The Color of Water (Color Trilogy, #2)
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The Color of Water (Color Trilogy #2)

3.82 of 5 stars 3.82  ·  rating details  ·  883 ratings  ·  139 reviews
When Ehwa goes to the town festival, she meets a handsome young wrestler named Duksam who’s eager to catch her eye. After he wins the festival wrestling championship, he and Ehwa begin to meet, sneaking spare moments to be together. But a shadow falls on their romance when Master Cho sends Duksam away and asks for Ehwa’s hand in marriage himself It is then that Ehwa discov...more
Paperback, 320 pages
Published June 9th 2009 by First Second (first published 2003)
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Masa-masa paling menakutkan bagi orang tua kala anaknya beranjak dewasa
dan kalau teman dari si anak layaknya Bongsoon, bisa-bisa saya pasung anak saya karena ketakutan.. kekekekekekekek..

Na'aaaaaa, i won't do such thing..
Kalau saya bisa membangun komunikasi yang baik seperti Ehwa dan ibunya, saya rasa saya tidak perlu khawatir
Komunikasi yang indah
Penuh dengan filosofi dan rangkaian puisi

Ehwa, remaja yang kecewa karena dua kisah cinta monyetnya tidak ada yang berhasil
Yang membuatnya percaya...more
Kehidupan Ehwa semasa remaja, hingga menjelang dewasa. Dimana Ehwa mulai mengenal cinta dan main rahasia-rahasiaan dengan ibunya. APakah remaja jelang dewasa gitu ya? Suka rahasia-rahasiaan?

Si kecilku masih terbuka menceritakan apa saja yang terjadi padanya; di sekolah, di rumah. Tapi suatu hari dia akan diam seolah menyimpan sesuatu rahasia yang tak ingin dibagi-bagi ke siapapun, termasuk ibunya. Jadi, sebelum masa itu datang, kukan membuka telinga dan mata lebar-lebar untuk mendengarkan dia....more
Harun Harahap
Meskipun wanita berusaha menyembunyikan sesuatu, mata mereka tak bisa berbohong. Matamu mengungkapkan segalanya. (15)

Kuberitahu yah Ehwa, lelaki pun sama. Lihatlah mata kami, lalu kau akan mengetahui apakah kami berbohong atau tidak.


lanjutan review entah kapan, belom ada ide lagi.
In the second book novel in the Color Trilogy, Ehwa continues her journey of becoming a young woman and finding her true love. She is discovering her new body and her sexuality. If you are reading this with your child, you should know that there is a masturbation scene but it is not graphic. It is just Ehwa continuing on her path to womanhood.

This book is, also, about the relationship between a mother and daughter. Ehwa’s mother yearns for her own love while at the same time educating Ehwa on fi...more
The Colour of Water is such a seamless transition from The Colour of Earth that I feel everything I said in that review can be applied to this book as well. The messages about sex, the mother-daughter relationship, the story of Ehwa gradually maturing, and even the heavy-laden metaphors about nature are all here in full force.

Going into this series I had known that it was challenged in libraries for its discussion of sex, but I didn't know what the story would exactly entail. This series is de...more
Penulis : Kim Dong Hwa
Alih Bahasa : Rosi L. Simamora
Penerbit : PT. Gramedia Pustaka Utama
Cetakan : Agustus, 2010
Tebal : 320 Halaman

Jika sekuntum bunga berada di dalam pagar,
Dapatkah kupu-kupu di luar menahan godaan untuk masuk ke dalam ?

Aku ingin menjadi bara api yang menarik kupu-kupu api,
dan ketika mati aku ingin mati sambil saling berpelukan.
Aku ingin menemukan laki-laki seperti itu


Warna Air adalah sekuel kedua dari Trilogi Warna karya Kim Dong Hwa. Sekuel kedua ini didominas...more
Katie (Books and Katie)
A man who becomes enchanted by the flower's fragrance stays only for a fleeting moment, but a man who comes because of love stays for a lifetime.


As we see Ehwa grow older in this second volume, we also see her explorations and discoveries in the world of love and sex. While slightly less innocent than the first book, Ehwa is still a very relate-able protagonist and a very remarkable young woman. Her and her mother's romances are heart-warming and fragile things, and we see them connect i...more
After finishing all three in this graphic novel series, I have to say that I was left feeling a little let down. Color of Water was in my opinion, very boring and a rehash of book one. After reading it, I wondered if I really wanted to bother with the third, but it was just sitting there so I had to finish it. I'm glad that I did continue on with book three. It was so much better than book fact, I think the author could've just written book one and three and left it at that. Overall, it...more
The second graphic novel, or manhwa, as they are called in Korea, in the Colors trilogy. As Ehwa grows older and becomes involved with Duksam, a wrestler she meets at a town festival, her feelings about love change and deepen. But Master Cho challenges their relationship by sending Duksam away and asking for Ehwa’s hand in marriage, and that’s when Ehwa learns about heartbreak as well. A lovely book!
Lebih suka yang pertama, mungkin karena Ehwa terlihat lebih lugu, ya..

Di sini, Ehwa kembali jatuh cinta. Seperti remaja pada umumnya, hubungannya dengan ibunya sedikit berubah (bisa dibilang berkembang), dengan rahasia, tebak-menebak, pertengkaran.. namun tetap dihiasi keakraban.

Akhirnya juga sedikit menggantung, membuat saya jadi penasaran menunggu Warna Surga keluar :)
The second in the series, this book continues the subdued tale of a girl learning about what it means to be a woman. The story is a slow and reflective one. The lack of action will frustrate some, but the unusual descriptions and everday moments are beautiful captured.
Yemima Yulia
There's nothing to be afraid of as long as you have good relationship with your mother. This book is a great way to show both mother and daughter, that if both sides willing to open their heart in a positive communication where every topic is discussed openly. The daughter will find the right source of information to answer her curiosity, the mother will have oportunity to share her wisdom in living life with her daughter.
Ehwa and her mother show an example of this kind of good relationship, whe...more
Possibly the best comic I've read in 2012.
You will always be inside my heart
I hope that I have a place
in your heart too
Now and forever you are still the one

Ah..indah memang kalau perempuan sedang jatuh cinta. Berbagai bunga pun bermekaran dalam jiwa seorang perempuan.

First Love by Utada Hikaru

Saigo no kisu wa tabako no flavor ga shita
Nigakute setsunai kaori

Ashita no imagoro ni wa
Anata wa doko ni irundarou
Dare wo omotterundarou

You are always gonna be my love
Itsuka darekato mata koi ni ochitemo
I'll remember to love you taught me how

ibu :

Seorang anak berharga, namun rapuh. Seorang ibu tidak akan membiarkan anaknya tidur di atas lantai yang kasar, makan buah yang bentuknya tidak sempurna, mengenakan pakaian compang-camping, atau menelan makanan yang sulit dikunyah. Begitulah hati seorang ibu.( h. 166)

Masa pubertas hanya datang satu kali. Saat tersebutlah yang rawan karena euforia kegembiraan yang meluap-luap, bak bunga yang mekar dan memamerkan kecantikannya. Pada seorang gadis saatnya wajahnya bersinar cerah, dita...more
Feb 17, 2011 winda rated it 3 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommended to winda by: Bee
Shelves: book-borrowing
Langkah, langkah...
Aku ingin tahu kemanakah dia berjalan?
Apakah ia memandang bulan seraya melangkah?
Atau diinjaknya cahaya bulan saat melangkah?

Kerinduan Ibunya Ehwa kepada tukang gambar akhirnya dirasakan pula oleh Ehwa yang jatuh cinta pada Duksam. Meskipun pada awalnya Ehwa merahasiakan perasaannya pada Ibunya, namun perasaan seorang Ibu bisa mengetahui bahwa anak gadisnya telah merekah menjadi bunga cantik yang mengundang kupu-kupu untuk hinggap.
Meskipun wanita berusaha menyembunyikan se...more
In this follow-up to The Color of Earth, Ehwa continues to learn about love and longing in her Korean village. She notices the butterflies and beetles that fill the air and ground around her, and the pepper plants that resemble a male's genitalia, and her friend Bongsoon even shows her how to pleasure herself, providing some comical moments. When she and a friend visit the market, she catches the eye of a strong, handsome man whose physical prowess allows him to win a wrestling match. Duksam is...more
wah..kereeennnn banget !!!
tambah terpikat setelah buku pertamanya :)

Di sini dipaparkan banyak sekali perumpamaan dan pandangan bukan hanya tentang seksualitas, namun juga tentang cinta dan kehidupan.

Ehwa mulai mengenal pria ketiga yang menarik hatinya..bertanya-tanya apakah dengan pria ketiga itu ia akan 'beruntung' (meminjam istilah dari ibu Ehwa) dengan kehidupan cintanya..
Seorang pria yang bukan hanya memikat Ehwa dengan fisiknya, namun juga dengan keindahan kata-katanya lewat pantun maupun p...more
Alex Telander
Posted with permission from the Sacramento Book Review

In the second book of the trilogy, The Color of Water, Ehwa is now a growing girl and boys are on her mind all the time, but readers can see the beautiful woman she will become. And yet she still has a lot to learn about life, the world, and more importantly, men and what they can be like. Fortunately she has her mother to educate her on the ways of the world and the ways of men and their desires. Ehwa is a naïve young girl, but a fast learne...more
Overall, I agree with a fellow reviewer when I say that overall I enjoyed this book, but it seemed like the author was simply rehashing the formula from the first book but it was a good quick read. I am a little annoyed, now that I've gotten into this series, that the library only has the first two volumes of the series. So I will have to go to a book shop to find the third one.

This book is about Ehwa as a 16 year old girl who discovers the man she really falls in love with and her mother's dee...more
It has been a while since I read the first part of this trilogy, but very little of that story is needed to enjoy this volume. Continuing where the last book dropped off, we watch as Ehwa matures and falls in love again. This love seems more serious than the previous ones. She also is better able to discuss these matters with her mother, who continues a relationship with a traveling salesman. While Ehwa is anxious to get married, there are a lot of lessons throughout the novel about why one shou...more
The second in a trilogy of graphic novels that center around Korean culture as a widowed mother and her young daughter Ehwa navigate the world. The mother runs a tavern after the death of Ehwa's father when she was young, so her mother must teach her the ways of the world.

Scattered with beautiful prose and even more beautiful illustrations (even in black and white, they're beautiful!) that capture Korea and a relationship between mother and daughter.

Much like the first book, in which Ehwa gets...more
I absolutely adore this series, but I think that this is the weakest volume. I think the largest problem is that the characters become a bit too absurd for me, too much like caricatures. Also I didn't like how it ended. The lovely art and lyrical dialogue that we have come to expect from the Color Series is still there, and I definitely enjoyed it. I would love to read a book from Bonsoon's perspective though!
The second in the trilogy about a young Korean girl and her mother living during the turn-of-the century in Korea. While the first book in the series chronicled Ehwa's transformation from a child to a young woman, this book is all about her sexual awakening and curiosity about marriage and boys. Like with the previous book, this parallels the stories of young Ehwa with her mother's own romance with the traveling painting man, and her own growth as she watches her daughter change.

The artwork is s...more
Nicholas Siebers
This book is interesting, although it drags a bit compared with book 1. We know pretty much where things are headed, although there are some interesting details. The old man who emerges as a "villain" is more cartoonish than the rest of the naturalistic portrayal warrants. The poetic allegorical discussions of flowers are not as fresh as previously. Still very good.
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Kari Ramirez
Ehwa meets a new boy who's not afraid to speak his mind and show his affections. Still being so innocent she doesn't know what to make of him, but quickly falls in love. But then enter the evil Master Cho!

This is such a beautiful story about first loves and a mother's love for her daughter, especially poignant in this time period in Korea. Since girls went to live with their husband's family and left their own families behind there is much more bittersweetness in Ehwa's mother's longings for a g...more
In The Color of Water, Ehwa is now sixteen. She meets Duksam, and spends her free time daydreaming about him and about love. Is he the one for her? When his employer sees her, though, the old lech decides to set the matchmaker to pursue Ehwa's hand in marriage.

In the meantime, Ehwa's mother still pines for the picture man, as Ehwa pines for Duksam. And all of the longing, and the joy when they are able to see each other, is delicately drawn in this beautiful graphic novel.

As in The Color of Eart...more
Aria Anggana
Penasaran sama cerita buku ini dan akhirnya buku kedua yang baru saya punya ini saya baca lebih dulu.

Rasanya fresh baca novel grafis ini hanya saja karna ini gambar jadi terasa sangat vulgar. Ceritanya sangat sehari-hari, gambarnya snagat halus dan bagus. Sepertinya saya harus segera meminta teman mengirimkan buku k3 dari Yogya dan segera mencari buku pertamanya.
Teguh Affandi
Ehwa remaja mulai merasakan perubahan pada tubuhnya dan emosionalnya , terutama mengahdapi lelaki yang diam-diam disukainya...

Tetapi sangat berbeda dengan bagaimana ibunya mengekspresikan rasa cintanya, pada pelukis keliling itu.
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Kim Dong-Hwa is a widely revered Korean comic artist. Since his debut (with My Sky, serialized in the Daily Hanguk, one of the most prestigious Korean newspapers) in 1975, he has become a mainstay of the Korean manhwa (comics) landscape. He is best known for his tender stories and uncanny ability to write from a profoundly feminine perspective.

The three books that make up The Color Trilogy – The C...more
More about Kim Dong Hwa...
The Color of Earth (Color Trilogy, #1) The Color of Heaven (Color Trilogy, #3) Hadiah Terindah (Chicken Soup for the Soul Graphic Novel, #1) Pelajaran Berharga (Chicken Soup for the Soul Graphic Novel, #2) Perjalanan Ajaib dan Kisah-Kisah Nyata Menyentuh Lainnya (Chicken Soup for the Soul Graphic Novel, #3)

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