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اساطير يونان
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اساطير يونان

3.94 of 5 stars 3.94  ·  rating details  ·  1,465 ratings  ·  110 reviews
Some of the oldest and most famous stories in the world—the adventures of Perseus, the labors of Heracles, the voyage of Jason and the Argonauts—are vividly retold in this single, connected narrative of the Heroic Age, from the coming of the Immortals to the first fall of Troy. With fresh dialogue and a brisk pace, the myths of this version are enthrallingly vivid.
Paperback, 224 pages
Published 2001 by سروش (first published 1958)
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Adrian Anderson
I remember this book being in our English Literature class' reading list. I loved it. I think it is geared more to the young mind than to an adults as, yes, the narrative is aimed more to adventure and action as opposed to a more deep and profound account of the Greek mindset and way of life in those times.

That said, I too enjoyed Green's idea of linking the stories and forming a more coherent continuity with an ultimate end goal - Defeating The Giants. All the heroes were on Zeus's short list.

3.5 Stars

Ah, Greek mythology, one of my pet passions. Like most people my introduction to the world of Greek mythology came through a children’s book that retold some of the more popular and enduring legends – Heracles, Odysseus, and Jason. That particular book will always have a very special place in my heart (and on my bookshelf). It wasn’t, however, this book.

Although objectively a much more comprehensive, intelligent, and less simplified introduction to Greek mythology than many of the brigh
I decided to read this book because I like Greek myths and it is a short stories novel, so it was easy to read and enjoyable. This book is for the bingo board square 'three short stories from one anthology', I liked this category because it is easy to find and read. The three stories I chose from the novel are 'The coming of the immortals', 'Hermes and Apollo' and 'the story of Prometheus'.

My favourite quote from these stories is 'If you are lucky enough to visit the beautiful land of Greece you
Mariana Orantes
Este libro lo compré en la feria del libro infantil y juvenil con la suerte de que me lo cobraron como otro libro y me salió muy barato. Pertenece a las novedades editoriales de la colección Alas y raices que en estos últimos años han reeditado verdaderas joyas, a precios accesibles y con un formato bonito y noble para los lectores. La traducción es muy buena y viene con algunas ilustraciones, lo que se agradece. Yo creo que todos los niños deberían leer este libro que está muy bien contado y ar ...more
Edy Gies
I absolutely loved this book. The author's retelling of the Greek myths is exactly what I've been looking for to share with my middle school students. I also like that the author was a friends of Tolkien and C.S. Lewis. Oh, to be in that book discussion group! This particular edition has an introduction by Rick Riodrdan in which he explains that this is the first book he read about mythology as a kid and it made him dream of being a Hero. I want my kids to see that without classic literature the ...more
Jolene Aho
“Tales of the Greek Heroes” is a collection of Greek myths. The first chapter introduces the Greek gods and how stories about them originated. Subsequent chapters tell the stories of many familiar Greek gods such as Zeus, Apollo, Athena, Poseidon, Hades, and many more. At the end of the book, there are maps of Greece, a list of “who’s who” in Greek myths, and a glossary. This appendix helps make the book more accessible to students.
“Tales of the Greek Heroes” is an example of traditional literat
This has to be the best, simple account of the Greek myths. Reading and re-reading it as a child, I got to know all the main stories as real heroes, not dusty school-room exercises. Heracles is the big figure, and I guess I responded to him the way my son responds to Spiderman. There are hints of something disturbing in his tale (killing his family!) and in the Jason story, too. I also liked Prometheus and thought Zeus was pretty mean to him. And what about those gods? I found them much more int ...more
Excellent, It gives a general overview of Greek Mythology from the coming of the immortals to the battle of the giants. Ideal for an introduction..
Djibril Branche
English 7-2
Book Review

Tales of Greek Heroes by Rodger Lancelyn Green was a book that consisted of many different mythological stories. The theme I found prevalent in all of the stories was that there was an answer to everything. Since this was a collection of short stories there were many settings. All of them were part of Greece with the exception of the mythological mountain Olympus. Athens and Troy were also major settings throughout the story. This book had many short st
Más de un milenio de mitos y leyendas de la antigua Grecia se unen en una sola narración para conocer mortales y dioses. Sus aventuras son de las más antiguas y emocionantes del mundo
Izzy W
The book Tales of the Greek Heroes written by Roger Lancelyn is an adventurous book filled with all sorts of monstrous creatures. The thing I really liked in the book is that before you began a chapter there would be a quote. The quote would give you insight and clues to the following chapter. I did not like how some chapters would be about a certain character and then a different one, then came back to the first character. I recommend this book to people who have a thirst for adventure and have ...more
I've loved Greek mythology ever since I read lavishly illustrated versions of The Odyssey and myths and legends as a child. This year it's my goal to read Homer's Iliad and Odyssey (and then the Percy Jackson series!) so I thought I'd start with a refresher first. Roger Lancelyn Green spins a truly 'magic web' in this compelling compilation of heroic tales, weaving them together into a coherent and chronological whole rather than piecemeal glimpses. That said, I did often find myself flipping ba ...more
Princess Dil
It's clearly for kids or young teens but it's a really good book nonetheless.
I just finished Roberto Calassos book on Greek myths and after that heavy tome, this was a nice light read. It's well written and what I like most about it is the way way he tries to weave the stories into each other and put it to a timeline, which I haven't found in the other retellings I've read. It makes the characters names easier to remember as they are multiple associations with each name and it seems like one lon
Daniel Korn Korn

Usually when people hear the words ancient Greek myths they think of boring people with boring powers that rule over things. I really like the book Tales of the Greek Heroes by Roger Lancelyn Green because it shows the true colors of ancient Greek Myths, their meanings, relations, action, sadness, happiness, heroism and much more. This book is intended for people of all ages. This book is a collection of ancient Greek myths that are formed into short stories and translated into English. This boo
A very good book, personal without being annoyingly so. It's good because a lot of myth tellings can seem extremely static and get boring. It's the perfect balance. Obviously, a bit is slightly changed because it's aimed to a younger audience. For example, they refer to the lovers of Zeus and his "wives" and he'll do something like be married to someone for a day. In reality he being a complete horndog and turning himself into bulls and rhubarb to get into anyone's pants. But, you know, that's k ...more
M.G. Bianco
In Rick Riordan's Introduction, he claims the Roger Green stories are what interested him as kid in Greek mythology, leading to his writing as an adult. I can see why.

Green's retelling of the Greek myths are very good, and connected as one narrative, making the overall book easier to read. They are captivating and interesting, and excellent for youths to read for the whetting of their mythological appetites.

On the other hand, as an adult, they are incomplete. It leaves out detailed descriptions
Jan 27, 2015 ^ rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommended to ^ by: All possessing a cultural interest in Greek mythology
RLG thinks Big. Once more he retells and folds individual stories together to form a coherent ‘description’ of the Heroic Age. That rational act makes these stories so very much easier to remember. There’s also a helpful list of the Greek and Latin names of the Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Greece at the back of the book, together with a map of the route taken by Heracles and the Argonauts.

As ever, RLG’s gift for describing action is superb; for example: “Flinging aside the corpse of his cruel f
Another good retelling of stories by Green, weaving tales from the Age of Heroes together into one coherent narrative. I've read Greek myths before, but less about the mortal heroes and I was familiar with only half of the stories in this book. It's a great introduction to Greek myths, even if it focuses less on the gods and more on the heroes. The writing is clear and easy, and I like the author's note at the end explaining where his source material came from and how closely he stuck to it (hin ...more
A really introduction to Greek mythology, suitable for young readers and a quick refresher for people who don't have time to read the epics.

It is a little grisly at parts, but tame compared to the stories written for adults.

Those Greek immortals really were a fickle and cruel bunch with an odd notion of morality. I am looking forward to reading "The Tale of Troy" by the same author before I have another crack at the Illiad.
Moeen Ghafoor
A good book. The writer takes off the story in a very nice way for everyone to understand though it lacked at some points like the writer never mentioned what happened to the Olympians after winning the war against the giants moreover, there was no account how the heroes died or how the Greek mythology started to perish but still it can act as a good starter for anyone who wishes to study Greek mythology in depth.
Ha pasado un buen tiempo desde que un libro no me atrapa así (aunque creo que es por el tiempo libre que tengo en estos momentos), ha sido entretenido comparar a las películas inspiradas en los héroes de la mitología griega con lo que se ve en este libro no puedo ver la película de Hercules (Disney) con los mismos ojos sabiendo como termino su vida.
This book was my first exposure to Greek mythology. So it really helped that the author has tried to weave the different stories together into a coherent tale. This book is meant for young readers but it worked for me because there are so many characters and so many plots that a more complicated writing style would have left me confused.
This re-issued book of stories about the Greek heroes focuses on some of the gods but mainly narrates the adventures of the mortal heroes, especially Heracles. The author tells numerous stories, dividing the narrative into separate chapters based on the story being focused on, and does an excellent job bringing all the tales together by starting at the beginning with the rise of the gods and continuing through the tale of how Heracles saves them. Though the writing is stiff at times and many of ...more
After reading (and becoming slightly obsessed with) Percy Jackson, I came away with a fairly substantial knowledge of Greek gods and myths and bought this just to fill in the gaps. While I loved getting to know the full stories, sometimes there were just too many names thrown around: this person married this person and they had 3 children named this, this and this who then went on to marry /insert name here/ who was the daughter of this other person who then died after their encounter with yet a ...more
Tales of the Greek Heroes was a very intereesting read, even though I've read about these stories many times. Roger Green really goes into the details about Greek mythology, and he introduces new characters that I've never heard of before. Adding new characters was good, but it got me really confused. I had to turn back a page to find out when Roger introduced those characters, and even then I didn't get it. I enjoyed this book because it didn't focus a lot on the Greek Gods, but focused more on ...more
Kristy Gurung
I've always loved Greek and Egyptian mythology. When I found the Percy Jackson series, I literally screamed in the middle of the bookstore. This book is a godsend(pun intended). I never knew Pan was the son of Hermes, that fact will stick with me for a long time. Highly recommend it.
I liked reading this book; however, I felt there was too much information regarding minor characters that took away from the stories. I believe that the author intended to expand on the myths that most of us know by doing this but in some cases it was ‘enough is enough’. IMHO.
Ahmad Sharabiani
یادم نمیآید، در این کتاب بود که خواندم یا جای دیگر، از افسانه های یونان بود، برایش قطعه ای نوشتم، اینجا میکارم شما آبیاریش کنید
توضیح: «نیوبه» دختر تانتالوس ملکه ی تـِب بود، مادر شش پسر و شش دختر، او از داشتن چنان فرزندانی لاف برتری بر «لتو» زد. «آرتمیس» همه ی دختران و «آپولون» جمله ی پسران او را کشتند، شاید هم برعکس یادم نمانده خوب، «نیوبه» چندان گریست که مبدل به ستونی سنگی بر کوه «ستیپولوس» در «لیدیا» شد. گویند همواره اشک آن مادر از آن کوه روان بود

دختر تانتال در ساحل فریگیه سنگ شد، و دختران «پا
All grek mythology is cool, even the weakest mythology is cool to read. I love how the cover is showing the gorgan's head. If I had to write a book about greeks and their ways, I would do it like this book. Team Gods for life
Alireza Alef
یه کتاب از بخش عمده ای از جریانات عصر اساطیری و قهرمانی یونان باستان و غرب که خیلی خوب به طور خلاصه اون دوره رو تشریح کرده. علی رقم اینکه تعداد داستانها و نفراتی که داستانهاشون گفته میشه زیاده و هی اسامی نامانوس جدید گفته میشه اما متنش آدم رو خسته نمیکنه و براحتی آدم در داستانها غرق میشه و این در حالیه که کتاب بعدی این نویسنده به اسم افسانه تروا که ادامه عصر اسطوره ای رو شرح داده به جذابیت این کتاب نیست. این کتاب واسه کسی که مایل باشه به صورت سریع یه مطالعه ای در مورد اساطیر یونان داشته باشه خیل ...more
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Roger (Gilbert) Lancelyn Green was a British biographer and children's writer. He was an Oxford academic who formed part of the Inklings literary discussion group along with C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien. Born in 1918 in Norwich, England, Green studied under C. S. Lewis at Merton College, Oxford, where he obtained a B.Litt. degree. He delivered the 1968 Andrew Lang lecture. Green lived in Cheshire ...more
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