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Jane Eyre The Graphic Novel: Original Text
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Jane Eyre The Graphic Novel: Original Text

4.14 of 5 stars 4.14  ·  rating details  ·  3,676 ratings  ·  205 reviews
Jane Eyre is a plain, determined and intelligent child. Orphaned and poor, she is adopted by her Aunt and Uncle Reed. The death of Uncle Reed allows her unpleasant aunt to send her away to a grim charity school, where she continues her harsh upbringing, but is given the education that finally frees her. Once old enough, she becomes a teacher and takes the role of governess ...more
Paperback, 144 pages
Published January 6th 2009 by Classical Comics (first published 2003)
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Rikke Simonsen
Jeg havde endnu ikke prøvet at læse 'graphic novels', men da jeg fandt ud af, at der var blevet lavet sådan en over 'Jane Eyre', så blev jeg simpelthen nødt til at læse den! Jeg blev bestemt ikke skuffet. Jeg elsker historien om Jane Eyre så utrolig højt, og det var virkelig interessant at få sat tegninger på også. Den har stadig det lidt gotiske udtryk, som bogen også har, og historien er præcis som den skal være.

Eftersom det var en succes at læse denne 'graphic novel', så har jeg bestemt fået
Charlotte Bronte's graphic novel depiction. It's a good focus on the Jane Eyre, especially if you found the novel to be laborious reading as I did back in the day. The graphic novel does a good job of following Jane's unhappy life as a child, serving as a governess and then falling in love with her master but then many problems arise. Prevalent themes about spiritual connections to love, love and religion blending or not blending and social status. Recommended for those who want a summary of thi ...more
What is it about Jane Eyre that I love?? The book is dark, depressing, lonely, sad and OHHHHH so good! I have read the novel a couple of times years ago. I thought I would check out the graphic novel version. I enjoyed. I forgot all about my favorite line in the book. It was in the graphic novel which thrilled me. To quote "I sometimes have a queer feeling with regard to you - especially when you are near me, as now: It is as if I have a string somewhere under my left ribs, tightly and inextrica ...more
mh. it was quite good overall. i enjoyed reading it. the story is great as ever and the text worked well with the pictures although at times the speech bubbles were oddly placed. and from a - i don't know - "modern" point of view, the drawings did not quite match my taste.

anyways... i bought it with school in mind but this version is too hard for my pupils. should have gotten the quick text version. then as said above i don't think the graphics will cause much joy. it seems a bit old-fashioned.
Frank Racz
This graphic novel contains exactly what allows me as an English major to recommend graphic novels. What impresses me about this rendition is the beautiful illustrations and cover lend something special to the work alongside the text itself. These sorts of details did not go unnoticed, and would not go unnoticed either by a young or struggling reader.

For the purposes of becoming a secondary English teacher I firmly believe classic graphic novels such as these can be the most effective tool teac
Really like this. It sums up the story of Jane Eyre very well, and the text is directly from the book. It is an easier and quicker way of reading the story, and it appeals to more age groups than the original book because this is a graphic novel. The pictures are done well, though I sometimes find them a bit lacking in detail and some of them also seem hurried. But this might as well just be the style of the illustrator, and I don't really mind it that much, the illustrations are otherwise very ...more
I have just been to the village the Bronte Sisters were raised and did most of their writing and I found this copy of Jane Eyre (my all time favorite book).

I think this is a good start for people who perhaps haven’t read the book before and want to get a general idea what it’s about or perhaps for people who love the book and want to refresh their memory without committing to the 500 odd pages.

The illustrations weren’t the best I have seen in a graphic novel but they weren’t terrible either. My
Ann Ferber
I remember having to read Jane Eyre in high school and struggled reading it. In fact, I struggled so bad with it my mom decided it was best for me to just rent the movie from the library. Even then I found it hard to follow along to. By having a graphic novel of a book that is generations past it's era they are decreasing the gap in between the book and the young readers. This book enables readers to actually want to follow along with the story. The drawings help say what the words might not be ...more
(Finally getting around to reviewing this, and it's going to be pretty short)
I was actually really impressed with this. I got the "original text" version, so the dialogue was basically taken directly from the novel and put into speech bubbles. Naturally there were a fair amount of narration blocks, but I think they were trying to keep those to a minimum. As such, some of the dialogue seemed really abrupt. But that could also just be because I know the story well enough to notice what parts were
Mrs. Lopez
If you are looking for a good way to start reading the "classics," graphic novels offer a good introduction into the genre. Many graphic novels, like Jane Eyre, still hold their original text and the illustrations helped move the story along. In Jane Eyre: A Graphic Novel, Jane's life is filled with hardship once she looses both parents to Typhus and is sent to live with her old uncle and his cruel and selfish wife. After her uncle dies, his wife does not want to care for Jane and sends her away ...more
Adriane Devries
Jane Eyre

blither birds
sotto voce
ferret (vb)
Sep 14, 2011 Vilvery rated it 3 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: Jane Eyre-fans med lite tid över
Shelves: romance, comics, 2011
Jag har skjutit upp den här recensionen för att jag inte tycker att jag har sådär hemskt mycket att säga om den här serie-versionen av Jane Eyre. Det är både positivt och negativt. Positivt eftersom serien följer boken så väl att det i all väsentlighet är Jane Eyre en gång till och eftersom jag redan recenserat originalet finns det inte mycket att tillägga här. Serie-skaparna har verkligen lyckats hedra originalet. I den här versionen har man dessutom bevarat så mycket som möjligt av den ursprun ...more
I love Jane Eyre. It’s been many, many years since I read the classic, but over the years I’ve watched as many of the film adaptations as I can fit in. As much as I love Jane I have a more lukewarm response to graphic novels. I’ve only read a few but none have really wowed me. But, this one was the perfect combination of a favorite heroine, quality storytelling, and illustrations that felt authentic to the original story. In this version they use Bronte’s own words to tell the story.

For those th
I know a lot of people complain about these graphic novel adaptations of classics because they are afraid that people will just read the graphic novels and not read the real books. I can't completely argue with this worry, but I don't really agree that these adaptations are terrible either. At least, they are no worse than film adaptations, and sometimes much better.

This graphic novel does a good job of taking Jane Eyre and turning it into a visual experience. The text is directly from the book
Kate  Maxwell
If you are looking for a quick way 'read' Jane Eyre, then this is the one for you. It was quick and VERY easy (so easy, it had a glossary in the back for words like 'attic'). However, having read the original some time ago, and having seen screen adaptations of this work, there really wasn't anything missing, besides the in-depth descriptions of Charlotte Bronte.

The illustrations were very 'comic book' like and helped to add to the limited dialogue by 'painting' the picture of the various scenes
Can I say I am offcially in love? My breath was taken away by this story. I suppose I am a hopeless romantic and I was easily swept away by the romance of this book. Why can't modern romances compare to the classics? I am more touched by these stories of long ago than I am with the explicit-at-times books of today. There's more to be said for what's left to the imagination or the courtship of romance than the graphic tales of today.

This book is of course not the original read. It is in comic boo
Good introduction to the classic 19th century romance, a prototype of the Gothic Novel. I don't think the paintings do the magnificent scenery of the Yorkshire Moors justice, though the painting on page 3 is the closest. Jane is much prettier than I have always imagined her, and St. John Rivers looks more supercilious than I would have thought, but Rochester was spot on! Much of the elegant writing is preserved in the Original Text edition. One quibble with the illustrations: Jane as a bride (tw ...more
This is the first Brontë (of any of them!) I have read. Jane Eyre is orphaned, and is taken in by her uncle, but sadly he dies and she is left to be raised by her cold aunt with her spoilt cousins. After being punished unjustly she is sent away to boarding school. Things look up for Jane and she is happy there, but eventually she must move on and she is appointed as governess to the mysterious Mr Rochester. She falls in love with him, but on discovering he has a dark secret she must once again m ...more
Cecilia Solis-sublette
What can I say about Jane Eyre? LOVE IT!!! Except for the end - a little too romantic for my taste but, surprisingly, I didn't read this one until I had to teach it at an all girls' school. Of course, I brought it over to the coed school where I taught aft, after, and it probably is not taught there anymore. What do I like about Jane Eyre? Well, I prefer Wuthering Heights but this one is a close (but not too close) second when it comes to Victorian novels that I can stand. I guess I like this ch ...more
This graphic novel is a faithful adaptation to the classic. This is the original story, with dialogues taken from the book. As a Jane Eyre enthusiast, I love the concept! The graphics are amazing, (though I think Jane in this book is quite pretty, not plain). Considering the Bronte sisters were also keen in painting and drawing, I think they would be pleased to see the novel in this form. A good intro for someone interested to start reading classics.
Fredrik Strömberg
I set about reading this book expecting to hate it, or atleast for it to be uninteresting, as I find most comics based on novels or films to be.

But I was pleasantly surprised. Sure, the images have a bit too much of a feeling of old school illustrations to a stereotypical romance short story, but they actually work for this particular story. And yes, Jane Eyre is a romance story so melodramatic that it could only have been written by a young woman in the repressive 19th century, who had had lit
As an avid reader of classical literature, the idea of turning this book into a graphic novel was one that I struggled with accepting. However, I decided to give it a shot.

First, pros: I did like the pictures, although they were nothing extraordinary. My favorite part was how Rochester's thoughts were shown as illustrated thought bubbles. Amy Corzine does a good job at summing up the story without taking away the style of the original.

Now, the cons: As someone who has read JE, I had no trouble
I'm so glad I discovered this graphic novel on the library shelves. This is a graphic novel of the classic Jane Eyre novel by Charlotte Bronte in Original Text. While I know it is not the same experience as reading the original classic novel, at least now I finally know the story and am familiar with the characters. The book includes a character glossary and a lot of information about Charlotte Bronte herself. This graphic novel is a great way to introduce reluctant readers to a classic novel of ...more
Having read both the quick text version (in which the dialog is simplified) and the original text version that Alisa tried, I definitely think this one works better. The art is quite attractive and matched the story quite well. It is a little strange though that everyone is always talking with their mouth shut.

As for the story itself, I think this adaptation does it justice. The characters are represented well, illustrated suitably and I think the edits to the dialog work nicely, preserving many
For years I've been trying to read this book but every time I do, I get so bored with it. So I figured the graphic novel would help me get through it. I got through it, but the story is so lame and sad. Mr. Rochester is so mean and unlikeable. Jane is a pathetic character. So far the Bronte sisters are 0-2 with me.
Blodeuedd Finland
In the end I wasn't that impressed by this one. The artwork worked fine for me. Though I do feel that Rochester was too handsome, and St: John was too plain looking.

I love Jane Eyre, the book is glorious. But here it fell short for me. In this version they had crammed in all that "old" long speech in the speech-bubbles. And honestly it was just too much. I'd rather just read it in a book. But they have a different version were they have toned it down, I do think that would have worked better for
This is the second graphic novel I've read, which for those who don't know is a book written in comic book form. Each page has multiple illustrations and the dialogue and thoughts are in speech bubbles. It was a fun and quick way to read this book. Original text was used, but of course it was very much abridged. I like the story of Jane Eyre and have seen many movie versions. I have read the original novel a couple of times. The first time, as a teenager, I don't really remember what I thought o ...more
I can't review Jane Eyre as such, because this is just an adaptation. The original is undoubtedly one of my favourite books. I'm not sure why. Maybe it's because even the most independent and self-sufficient women want to be loved passionately? Anyway, this is quite an interesting take on the classic novel.

The illustrations are fantastic (Rochester is very handsome in a brooding kind of way) and I enjoyed seeing the novel come to life. Of course, a lot has been cut out but I think it was very we
I found this at a library sale in OC, MD. I immediately picked it up as I have had difficulty trying to read the novel. I thought if I read this then it might help me to finish reading the book easier.
Susan Fetterer
I loved it, over and over. Some people have a tradition of rereading a favorite every Christmas and this is likely one of those books. Along with Pride and Prejudice. I have seen every film adaptation and love how each one is slightly different, slightly unique----sometimes in the details, sometimes in larger ways--from each other. I think the allure is the combination of the sad beginnings of the heroine, the dark and romantic hero with a hidden past, the coming together of the these two in int ...more
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