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Lucifer, Vol. 3: A Dalliance With the Damned
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Lucifer, Vol. 3: A Dalliance With the Damned (Lucifer #3)

4.24 of 5 stars 4.24  ·  rating details  ·  2,915 ratings  ·  54 reviews
From the pages of Neil Gaiman's multi award-winning Sandman series...Lucifer has been busy - creating a universe of his own, in fact, something that has caused ripples and attracted the attention of forces both Above and Below. Join our anti-hero as he journeys to a strange, 18th-century flavoured hell, full of intrigues and back-stabbing; as we meet a poor sinner who is r ...more
Paperback, 160 pages
Published August 1st 2002 by Vertigo
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Jayaprakash Satyamurthy
Very gripping. some twisted little side plots, all sorts of intrigue in hell, and an awesome chance for Lucifer to play out a new take on the garden of Eden story. Also, everyone wants a piece of Lucifer's new Creation so things seem to be working towards a Season Of Mists sort of scenario. I'm not sure how I feel about that - Season Of Mists was stunning in concept and execution - right up until the too-easy resolution. I hope Carey takes this in a different direction, and Lucifer's seeming dis ...more
Airiz C
Norman Mailer once said that The Sandman series by Neil Gaiman is a “comic book for intellectuals”. If ever he’d read the Lucifer graphic novels by Mike Carey, I bet he’d say the same comment about it.

A Dalliance with the Damned is the third volume that chronicles the adventures of the Lightbringer from the pages of The Sandman, Lucifer Morningstar. For the majority of this tome, the dashing devil takes the backseat while the readers are “toured” further in Carey’s well-crafted universe and deep
This volume of everybody's favourite anti-hero contains three apparently unrelated triptychs, a story of what's going on in Hell and a short after-story where Michael confronts Lucifer again.

This volume didn't really do an awful lot for me. The three triptychs were interesting, the first being being Mazikeen's story of trying to "fix" her face. After being an almost-illegible face in a mask for two volumes, it's nice to see her get fleshed out a bit, and her story is taken up again in the final
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Nicholas Kaufmann
Mazikeen goes looking for a new face, Elaine goes looking for her ghost friend Mona, and Lucifer goes looking for trouble in Effrul in this third trade collection. As a series, LUCIFER just keeps getting better and better. Mike Carey has written something really special.
I'll confess that I don't particularly care about Christopher Rudd and his adventures in Hell. For me, at least, it's the low point of the series, as there's just so little at stake watching a bunch of demons stabbing each other in the back.

It's a shame too, because this volume really gives Mazikeen a chance to shine, and it also contains Lucifer's first attempt at creation. And what a great idea that is. Lucifer, as a character, has always been opposed to God, but how often has he actually been
Much has been said regarding the "mundanity of evil": the idea that grotesquely despicable acts can be all the more horrifying when those that commit them do so with the distracted air of disinterested bureaucrats. There's another level beyond that; the "crushing monotony of evil". At this extreme, we move from having no investment in evil acts to actually finding them wearyingly dull. "Do I have to go work in the concentration camp today? "Can't I stay in bed?"

The residents of Effrul and its ne
In this third trade paperback A Dalliance With the Damned the momentum of this series begins to pick up. This collection addresses the concerns I raised after volume 2 that the supporting characters weren't getting enough room to develop with the stories here giving them that space.

In the trio of stories that make up the 'Triptych' arc we get the narrative moving for Mazikeen, Elaine and Lucifer's new creation. We begin to get a sense of their own motivations beyond Lucifer's thrall and where t
Benjamin Shehu
A fantastic take on Lucifer, the fallen one, and his stance towards both god and Michael his brother. A tale that both adds to the meaning of Sandman, but draws heavily from it too.

While retired, Lucifer undertakes a job from Heaven, which grants him a letter of passage. This sets the universe on course for its end, and results with a new Creation, Lucifer's one, the death of Michael, but also the transfer of his powers into Elaine Belloc and of course Yahwehs quitting of his role, leaving his p
One of my favorite characters from the Lucifer series makes his first appearance in this volume, namely damned soul Christopher Rudd, a long dead sword-and-ettiquette instructor who spent his first few centuries in Hell praying to God. He's in Hell for a good reason, but still seems to have held on to his faith and may very well be a decent human being. Of course, this doesn't stop him from starting to climb the ladder of Hell's hierarchy when he is, by chance, pulled out of his punishment to be ...more
The monstrous children of Lilith, forever denied the Garden of Paradise despite their lack of relation to original sinners Adam and Eve, mount a war of rebellion and conquest in this dramatic and occasionally risque tale. This goal gets its spark the moment Mazikeen decides to get her face back in "Triptych 1: The Seeds of Time" as she sought her brothers and sisters, gets judged on her misdeeds and becomes the war leader of the exiled Children of Lilim in the process.

We take a break with "Trip
A Dalliance with the Damned is the first "interlude" collection, a lull in the action following the events from Children and Monsters. This collection, smaller than its predecessor, first serves up a trio of one-shot issues focusing on, respectively, Mazikeen and Briadach of the Lilim, Elaine, and concluding with an alternate take on Genesis. The stories intersect to a degree, but each stands on its own and serves and serves to maneuver everyone into position for grander things to come.

Robb Bridson
Two three-part story arcs and one shorter story that moves the main plot along.
The first story arc is the best one, particularly the last part, where Lucifer builds his own Eden, issues his one commandment, and ends up sorely disappointed (all this you'd expect, but the way it happens is the twist that makes it great).
The second story is about Hell politics and not as interesting, and the final part seems to be a bridge to the next event, which is probably another war against Heaven? I don't kn
Re-read 21-06-2103

Good Story - Average Art - Nice covers
The first one with the Bolton art was better, but still, the story makes it a worthwhile read.From the pages of Sandman comes the on-going saga of everybody favorite lil' devil, Lucifer.

« LUCIFER, A DALLIANCE WITH THE DAMNED finds the Lightbringer hard at work on a New Creation - outside the bounds of any authority but his own, complete with a new pair of inhabitants for a new Garden of Eden. But as he tries his hand at universe-building, b
This just gets better and better. I adore the idea of a hell themed along the lines of 18th century Europe; lots of echoes of de Sade and pre-Revolution France and things of that nature. Lucifer's Creation is fascinating and twisted and many kinds of wrong. His creation of Adam and Eve, his commands to them not to worship him, the ways in which it doesn't (or does?) work, free will... what I love about this is that it is a series which, like Sandman, makes you think. I'm really intrigued to see ...more
Sean Goh
And do you remember the fear that comes with love? The fear that it cannot last, the fear that you cannot be worthy of it?

They think they mortify us with whips, and wheels. But then they have neither lived, nor loved. In truth, they know nothing of pain at all.
Robert Beveridge
Mike Carey, Lucifer: A Dalliance with the Damned (Vertigo, 2002)

And now it all opens up. Well, at least, it opens up a whole lot of new cans of worms. All the threads from issues one and two tie themselves together, but in classic Sandman tradition, there are far more threads involved in this knot than we ever saw coming. That's one of the things that made Sandman so wonderful, and Carey continues on in the tradition: nothing exists solely to advance the plot, but every action a character takes,
This is the best volume of the lot, but this review is for the entire series.

The concept of having the devil himself as your protagonist must be instinctively unappealing to many, but apparently not for Vertigo's target audience, and this series deserves its popularity. Lucifer Morningstar is NOT a nice person, but neither is he "evil": his primary attribute is rebelliousness, and through 11 books his chief aim is to find a way of getting outside his Father's influence. That he (in a very parti
At this point I'm completely enthralled with this series. Every detail in every storyline is so perfect, every character so thoroughly imagined (even ones that get killed off almost immediately), that you feel a total understanding for this completely alien world Mike Carey has created. In this volume we get Lucifer's selfish take on Creation, a bunch of demons who behave like 1800s English nobility, and a look into the incredibly twisted, inhuman world Lucifer surrounds himself with. As with pr ...more
"normal consciousness will be resumed"

A true tour de force. Can I leave out the spoilers and leave you a taste? A woman walking the streets in search of her old identify; a violent family feud; a whole new world; a girl with bird wings; a guilt-free garden; fruit; sex; sex; sex; high society with a talking cat; intrigue, assassination and betrayal; new precedents with old friends; and breaking into a temple. If there's one lesson here, it's don't go to Lucifer's home and pray to God. That's jus
Ok,ok. This series is growing on me for sure. 3 stars for 1st, 4 for 2nd, a tentative 5 for this one.
Christopher Selmek
This volume shows the politics of hell, which are remarkably like feudal Europe, but even more fascinating.
Mazikeen võidab duelli ja saab "Lilimi'd eksiilis" nimelise jõugu sõjapealikuks.
Lucifer saab Jumalalt käsu uks sulgeda, kuid ta lõhub selle miljoniks tükiks, mis pudenevad üle aja ja ruumi kõikidesse maailmadesse laiali ja sealt on vaba sissepääs Luciferi universumisse.
Enamus köitest moodustab Christopher Ruddi - nimelise sureliku patuse lugu, kes on tapnud oma õpilase ja selle-eest põrgupiinadesse mõistetud. Ootamatult päästab ta ühe Põrgu osa valitseja tütar, deemon, kes ta endale sekspoisiks
It's been a very long time since I read the first two volumes of this series, so some of the stuff going on in this third volume was confusing to me. Nonetheless, I'm still kind of disappointed. The artwork wasn't very good (my favorite comic book artist will always be Dave McKean), and Mike Carey isn't quite as good a writer as Neil Gaiman. It's always a gamble having a new author/artist take over someone else's creation. I really love the concept of Lucifer giving up his throne in Hell and beg ...more
I'm still really enjoying this series of comics. In the third volume Lucifer himself takes a back seat to the other characters. The first story was the strongest I felt as his former hostess makes her own way in the world to try and reclaim her face. There was a lovely story about the little girl who sees ghosts who continues to be one of my favourite characters. I felt the story that was set in hell with the new regime was the weakest. But overall it was still an interesting collection and I'm ...more
Sam Sobelman
Both stories in this volume are exceptional!

(General spoilers ahead)

First, Lucifer experiments in his new creation, wondering if this new world is truly created in his image? Or is it an extension of the Creator's will, still? Is there any place where truly free will, outside of the reach of the Creator, can exist? HEAVY SHIT, YO!

Then, in the titular story, we explore the many aspects of society in Hell, post-Lucifer's rule. It is loads of fun, bursting with fun, sexy art. It's a great introduct
Volume 3 and I'm still loving it, the characters are great, and the story lines are pretty good, too. Really torn between loving and hating Mazikeen, she just seems quite unforseeable, which I suppose is a good trait for any character to have (wouldn't want to make it too easy, would we?). I loved the idea of Hell being pointedly and consciously played out as a historic era, and found the whole plot around it wonderfully creepy - especially the idea of pain as a recreational drug. Definitely rec ...more
Lucifer did something huge in volume 2, and everyone wants a piece of it: the children of Lilith, the host of Hell, the host of Heaven, the Fey, and a whole bunch of magically sensitive types. Lucifer is playing a mean game and A Dalliance with the Damned, volume 3 of the DC Comics/Vertigo series is excellent with Lucifer advancing his scheme and pissing off everyone in his path. It's entertaining and shocking, and most certainly not for persons with certain sensibilities.
I absolutely adore this series and I never get tired of Lucifer struggling at his yoke. He never pretends to be anything he isn't - full of arrogance and pride. His arrogance is his charm, and Lucifer manages to draw partisans to him even though he doesn't want them. Mazikeen wants to be his equal and I think that he kind of wants that too, just so that he has and audience that is on his level to see his grand plan enacted.
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Mike Carey was born in Liverpool in 1959. He worked as a teacher for fifteen years, before starting to write comics. When he started to receive regular commissions from DC Comics, he gave up the day job.

Since then, he has worked for both DC and Marvel Comics, writing storyli
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