through.

Told from the first-person point of view of three African-American girls—Leticia, Trina and Dominique—who are all students at an inner city school, the story unfolds incrementally as a single day goes by in the lives of the three girls. Academics aren't eas
Brittany McKinnie
Jan 19, 2016 Brittany McKinnie rated it it was ok
Brittany McKinnie
Ms. Koss/ Mr. McGuire
English 11A
16 January 2016

In the book Jumped written by Rita-Williams Garcia the author explains the day-to-day life of three teenage girls. The three girls are diverse but yet very different from each other: Leticia, Dominique and Trina. Each of these girls have different personalities and character traits. In my opinion Trina is a bit conceited/vain, Dominique is the troublemaker, and Leticia is the “outside watcher”. Trina accidentally bumps Dominique a
Sep 12, 2009 Melissa rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: realistic fiction fans
Trina knows she’s special, she really has it going on, from her looks to her art she is top notch. Dominique just wants to play ball, basketball that is, but she has been benched because of her grades. Leticia, just wants the scoop and the juiciest gossip, and boy has she found it this time. You see Dominique is going to teach Trina a lesson. Dominique is going to make sure that Trina knows she is there and make sure that Trina will respect her space. At 2:45 Trina is going to be jumped.

In 2009
Jan 15, 2016 Lacey rated it did not like it
The book i'm reading is Jumped by:Rita Williams Garcia.There is three main characters in the book Trina,Leticia and Dominique.Trina is the pretty girl who think she is all that,Dominique is a strong girl and has a passion for basketball,Leticia sees everything that happens and gossips about it.Leticia was walking in the hallway and she seen Trina bump into Dominique then she went and gossiped to her friends.

The theme of Jumped is that Leticia should have told Trina that Dominique wanted to figh
Destiny Coleman

Book Report

Jumped is a novel by Rita Williams-Garcia and it goes into the problems a female student faces in just one day. The story takes place at a large urban high school. There are three main characters: Trina, Leticia, and Dominique. Letricia is a phone addict and she addicted to gossip. Trina is a self-centered Latina that loves art. And Dominique is a tough basketball player who was benched due to poor grades. When bitter Dominique decides to jump Trina for some perceived slight, it is u
Jan 19, 2016 Sierra rated it liked it

“Jumped” by Rita Williams-Garcia is set in a high school in New York. It mostly depicts the struggles as well as the cliques throughout high school. It is a very relatable story that talks about the lives of three different girls in the timeframe of a day. Dominique, who is a very aggressive person, feels like Trina interrupted her space and she needs to take care of it. This is founded out pretty early in the book and through the rest of it, there is this lead up to whether she will do it or no
Jan 14, 2016 Gabrielle rated it liked it
Jumped by Rita Williams-Garcia
I enjoy books that have drama in them, Jumped is a good example of drama and a gossip-like book. Jumped is about everything that happens in a course of one day, it takes place in a High School in a Urban area. Their are 3 females Leticia, Dominique and Trina with their point of views. Leticia is the girly girl, she’s the type of girl to get her nails done and just talk about everyone and think nobody will step up. Dominique is the one that loves her basketball and
Devyn C
Nov 18, 2015 Devyn C rated it liked it
Jumped by Rita Williams-Garcia was probably if not the best book that placed me into the drama and action of a story. While reading this book Rita Williams-Garcia actually made me feel like I was in the urban high school life of Trina, the Latina that loves art, Dominique, the basketball player, and Leticia, the cell phone loving gossip girl. My experience with this book would be one I would never forget! For me personally, I think this book has made me realize that there multiple sides of life, ...more
Jan 14, 2016 Jerome rated it did not like it
Jumped is a look at teens and bullying. This story tells how the lives of three very different inner city teen girls associate with each other and how the choices they make can have real life consequences. These are very compelling characters, some likable, and some that are not. The suspense builds throughout the book but it kinda takes a while to develop to an unexpected climax.I personally believe the book is a bit boring and hard to keep up with.In the book jumped the chapters go by charact ...more
Feb 21, 2012 Reving rated it really liked it
I admit that I wasn't in a good frame of mind for reading. I think that I would have enjoyed and appreciated it more if I had been. I was in the ER and writing and answering texts and talking to my dad and medical people and wondering why everyone was so super nice except for the one mean nurse and then I was off on wondering why she was in nursing. And then I was trying to read Jumped on the BlackBerry Kindle app it just wasn't sticking with me. I loved, loved, loved, One Crazy Summer, also by ...more
Aug 22, 2015 carrietracy rated it liked it
Shelves: teen, one-day
I would give this 3.5 if I could:

I didn’t want to read this book. But I needed it for the theme and I know Williams-Garcia to be a good writer, so I started it, hoping to rush through and hoping that I wouldn’t end up with nightmares. I was terrified of the violence. Before I started reading, I thought the whole book would be violent. But really, the actual scene where the incident takes place is quite short. While the severity and impact of the violence is made quite clear, the details of the a
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"I was born in Queens, N.Y, on April 13, 1957. My mother, Miss Essie, named me 'NoMo' immediately after my birth. Although I was her last child, I took my time making my appearance. I like to believe I was dreaming up a good story and wouldn’t budge until I was finished. Even now, my daughters call me 'Pokey Mom', because I slow poke around when they want to go-go-go.

"I learned to read early, and
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