Iron Man: Extremis
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Iron Man: Extremis (The Ultimate Graphic Novels Collection: Publication Order #3)

4.07 of 5 stars 4.07  ·  rating details  ·  4,911 ratings  ·  224 reviews
It's the beginning of a new era for Iron Man as renowned scribe Warren Ellis joins forces with artist Adi Granov to redefine the armored Avenger's world for the 21st century - a landscape of terrifying new technologies that threaten to overwhelm fragile mankind! What is Extremis, who has unleashed it, and what does its emergence portend for the world? Collects Iron Man #1-...more
Paperback, 160 pages
Published February 14th 2007 by Marvel (first published 2005)
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Nicolo Yu
These six issues that comprise the opening story arc on Warren Ellis and Adi Granov’s re-launch of Iron Man became the bible for Jon Favreau’s two Iron Man movies. Ellis set out to re-establish Tony Stark as the chief technologist of Marvel Comics’ twenty-first century and do this without being too fantastic but also grounded in reality. This is helped by the realistic computer generated art of Adi Granov.

Incidentally, Granov also served as a designer of the Iron Man film, so much of the images...more

After my visit to the U.S.A, I may have brought back a combined total of 12 (or so) newly purchased novels and graphic novels. There was about a 50/50 split. The reason was that of course there are so many more comic book stores in America than Australia (and they are such cool places) and also because the Harvard Bookstore is also an amazing location... Either way that was my weak attempt at a segue into mentioning that I did buy this Extremis graphic novel while overseas. And it was completely...more
4.5 stars

So why am I reviewing a comic book that came out years ago?
Well, there's this movie that came out a while ago about a guy in a metal suit. You may not have heard about it, 'cause I don't think it did very well at the box office...
Ok. Seriously.
Because Warren Ellis' Extremis is the plot that the new Iron Man 3 movie is loosely based on.

For those of you who don't know, Ellis is considered almost god-like to many comic book fans. I've been incredibly unfortunate when it comes to getting...more
Sam Quixote
A destructive new chemical compound called Extremis that gives the user superhuman powers is set loose onto a domestic terrorist with an agenda to bring down Washington. Cue Tony Stark, flying in to save the day! But even Iron Man isn't able to deal with this threat and must make a life altering choice. We also get the Iron Man origin story here that was used in the Iron Man film (with a few subtle tweaks).

I love Warren Ellis' writing whether it's his weird, original material or more mainstream...more
This is a story that redefines Iron Man for me for the 21st century. I've re-read this story multiple times, and every time it gives me chills and makes me respect Tony Stark a little more.

Moreso, it makes me respect Ellis as a writer more each time. This is a very tight, compelling read that wastes no time on filler panels, just keeping us sprinting alongside the characters trying to keep up.

Granov brings a very different technique to the visuals - balanced precariously between hyper-realistic...more
Extremis made its mark on the Iron Man movie. Maybe not so much with the plot, but with the way the character of Tony Stark was handled, and with the updated version of his backstory. Here, a (white supremacist) terrorist gets his hands on an attempt to make a new version of the super soldier formula and ends up with super strength and the ability to breathe fire. The story moves very fast, and there's some very satisfying action. I was a little disappointed that the terrorist's purpose and moti...more
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Jul 11, 2012 Derrick rated it 5 of 5 stars Recommends it for: Iron Man fans, Warren Ellis Fans, Fans of thoughful tech stories with hyper violence
Warren Ellis showcases the Iron Man character at his most interesting, as far as I am concerned. Tony Stark is brilliant, handsome, wealthy, and -- thanks to the armor -- tougher than almost anyone. But he has demons. His fortune is based on weapons and death, and he has never gotten over his alcoholism.

Tony's at a low spot here. His company wants him to step down from CEO and, like Bill Gates, be Chief Tech Officer. And then an old friend of his has her Extremis formula stolen. Iron Man goes a...more
Paul Simon Grimsley
A great re-imagining of the old Iron Man. I remember watching the original black and white tv series. I don't know why the idea fell out of favour with me but Stark is interesting in the same way that Batman is -- a human possessed of the resources to do something about the problems they see in the world. Stark has the added layer of being out in the open to a degree and using military money to fund his ventures, so there is that whole political dimension which isn't there with Batman. I really...more
Crystal Starr Light
Very impressed. A perfect place for someone new to Iron Man (or has only seen the movie) to start. It's thoughtful and interesting with extremely well drawn action scenes.

Thank you to the one who recommended this to me!
Well, so much for my resolve to not fall for Tony. Not that I had that much of resolve, really, and it's all Steve's fault anyway, but. Well. I liked this much more than I expected to. Of course, at this point I knew all I had to know about Extremis from fanfiction, but it was still a good read. Here, Tony - upgrades. In a way that makes me want to slap him because it's really, really stupid and suicidal, but hey, it's been a while since I've read a comic where I didn't feel that way at some poi...more
One of the best Iron Man stories. The big threat in this story is Extremis, which is nanotechnology that reshapes the person it is injected into. This story has heavily influenced the Iron Man movies, including upgrading Tony Stark's origin so that he was in Afghanistan, as opposed to Vietnam, when he was captured and built his first Iron Man suit, as well as confronting the morality of a superhero making his fortune manufacturing weapons. It has also been rumored that Iron Man 3 will be using e...more
Chris Thomas
I'm not really an avid comic reader and I bought this mainly because I've been binging on too much Big Bang Theory and needed a Geek Fix. So, when I do buy a comic book I like to make sure I'm buying something worthwhile! This did not disappoint.

This set of comics was released before the Iron Man movie and so it was cool to see where they got some of the ideas for the suit. I also tend to gravitate towards comics written by Warren Ellis. There's something about his dialogue that is devoid of the...more
I really did not care for the digital artwork: lacked detail and depth. It reminded me of really early computer animation! The story was decent, but I really was not impressed. Very underwhelming. Also, turning Tony Stark into a robot/computer, I think, really detracts from the character - it takes away his humanity - which makes it really hard to relate to him. I always thought of Tony Stark/Iron Man as Marvel's Bruce Wayne/Batman. They are both men, very rich and intelligent men, but a men non...more
Iron Man: Extremis by Warren Ellis is a graphic novel depicting the adventures of Iron Man as he attempts to defeat the new technological advancements. Tony Stark has been Iron Man for fifteen years since his start in the Afghani desert. Iron Man has new enhancements in his suit after he is defeated by the individual who was injected with the "extremis" drug, giving him superhuman powers. Iron Man's new technology allows for the lag to be terminated in thought and in performance. Stark Industrie...more
Timothy Stone
One of my favorite characters in the Marvel Comics universe is Iron Man. Even before the recent films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, as it's called, were released, I really liked the character from the cartoons I watched in the '90's when I was younger. Since I have recently decided to read more Marvel Comics stories, I chose to give Iron Man a try.

I chose The Invincible Iron Man: Extremis as the one to read due to the fact that it is a basis for the third Iron Man film, which is a loose adap...more
Primer cómic que leo de Iron Man y me gusto bastante, tanto el guión (Ellis siempre es sinónimo de calidad) como el dibujo. Siempre había leído a Iron Man pero formando parte de los Avengers (lo odié en Civil War) pero probablemente ahora preste un poco más de atención a su serie en solitario. Según parece la serie escrita por Matt Fraction es, de lo último, lo mejor que se ha escrito.
Not bad, though not enough to turn me around on Ellis as a writer. The story felt really drawn out at times, and probably could have been wrapped up in three issues rather than six. Plus, it was just unnecessarily violent, which is a problem with a lot of superhero comics these days. I liked it overall, but I'm hoping that the concepts are put to even better use in Iron Man 3.
Matti Karjalainen
Warren Ellisin käsikirjoittama ja Adi Granovin "Rautamies: Extremis" (Egmont, 2013) on kehuttu tarina Tony Starkista, joka joutuu ottamaan yhteen supervoimat saaneen terroristin kanssa. Vihollinen tuntuu olevan aatemaailmaltaan jonkinlainen teekutsuliikkeen kannattaja, joka vastustaa USA:n keskushallintoa, mutta kritiikkiä kohdistetaan myös Tony Starkia asekaupoista syyttävään liberaalilehdistöön. Ja sitten tapellaan.

Vaikka "Rautamies: Extremis" on suomenkielisen albumin takakannessa nimetty "yh...more
I knew the synopsis going in, but nevertheless: outstanding storytelling, outstanding artwork. Very understated, too, which I think was absolutely necessary given how intense and high stakes Extremis is.
Extremis is the subject for the most recent Ironman movie, but these is issues and this origin story are the basis or the movie series. Good writing and cool to see translation from comic to screen.
Iron Man, up to the 1990s, was a guy in a metal suit. Okay. Somewhere along the way it was determined that the storyline would be more sci-fi-ish if hyper-futurist Tony Stark had made such advancements that the suit materialized outward from within his skin itself, and the view from the inside the suit was a virtual arena with Stark controlling multiple 360-degree computer touch screens. I'm okay with that.

But this same technology gets tweaked and it somehow affects people differently, such as...more
Despite being a comic book geek for over twenty years now, I've never really gotten into any Iron Man book or read the character with and consistency at all. I think I picked the right book to start with.

It's been called a brilliant re-imagining of the Iron Man character and is penned by one of my absolute favorite writers, Warren Ellis.

Basically, a dose of a more technologically enhanced version of the Super Soldier serum (you know, the stuff that made Steve Rogers into Captain America) has bee...more
An Odd1

Art 4-5* + poor plot 1-2* = 3* overall. Images
Artist Granov from Bosnia polishes surfaces of armor and skin for special look and feel I enjoy, once accustomed, despite artificial plastic texture. Maya, gorgeous nerd scientist, friend of Tony, looks like air-brushed model. Her boss commits suicide a...more
Penn 6
Oct 19, 2009 Penn 6 added it
In the story Iron Man, billionaire Tony Stark builds a high-tech suit. When Tony traveled to Afghanistan to show off his weaponry, he hit a road bomb and Tony was knocked unconscious. When Mr. Stark woke up he was in a very unfamiliar cave-like place attached to a chair. Tony closed his eyes and slowly drifted off. When he came to he was in some type of emergency room, a very unpleasant one. Again, Tony slowly lost consciousness. Tony returned home to ponder over the fact that he was part robot...more
Laurence Thompson
Warren Ellis' return to the superhero genre he'd bemoaned for years took a lot of people by surprise. What wasn't surprising is that he'd outdo anyone not named Grant Morrison at it. In fact, Ellis (along with Alan Moore and Garth Ennis) was the man who so savagely tore out the throat of superheroes that it took someone like Morrison to save them.

Ellis, though, goes it his own way, reimagining the superhero as a transhuman adventurer. "Iron Man used to represent the future," Tony Stark quietly...more
Indah Threez Lestari
Damn, it's good.
I wonder why I haven't searched and read this until now.

Dalam komik ini, Iron Man dibuat hancur luar dalam oleh Mallen, teroris domestik yang mendapat teknologi super soldier Extremis. Kalau tidak ada intervensi tentara, Tony Stark bisa-bisa harus dituang keluar dari armornya! Yap, dia kan cuma manusia biasa yang mengenakan armor canggih.

Terus, aku jadi teringat logic check yang membuat kritikus film mempertanyakan bagaimana bisa Tony Stark di film Iron Man (2008) cuma lecet-lece...more
Holden Attradies
I was blown away by how good this was! There are a lot of super hero comics I've read that I loved, but very few I feel I could just hand to someone and say, "read this it's great!" because so much of super hero comics is tied into years of back story and intermingled story lines. As soon as I put this down I knew it was right up there with The Ultimates as something I'd hand as an introduction/best this genre has to offer.

It's also pretty obvious that sooooooo much of the Iron Man movies is rip...more
The Extremis is kind of a new super solider serum, developed by a friend of Tony Stark. It gives people enhanced abilities, and someone stole it and enhanced themselves. Tony gets an ass-whooping from the enhanced guy and decides that he needs the extremis for himself- a modified version that would bond him to the Iron Man suit and vice versa. He comes out from under the scalpel with new powers and sets out for vengeance.

The artwork is amazing. It reminds me of being in a cinema watching a CGI...more
Paul Hamilton
I suppose the trouble with a super hero who relies on just-past-cutting-edge technology is that the writers must constantly take stock of the character and permit the tech to advance, at the very least, as rapidly as it does in the real world. Warren Ellis's take on Iron Man is marvelous because it incorporates that aspect of the Iron Man character into the plot of a tight six-issue mini-series collected here in this graphic novel.

The earlier issues of the series are slower paced, with Ellis not...more
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