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The Color Code: A New Way to See Yourself, Your Relationships, and Life
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The Color Code: A New Way to See Yourself, Your Relationships, and Life

3.87 of 5 stars 3.87  ·  rating details  ·  2,328 ratings  ·  262 reviews


Go ahead, take the test, and find out what makes you (and others) tick. By answering the 45-question personality profile, you will no doubt gain insight and illumination that will start you out on a thrilling journey of self-discovery while you:

* Identify your p

Paperback, 288 pages
Published March 23rd 1999 by Fireside / Simon & Schuster (first published 1987)
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Russell Maag
Mar 30, 2008 Russell Maag rated it 1 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: Idiots
Recommended to Russell by: Satan
Folk psychology at its worst.

Agressive poeple are really pushy? Wow... thanks for that one captian obvious!

Truth be told I couldn't stomach finishing this filth. Pigeon-holing billions of individualities into four basic, color coded, types is the most stupid and irresponsible things i have ever heard of.

The next person who says "I'm a red personality, with a little bit of yellow in there!" is going to get punched in the face!

I guess that makes me a RED!! Durrr!

I don't consider this a cure-all, understand-all guide for each personality & relationship, but I do think it helps me understand better why some people act & say what they do & how I can better relate to them. I'm making more friends than offenses when I apply this knowledge.
Some people read personality books like scripture & others have a hard time being pigeon-holed. I'm somewhere in the middle in that I appreciate any influence for good a book may teach me, but I don’t co
Greg Vandagriff
The Color Code is one of the very few books that I've read cover-to-cover multiple times. It's a fantastic read, unfortunately I have found that the majority of people who claim to have "taken the test" either skip the instructions and take it incorrectly and/or misinterpret the results because they failed to grasp concepts which are critical to understanding the theory and your results.

It's okay. I did the same thing at first.

In fact... I would say that it wasn't until I had read the book twice
Within the genre of personality assessments this book is possibly the best in the breed. I really appreciate the effort of the author to keep his readers down to earth in their approach to his book. He admits that just because you are primarily one color, doesn't mean that you don't or can't have traits from all colors. Although the test included in the book is designed to determine your innate personality, he suggests using the new found self-awareness as a spring board for the development of d ...more
What a silly book. It's claims that every member of the human race fits into one of four categories. It lays out many human characteristics and insists that if you do any of these things then you fall under a category and will be forever labeled. Reds want power, Blues want love, Whites want peace, and I can't remember what Yellows want. I think it was something like friends. Anyway, every time I take the test I'm a different color and I'm always about three away from another color. Basically I' ...more
This book is great for understanding what makes different people tick, and how you can interact with all different personalities. I pick it up and read different parts of it all the time, and it really helps me understand how my personality can better relate to someone else and how they are perceiving a situation. It's also lots of fun to take the color test with family members!
Apr 01, 2008 Andrea rated it 4 of 5 stars
Shelves: favs
This was actually VERY helpful to my family when my brother and I were teenagers, and helped us get along better with our parents. I always really enjoyed it and we still make comments to this day about what color our kids are now! :)
Nicole Johns
I was reading this book when I started dating Tony! I loved it. I totally gave him the color code quiz-it was awesome. I think that's what really made him think I was the one. ;)
Not a fan of Pop-psychology or self-help books and don't usually read them, but this was a suggestion. I found this book to be just the same as all others in the realm. Steeped in fiticious nonsense. Just another ploy in brainwashing to get people to fix what isn't broken. Another sad attempt at pinning lables on ones-self and others and condoning it! A way of wrapping imaginary chains around the mind and keeping it in a state of emotional static. It over simplifies a very complex subject. I fee ...more
Dana Nelson
Mar 13, 2008 Dana Nelson rated it 5 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: EVERYONE!
I had not realized when I saw this book that it had previously been published as The Color Code, which I’ve already read. It deserves a review regardless of the fact I read it 10 years ago (and a couple of times since).

This is a glowing 5-star book (if you couldn’t tell). I’ve re-read this several times. It’s incredibly insightful regarding motivation; why people act the way they do. It helps you to understand yourself and then how to understand others. It’s really neat to read passages about yo
Ayu Puspita Sari
Buku yang menurut saya menarik, terlepas dari keyakinan Hartman bahwa kepribadian itu innate dan semacam takdir sejak lahir (saya sendiri adalah penganut psikoanalisa yang menganggap kepribadian itu terbentuk setelah lahir).

Di sini Hartman membagi kepribadian atas 4 warna primer: Merah, Biru, Putih, dan Kuning. Ada tes yang dapat kita isi untuk menentukan apa warna dasar kita. Menurutnya, walaupun misalnya kita menyukai beragam warna, pasti ada satu warna primer yang mutlak menjadi penanda kepri
Emily Fine
The Color Code breaks down personality types and helps you to understand the combinations using a color coding process. It was very interesting and has helped me to better understand the people I see and talk to everyday. The point of the book is that you now recognize your weaknesses and strengths, learn to strengthen your strengths, get rid of your weaknesses, and find mentors for the qualities you wish to obtain. This author has many truths in how to become a truly charactered person and I fi ...more
Jenna Leigh
Before you begin to read this lengthy collection of thoughts, just let me forewarn you that I am Canadian, but this book is American, so my mind was discombobulated and my consistency in spelling the word as either colour or color may be lacking. I tried my best, but I can't be bothered to go back and check.

I decided to read this after reading George J. Boelcke's "Colorful Personalities", which is a similar take on what is presented in this book. There are some differences, though.

In Boelcke's
Feb 21, 2008 Dalesse marked it as to-read
Shelves: health-books
This book was recommended by my friend Karen N. She said about the book & the "codes": "The color code is based on motivation. What motivates you to do the things you do? Taylor says there are just 4 core motives. Red-Power, blue-intamacey, white-peace, yellow-fun. For example red means you want to get from point A to point B, take charge of things, can be intimidating and is logic based. Blue likes to connect with other people, very loyal to friends, can be judgemental and perfectionistic. ...more
I made it all the way through this time. The first time I tried reading this book (1999?), I liked it. But this time I was kind of bugged by the labeling. I know that the author, at the end of the book, decries labeling (using the color code to put others in boxes), and I really appreciate that. But the premise LENDS itself to labeling. And how many people actually make it to the end of the book?

I did find it insightful or helpful here and there. :)
It helps me realize that "different" is not "w
William Beesley
This book works for me because I've got a bit of a soft spot when it comes to books that help us understand the "whys" of what makes people think, act, and react the way they do. The Color Code's focus is *possibly* helping us develop an understanding of what motivates people (possibly because very little references to other works are cited and all the examples seem made up so who knows how practical this all is, strikingly similar to most economists' predictions). The author takes broad psychol ...more
This book was very insightful. I took the test and found the personality profile to describe me well. I am the blue personality and since we love to overanalyze everything, then it fits that I would enjoy overanalyzing my core motives in life. I also hope to use the knowledge I gained from this book to better understand others. Finally, it has forced me to look inward to know my personal limitations, such as playing a martyr role or occasionally giving a "blue lecture" regarding anything from t ...more
Ok...I started this book and was very interested in it. However, as I read through it the book became very repetitive. The unfortunate thing about self help books is that after you get the theory down, it usually is down hill from there. I love the concept of the colors correlating with personalities; however, how many times can you apply this logic to various scenarios without it becoming very boring. For these reasons, this book has been "chopped." I would, however, recommend that you read the ...more
Sep 01, 2009 Eve added it
Shelves: self-help
This came recommended to me from a friend in the ward. I am intensely curious as to how people work (in their heads) and the motives behind what people do. Why do people act the way they do? I look forward to reading the author's ideas about this.

It was eye opening, though of course no personality test is "perfect". I did learn a lot from this book,(mostly about myself, that was the most helpful) and mostly I felt like a switch went on inside me, that turned on this acceptance of who I am, who o
I remember taking this test in high school and would like to give the test to my children to see what colors they are and see if that helps with working with them. I didn't finish reading the book because I had a hard time getting into it and now it's very overdue back to the library. Some of the information was interesting on the various traits for each color. I'm not sure I agree with him in saying that your personalitiy doesn't change. In the test, he asks you to answer the questions for how ...more

This book will make you see others in a whole new light. You will be more forgiving, have more empathy, and be less offended by others after reading this book. There is a personality assessment survey you complete to find out which color you are: Red, blue, white, or yellow. It is very important to read the entire book and not just your own color. There is a very helpful section for marriage and dealing with others of different colors. What makes this book unique among the personality tests out
I've known about this book since I was young, but it has been years since I've read it. I loved to read his insights, particularly in the section about relationships between people of similar or different colors.

I find this book a very useful way to talk about different personalities. It gives a basis to start from as you consider different individual motivations and how that will effect that person's reactions.

When reading this book, it is important to realize that not every trait in your domin
This book was a lot of fun to read and gave me some good insights into my personality and why I am certain ways. It can be redundant and I didn't love the personal stories (although others might...) so some of it felt a little over-the-top to me. But I still liked reading it enough to read his second book.
This is a very interesting book. I've been familiar with the colors and the type of personalities they represent for years now, but had never read the book by the original theorist until this month. I was impressed at the accuracy, especially regarding my own personality. On the flip side, it was a little depressing to read about all the "limitations" of this alleged personality. People like me (I'm a white/blue) tend to be easily over-whelmed (true) unmotivated, lazy, passive, moody, and are th ...more
You gotta read the whole thing! So many people are against "character profiling" because it labels people. Other people who like character profiling, a majority of them only read the parts about themselves, maybe about their spouse and parents, but don't finish the book. Then they use the excuse "well, this is just who I am because I'm a red - or blue - or yellow - or white." And they stay stuck right where they are.
The point (if you actually read the whole thing) is that you now recognize your
I really enjoyed this book. I know alot of people hate things where they feel they are put into categories. I felt that this book really did help me learn about myself and I felt it rang true. It helped me to see that people really are wired differently and are motivated by different things. I shared this book with lots of friends and my husband and none of them minded being catagorized because they all agreed with what the book said about that personality type. The book discusses both the great ...more
This book finally brought me into my own. I finally had my answer. I even sat in a forum with Taylor Hartman himself who brought me personal relief. My boss had actually assembled us altogether. Coworkers understood together. Previously I had thought of myself as too loud, not lady like, and just obnoxious. How did I come to that conclusion? Everyone told me so. I am virtually 98% yellow. No reds, One or two blues, a few whites and the rest yellow. According to Briggs Meier, I am an ENFP. And pr ...more
I took the test in here and found it pretty dissatisfying. Although I was clearly one color through the test, much of that color was not me. I think that stems from the fact that he says to take the test by thinking of yourself as a child as that is your true personality. What exactly does that mean? We are who we are now. I don't identify with my complete personality as a child and I don't really care to either. I tend to think he plays the nature side of personality over the nurture part of it ...more
May 25, 2009 Erin rated it 3 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: Any adult, who wants to learn more about themselves and other people they associate with.
Recommended to Erin by: Angie
Good self-help book. I had heard of different people having a certain "color" of personality, but had never taken the test. It was revealing. I learned a lot about myself. I mostly smiled while reading because I couldn't believe how "dead on" the authour was reagarding strengths and limitations of each color. I am curious about his other books. This would be a book I would buy, and keep as a reference. Referring back to the limitations of my color, and trying to make sure I build my character us ...more
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