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Behind the Bedroom Wall
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Behind the Bedroom Wall

3.95  ·  Rating Details  ·  2,829 Ratings  ·  196 Reviews
In 1939, ten-year-old Korinna Rehme becomes a member of her local Jungmaedel, a Nazi youth group. She believes that Hitler is helping the world by dealing with what he calls the "Jewish problem." When Korinna discovers that her parents are secretly hiding Jews in their house and helping them to escape the city, she is shocked. And her loyalties are put to an extreme test w ...more
Paperback, 169 pages
Published June 1st 1996 by Milkweed Editions (first published January 1st 1996)
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Nov 12, 2015 Yader is currently reading it
Shelves: its-good
So far I ahveread a few chapters and it's getting very interesting and it is making me think about it when I am forced to stop reading. So far Katherine is at a difficult choice she can either tell her Germany group that her parents and hiding Jews or she can continue and risk being titled as a betrayer of the mother land.
Apr 02, 2012 Abby rated it liked it
Shelves: ya-lit-2012
Plot Summary:

The setting of this story is in Nazi Germany at the beginning of the Holocaust. Korrina is a proud German who is a member of the Fungmadel, which is a youth group for Nazi youth. She and her friends had been taught to make sweet buns, go on nature hikes, and spy on people that seemed un-German in any way. Korrina had recently told her Father that she thought she heard mice behind her bedroom wall. Her father reassured her that he would put out traps and even bought her a cat. To her
Mar 20, 2014 Anna rated it really liked it
This was a very unique book. It is about a girl named korianna and her family are all loyal germans. During WW2, she finds out her parents are hiding Jews behind her bedroom wall. She has to decide weither to turn them in, or keep quiet. It was very well writen and was not too long or too short. Overall, i enjoyed it!!!
Justin Limardo
Sep 28, 2014 Justin Limardo rated it really liked it
How would it feel to have your entire religious group persecuted for crimes they had not committed? In the novel Behind the Bedroom Wall, by Laura Williams, this is exactly what happened. All of the events in this story revolve around a German family living in Nazi Germany during World War Two. The novel points out that the beliefs of society are not always correct, and one should not always follow them.
In this story, a girl named Korrina adapts to the society’s views on Jews, but later realize
Nov 21, 2015 Bella rated it really liked it
This book is about a little girl whose parents are protecting a family of Jews during Nazi Germany. The girl has no idea that behind the closet in her room is a secret room where a family is living. She was confused and conflicted on what to do because in school she was being taught that the Jews are the enemy and anyone helping them are breaking the law. Korinna becomes friends with Rachel the young Jewish girl being hidden in her house. When the Nazis become suspicious of Korinna's family they ...more
Hannah Kennie
Oct 30, 2014 Hannah Kennie rated it really liked it
I loved this book. Korinna is the main character. Korinna's dad get's her a cat because he say's there's mice in the walls. Korinna looks under a dresser to see if she can find a hole where the mice are climbing through. She see's some hatches. It's a secret door hidden behind the dresser. She open's the door and see's two people. There is an adult and a child. At first she is confused because she thought that her family worshiped and loved Adolf Hitler. Whenever her parent's try to do anything ...more
Mar 16, 2016 Cathy rated it liked it  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: young-adult
Nazi Germany from the perspective of a family who tries to hide a Jewish mother and daughter and whose own daughter is a member of one of Hitler's youth groups and sees her parents as traitors. A quick and easy read that reminds us that not all Germans were Nazis and not everyone was afraid to take a stand against them.
Oct 07, 2010 Rebecca rated it it was amazing  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Middle/High Schoolers
Shelves: i-own-it, five-star

Behind the Bedroom Wall by Laura E. Williams is about a 13-year-old German girl named Korianna, and it's set during World War 2. She is very loyal to Hitler and her local Jungmadel, a Nazi youth group. However, everything changes when Korianna finds out that her parents are hiding Jews and helping them escape from Germany. She has to decide who she is loyal to and reconsider everything she has always been told.

I really enjoyed this book because it had a great message and a very exciting plot. I

Apr 22, 2015 Alexis rated it it was amazing
This was a good book as well. You'd be amazed of what tho young girl did for a couple of Jews.
Sarah Crawford
Feb 03, 2016 Sarah Crawford rated it really liked it
This is a story about life in Germany in 1942. The war had already started and Germany seemed to be an unstoppable power. Wars do not affect just soldiers, though; they have an effect on all life in a country and Germany was no exception.

Korianna is a thirteen-year-old girl who is a "good" Nazi youth, a member of the Jungmadel, an organization for children who the Nazi party wanted to make sure had the "proper" ideas and beliefs of a loyal member of the Nazi party.

Korianna is being taught to ha
Aleksandra Petrovich
This is a story set in Nazi Germany just at the onset of the Holocaust. It is about a 13-year-old German girl Korrina, who is a member of a youth Nazi group Jungmadel. Korrina accepts her society’s views about Jews and supports Hitler’s program to solve the “Jewish problem,” even as she sees her Jewish neighbors being taken away. At home, Korrina often hears noises behind the wall, but her father reassures her it’s the mice and buys her a cat. However, one day she discovers that her parents have ...more
Maxzine Rossler
Behind the Bedroom wall is a book about Hitler and the Holocaust. Korinna is a 13 year old who is part of a Nazi youth group, and thinks that everything Hitler is doing is for the good. What Korinna does not know is that her parents are actually hiding a family behind the wall of her bedroom and plan on helping them escape one day. Once she finds out she is torn between what is right according to society and her family. Should she tell someone?
Behind the Bedroom Wall has a lexile score of 660L w
Dec 17, 2014 Katie rated it it was amazing
Korinna loves her fatherland she'll do anything to help turn in any un-german,traitors,or jew lovers. Until she finds out what she thought was mice in her walls where her parents harboring JEWS! and her parents were harboring them She took her black notebook and wrote 5 words that could get her parents killed "My Parents are The enemy" She ends up befriending a little Jewess the one her parents were harboring along with her mother and later her father her names Rachel. When her friend Rita stumb ...more
Madyson Cornish
Oct 21, 2015 Madyson Cornish rated it it was amazing
I gave this book a 5/5 star rating, because this book was hard for me to put down. I suggest reading this book if you are interested in nonfiction or based off a true story book. This book is about a thirteen year old girl who is a German. She is also an active member of an local Nazi youth group. She finds out that her parents are hiding jews behind her bedroom wall, hints the title. She struggles to decide on staying loyal to the Nazis and turning her parents in or joining her parents in their ...more
Barbara Dubnick
May 18, 2012 Barbara Dubnick rated it it was amazing
i thought it was wonderful!
Laura really knew how to make the Holocaust a touching and heartwarming story! in the beginning i hated how much the jewish kids were bullied so harshly, but Korinna stepped up and took a risk.
H.R.H. Carpathia
Jul 30, 2015 H.R.H. Carpathia rated it really liked it
You don't always get to hear both sides of the story but in "Behind the bedroom wall" You get just that. We read many books about the jewish people and or the people that hid them in the story is set from one view or the other. This one was different because it begins with a girl who is not only proud of her country but a lover of Hitler and all of the things he has promised. I enjoyed this book because it goes to show you that people can change both for better and worst and it also teachers rea ...more
Jan 05, 2010 Taressa rated it really liked it
Just finished reading this with my daughters. The main character is close to their age. Great insights into what it was like to live in Nazi Germany during WW II and to be a child in Hilter's youth army.
Sarah Crawford
Feb 19, 2016 Sarah Crawford rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
This is a story about life in Germany in 1942. The war had already started and Germany seemed to be an unstoppable power. Wars do not affect just soldiers, though; they have an effect on all life in a country and Germany was no exception.

Korianna is a thirteen-year-old girl who is a "good" Nazi youth, a member of the Jungmadel, an organization for children who the Nazi party wanted to make sure had the "proper" ideas and beliefs of a loyal member of the Nazi party.

Korianna is being taught to hat
Jared Vamvakias
Jan 30, 2015 Jared Vamvakias rated it it was amazing
I liked this story because I like to read about the Holocaust because I like to know what people did to help the Jews be safe. Reading about the Holocaust isn't the easiest, and if you don't like to read about what happened to the Jews than I don't suggest reading about it. This book wasn't as some of the others I have read because this was about
how Karinna had to switch her opinion about the Jewish people. She started out as a very loyal German but as the book preceded she started to side with
Mar 11, 2012 Amelia rated it really liked it
Behind the Bedroom Wall is about a young German teen Korinna Rehme. Korinna along with other German teens were brainwashed into thinking that what the Nazi government is doing is to better their country. Knowing that you would be killed for hiding Jews, her parents take two Jews into hiding behind Korinna's own bedroom wall. As she comes to find this out, she is disgusted and is planning on turning them in. As the book progresses, Korinna's realization of how inhuman the Fuhrer is being in the ...more
Radha Sukhu
“Behind the Bedroom Wall” is a novel from the time period of World War II, in 1942. Korinna lives in Germany, and is an active member in Jungmadel, a Nazi organization for young girls. She fervently believes in aiding her homeland by ridding it of Jews, and praises Hitler. She believes her parents are the same way, until she discovers a little Jewish girl named Rachel and her mother hiding behind the wardrobe in her room. Stuck between her love for her parents and her loyalty to Hitler, she must ...more
Sep 07, 2013 Gale rated it liked it

Thirteen-year-old Korinna must abruptly come of age—into the harshly adult world of Nazi brutality. One of three close friends she enjoys school and to some extent the special (semi-required) weekly meetings of the Jugend Madel Club: Hitler’s separate youth organizations for Boys and Girls. These meetings promote fierce patriotism to the Fatherland and demand absolute loyalty to the Fuhrer—raising normal national pride to the status of a religious passion. There is no sacrifice
Samantha Wagner
Apr 17, 2013 Samantha Wagner rated it really liked it
The book, Behind the Bedroom Wall, written by Laura E. Williams is a captivating story. It starts with a girl by the name of Korinna Rehme and her two friends heading back from their “club.” This “club” is their local Jungmadel, or Nazi youth group. All three are active and lively members willing to work for the cause being taught. Suddenly though Korinna’s world is turned upside down with the discovery of what’s hiding behind her bedroom wall. She faces many emotional battles on whether or not ...more
Jun 10, 2009 Tiffanyy added it
Shelves: books-o8-o9
This book is about a German girl named Korinna that is also brain washed like everyone else during Hitler’s dictation. She thought that Jews were the enemy and they deserve everything they suffered from. But her parents are part of a secret society that helps Jewish people and behind Korinna’s wall are two Jews hiding. It affected her a lot because it made her feel that Jewish people were also humans and they don’t deserve this. She is still loyal to Germany but then she also have second thought ...more
Nov 04, 2015 Ashley rated it really liked it
This book was somewhat reading worthy. Though the WW2 plot was interesting, as well as the perspective, but, the many faults, in my own opinion, would include the somewhat majority of tedious chapters. Something that would be praiseworthy, though, would be the excitement in a few of the chapters. The characters are also quite relatable. In conclusion, this book has a gripping story, but there are many tedious chapters.
Aug 29, 2012 Kendall rated it it was amazing  ·  review of another edition
All the books I read about Nazi Germany and concentration camps were in the perspective of the Jews and those helping them. Behind the Bedroom Wall followed Korinna, a young girl who was a loyal member in the Jungmadel, the youth group of the Nazis. Korinna has total faith in Hitler and believes him when he claims that the Jews are the problem. She is shocked and horrified when she finds that her parents are hiding a Jewish family in her house. She is torn between her loyalty to her country or h ...more
Feb 22, 2014 Malissa rated it it was amazing
I was about nine when I had read this book. I had spotted it in the school library and found it to be very interesting. I believe I did a book report report on it that year.

I really loved this book. I couldn't remember the name of it for years, then I thought I'd Google it one day. I was so happy to have found it. It's definitely a book I would love to read again.
Kristen Piersanti
May 04, 2015 Kristen Piersanti rated it it was amazing
This book is so awesome because it came out not the way I expected! Korinna is a loyal German who believes that Hitler is doing a good job by taking care of "the Jewish problem". But, when she finds out that her loyal, German parents are hiding Jews in their house, she is very shocked. When she first saw the Jews, she thought they were ghosts. She was very angry at her parents since she knew that they were loyal to Hitler. A wonderful thriller book and a must-read!!!!!
May 28, 2014 Rhonda rated it really liked it
Great young adult novel about a young German girl, Korinna, who has pretty much been brainwashed to believe Nazi Propaganda. Hitler is like God and the Nazis are doing God's work....then she discovers that her parents are hiding Jews behind her bedroom wall. Korinna now has a huge dilemma....turn in her parents or go against all that she believes.
Harut Musaderyan
Dec 26, 2011 Harut Musaderyan rated it it was amazing
The book "Behind the Bedroom Wall" is a story about the life of a 13 year old girl named Korianna that is obsessed with her leader and the love for her country Germany. Korianna loves her country so much that she even stays at after-school programs, for example the Jungmadel, the teachers make sure that the love of the country grows in the children. One day Korianna finds out that her parents are not actually "loyal" citizens, because they have been hiding jews behind Korianna's bedroom wall and ...more
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