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Why Men Love Bitches: From Doormat to Dreamgirl - A Woman's Guide to Holding Her Own in a Relationship
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Why Men Love Bitches: From Doormat to Dreamgirl - A Woman's Guide to Holding Her Own in a Relationship

3.89 of 5 stars 3.89  ·  rating details  ·  22,068 ratings  ·  1,200 reviews
MORE THAN ONE MILLION COPIES SOLD!Do you feel like you are too nice? Sherry Argov's national bestseller "Why Men Love Bitches" delivers a unique perspective as to why men are attracted to a strong woman who stands up for herself. With saucy detail on every page, this no-nonsense guide reveals why a strong woman is much more desirable than a "yes woman" who routinely sacrif ...more
Paperback, 288 pages
Published October 1st 2002 by Adams Media Corporation (first published 2000)
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Maui Doctolero
Sep 06, 2007 Maui Doctolero rated it 5 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: YES
I bought it...
I read it...
I read it for the second time around...
I've learned so many things that I can't reveal because I discovered so many myself and even for the benefit of my significant other...
I applied it...
It worked...
It was successfuuuullll...
Last wordS...
Ahmed Diaa
“ لماذا يعشقُ الرجالُ العاهرات؟ : من ممسحة أحذية إلى فتاة أحلام , دليل المرأة للحفاظ على نفسها في العلاقة العاطفية “ .

تقول الكاتبة ان هذا العنوان الصادم ماهو إلا عنوان ساخر يصف ما تفكر فيه المرأة عندما تشعر بالاحتياج لرجل ما فتقدم له كل ما تعتقد انه يريده وإذ فجأة يتركها ليذهب إلى امرأة أخرى .. وأنها لا تقصد أبدا معناه الحرفي.

لن أتحدث عن محتوى الكتاب كاملا , فمحتواه على رغم صغره أكبر من أن يُناقش في مقالة واحدة , ولكن سأكتفي بمناقشة الفصل الثالث من الكتاب صاحب عنوان "The Candy Store" أو " محل ا
Bella Swan should have read this book!

I am not really into self-help books like this because I really don't give a damn about guys. Sure, guys are such fascinating creatures. Sometimes I want them. But most of the times, I just want them to leave me alone. And no, I am definitely NOT a man-hater, I told you, they fascinate me. But I just couldn't make myself give a damn on whether men I know think I'm a doormat or a dream girl. I have much better things to do than that. And if a guy doesn't li
Donnie Corrêa
Speaking of the book objectively: It contais a number of advices on pursuing something called "worthy man" or "good man". Such a man is romantic and cares for her potential partner, but is also childish, ego-oriented and selfish. He must be conducted by flattery and misconception. Many of the techniques showed in the book are going to work on a large number of males, in my opinion.

It is also of my opinion that the outcome of this book is disgusting. All the prescriptive and inductive methods on
I read this book because a friend suggested it and loaned it to me. I think this is a horrible book and I'll tell you why.

Most of the "men" described in this book are douchebags. Plain and simple. The author claims she got her information from actual men. Fine. I'm sure she did. But those men, if that is the type of information they gave her, are douchebags.

And, aren't we tired of dealing with douchebags by now? It's 2011 and I have self-respect. Too much self-respect to put up with a man who

This is the worst "self help" book I have ever read. The dumb fox theory completely negates the entire book. How are you going to prove you don't need a man around when you can't change a tire or lightbulb without him? RIDICULOUS! I'm not going to dumb myself down to make my boyfriend feel better about himself that's his insecurity issues to work on! This book basically teaches a woman how to play mind games and be passive agressive which in my opinion are NOT going to land you a healthy, long
المراه نوعين :الكتاب مبني على عشرين قاعدة اساسية يجب ان تفهمها كل امراة
القاعدة الاولى:
كل شيء يلاحقه المرء يهرب منه.
فاذا كنت تلاحقين زوجك بالاتصالات والاسئلة والتودد الزائد غير المبرر فهو حتما سيهرب لانك تضعينه تحت ضغط كبير وتحرمينه من التحدي للفوز برضاك فانت تكافئينه بمناسبة وبغير مناسبه فلم عساه يسعى لرضاك؟؟
القاعدة الثانية:
النساء اللاتي يتسلقن لهن الرجال الصعاب ليسو بالضرورة سيدات استثنائيات..!! وانما هم غالبا" من الصنف الذي لا يظهر الاهتمام الشديد والحاجة_ وانا اسميها تسول العاطفة_ الى تل
I felt compelled to write a review about this book because it changed the way I dated and most importantly changed the way I treated myself. This is one of the most influential self help books I have ever read and I have made all of my girlfriends read it. Sherri Argov is insightful and cuts through BS with her sword of truth. Yes the title is a bit much but you get the true meaning of the word bitch when you actually read the book. The underlying premise of the book is about having self respect ...more
I remember once, one of my friends told me that she'd been in a Ndwah held by Dr. Sana Abed. And as Dr. Sana always concern with girls' issues, problems and relationships, she advised all the girls to read this book. To say the truth, I was shocked. How come someone like her recommends such a horribly entitled book?!! ……. But now after I read it, I figured out that she just made a very important recommendation and MARVELOUS as well.

Why men love bitches ? is a help-self \ relatio
The fact is, you're not supposed to read a book like this, let alone like it. When this book came recommended to me from a few members of a woman's group I belonged to at the time, skeptical wouldn't begin to describe what I thought. I mean, the title alone kind of wants to make you gag. Most men hate bitches, don't they? This book can't help you find, keep or get a man, right? Well, right. But I think that's the whole point of the book and possibly its beauty.
After a few chapters, you realize
Nov 18, 2012 Dyuti rated it 5 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: All the women out there...
6 stars! A 100% honest book... Definitely worth keeping!
I first picked up this book attracted by the intriguing title. So how does Sherry Argov define a bitch?

Bitch (n): A woman who won’t bang her head against the wall obsessing over someone else’s opinion— be it a man or anyone else in her life. She understands that if someone does not approve of her, it’s just one person’s opinion; therefore, it’s of no real importance. She doesn't try to live up to anyone else’s standards— only her own. Beca
I picked up a used copy of this book as a gag gift, and my fascination with the intensive note-taking and underlining the previous owner had done in the copy lead me to read a good chunk of this book.
Of what I read the basic concepts are acceptable enough; women should value their dignity and not allow their suitors to take advantage of them. However, the idea that a woman with a backbone is a "bitch", and the idea that women must be manipulative to gain fair treatment in a relationship (as de
I read this book several years ago when I was younger and not so smart. At the time I had been dating someone for about 6 months without the title or commitment and unfortunately, I was the girl in this book. A few months later I got tired of the bs and turned into the " bitch" that this book tells you to be, not because I did it intentionally, but because I just didn't care anymore. And guess what, IT WORKED! he did a 180 and was the one chasing and wanting the commitment. I gave it a shot but ...more
Kenia Perez
This book is great advice for any women are are pushovers. I think it's geared for those women, so that's why the book's content can seem so extreme and harsh. But before people pass judement on the book, the author Sherry Argov, points out from the beginning what she really means by the work 'Bitch' within the content of her book. She says NO woman should be what most people picture when they think of a bitch: abrassive, bad attitude, ungrateful, mean, etc... What Sherry means by the word bitch ...more
ياسمين ثابت

Why men love bitches?
May be because they deserve bitches

في العربي بقرأ بسرعة انما في الانجليزي اني سلحفاه ....الكتاب ده اخد معايا اكتر من اسبوع ومش بس اخد معايا وقت طويل بالرغم من حجمه الصغير لا وكمان كان بيرهقني جدا كل ما اخلص فصل مابين الورق والمترجم على اللابتوب صراحة عانيت هههههههه

وبالرغم انه يعتبر كتاب تنمية بشرية (من نوعية اعمل كذا عشان تبقى كذا ....على اساس اني معرفش يعني؟ مانا عارف بس مش عارف اعمل ) وبالرغم اني مابحبش ابدا كتب التنمية البشرية بس عشان اتشجع واقرا انجليزي كتاب كامل على بعض
Lili Marlene
Oct 10, 2007 Lili Marlene rated it 1 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: girls who need advice on how to act less needy
This book in my opinion Really sucks.
beacuse I believe anyone strategizing sooo much to not be treated like a "door mat" needs advice on self steem NOT on how to trick men.
In my opinion you are trying to fix something that is not the root of the problem.
Lilly G
Nov 11, 2007 Lilly G rated it 3 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: the single ladies in the house
Ok, first of all, I know you're reading this and rolling your eyes!!! (hi Jafar, hi Rustam!) It was a gag gift I got from my friend for my birthday so I gave it a whirl while I was at the gym- and finished it in a snap. It's actually pretty good! Bitch isn't really "bitch" in the traditional sense of the word. Basically her point is that women should have their own lives going on and that that's more attractive to men. Seriously since this is news to so many women, I'm happy for the author that ...more
Although this book contains some good advice, handy tips and plenty of focus on self-worth, it has one fault that prevents it from covering all bases. The author's theories all work on the premise of traditional gender roles. There is a lot of focus on the alpha male stereotype, and throughout the book the idea that all women have the same goals in a relationship is prevalent.

Not everybody fits into the author's polar presentations of male and female. She draws a lot from anecdotal evidence, an
Mr. Angelina loves this book because he feels vindicated. He is in MAD hearts with the queen bitch (me, unless he has some other special lady friend I don't know about. In which case I have one thing to say: SHARE GODDAMIT.)

At three in the morning when a booty call won't take the hint, a gal doesn't call her mousy friend. She calls me. And with a hearty, "You're gonna have to get on up out of here, mutherfucker!" the assclown is tossed out on his keister. And if he doesn't back sass i might even
Jun 16, 2007 Syreeta rated it 3 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: As Marsha any single woman who is a "nice girl"
Wow, where do I start...I would never have read this book just because of the horrible title. However, I'm glad Marsha explained the title so that I could get by the "horrible" name thing I was dealing with. This book gave me a little insight to why nice women like myself sometimes finish last and can't seem to get a nice guy in line to "do right"...well, since right is a matter of perception and interpretation I better say for a man to treat her like the queen that she is.. I enjoyed this book ...more
Why Men Love Bitches is a great self-help book for women who end up putting too much of themselves into a relationship either habitually or particular to one relationship. If you do not have problems with giving too much of yourself to a relationship, then don't even bother to read this book. It's not intended for you.

Me? I do have the tendency to give my all (too much) so this book was very helpful for me. Does it say stuff that I already know? Of course. Any good self-help book is stating comm
والله كتاب جميل,معرفش ليه ناس كتير بتوقف عند العنوان,ايه يا اخوالنا ما درستوش بلاغة فى تانية ثانوى واللا ايه:)),ممتع الكتاب ,طريقة العرض,المنهج المعتمد من ناحية الكاتبة لا يشعرك لا بالملل ولا بالنفور,يمثل خطرا ساحقا ماحقا علينا,معشر الشباب والرجال الغلابة"جدا والله:)))",ولكنه اضافة لكلا النوعين الانسانيين اذا ما صلحت النوايا للاستفادة مما يقدمه الكتاب من نصائح وملاحظات,واخيرا وقبل ان أترككم فى رعاية الله وأمنه,حبيت هنا أحط ريفيو عجبنى,لاخينا فى الانسانية سام,من باب الحوار مع الاخر"اللى انا معرفو ...more
Arabian Rihanna
I heard about this book before, but the title discouraged me from reading it, because I thought that "bitches" meant, well, you know, actual bitches. But when a friend insisted that this becomes my "Bible", I thought I'd give it a shot.

The author makes a few valid points. However, I didn't like three things:
1) The movie references. Some of us don't have the slightest clue about Jenna Robinstone in "The Jogging Maid of Honor". See what I did there?
2) The anecdotes. I didn't think the stories ment
Soha Sleem
Well, apart from the title ... which I believe was chosen for pure marketing reasons, I could relate to every part of this book, and I was happy knowing that I'm doing it right. The book gives women reassurance that hey dont need to be anythin but themselves, it seeks to empower women and free them from the enslavement they put themselves under when they choose to be committed in a relationship and totally disregard their own needs. It's a book about self respect and how to maintain it during yo ...more
. I fell in love w/ this book because it opened up my eyes to things I thought is right & okay in dealing w/ a man.
First and foremost it says in the book that being a bitch doesn't mean you are rude or a whore. The term "bitch" means being independent and a woman who stand to her own principles. What i learned most in this book is that being nice and kind is a necessity only when a guy is worth keeping and that he knows your value. In contrary, being nice & kind to an asshole who doesn't
When reading this book, if you replace the word "bitch" with "strong independent woman", it deserves a three star rating. Otherwise, it should get maybe a two and a half star.

There were parts where I felt the author tried too hard to seem sassy. This sometimes made the advice come across as juvenile. I would think that in adult relationships, honesty, communication and maturity should be more important than manipulation and playing games with each other.

I did agree with, and could even relate
The title shocked me at first! ... Although I was kinda agree with the description "bitch" literally! :D
In the first few pages Sherry explained what she meant by "bitch". She is the "strong" woman.
Generally Sherry repeats herself a lot with numerous unneeded examples! All thoughts here can be gathered in less than 20 pages. I found Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man more useful, heavier and to the point!

Yeah...more pop analyses. The title itself is a dead giveaway. Perhaps if more people focused who they are on the inside and their own personal purpose in life we would not have books like this. Perhaps if we did not nurture these so called gender defined pathetic behaviours we would all be better off huh? Not for me. Maybe you'll like it. I don't.
I have a little problem with the use of the phrase 'bitch' which is ( a term used to undermine a powerful woman) in a self-help book geared towards women

Moving on...

This book is for every woman who can't figure out how men think and why they do alot of the stupid things that they do :-)

If you have a partner of 20 years and you dont know if he loves you, this book is for you

If your man doesnt pay any attention tp you and his kids , this book is for you


Because we need to acknowledge the fact
If your the type of woman who find yourself always doing and giving and giving and doing before you even get the "gf" tittle to later get dropped like a bad habit without an explanation then this book right here will let you know WHAT'S UP! This is like the relationship bible for women who are needy, insecure and got their priorities out of order. You know who you are. I know it's hard to admit that your any of this things but come on every woman has experienced if not one all of this traits at ...more
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Sherry Argov is the author of Why Men Marry Bitches, and her work has appeared in over thirty magazines including Cosmopolitan, Self, Glamour, and First for Women. Sherry's work has been featured on national television shows such as The View and The O'Reilly Factor, and has been praised by the Los Angeles Times and Publishers Weekly. Why Men Love Bitches is also a live theater production abroad, a ...more
More about Sherry Argov...
Why Men Marry Bitches: A Woman's Guide to Winning Her Man's Heart Pourquoi les hommes adorent les chieuses

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“Bitch (noun): A woman who won't bang her head against the wall obsessing over someone else's opinion - be it a man or anyone else in her life. She understands that if someone does not approve of her, it's just one person's opinion; therefore, it's of no real importance. She doesn't try to live up to anyone else's standards - only her own. Because of this, she relates to a man very differently.” 682 likes
“Be an independent thinker at all times, and ignore anyone who attempts to define you in a limiting way.” 335 likes
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