The House on Tradd Street (Tradd Street, #1)
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The House on Tradd Street (Tradd Street #1)

3.95 of 5 stars 3.95  ·  rating details  ·  6,568 ratings  ·  888 reviews
A brilliant, chilling series debut, featuring a Charleston real estate agent who loves old houses?and the secret histories inside them.

Practical Melanie Middleton hates to admit she can see ghosts. But she?s going to have to accept it. An old man she recently met has died, leaving her his historic Tradd Street home, complete with housekeeper, dog?and a family of ghosts an...more
Paperback, 329 pages
Published November 4th 2008 by NAL Trade (first published 2008)
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Nov 05, 2008 Serena rated it 5 of 5 stars Recommends it for: anna horner, suey
Karen White's The House on Tradd Street is part romance, part ghost story, part mystery. The narration of this novel grips the reader with its beautiful descriptions of South Carolina and the historic neighborhoods of Charleston. Melanie Middleton specializes in historic home sales, though she hates historic homes and believes those who buy historic homes are saps willing to waste thousands of dollars on renovations. Fate brings her into the home of Mr. Vanderhorst, who asks Melanie if she saw a...more
Feb 27, 2009 bookczuk rated it 2 of 5 stars
Recommended to bookczuk by: Kathie DuTremble
This book was given to me by a non-reader friend, who is a friend of the author. She was very excited to recommend a book to me, yet also apologetic that it probably wasn't "the kind of thing you usually read" (Ha! She's obviously never taken a look at my eclectic shelf!)

There were things I both liked and didn't like about the book. Liked that it was set in Charleston, in an area that is within a block of where javaczuk works. And that the two main houses mentioned were on streets I'm really fam...more
Feb 27, 2009 Sara rated it 4 of 5 stars
Recommended to Sara by: Gwen
4.5 stars. This book was beautifully written and had a great plot that kept me interested. Melanie is a realtor in Charleston whose specialty is selling historical houses; she, however, does not like these old houses because she has always had the unwanted ability to see ghosts, who assemble in greater numbers around historical places. When a client dies and surprises Melanie by leaving her his entire estate, Melanie is forced to live in the old house and work on restoring it while doing her bes...more
Molli Fanchar
This book was the first book I had ever read by Karen White and it ultimately cemented my love for her books.
The main character Melanie 'Mellie' Middleton is a real-estate agent in downtown Charleston, South Carolina. The only catch is that she hates showing the houses in the older district of town because of the invisible 'guests' that come with them. She sees ghosts as hard as she tries to deny, there's just no escaping it. Along with Jack Trenholm, a handsome writer of historical mysteries, s...more
The opening of the book caused me to fear that White had aspirations toward Literature:

Pewter reflections of scarlet hibiscus colored the dirt-smudged windows of the old house, like happy memories of youth trapped inside the shell of an old man. The broken pediments... And there are immediate intimations of Dark Family Secrets, parental abandonment, etc that have left our protagonists alone, rootless, approaching middle age.

But this fear was unfounded. Literary pretensions exhausted, White quic...more
I don’t usually write reviews but this time my head is spinning.

Where to start?

First: editor. Is it that difficult or expensive to find one? The book is full of inconsistencies like drinks changing from one minute to the next or they being in the car and next line somewhere else.
And she complains about losing sight, (in a word she can’t see an elephant if it steps on her toe) but refuses to wear glasses. Still, that’s not a problem to read all kind of letters, diaries and articles.
I won’t commen...more
Given that I purchased this book at a Friends of the Library booksale for a dollar (Don't you just love their book sales?), I would say that this book was well worth the investment. That being said, I don't think I'll be running out to pay full price for the next installment of the Melanie-series that is apparently scheduled to be released later this year. Perhaps I will check it out of the library.

After finishing the book, I did a little research on other books that she had previously written....more
Ivonne Rovira
The House on Tradd Street is a decent enough mystery, if not a great one. The characters, other than Nevin Vanderhorst, never rise above two dimensions. Real-estate agent Melanie Middleton will strike some as a bit dense when, torn between two men, she cannot discern which one is trustworthy and which is not. Long before our protagonists, readers will determine the identity of the menacing ghost on the second floor and guess the final whereabouts of Louisa Vanderhorst and Joseph Longo; however,...more
This is mystery novel with a house as a major theme within the book. The main character Melanie Middleton inherits a historical house located in Charleston, SC on Tradd Street and it is in need of being renovated, and it also has some unsettled deceased occupants that need to be released from this world. Melanie has the ability to interpret what the ghost are in need of little by little to help them on their way. There isn't anything scary, well not much, about the ghost. What I really loved abo...more
This book is rife with so many issues and themes that it could have easily become a tangled, unreadable mess. The fact that Karen White was able to deftly handle each and every plot is a testament to her talent as a writer. She was able to tackle everything from ghosts (both of the benevolent and evil varieties) to treasure, betrayals, love, abandonment, and even how one goes about restoring an old house to its former splendor.

Through all of that, White managed to create characters that are dee...more
Barely readable. But that might just be me. I know - to my horror and disgust - that there is a market for pseudo-ghost-story-romance-Southern-literature.
Mellie is a Modern Woman with daddy issues (alcoholic ne'er-do-well) AND mommy issues (abandonment).
Also, she happens to see/communicate with ghosts, in a consistent and improbable way (conversations).
Also, she sells old houses, even though old houses make her want to retch from the layers of ghost droppings, and she cannot even touch an old...more
Becky Morlok
Reading this book was like being 12-years old again (with more adult themes of course) and disappearing into a Nancy Drew book. This was my second Karen White book (On Folly Beach was the first - 5*'s), both perfect summer reads. I was dreading the finish of Tradd Street as I would miss this pleasure - until I realized at the end that she included the first chapter A SEQUEL: The Girl on Legere Street. OH YES! My fingers immediately located it on!

I signed up for White's mailing list, F...more
I didn't care much for this book. When I read it, it kept me interested but after I finished it I realized I didn't even want to read the sequel. The characters did very little for me. They felt like stale stereotypes that I had read about before except with different names.
The main character: A repressed, uptight workaholic.
Main character's best friend: A carefree hippie who tries to loosen main character up.
Possible love interest: Charming, handsome rogue fond of making innuendoes. Main charac...more
Erika Gill
I am not really big on mystery novels. This is not to say I can't enjoy a good mystery in a novel. I just cannot handle it when the entire plot of a novel revolves around not knowing a bunch of very important things. I also loathe really obvious foreshadowing and poorly dealt out clues. Of course, these things can all be present in non -genre novels too. What was I saying? Oh yeah, this book had a lot of issues, but I liked it. I'm a huge sucker for the Southern small town secretsy society old b...more
This is the second book by Karen White that I have read, and I expect it will be the last as my complaints of the first are the same for this novel.

First off--great mystery. She crafts a tight and creative plot. The plot kept me reading and engaged, but the characters just seemed flat...I cared about the mystery, but never the characters.

White clearly thinks the south is superior to the north, and I really just wanted to say, "hey the war is OVER." I felt this bias got in the way of the charac...more
Old haunted house, a long lost mother that was never forgotten, missing confederate diamonds all tied up in a mystery that needs to be solved. Very fun and entertaining with enough spookiness to keep the pages turning.
"Practical minded Realtor Melanie Middleton hates to admit - even to herself- that she can see ghosts. But she's going to have to accept it, because an old man she met just days ago has died, leaving Melanie his historic Tradd Street home, complete with a housekeeper, a dog and a family of ghosts anxious to tell her something. Enter Jack Trenholm, a gorgeous writer obsessed with unsolved mysteries. He has reason to believe that some diamonds that went missing from the Confederate treasury a cent...more
Some people have that special 'gift' to be able to see dead people, and Melanie Middleton fits in that category although she does not really appreciate this psychic capability or the fact that she could also communicate with them, not that she could help it in any way. She is also a well known realtor in Charleston and she deals in historical properties though she hates to admit to anyone that she dislike them.

Nevertheless, she came upon an old property on Tradd Street owned by a Nevin Vanderho...more
The House on Tradd Street , is the first in a new series by Karen White. The story is set in Charleston, South Carolina and has some great elements: part mystery, part Gothic ghost story and part romance.

Real Estate agent Melanie Middleton inherits an old Tradd Street mansion from a virtual stranger she met a few days earlier --the stranger senses Melanie can help unravel some long hidden secrets. There is one hitch, the elderly man who left her the house states in his last wishes that Melanie i...more
Meaghan (phillipnmeaghan) moos
So this was my second attempt at a Karen White book. I gave up when I tried to read The Lost Hours. This one was much better. I figured out what I don't like about her books though: Her female main characters. They are nerdy, uptight, sexually immature, middle-age women. Not saying I'm super cool or something but I seriously cannot relate to them on any level. Thankfully the other characters make up for it. One other problem, she needs a better editor! I found a few errors and I kinda skim read...more
Lindsay Heller
I picked up this book in the dollar bin at Half Priced Books. I have always been very impressed with the clearance shelves there because of the quality of the material that can be found there. I am not entirely sure what makes the quota for putting something in the dollar section, but whatever it is I hope they keep it up because I always come out with piles of books. This one I picked up because it sounded interesting. I had never heard of it and I'd never read anything by Karen White before, b...more
Linda Bridges
Melanie Middleton quite unexpectedly inherits an old house in Charleston's historic district. The problem is that she doesn't like old houses even though she sells them. The other problem is that she sees dead people, and this house is full of them. According to the terms of the will, she must live in house for one year before she can sell it, but the alarm keeps setting and unsetting itself, the doors lock and unlock at will, and her alcoholic father, with whom she has not had a real relations...more
I was surprised to find that I enjoyed a ghost story. Why I was surprised, I don't know, since I like watching all the nice ghost shows like Ghost Whisperer, The Ghost and Mrs. Muir, The Sixth Sense, etc. It just seems like something a tween would like more than an adult.

It had just enough scare without giving me too much paranoia and it was enjoyable enough to keep my interest; however, I don't feel moved to read any more of White's related books unless I happen to do so because the book club...more
The House on Tradd Street by Karen White is the first book of the Tradd Street mystery series set in modern-day Charleston, South Carolina. I was immediately hooked by many great lines in the beginning of the book, as you are getting to know Melanie.

Melanie Middleton is a real estate agent specializing in historic homes. But she prefers her stark white newly built townhome, sparsely furnished. At least that’s what she says at the start of the book...

“I hated old houses... always seemed to accomp...more
As I finished this book, I considered singing "My Favourite Things", because this book pretty effectively combines a large number of my fave things when it comes to books!

First, the book is set in Charleston, S.C., I've always been in love with the south - the personalities of the people, the gentility of the manners, the quirkyness of the habits - I'm kind of a southern addict.

The book also has ghosts - good ghosts and bad ghosts. Also, "ghosts" of people's pasts, some spirit-based, and some st...more
Nov 22, 2013 Mandy rated it 1 of 5 stars Recommends it for: NO ONE, EVER
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
The Short of It:

Full of Southern charm but sadly, the story never grabbed me.

The Rest of It:

Melanie Middleton sells houses. Old houses. But she doesn’t really like them and can’t understand why anyone would ever want to restore one. This becomes a bit of a problem when an old man leaves his home to her with a slew of conditions that must be met. She has to live in the house for year, restore it and only then can she sell it.

Well, you know where this going, right?

It’s haunted and Melanie has, how...more
When I first started this I couldn't get into the rhythm of it and felt the descriptions were too much. I almost gave up within the first 20 pages. Glad I stuck with it, though, as this has been a really, really good read for me.

I enjoyed the Southern old mansion setting, the history of the story, the characters, mostly. The lead character, Melanie, was anal about everything which got on my nerves at times, as did her golf-obsessed assistant, but the other lead, Jack, was delightful, especially...more
I don't typically pick up mysteries or stories with ghosts in them, but this one sounded intriguing enough that I thought I'd give it a go. I enjoyed this book and the fact that the house became it's own character. The mystery of the Confederate diamonds added a fun element and it unraveled at a perfect pace. This could have been a 5-star for me, however, I was often annoyed with the main character and the author's constant reference to her "old" age - 39. I wished she had been younger simply be...more
The plot is very interesting and one that can keep your attention IF you can get past the writing style akin to that of Carolyn Keene's Nancy Drew series. Melanie the lead character is a flawless beauty surrounded by men that remind one of Nancy Drew's famous male friend Ned Nickerson. If that is not enough to give headache to the reader, halfway through the book one finds the author writing that the lead male character is related to the person that Rhett Butler was patterned after!! Did I say t...more
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