Muhammad: Kisah Hidup Nabi Berdasarkan Sumber Klasik
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Muhammad: Kisah Hidup Nabi Berdasarkan Sumber Klasik

4.52 of 5 stars 4.52  ·  rating details  ·  3,337 ratings  ·  206 reviews
Buku yang ditulis oleh Martin Lings (Abu Bakr Siraj Ad-Din) seorang pria kelahiran Burnage, Lancasire tanggal 24 Januari 1909 ini mengisahkan sejarah kehidupan Muhammad bin Abdullah dalam menyebarkan agama Islam.

Edisi asli-nya ditulis dalam bahasa Inggris dan pernah mendapatkan penghargaan dari Universitas Al Azhar Mesir. Mungkin hanya Muhammad saja seorang nabi/rasul yang...more
Hardcover, 559 pages
Published 2002 by Serambi (first published 1983)
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Anti Wibawa
Mar 31, 2008 Anti Wibawa rated it 5 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: those who love Muhammad saw
Shelves: biography-memoir
i had read 3 of similar books, one of those was written by karen amstrong. however, after reading this book, i found my love for Muhammad saw, he is my true love. while reading it, i felt so close to him. i cried on some chapters. i read this book within 3 days.
Muhammed: His Life Based on the Earliest Sources is true to its title. Martin Lings cleverly describes the social, economic and political aspects of Makkah in the pre-islamic times before narrating the life of Prophet Muhammed(PBUH).It really helps the reader to understand the people of its age. The Book also describes Prophet's earlier times as an orphan under his Uncle's protection. Being a muslim, I was brought up listening to Prophet's life & struggles and reading this book brings back a...more
The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) comes alive in this biography of Lings' in a way that I've never before experienced. One of the great gifts of this work is the ability that Lings has to portray the final Prophet as a human with all the trials, challenges, searching and communion that this implies. By communion, I mean the Prophet's interaction with both his contemporaries and with his God. We see clearly the thought processes and decisions contextualized into a wonderful narrative that reads like a...more
Wirotomo Nofamilyname
Dec 12, 2010 Wirotomo Nofamilyname rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: all muslims
Recommended to Wirotomo by: Dian "Wiro Sableng"

buku yang sangat menawan dan komprehensif mengenai utusan Allah bernama Muhammad.
tapi hal yang paling berguna buat saya, adalah penjelasan buku ini atas mengapa bangsa Quraisy, terutama yang berasal dari kalangan terpandang, enggan menerima Islam.
waktu kecil dulu sepertinya kita bisanya cuma melabeli mereka, dengan jahat, bengis, kejam dsb. Tanpa menyadari ada banyak hal yang membuat mereka tidak mau menerima Islam dan memusuhi Muhammad dan para pengikutnya. Mungkin tetap tidak bisa bisa dibena...more
Jul 17, 2007 Nagena rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: all
what a great man Muhammad SAW was and how if people put their egos and prejudices aside they would discover the same..that he truly came as a mercy to makind.
Ahmad Ryan
The thing with the Muslims writer in general is that when they start writing about the life and deeds of the Prophet they are so much in awe of the personality that they can barely portray him as a normal human being. They somehow always end up creating an image which is so close to the divinity.
In this context, Martin Lings has been extraordinary. He not only describes the Prophet as the way he was, but do so most elegantly. That feeling of being in awe of the person is completely missing, and...more
Irving Karchmar
Martin Ling's biography of the Prophet Muhammad, based on the earliest available sources, is a masterpiece of engaging writing on a immense topic, and he carries it off beautifully. From his birth and early life to his first marriage and the vision in the cave of the angel Gabrial, who ordered him to "recite," the Koran, this enthralling life is the best work on the subject so far. I loved it, and reread it often. Highly recommended to all who wish to know what Islam is about.
I've had this book 3 times and each time it winds up going to live at someone else's house.
That's how good it is!
Abu Bakr Siraj Ad-Din (Martin Lings) was a Muslim convert. Therefore, it must be understood that his rendering of the Prophet's (PBUH) narrative was a work of piety, and not necessarily one of historical scholarship.

This does not necessary mean that Lings' contribution is completely useless. For Muslims, the book is an eloquently written narrative of the Prophet(PBUH) which provides chronology and context for the revelation of the the Holy Qur'an and the several important hadiths.

For non-Musl...more
Apr 14, 2007 Chris rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Those seeking meaning to Life
Best book I've ever read in English about the life of the Beloved Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. Based in the earliest classical sources, yet written in beautiful and fluid English.

To compliment it, listen to Hamza Yusuf's seerah tapes!
I wonder if the high rating of this book comes from Muslims reading this book and loving how "true" it must be. Or perhaps, people were fascinated by the miraculous nature of Muhammad and his numerous "miracles" presented in this book. I will instead provide you with a separate light to understand this book.

Muhammad began his prophetic mission at the age of 40. While he certainly had a positive reputation amongst his people, due to his manners and his tribe affiliation, people began to seriously...more
Judul: Muhammad, Kisah Hidup Nabi Berdasarkan Sumber Klasik
Penulis: Martin Lings (Abu Bakr Siraj al-Din)
Penerjemah: Qamaruddin SF
Penerbit: PT Serambi Ilmu Semesta
Tebal: 671 halaman
ISBN: 978-979-1275-33-0
Harga: Rp. 72.900

Buku ini sungguh luar biasa. Dengan keahlian yang seolah tak tertandingi. Martin Lings menghadirkan riwayat hidup Nabi Muhammad saw. Dengan nrasi dan detail mengagumkan. Buku ini dinilai banyak kalangan sebagai salah satu buku biografi Rasul terbaik yang pernah diterbitka...more
Rosey Rouz
What i liked most is that this book flows easily and reads like a novel. Its an excellent book for Muslims, but i wouldn't say its a good introductory book for non-muslims who know very little about Islam or have misconceptions, as i found this book didn't give much focus on the teachings of Islam but tends to focus more on the battles which took place to defend the muslims against attacking armies. I also felt sometimes a bit more context was needed for these battles.
My only other small issue w...more
Raka Putra
Baru saja menyelesaikan membaca buku ini pada beberapa hari kemarin, setelah saya membelinya pada september 2012.

Buku yang begitu mengambarkan sejarah kehidupan Nabi Muhammad SAW mulai dari Beliau lahir hingga wafatnya beliau. Penggunaan bahasa yang ringan mampu membius para pembaca hingga penasaran ingin terus membaca buku ini hingga habis.

Karena bahasanya dan penuturan serta urutan cerita yang begitu baik, buku ini dapat dinikmati oleh para 'pemula' yang ingin mengetahui kehidupan Rasul dan ju...more
Nanny SA
Kisah Nabi Muhammad SAW dari Martin lings ini paling enak dibaca diantara buku-buku sejenis lainnya.

Kisah-kisahnya mungkin sudah banyak diceritakan tapi di sini lebih terstruktur dan komprehensif, kita bisa mengetahui awal dan sebab turunnya suatu ayat, juga diperkenalkan dengan karakter suku-suku di Arab terutama suku Quraish.
Bahasanya ringan dan gaya berceritanya seperti membaca kumpulan cerita jadi tidak membosankan , hanya nama-nama suku dan keturunan yang agak susah untuk diingat .
Sometimes inspirational, sometimes perplexing, Muhammad: His Life Based on the Earliest Sources is, at the least, a challenging read. Anyone unwilling to read a pious biography of the Islamic prophet will simply not be able to read it but others may find the book gives a good window into a Muslim perspective of the prophet and that's probably where it is most successful. I am not sure, however, I recommend this to those with strong reservations against Islam as they undoubtedly would not be able...more
I have read the Indonesia version of this book. It's such an fascinating story.

Membaca buku ini membuat saya bisa lebih memahami, lebih melihat sisi2 kehidupan sehari-hari Nabi Muhammad SAW. Buku ini membuat kita seperti lebih dekat dengan nabi tauladan seluruh umat manusia ini. Lings tidak berusaha untuk mengagung2kan beliau secara berlebihan, namun mengungkapkan sisi2 kehidupan Beliau secara wajar, namun yang membuat rasa kekaguman akan sosok Beliau semakin besar justru dari kewajaran itu.

Harun Harahap
Jujur gw jarang banged baca buku2 agama..apalagi buku tentang Biografi nabi Muhammad..dengan membaca buku ini gw mendapat banyak sekali pengetahuan yang lengkap mengenai biografi nabi Muhammad..dari sejak kelahiran hingga akhir hayatnya..

beberapa kali gw merinding baca buku ini..disebabkan oleh betapa takjubnya gw akan mulia akhlak sang Rasul dan juga betapa besar cinta dan kuasa Allah SWT..dan di beberapa bagian gw juga bisa melihat walau bagaimanapun Nabi Muhammad adalah seorang manusia juga y...more
Before reading this book I had heard many positive reviews about this author. Martin Lings was a British convert in Islam in the 20th century. He wrote this book for a predominantly non-Muslim audience I believe. As stated in the titel the life story of Prophet Muhammed peace and blessing be upon, is based on the earlier sources. This book is very similar to the book Sirah Al-Nabawiyah Mukhtasar by Ibn Hisham. He pretty much translated it into English.
The book is written in a story-like way and...more
(kalo ga lupa) ini adalah buku biografi Muhammad yang saya baca.
saya dapet buku ini dikasih temen, sebagai kado ultah yang ke-20.

kira2 kayak gini yang dia bilang waktu itu :
"kata temen2 kan kamu suka baca buku(saya dalem hati: hahaha...kata siapa?), novel2 gitu... jadi kadonya buku deh. tapi ini bukan buku fiksi. ini kisah nyata, non fiksi. tapi konon, ini kisah terbaik yang pernah ada dan terus banyak yang mengingat sepanjang masa"

pas saya liat itu buku apa... langsung deh, jleb.
kenapa coba ya...more
I think four stars to the Audiobook because it omits a few important aspects that are included in the latest edition of the print version. But a great listen nevertheless. Sean Barrett's voice and his little verbal nuances and changes in tone make lively company.

Five stars to the book as a whole though. Martin Lings has stuck primarily to the most authentic and credible sources in the drafting of his biography of the Prophet of Islam. The book is in no way 'dry' as some reviews accuse. Lings was...more
I really liked the narrative structure of this book, as well as the relative wealth of information included for a single volume, but I did have a few nitpicks about it. For one, the history isn't explored too much. Lings seems to use accounts of certain events that aren't even the most well-known, much less the most authenticated. It's almost as if he added in some elements of fiction (or at least speculation) to fill in the gaps. I'm sure this sort of book is hardly easy to write, but I would'v...more
Lina Samsudin
A good book for those who want a quick but enjoyable read on the seerah of Rasulullah s.a.w.. As a muslim reading it, I appreciate that it attempted to provide glimpses of intimate accounts of the Prophet s.a.w.'s life - with Aishah r.a for example. It almost feel like you're reading a novel and not a heavy textbook like how other seerah books can feel. Quite disappointed though that it had very little to talk about "Isra' and Mi'raj", one of the biggest event in our Prophet's life but was menti...more
This was the first time I have read so much about Muhammad so I am not qualified to rate. I give 4 stars based on what I learned from the book and what others have said about it's credibility. I took away 1 star because of the main difficulty with the writing itself. The addition of so many minor characters added much confusion to an already difficult read. The names and relationships can be hard to follow and many should have been left out or sent to footnotes. Otherwise it read almost as an hi...more
good reference book....not a very good story it was too many detailed facts and characters to keep track of for me...two: i've heard there are issues about the accuracy of parts of this book...
either way...its really good in some parts...i love the stories of the Prophet's household...the war chapters r slow in the middle..and again tooo many details...and i dont like his writing style...
i wish there was a better seerah out there...i've heard the sealed nectar is even slower and drie...more
I really enjoyed reading this book, especially when reading about the battles fought and about the justice and rule of Islam.

I learnt some things I did not know about the 'rules of engagement' and about how to treat others.

I am not entirely sure of some of the facts towards the end though. Particularly pertaining to the mother of Ibrahim (the prophets son PBUH).

Allah hu a3lam (only god knows) if it is true. I have not yet done my research to either prove or disprove it.
Ahmad Aldabbagh
A very detailed book, you will need to really concentrate and remember the characters in order to get the full understanding. Not meant to be a story in my opinion but a very detailed read of the life of the prophet. Would have likes to see the quranic verses introduced as and when they came down but that I guess would make the book too long. A must read for those looking for a more detailed explanation into the life of the prophet.
Ahmad Mushtaq
Jul 11, 2014 Ahmad Mushtaq rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Everyone!
Shelves: prophets
Love knowing more about the prophet.
Martin Lings did a great job in connecting the different puzzles together. The book requires some focus in the beginning as the reader will encounter many characters but then it will be easy once you have focused already.

I read the first 24% and the remaining I listened to the audio book version which can be found here for free:
Beautifully written, and exploring it through the audiobook version made it somehow an even more intimate experience. I would recommend Tariq Ramadan's In the Footsteps of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) alongside this, as the two authors go for a completely different, but equally beautiful, narrative style.
Santini Dewi
An excellent, concise and authenticated translation of the historical encounters of Muhammad's life. A book of history for all to read

After reading this book, felt how miss Him so deeply, wants to meet Him...
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Martin Lings was an English writer and scholar, a student and follower of Frithjof Schuon, and Shakespearean scholar. He is best known as the author of a very popular and positively reviewed biography, Muhammad: His Life Based on the Earliest Sources, first published in 1983 and still in print.

Lings was born in Burnage, Manchester in 1909 to a Protestant family. The young Lings gained an introduct...more
More about Martin Lings...
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“- The Azan story -

The five daily ritual prayers were regularly performed in congregation, and when the time for each prayer came the people would assemble at the site where the Mosque was being built. Everyone judged of the time by the position of the sun in the sky, or by the first signs of its light on the eastern horizon or by the dimming of its glow in the west after sunset; but opinions could differ, and the Prophet felt the need for a means of summoning the people to prayer when the right time had come. At first he thought of appointing a man to blow a horn like that of the Jews, but later he decided on a wooden clapper, ndqiis, such as the Oriental Christians used at that time, and two pieces of wood were fashioned together for that purpose. But they were never destined to be used; for one night a man of Khazraj, 'Abd Allah ibn Zayd, who had been at the Second 'Aqabah, had a dream whieh the next day he recounted to the Prophet: "There passed by me a man wearing two green garments and he carried in his hand a ndqiis, so I said unto him: "0 slave of God, wilt thou sell me that naqusi" "What wilt thou do with it?" he said. "We will summon the people to prayer with it," I answered. "Shall I not show thee a better way?" he said. "What way is that?" I asked, and he answered: "That thou shouldst say: God is most Great, Alldhu Akbar." The man in green repeated this magnification four times, then each of the following twice: I testify that there is no god but God; I testify that Muhammad is the messenger of God; come unto the prayer; come unto salvation; God is most Great; and then once again there is no god but God.
The Prophet said that this was a true vision, and he told him to go to Bilal, who had an excellent voice, and teach him the words exactly as he had heard them in his sleep. The highest house in the neighbourhood of the Mosque belonged to a woman of the clan of Najjar, and Bilal would come there before every dawn and would sit on the roof waiting for the daybreak. When he saw the first faint light in the east he would stretch out his arms and say in supplication: "0 God I praise Thee, and I ask Thy Help for Quraysh, that they may accept Thy religion." Then he would stand and utter the call to prayer.”
“In after-years he would tell of an incident that took place at one of their encampments: "We were with the Prophet when a Companion brought in a fledgling that he had caught, and one of the parent birds came and threw itself into the hands of him who had taken its young. I saw men's faces full of wonderment, and the Prophet said: 'Do ye wonder at this bird? Ye have taken its young, and it hath thrown itself down in merciful tenderness unto its young. Yet I swear by God, Your Lord is more merciful unto you than is this bird unto its fledgling. And he told the man to put back the young bird where he had found it.

He also said: "God hath a hundred mercies,and one of them hath He sent down amongst jinn and men and cattle and beasts of prey. Thereby they are kind and merciful unto one another, and thereby the wild creature inclineth in tenderness unto her offspring. And ninety-nine mercies hath God reserved unto Himself, that therewith He may show mercy unto His slaves on the day of the Resurrection.”
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