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Sharp North (Sharp North #1)

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Mira lives quietly in a remote community in Scotland - until one day she witnesses a stranger running for her life through the forest. Shot and killed in front of her, the woman's body is quickly removed, the only clue to her death a crumpled piece of paper, and a spot of blood in the snow. Mira discovers the paper contains a list of names, including her own, with another...more
Paperback, 432 pages
Published October 1st 2005 by Simon & Schuster
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This book had the potential to be amazing, but left me feeling extremely short-changed.
The main problem that I had was that characters were killed off much too quickly, before they had the chance to be fully developed. This was a shame, as some of them had the potential to be really interesting and it felt like Cave was taking the easy way out by killing them off. There were also relationships between characters which could have been developed further, but were cut off for no apparent reason.
After the ice caps have melted from gradually increasing temperatures and many of the Earth's land masses have flooded, human population has dwindled and survival on this planet is threatened. The families in power have found a way to ensure longevity by cloning the best of themselves.

Mira lives in Great Britain where temperatures used to be somewhat moderate, but now is snowy and icy. She is not sure how she came to be, but a mysterious woman is gunned down in front her. This woman had a crypt...more
Megan Vandegrift
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Jan 20, 2008 Stephanie rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Science fiction/Alternate reality fans
Shelves: sci-fi, ya
This book was really cool. It's been a while since I've read (I leant it to a friend and never got it back) but I remember that it was really intense with great paicng and an interesting protagonist. I have the sequel and am trying to read it, but can't seem to get through it. I might need to re-read this to refresh my memory about the plot.
This book was good, but I have definitely read better cloning/dystopia books. For one thing, it was very confusing at times and things seemed to move awfully fast for a YA novel. Characters dropped in and out of the book at random with no further explanation for their purpose in the plot.

The story is set in future Britain, where climate change has resulted in massive amounts of flooding for most of the country, driving people into the big cities. There are three groups of people: Scroats ("regu...more
Lauren Butts
Sharp North by Patrick Cave is a dystopian novel with a futuristic view on Britain, and what the world would be like if everyone was replaceable. Mira the main character goes on an intense and riveting journey not just physically but also emotionally. Mira had always lived a quiet life in the mountains in Scotland until one day she witnesses a stranger being shot and killed in front of her by strange men in grey outfits. The body is removed quickly and all that is left is a small piece of paper...more
This book had the potential to be good..... but it really wasn't.

I found myself wishing for it to be over so I could be done with it already and move on to a better book.

I'm not one to complain about the length of a book. If I am really enjoying a story, I often feel cheated when it's over and wish the author would have found some way to make it even longer so I could indulge in it even more. Not with this one. It was painstakingly, unnecessarily LONG.

The end of the book was ridiculous. It lef...more
Kenya Liggons
Terrible ! I hated this book, I have never hated a book so much in my life, the way I hated this book........ I mean I have read a couple of books of this genre,and this is definitely the worst book ever read.. This story starts off where these people are in Britain, and they are seeing it from the point of view where they are viewing the world as if they were living in a world where people are substituted for something else.... It's like they are looking at the world as if everything was change...more
Kay Robinson
An interesting look at how 'global warming' will affect society, much being pretty well what futuristic writers have being saying for many years, even prior to the 'global warming' crisis of today. This does stand out for it's portrayal of a bleak future, it's tense unfolding narrative kept me eager to see how the future of the main characters turned out. Somehow though, despite numerous hints that there were big changes to come for society as portrayed, the story seemed to peter out as if the w...more
I really didn't like this book as much as I thought I would, but it is better than its sequel/prequel. There were parts that were very interesting. I think the concept and setting were good. I like the future world and I think Cave did a fairly decent job of world building. He didn't necessarily do a very good job of explaining everything about the world (what the visions were I still don't know), but I understand what happened to make it what it became. I think the characters and plot are where...more
It's hard to figure how to categorize this amazing read as it touches on some many different themes but still stands uniquely on it's own. Set loosely in Great Britain's future, Sharp North is set in a world where environmental disaster has reshaped the land and a few key families use their financial wealth to control and dominate, Mira is a girl who lives in relative isolation until a stranger who looks strangely like her comes to her village. Drawn in by the similarities and a desire to figure...more
To rate a book I barely could understand? Tje beginning started out slow but made me understand the world Mira lived in HOWEVER this is where it got confusing... She travels to the South to find out who or what she came from. She becomes a Scroat a derogatory title given to those that are NOT a GREAT family member. Okkk this is what I understood: Kay takes a "liking" to this Scroat (mira) why? Who knows! He gives her stuff(why? Who knows) hates being in a Great Family.. You guessed it! Why?... ;...more
Maybe this book just had bad timing for me.
I've read quite a few books with the same concept. I think they set a standard (or maybe once you've read one, you've read them all concept?!) - but I enjoyed the first few books about it better.

This one just seemed like a never ending drama - although the drama never got interesting enough to hold me. I really liked the main character, Mira and Kay. I would have enjoyed it more had their personalities and interactions been more flushed out. Instead, it...more
I really really wanted to like this book but it was sooo confusing. I was totally lost through most of it. The ending got a lot better but with 500+ pages a few good chapters made the book hard to rate above a 2 star for me. This book would have been awesome if the author had taken some time to explain a few things in the first couple of chapters. I realize the intention was to build interest and suspense. But this is a long book and with that much reading, at least for me,I like a little taste...more
Kelli Stephenson
This book kind of made me mad. It was really good in parts but it is just too long and some of it was confusing (not well explained). In the end, I liked it better until I read the author's notes at the end and realized that he truly believes this stuff will happen one day (global warming to the point the Europe will freeze over, human cloning for the rich, and so on). That bugged me, to me that is all science fiction and pretty far fetched. The book, to him, was a political statement----one tha...more
Ugh. I had a horribly hard time finishing this. The first 100 pages were pretty good. Got me interested. Then, once Part Two started, it lost nearly ALL the momentum.

Further, the social structure of the society, involving Visions, Scroats, and Saints, was never completely explained. I can deal with unanswered questions in a book, but there are critical items which must be laid out in order for the reader to get what's going on.

Sequel? No. And that's a big thing for me. I generally like to see a...more
This is the way a cretin begins a book review, but I can't help it. My main response to Sharp North is: This book was long. Very, very long. It was an interesting read, but seemed to take me forever.

Sharp North is about Mira, who strikes out from her remote village when she realizes that her adoptive parents and the neighbors she has grown up with are hiding terrible secrets from her. What these secrets are, Mira (and the reader) only learns far, far into the book. The genetic intrigue make this...more
Alexandria Clarke
What made me pick up this book was when I read the back, and got a hint that it was about cloning. I havn't read a book about cloning in a while and thought that it would be a good book. I didn't I like this book very much.It took me a very long time to read. At some parts it got very interesting and I didn't want to stop reading, but most of the time it was very slow pacing and it got boring. I think what coould have made this book better if it were not so slow moving and that it were a short b...more
Joy Mary
I really liked this book, right at the beginning of the book there was something going on so you were not waiting for half the book for something interesting to happen. Some parts of this books made me absolutely hate it and some parts of this book were confusing but made sense soon enough. When I finished the I wanted nothing more than to throw it into a fire, but after a week or two confusion and anger towards the book I have to admit it was really good and the plot was wild and exciting and I...more
I loved this book! Read the first half over a couple days, then was so engrossed I literally couldn't put it down until I finished it, four hours later (at 4 a.m.).

The main character, Mira, learns that she is part of a mystery and sets out to find the truth about herself. What ensues is one action-packed scene after another, written in such vivid detail that I wonder that someone hasn't picked this up to make a movie yet. The characters are all well-fleshed out, the scenes and scenery vivid and...more
Did not finish, Read 140ish pages but couldn't get into it. Wasn't my usual sort of read anyway. It started slow for me but when Mira ran away and made her way through the mountains I got a bit more into it and I thought I might enjoy it, but for some reason I just could stay interested in it after that. This is only the second book I have ever given up on, but I have so much else to read that I couldn't make myself sit there and plug through this one when I could read and enjoy another one.
tazer the ninja fish
I picked this book up, because the plot sounded pretty awesome. The writing was okay, in the beginning, but then it just started to become really dry and I found myself FORCING myself to continue reading in a couple spots. It picked up in some places, and I finished this book. I don't think I'd read it again. If another author rewrote the story with the exact same plot and characters, I'd read it and see if it was just as dry. However the sequel DO NOT READ.
i really did enjoy this took lots of concentration was slightly confusing because there are so many characters who you meet that are the same person with the same name and all, it just really gets you confused at first.however, the book was fantastic.i loved it.i have never loved a book that ended without a complete ending but i loved this one!

overall, this book was great.
Another dystopian adventure. Mira, raised in the mountains, comes to learn that there's something special about her origins and takes off for future-London to try and uncover the mystery. Story is good but I was super-frustrated that the author didn't take the time to lay the groundwork and explain how the world got that way (until an author's note at the end!).
I always seem to be picking up young adult books either about the supernatural or dystopias. Some of these are very, very good and then there's the outstanding ones like Sharp North.

The action kept you turning the page. There were believable characters, a fascinating future, and twists and turns galore. I will definitely read more of this man's work.
Dominique  Lewis
I loved and I can't wait to read the sequel. It was a little confusing though,and very all over the place. Sometimes I felt as I was in one person's Point of view, when I was really in the other. I had a little trouble defining characters, but not enough to stop me from reading the book!
Laurel Borgia
A futuristic novel set in England. Mira, the main character, searches for her identity and finds she is a clone. This book is written at a 5.7 level, and is an exciting read. It does have a lot of pages however. It deals with some of the ethics of cloning.
Jeremiah Pena
A grimly detailed dystopian future with mass flooding and dreary cities ruled by familial dictatorship and police force, where illegal cloning is afforded only to those who can afford the highest, and there is no escape through the treacherous overfilled ocean.
I had a hard time getting into the story. It had a lot of promise, but I didn't want to spend any more than the 50 pages I read and still hadn't connected with the characters or what was going on. I think overall I was just lost in what was going on...
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