Pigs Will Be Pigs: Fun with Math and Money
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Pigs Will Be Pigs: Fun with Math and Money

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Meet Mr. Pig, Mrs. Pig, and the piglets. Here's a family that must add, subtract, multiply, and divide, and think about the way money works in order to satisfy their big pig appetites. Join the fun! Come pig out on math and money concepts with the Pigs!
Hardcover, 40 pages
Published March 1st 1994 by Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers
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Jennifer Amichia
This book was a personal favorite when I was young!!! It was great running across it again and utilizing it now as a teacher! The book does a great job of reeling its readers in with the colorful and humorous characters as well as the plot. I can relate to rummaging through the most RANDOM places in search of some money all for one purpose: FOOD! As a read aloud, students can keep count with the pigs as they gather money page by page. I really appreciate the menu layout in the book which serves...more
Samantha Hagler
Wonderful book to use as a math unit! This is a colorful and humorous story about a family of pigs who are very hungry, but have no money! In their attempt to find money to be able to go out to eat, they begin searching all over the house and pick up loose change here and there. After finding enough money, they are able to go to a restaurant for dinner. I love how the author includes the full menu in the book. Most young elementary school students are familiar with menus, but do not necessarily...more
Kristanne Duncan
Pigs Will Be Pigs is a cute story about a family of pigs who go rummaging through their house in order to find enough money to go out to dinner. I enjoyed this story because how many of us haven't done something similar?! Looking through our purses and pockets, and under couch cushions. I liked that once the Pigs make it to their favorite restaurant we are provided with a full page illustration of a menu. This adds a little bit of real life experiences for students. The pictures are colorful and...more
Whitney Bailey
This book can be read during math lessons to introduce ways to add and subtract and also involves the use of money.

Great book for actually teaching students methods because it is not just a read a loud, it is intended to teach students about actual ways of solving.

Teaches could use this to teach students the concept of "main idea". They could use this book and compile different types of addition and subtraction problems. The students could pull out the problems and have the story read aloud to...more
It is fun to watch the pig family run around the house in search of money so they can go out to dinner. It is also nice to utilize our money counting skills for those who are just learning how to do that. For me, that's where the fun ends. I guess I'm glad that this family is call Pigs and that's exactly what they are because they eat everything in the refrigerator only to discover there's nothing left just after Mom Pig has gone shopping. Now they have to raid the house to find money so they ca...more
Leiera Monae
Children's Reading Adventures Book Club, Summer 2014

*D.E.A.R. Time -- Read with 6 & 7 year olds*

Brittany Balunas
This book is good for introducing the concept of money. I would use this book to initiate a lesson that may last weeks to expand. I would have an activity where I would give students a certain amount of money and let them spend it by shopping from a teacher created list of food items. I would then have follow up questions such as "How much money, if any do you have left over?" and "after you bought your first item how much money did you have left to spend?" In this way the book can also be used...more
Christian Houseworth
This is a wonderful book to help integrate literature and math together. This is an excellent book to use to help students make sense of money. I think that this books great way to help students learn the value of money and how to calculate money, but also it teaches students life skills. With this book, a teacher could create their own class restaurant as an extension to this book. I actually used this book with my second graders and they absolutely loved it! There are Word problems at the end...more
Amber Lewis
Pigs Will Be Pigs is such a great book to use with students when teaching a math lesson on money. It is about a family of pigs who must search their entire house for enough money so that everyone will be able to go out to eat for dinner. Once the family found enough money, they were able to go the restaurant and have a meal together. As the pigs go from room to room searching for any loose change, students can add up the various coins and bills to practice calculating money. This book was great...more
Lynette Wells
A cute picture book to teach children math concepts. The pigs have human like characteristics. Also they go on a scavenger hunt to find money. The cool part of this book is it shows the money in a picture as well as spells it out in words. This book can be used for ELL students as well as students who are first learning how to put words with pictures. The illustrator used very bright colors. The font on the pages are very small. The pictures over power the text. I like that concept because it ma...more
Jasmin Garcia
"Pigs Will be Pigs" is the first installment in the "Pigs Will be Pigs" books. It's a great book to teach students about money and how it could be found anywhere! The pigs set out on a money hunt in order to find money to eat out. As the pigs find money, the students can write down the amounts found and at the end can sun up the total individually or as a whole. This book is great for teaching students about addition and problem solving. We can also re-read the book multiple times and ask the st...more
Katie Williams
A family of four very hungry pigs have no food left in the house and no money in their wallets. They wish to go out to eat for dinner, but must find loose change around the house first. As the story is read, students can have their own money manipulatives as each pig finds different counts and bills. They will have to know the names of each coin and their value in order to pick out the right ones and add them up correctly. At the end of the story, the teacher could make up new money math problem...more
Aaron Alexander
Fun book for students in grades K through two to learn about counting and recognizing money. There're many different activities that you could use along with the story in this book. For example, you could ask your students to go on a money hunt throughout the room just like in the book. You would hide pretend dollar bills and coins in various places throughout the room and ask students to go around and find them. After all the students have found some play money, you would count up your total an...more
I think that this book would be great to use when teaching 3-5 grade students about money. While keeping you focused and engaged in the books money hunt, you get so excited by the end when they were finally able to find enough so they could go to the restaurant. When teaching your students about money with this book you will also be able to incorporate addition,subtraction, multiplication and division. I bet your students would love it if you allowed them to participate in their own money/number...more
I loved this book! I used this book in my first grade classroom to help students better understand the concept of money. At the point in time that I used this book, they had already been introduced to money, but quite a few were struggling with it. So we reviewed the coins, and then I read them this book. They really enjoyed it. After the reading, I sent the students on a scavenger hunt to find the coins that I had hidden around the room so that they could get enough to buy food from Enchanted E...more
This is a silly story about the Pig family who must search their house for money to get enough to go out to eat for dinner. Its silly nature is sure to keep children engaged while they learn about concepts such as counting money and how to use a menu. The book does a good job of showing the importance of money knowledge and how it can be applied in real life. This book could lead into a lesson on money where the kids get to use pretend menus and money and practice their spending skills!
Ashley Williams
I liked this book. It is about pigs that need to go to the grocery store because there is no food in the refrigerator. They search under all kinds of things in the house...the bed, couch, rug, etc. They find money. I would use this in math for students in gradeskidergarten-2nd. If they found 2 nickels under the bed and five pennies and one quarter, how much money do hey have. As more money is found I could have the students add more money to the amount they already have.
Christina Edwards
This book will be a great to serve in a reinforcement lesson on counting money. Students will be able to follow and count along with the pigs as they search through their house looking for money to get food. Once students have added up all the money, they will be able to go to the restaurant and look at the different food choices and prices to calculate what the pigs can buy with their money. I think this is a good book to help reinforce adding money and even multiplying.
Salima Hart
This book is about a family of pigs that want to go out to eat but have no money. They decide to look around the house for change and lost dollars to combine and make enough to go to a restaurant. This is cute because students are able to add the money as the students find it and come up with a final total. My favorite thing about this book is that the menu for the restaurant is included in the book so that the teacher can create activities for the students using the menu.
A wonderfully entertaining book that got my DD involved in counting the money found by the pigs. Then they had to decide what to buy, and how much money they had left after each thing on the menu they wanted to get. Great real-life application, with clever characters and fun illustrations.
I highly recommend this series for ages 4+, especially for those learning about money (coin denominations) and for those learning basic math (addition and subtraction).
Codie Gates
This is a great book about money and spending money at dinner. The Pigs are very hungry but need to find some cash. They look all over the house and find enough to go to eat. This book also includes a menu, how much the pigs found, some questions and things to find.

I used this book with a math lesson. We used real menus and play money to "purchase" meals. The students really enjoyed this because they connected to the menus with prior knowledge.
Amanda Stacy
I read this to my first and second grade students to teach and review money. For 2nd grade we added up the amounts they found as the pigs found money in different places. We also added up how much it would cost for the family to eat specials at the restaurant. This is a great interactive book that can be used for k-5. I believe that kindergardeners would enjoy the illustrations. The 5th graders would enjoy adding up the money individually as they go.
Sep 06, 2011 Dolly rated it 3 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: parents reading with their children
This is a fun book about money - the plot is a bit weird, but our girls enjoyed counting up all of the pigs' found change and figuring out how much food they could buy at the restaurant. We had a few laughs and I think it provided some good practice with addition, multiplication, and working with money. The illustrations are very colorful and busy, adding a sense of urgency to the hunt (the pigs are hungry!) We enjoyed reading this book together.
Chloe Jackson
Pigs Will Be Pigs is a great story for 2nd graders who are still learning how to count money. The Pigs in the story want to go out to eat but they don't have enough money. Therefore, they must search through their house for extra money. As the teacher reads this story aloud the children can keep track of how much money they have on their own sheet of paper. Then after they find more money together as a class they can add how much the Pigs have.
Britt D.
After reading this book I will break my students up into groups and have them work together (using math manipulatives and calculators) to determine the amount of money the pigs found and spent.

I will also have my students order something from the menu in the book and calculate their total individual bill and group bill. I will have my students record their findings on a sheet of paper and discuss it in a whole group setting.
Kim Foy
This was a funny book with great illustrations. It is the story of a family of pigs who run out of food and need money to buy more. They ramsack the entire house gathering every coin and bill they have until they have enough to go to a restaurant. It actually shows a Mexican menu with the prices. At the end of the book, the illustrator shows all the money the pigs had found, which the children can total up on their own.
Joyce Munzwandi
This book is an exciting book and it can be used for grade levels K-5 depending on what concept you are teaching. The lower grades can have money searching activities in the classroom and add up how much the have collected. The other grade levels can have paper money as the teacher reads the book, they can find out how much the pigs found and how much they had left after paying for their food-Number stories.

Nicole Holden
I really like this book. This book is not for students who are beginning to learn to counting money. I like the way the pigs go on a money hunt and tear the house apart looking for money. Students can add the money found on each page or total it up toward the end. Great math activity book. This could also be used for a classroom scavenger money hunt. The student who finds the most money and counts it up correctly, wins!
Faith Barron
This is a wonderful book to use for practicing counting money. This book is very helpful because throughout the book it shows examples of how you can make different combinations using dollars and coins to make the same amount of money. It would be great to read this book to your students once they already have prior knowledge on the subject since this book talks about finding different ways to make the same amount of money.
Pigs will be pigs is a very funny story that children would love to read. The pig family begin to grow very hungrey. However, the family realizes that they have no money so the family begins to search the entire house for money they may have misplaced or saved. During the story the family adds up how much money they have found altogether. This would be a perfect book to use for a math lesson on counting money.
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