Magic Strikes (Kate Daniels, #3)
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Magic Strikes (Kate Daniels #3)

4.45 of 5 stars 4.45  ·  rating details  ·  30,623 ratings  ·  1,509 reviews
When magic strikes and Atlanta goes to pieces, it’s a job for Kate Daniels…

Drafted into working for the Order of Merciful Aid, mercenary Kate Daniels has more paranormal problems than she knows what to do with these days. And in Atlanta, where magic comes and goes like the tide, that’s saying a lot.

But when Kate's werewolf friend Derek is discovered nearly dead, she must...more
Mass Market Paperback, 310 pages
Published March 31st 2009 by Ace (first published February 20th 2009)
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The Holy Terror
Jul 14, 2013 The Holy Terror rated it 5 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: everyone
Recommended to The Holy Terror by: The Flooze
Alright, alright. I am now fully entrenched in the "I Love the Kate Daniels Series" camp. Magic Bites was ok, Magic Burns was better, and Magic Strikes had me grinning from ear to ear at the last page. I'm desperate now to read the next one to see what happens with Kate and Curran. The tension they've built up is absolutely delicious. THIS is how you create a relationship in a series. I hate authors that think throwing the two characters into bed with each other right away is either realistic, p...more
Sep 12, 2011 Lora rated it 5 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: people on the same joy ride as me
Recommended to Lora by: refer to first paragraph
I can't believe no one mentioned this series to me, recommended this series to me, or spammed my profile with comments and PMs proclaiming this series' awesomeness. They should have. To everyone that didn't, you're on my shit list.

Luckily for me, I finally made the decision on my own, like a big girl, and decided to give this series a try.
Once I did, it wasn't exactly love at first page, but I've quickly moved into the honeymoon stage. Here's to the honeymoon never ending.
Very rarely do I come a...more
Jessica (Rabid Reads)
Did you guys watch American Gladiators when you were kids? I just looked it up on IMDB, and the show's first run was from 1989-1997.<-----EIGHT years is a LONG time.

Long enough for most of you to have watched it at some point during your childhood. B/c really? What's better than ridiculously muscled men (and women) in red, white, and blue spandex with names like Nitro and Laser . . . and MALIBU (Oh yeaaah):
GAWD, I love the 80's.

And Malibu could totally be Curran in the middle of the magic f...more
Litchick (is stuck in the 19th century)
I promised myself that I would review this book after finishing it the second time around. I took expansive notes, I copied my favorite quotes down in preparation and I even went so far as to try to start writing a review while still reading. I made several attempts actually. The first was a gushing letter to the author. The second was a serious breakdown of the story and characters that just felt all wrong and the third was a half drunken, rambling poem modeled after “There once was a man from...more

1. That knife you used to butter your toast? It now has a name.

2. You relate everything in the real world back to the Kate Daniels world and start making the cheesiest jokes.

3. You said "Katelanta." Even once.

4. Lions. How hot are they?! --> This is a legitimate thought.

5. You're panicked that your Kindle battery will run out mid book because you usually charge it while sleeping but you haven't been sleeping because of this series!

Apr 16, 2012 Heather rated it 5 of 5 stars
Recommended to Heather by: Penny
Re-read in 2012.

Holy Shit! I love this series. I've spent the last 24 hours burning through Magic Burns (Kate Daniels, #2) and Magic Strikes (Kate Daniels, #3). My eyes are blurry, my head is fuzzy, and I still have a smile plastered across my face. Did I mention that I loved this series?

Where to start, where to start? I think I shall devote this review to a bit of fangirl squeeing.

When I finished Magic Bites (Kate Daniels, #1), I was on the fence about how I felt about it. I needed a nudge to...more
Anzu The Great Destroyer
This, my dear, has been another thrilling book from the Kate Daniels series. As I was expecting, it kicked ass. I loved every jiffy of it and, as it always happens with the books I love, I have no idea what to write in my review. Everything I type ends up retarded, boring, daft and not good enough to show the size of the awesomeness that is Magic Strikes. So I will keep it simple as a chicken’s rear end.

But I’ll be a bit serious now. It’s the little things that make me love this series. Raphael’...more
Carol. [All cynic, all the time]
Apr 16, 2013 Carol. [All cynic, all the time] rated it 5 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: any UF fan who likes a kick-butt heroine

Remember when I said I loved Magic Burns? I might just love this book a little more. Just how good is it? Enough that it was my go-to when I was recently recovering from a headache--I wanted a dependable, awesome read and didn't want to start anything new that I'd end up hating.

Magic Strikes is the third book in one of the best urban fantasy series out there. It maintains a very fast-moving plot with nicely developed characterization, has an unusual magic-technology premise, and stars a woman wh...more
I love love this series. I'm getting tired of a lot of this paranormal stuff, so many iterations, but this is a GREAT world, GREAT characters, good plotting. The writing is really good, I feel like the hardest thing to do is be SIMPLE, and this author's style is so concise and honest and believable. I really really love this series and would recommend it to anyone, men or women!
The Flooze
Oh. My. God!


I am one big fan-girl squeal.

I am also freaking out that I now have to wait (how many months? argh!) for the next installment.

I want to be Kate. I really want a Curran, and I need the next book to be here already!

Ilona Andrews has really amazed me. There's steady improvement with each book of this series, and Magic Strikes promises that more fabulousness will follow.

I love Kate. She's incredibly loyal, determined, and crazy. But the good kind of crazy. The kind that...more
Jo ★  The Book Sloth★
10 out of 5 Stars

This book was one giant ball of awesomeness and of course once again it's morning and I have yet to sleep.

Kate, Derek, Jim and his crew get involved in an illegal gladiator tournament against the orders of Curran who has banned the shifters from taking part in it. Of course all hell breaks lose pretty soon.

So... the juicy stuff:

If you haven't read the book please don't open the spoiler. It's major.

(view spoiler)...more
Mar 31, 2014 julio rated it 3 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommended to julio by: MostlyDelores
I don't have a problem, your face has a problem, dafuq, leave me alone.

so, despite aesthetic niggles and one (frequent and more or less catastrophic) example of either clumsiness or appalling heteronormative bias (i can't decide), this is turning out to be a wildly entertaining series.

the structure in the last third was defined by (view spoiler)...more
Robin (Bridge Four)
Revised Fangirl Review upon the Re-read of the series before Magic Breaks is Released.

 photo kateandcurran_zpsd4df0f38.jpg

Magic Strikes has Gladiator style fighting with MAGIC so it is even better, sexual tension so thick you can cut it with a knife, flying palaces in a separate realm and a murder mystery as good as any crime novel.

gladiator photo: Gladiator tumblr_m41l4bcylQ1qmsksao1_500.gif

I loved it even more the second time around. All the quips, the intense and extremely entertaining battles, the budding relationship between Raphael and Andrea, the extreme sexual tension, Curran stak...more
Beanbag Love
Damn. Just ... damn.

So, I started with the acknowledgments and Andrews says something about Jeaniene Frost (Night Huntress series) beta reading her book and sending out a posse. So, I thought, heh heh, she must hint sex and not go there.

Then some stuff happens and I'm like, "What?! No! You can't kill him!!!"


I was on the edge of my seat for this entire book. Nearly in tears at some points and laughing out loud at others. And loving the romantic developments as well.

Kate gets involved in...more
Erica Ravenclaw

☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

No spoilers and colorful language abound!

Magic Bites Review
Magic Burns Review

 photo woo_zps219adcf7.gif

I came into this read prepared, I took notes of my favorite quotes, I jotted ideas and funny quips, I was going to continue to review this series with a coherent and tangible thread of consciousness. I was, I was, I was, blah blah blah, am I right? I'm like the last kid arriving at the cool table here, I don't need to talk about the plot there are a 1000+ reviews doing exactly that above me. It's cool, that...more
4.5 Stars

Wow, this story went from entertaining to amazing in one book! Let me count the ways:

1. We FINALLY get some answers to who and what Kate is!! YES! I love this rocking, kick-ass heroine. She's not whiny, she's not too cocky, and she has a sword named Slayer. This girl has some serious fighting skills and isn't afraid to put herself in harms way for the ones she holds dear.

2. CURRAN!! Oh my heart HIS MAJESTY THE BEAST LORD! I'll cook for you anytime. Talk about knight-in-shining armor:...more
*Originally read 6/17/10*

*4.5 Stars*

Well, I'm noticing a definite climb in my enjoyment of this series. I don't know if the world building is smoother or if I have just stopped questioning it. I do still wonder where all the straight humans are. Come on, Crest can't be the only one out there. In regards to stars, I'd say this one is more of a 4.5 where the first two were more of a 4 and 4.25 respectively.

I think I liked this one more because there was more action. Because I feel disconnected fro...more
Julie (jjmachshev)
Urban fantasy fans, rejoice! Ilona Andrews latest Kate Daniels story is kick a$$ from start to finish. This series has a bit of romance (so far without consummation, but still hot), a heaping helping of humor, more paranormal critters than you can shake a stick at, a heroine who's a trained killer with a conscience, and enough high drama and action for anybody. In other words, if you like fantasy, urban fantasy, etc...go get this series.

Kate's had a rough week. Waves of magic are wreaking havoc...more
Oh my, I loved this book! Magic Strikes is the best book in the series so far! I liked Magic Bites. Magic Burns was better. But this book was awesome!

Ilona Andrews creates a world full of magic that ebbs and flows. As the magic hits, all technology becomes useless. She combines this with an interesting lore about shape shifters and other magical creatures. The author then adds in some very colorful characters with all sorts of special abilities. Mixed in is some great dialogue, some edge of your...more
Barks & Bites
4 1/2 stars. This is book #3 in the series and I’m still listening to the books on audio because I have almost no real reading time. Sigh and boo hiss on the real life. I found my mind didn’t drift away too much on this one. This time around we learn a bit more about Kate, poor Derek is put in harms way (poor Derek, that kid really deserves a break), Kate and Curran do the humorous verbal sparring thing they do so well and a lot of other magical and gory stuff happens. Sorry, that’s all I’ve got...more
Aly is so frigging bored
11-12 May 2012
I don't have time to write a review people, I'm starting the next book :D

July 2013
The favoritest[they should totally make it a word] quotes of them all:
“What are you doing here?”
“Looking for Jim in your bed.”
“He isn’t here.”
“I see that.”
Little golden sparks danced in his dark gray eyes. He looked terribly pleased with himself and slightly hungry.

“Shit. Fuck shit.”
“ ‘ Shit fuck’ would also have been accepted.”
“The head of Pack’s security has gone rogue, Derek is near death, and you’
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
I won't go through a summary of what it is about as others probably have or you can look at the book description which sums it up best. Sorry if this comes across a bit disjointed. Having headaches again from the weather.

I loved this book. I have to say this is one of those rare series where the author keeps getting better. The character grows which is also a big thing with me. I hate reading series where the lead doesn't learn from his/her mistakes or grow in personality. Kate is definitely gro...more
Francesca the Fierce (Under the Covers Book Blog)
These books honestly get better and better. I might've struggled a bit through the first two, but this one was PERFECT! The storyline was amazing, there's a lot more interactions between Curran and Kate (bath scene?!!?!?!?).

Saiman, very intriguing, what is truly his deal? Derek, I just felt so bad for him. I also LOVED Andrea and Raphael! Cutest thing ever to see Raphael chasing after her.

Funniest moment ever:

"His Majesty needs a can-I girl anyway. And I’m not it.”
“A can-I girl?” Andrea frowned
Ok ok ok...NOW I GET IT!!!! I get what all the fuss about this series is all about. I am officially hooked. I care about the characters (Derek, Andrea and Raphael I'm looking at you) specially Kate who now that all the layers are starting to peel off and can see a real person under all this big mouthed, full of bravado badassery, I can really connect. Here is a person with a big sense of honor and justice and an even bigger heart, someone who is ready to sacrifice herself to save the people she...more
Don’t have much to say
About this book, so let’s try
Some stunt reviewing.

This would normally
Be called a guilty pleasure.
I mean, werelion?

Sorry, the sexy
Werelion, called “Beast Lord” of,
No lie, Atlanta.

Heroine is a
Badass swordswoman with, yes
Dangerous secrets.

They fight each other,
Also evil, and don’t fuck/
Fuck on pub schedule.

But these days I just
Don’t mix guilty with pleasure:
Life’s short, too much grief.

It’s cold. I’m tired
And sad. Sometimes you just like
Things and that’s okay.

(Wait, shit, how...more

My Kate

My Curran


DarkHeart "Vehngeance"
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Annie (Under the Covers Book Blog)
Someone fold me one of those paper fans because Curran does bad things to me!

Okay, so now I know why the ladies hiss at me whenever I speak of Curran. Words like “Mine!” and “Back off!” are often flung into my face. There is a reason to the madness and I have gone clinically insane for the Beast Lord. Who could blame me?

There were two things that really stood out in this book for me. First, it was all the action. Without giving too much of the plot away, Kate Daniels finds herself caught in the...more
As you know, I read a lot of urban fantasy. I love the supers, the gritty cities, the strong women, and (in my favorites) the dry sense of humor. And though there are a ton of UF series out there, relatively few of them make it to the upper echelon for me. Patricia Briggs' Mercy Thompson series sits comfortably in the #1 spot. I put Blood Bound down and it was all over. I've got the Mercy's Garage shirt proclaiming my ubergeek/fangirl status. Exactly a year ago I read the first two Kate Daniels...more
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Ilona Andrews is the pseudonym for a husband-and-wife writing team. author2sm“Ilona is a native-born Russian and Gordon is a former communications sergeant in the U.S. Army. Contrary to popular belief, Gordon was never an intelligence officer with a license to kill, and Ilona was never the mysterious Russian spy who seduced him. They met in college, in English Composition 101, where Ilona got a be...more
More about Ilona Andrews...
Magic Bites (Kate Daniels, #1) Magic Bleeds (Kate Daniels, #4) Magic Burns (Kate Daniels, #2) Magic Slays (Kate Daniels, #5) On the Edge (The Edge, #1)

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“Curran looked back at me. "Why is it you always attract creeps?"

"You tell me." Ha! Walked right into that one, yes, he did.”
“As he passed me, he leaned to Curran and handed him a paper fan folded from some sort of flyer.

Curran looked at the fan. “What?”
"An emergency precaution, Your Majesty. In case the lady faints.”

Curran just stared at him.

Raphael strode toward the Pit, turned, flexed a bit, and winked at me.

"Give me that,” I told Curran. “I need to fan myself.”
"No, you don’t.”
More quotes…