Double Dutch
Sharon M. Draper
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Double Dutch

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Delia loves Double Dutch. And she's good at it. Really good. So good that her team has a chance to win the World Double Dutch Championships this year -- Delia is sure of it. What she is less sure of is her chance of passing the school's state exam, because Delia has been using her success at Double Dutch to mask a secret that could jeopardize her place on the team, and als...more
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Published January 1st 2002 by Recorded Books
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The book I read is called Double Dutch by Sharon M. Draper. For my opinion I really liked this book. This book is about a girl name Delia she loves Double Dutch and she is really good at it. She is so good that her team has a chance to win in the World Double Dutch Championship. Delia is worried about passing the schools state exam because Delia has been in Double Dutch for a lot of time to make a secret that could affect her place on the team.
Delia has a best friend name Randy he also has a se...more
Suzanna Passafiume
I really liked this book because you never knew what was going to happen next. The tone of this book was very suspenseful. Many things happened throughout the story that I would have never expected to happen. I enjoy reading books like this because I get really caught up in the story. It's almost like an adventure. Another reason why I liked this book was because I learned many things from this book about friendship. I learned that you should not keep secrets because only bad things will result...more
As an eighth grader, Delia is totally immersed in the upcoming Double Dutch (jump roping) competition, and all seems to be going well until she finds that, if she doesn’t pass the upcoming achievement exams, she will be barred from competing. She would not only let herself down, but her teammates as well—and everyone would learn her secret—that she could not read. What Delia doesn’t know is that she’s not the only one with a secret. How did Delia fake her way through reading, at school and at ho...more
This was a pretty good book about a girl named Delia and a boy named Randy, as well as some of their classmates. They are all a group of close eighth grade friends who usually discuss pretty normal, everyday teenage problems. But on the inside, many of them are hiding secrets, especially Randy and Delia. There are two twin boys, Tabu and Titan Tolliver, who act menacing and mean at their school. They make lots of empty threats, scaring many of the students and even a few teachers. No one knows i...more
Lindsay D.
Double Dutch is about a girl, Delia, on a double dutch team, and she was really good. So good, they were going to the World Championships. when she jump roped, it was her escape from the rest of the world. She was getting ready to go to high school, but one of her biggest secrets might keep from doing that. Randy, one of Delia's best friends has a big secret too. This could put him in horrible situations, so he keeps the secret from every body he knows. How long can they both hide their secrets...more
Sabrina T.
I enjoyed this book very much! I like how it is very suspenseful and there are many "twists and turns" to the story. This story is about Delia and Randy, the main characters, and how they have secrets that take away the one thing they love to do. Double Dutch.

Later in the book, something very unexpected happens that changes the whole story. That event can either have a positive or negative effect on their lives. After though, Delia uncovers Randy's secret which explains why he has been acting...more
Wonderful read for youth, parents, and teachers!

Double Dutch addresses several issues that prevail in the school and home environments of our children: friendships, bullying, social isolation, the effects of natural disasters/phenomena, extracurricular activities, parental involvement, and learning disabilities. I thoroughly enjoyed this novel as the characters remind me of kids I knew as a middle-school student. Delia's "secret" is also not very far-fetched as other reviewers have suggested; I...more
I liked this book because it made me happy and sad when his dad was missing for two months he gave randy emerncy money so he used up all the money about over 100 dolloars.So when he went to the double dutch contest so Delia saw this flier about randys dad so she wated after doube championship was to give the flier to Randy so his father was beaten and people stole his car and his fore the double dutch championship they had a tornado at thier shool so whole school was complettlty damged...more
Lauren Sweeney
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Liz Lloyd
This novel deals with a lot of dilemas that students face today...

Delia's dilemma is she don't know how to read. She is considered a smart student but no one know she doesn't know how to read. She gets by in her classes by doing projects. She does well with Mathematics and she has lots of friends but no one know she doesn't know how to read. She uses double dutch as her disguise to get away from her problem but when she is faced with the standardized mandatory test, she has to figure out how to...more
May 12, 2010 Q_joanneknowles rated it 2 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition Recommends it for: sixth graders
Shelves: mc-literature
The content in this book seems pretty mild compared to what I've read so far by Sharon Draper. The other novels I've read by Sharon Draper touch on abuse, suicide, death, and teen drinking. This novel is for a much younger audience. The characters are very likable, and I was very concerned about Randy's situation with his father. The build up with the Tolliver twins was very intriguing, but that situation didn't end how I expected it to. Based on the harshness of Draper's other novels, I thought...more
This is a really great book written by Sharon M. Draper. I really enjoyed reading this book because it was so interesting, I just couldn't stand putting the book down.
The tittle really made sense about the story, Double Dutch. That is the center of the book. Whatever problems that were in this book, always ended with double dutch.
Double Dutch, is about a girl named Delia Douglas who is hiding a secret. Delia's friend Randy is also hiding a secret. Delia's secret could cost her lots, like failing...more
This was one of the most touching books i have ever read. I especially felt this way because my brother can read, just really has a problem doing it. I felt like Delia was like my brother. I also loved this book because I could really imagine the characters Sharon M. Draper was describing. Randy was a little plump, but a very down to earth and soft touching charadter at the heart. Delia was a caring girl, who had some problems really just letting all out, and going for it. Sharon M. Draper neve...more
Geraldine B
Double Dutch was a great little story about a young girl's (Delia) struggles, along with the troubles that other people were going through. Her and her friends on the double dutch team were really close, did everything together and really love to be together and compete in what they love the most. The book also fallows the great ups and downs of their double dutch team and even of the town. Not only does one character have a big secret but two do and it keeps you on your toes about what's going...more
karsen Meck
Sharon M. Draper wrote the book Double Dutch. She did an amazing job writing this book. This story is taken place mostly in the gym where the jumpers have their practice and where they have their competitions or at their school where the drama hits. There are a lot of characters and they all are interesting but the main characters are Delia, Yolanda, Randy and the Tolliver twins. The twins always make something seem the opposite from what it actually is. Randy’s dad is missing and has been missi...more
Chris Thompson
Delia and Randy have a secret. Delia can't read, and Randy's father has been missing for six weeks. I can relate. To adults, it seems silly for young teens to keep such secrets from other adults, but from the perspective of the teen, it's a different story. They're afraid of what others will think, so it's easier to say nothing. When I was in fifth grade I had a secret. I discovered it after my brother began struggling with the same problem: near-sightedness. To me, being unable to see was less...more
Janessa Brown
Delia is a part of the American Double Dutch league. For her and many of her teammates, double dutch is a way to escape the world and their problems-including the fact that she can't read. As she struggles to finish eighth grade without her secret being uncovered, Delia's ingenuity is capping off as her inability to read runs her straight into a wall. Will she be able to overcome her fear of judgement and ask for help?

This book was not one of my favorites. I've been a competitor in USA jumprope...more
Leslie Morrison
This book addresses "special school topics" such as bullying, teacher relationships, and illiteracy. Parents are fairly toothless and rather flat characters. While this is not unusual in books targeting young adult readers, a little more parental perspective could enhance conversations around coping options for the characters.

The bullying topic revolves around menacing twins, boys who seem to strike fear into everyone who meets them. Through a series of events, their notoriety grows, and teacher...more
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Delia lives for double dutch. As she and her teammates train for the international competition, Delia harbors a secret that could get her kicked off the team. She can't read. Although Delia has hidden her disability for eight years, the end-of-the-year proficiency test may reveal her secret to everyone. Randy, Delia's classmate, wonders where his father is. He left on a short haul six weeks ago, and Randy hasn't heard from him since. Bills are piling up, and food supplies are running low. Randy...more
Judi Paradis
This book follows a group of middle school students with a focus on two kids who have BIG problems. Delia cannot read, but has been able to hide this fact for years using a lot of different coping strategies. This year, she finally has to take an important state test, and she knows her secret will be revealed. Her friend Randy is living all alone since his dad disappeared more than a month ago, and he's afraid that if he tells someone, he'll end up in foster care. Yet, Randy is running out of mo...more
I have have just read a book called double dutch and it was about a girl named Delphine.And she is in love with jump roping.Delphine and her friend are in a group which they jump in in compeitions against other groups.Although jump rope is her love the toliver twins aren't. see the toliver just moved there and they are a load of trouble.The twins go around terrorizing people and even went on a local brodcast on tv saying they were going to do something , something big.and Dephine has a friends...more
Double Dutch by Sharon M. Draper is about two kids named Delia and Randy. Delia loves Double Dutch. She and her friends Yolanda and Misty are so good they are going to compete with kids all over the state, some even from other countries! But she has a problem that could prevent her from going on to ninth grade, which also means no more Double Dutch. Randy has a secret to. His father has disappeared and he is by himself. If these weren't enough everyone is scared to death of the Tolliver Twins. A...more
Laney J.
Double Dutch
By Sharon M. Draper

Delia, Yolanda, and Charlene, love to double dutch. But Delia has a secret. Eventually, this secret could keep her from double dutch. Also, there are two, tough kids, the Tolliver twins. Everyone is scared of them. But are they all talk, or are they really two bad kids? That's something Delia and the others want to figure out.

This book was pretty good. But it talks more about things that aren’t related to jump roping. It doesn't bother me much. There was some goo...more
Neru Tamang
The protagonist is Delia . She loves Double Dutch more that any thing in the word. She would die if she can't jump. She is really good at Double Dutch. Deli and her team mates work so hard to win the championship. Delia also have a friend name Randy.They both have their own secret.That they cant tell each other. And the twins who have their own secret. that no one know at school.

My Favorited part of the book is when she tell her secret to her mother. I Like this because she was hiding it from...more
Great book, wish there had been more character development which would have made for a longer story, but besides that, it was great and had a good message.
I liked this book but it wasn't too good. It seemed interesting and i had been wanting to read this for a while. It's about a girl named Delia who is an 8th grader but cannot read (i feel she was dislexic.... however it's spelled..). It also has a lot of parts about her friend Randy, who's dad was robbed on a job trip ad had been missing for a while. I felt very bad for the both of them.(very bad situations). Everyone also acted a little too scared of the Tolliver twins, who were supposed to be...more
Corinne Hatton
This is such a good book. I love the main character and the characters surrounding the main character are wonderful.
This story takes place in middle school and is about four friends learning how to survive eighth grade and the Tolliver twins. One of the four friends, Delia, has a secret that no one could believe. I really enjoyed this book because it shows experiences that you might face at school. My favorite part in the book is when Delia lets her Mom in on her secret.

This book was really interesting, and I wish there was a sequel to take the friends through high school. I chose this book because I liked t...more
There were only a few pieces that I enjoyed. The light spotlighting dyslexia and how many students have gotten good and faking their ability to read to cover their disability and I also enjoyed the scenes with teachers and the students' perspectives on their education. But what I didn't like, far outweighed what I did. The flow was atrocious, the Tolliver twins seemed to not have a purpose or place (or maybe I just didn't care), and there wasn't as much discussion of double dutch as I would have...more
Autumn Davis
Genre: Fiction
Tags: Competition, Jump rope, Friends
Lexile Score: 760L

Book Review: This book is a good book for people who like dramas and books about friendship. This book explains how friends can come together to help each other.

Plot Summary: Delia loves to jump rope, especially double dutch. The Tolliver twins are always messing with everyone who comes in their way. When Delia finds out something about the twins, they decided to threaten to tell her secret. When the twins saved Yolanda, Delia'...more
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Sharon M. Draper is a professional educator as well as an accomplished writer. She has been honored as the National Teacher of the Year, is a five-time winner of the Coretta Scott King Literary Award, and is a New York Times bestselling author. She lives in Cincinnati, Ohio.
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