Sad Cypress: A BBC Full-Cast Radio Drama
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Sad Cypress: A BBC Full-Cast Radio Drama (Hercule Poirot #21)

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Elinor Carlisle and Roddy Welman are the model English couple, perfect companions set for a life of ease when they inherit Aunt Laura's considerable fortune. But a poison pen letter begins a chain of events which is to end in tragedy. Enter Hercule Poirot to investigate. John Moffatt stars as the great Belgian detective in this BBC full-cast radio drama.

1/5 A poisoned pen...more
Audio CD, 5 pages
Published June 14th 2011 by AudioGO Ltd. (first published 1940)
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mark monday
Choose Your Own Adventure!

You are on the dock for murder most foul! The awkward thing is that the contemplation of murder is not an unusual topic for you. Your surprisingly extensive knowledge of poison is also a questionable thing. Whatever is a young lady to do? Look to Belgium for succor! A noted botanist of human nature will soon arrive to save the day, and he’ll turn that sad cypress frown upside down. Will you keep your dignity and integrity intact? Or will you admit that sometimes people...more
من غير أجاثا يمكن أن يختار هذا العنوان الرقيق "السرو الحزين" لرواية بوليسية تدور أحداثها حول جريمة قتل؟

ومن غير المترجمين الأذكياء يمكن أن يُفسد عليك الرواية إذا ما تذاكى وترجم عنوان الرواية إلى "المتهمة البريئة"؟
في كل مرة أدلف فيها إلى عالم أجاثا أعرف انني سأكون على موعد مع متعة خالصة، أودع فيها الملل، الإطالة، الرمزيات الغريبة، الألفاظ المشينة، كل هذا أتركه ورائي وأستعد لرواية أخرى تحبس الأنفاس وفي كثير من الأحيان تثير المشاعر

اختارت أجاثا هذه المرة عنواناً رقيقاً يتماشى مع الخط الرومانسي لل...more
I just finished re-reading Sad Cypress & I loved it as much as I remembered. Agatha Christie is one of the few authors I can generally count on for that : what I loved at 16, I still love at....well, my current age.

Sad Cypress begin with the elegant, frosty Elinor Carlisle on trial for the murder of the gardener's daughter, Mary Gerrard, one of Christie's fey heroines, "she was like a flower." Both blonde, both beautiful, both beloved by Elinor's aunt, the wealthy owner of the estate both gi...more
Laurel Young
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Leave it to Christie to put a fresh spin on a murder mystery. This one opens with the accused standing trial, and flashes back to a re-telling of the events leading up to the murder, arrest, and subsequent trial. It's Poirot's assignment to get to the truth, and he does.
Fatema Alzahraa seleem
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Well, I'm a big fan of Agatha Christie, and at first glance, this seemed to be a definite "plot twister" Poirot book as any other, with him battling against seemingly unbeatable odds. The story revolves around Elinor Carlisle, a beautiful lady madly in love with her cousin Roderick, yet outwardly distant. She is accused of murdering Mary Gerrard, her rival in love. The evidence seems irrefutable, only she had the means, the motive and the opportunity. Will Poirot be able to prove her innocence?

AUTHOR: Christie, Agatha
TITLE: Sad Cypress
DATE READ: 04/05/14
GENRE/PUB DATE/PUBLISHER/# OF PGS: Mystery/1939/Putnam/271 pgs
CHARACTERS: Elinor Carlisle; Roderick Welman; Mary Gerrard

FIRST LINES: An anonymous letter! Elinor Carlisle stood looking down at it as it lay open in her hand. She'd never had such a thing before. It gave one an unpleasant sensation. Ill-written, badly spelled, on cheap pink paper.

COMMENTS: Is there anyone better at th...more
Andreia Silva
Elinor Carlisle, herdando uma grande fortuna, mas perdendo o amor que queria para si, é acusada da morte de Mary Gerrard, por quem o seu amado Roddy se enamorou! Mas é preciso encontrar provas que refutam todas as evidencias de que ela é culpada. E é aí que entra o Hercule Poirot!

Quando vou ler um livro em que um detective tão destacado e tão aclamado, como o Poirot, tem um papel preponderante, estou sempre à espera, durante os inícios do livro que ele entre em cena e comece a fazer a magia do v...more
It's been some time since I last read Poirot and I must say I found this book a tiny bit different from the others; no fussing over untidy rooms, no moustache management, and no squeals due to lack of symmetry! It's almost as if the great papa has changed. And there is no Hastings... I always hate that. :-/
Plot-wise it was another natural masterpiece; and I must say I did not see what was coming!
Loved it.
Brad McKenna
Save for Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, there is no mystery writer that I love more than Dame Agatha Christie. When I picked up Sad Cypress it was like going back to an old friend. It had been years since I last read a Christie story. For those of you that read my The Sherlockian review, it should come as no surprise that I’m very fond of Hercule Poirot. Like Sherlock Holmes, Poirot is a marvelous character. His idiosyncrasies are both charming and insulting. Mentally superior to the majority of people...more
First I must say there are SOOOO many reasons why I love Agatha Christie. She totally deserves the title of best mystery writer of all time. And "Sad Cypress", although not on my top 5 list of Christie book, is for sure one of the better ones regardless.

Here are some reasons why I love Agatha. Her settings are always vivid, mysterious, and cooped-up feeling. You literally feel trapped in the atmosphere she presents. I love that ALL of the characters seem guilty and all have heaps of secrets (eve...more
Come away, come away, death,
And in sad cypress let me be laid;
Fly away, fly away breath;
I am slain by a fair cruel maid.
My shroud of white, stuck all with yew,
O, prepare it!
My part of death, no one so true
Did share it.
(Act II, Scene IV of Shakespeare's Twelfth Night)

Die Verlobten Elinor Carlisle und Roddy Welman (entfernte Cousins) erhalten einen anonymen Brief, in welchem sie gewarnt werden, dass jemand sich an ihre reiche Erbtante Laura Welman, ranmacht, um sie zu beerben. Elinor hat s...more
Nice change of direction. It'll be nice if plain coarse people are good for more than "simple expressions of truth" or embodying the ugliness of humanity, though. I mean is this noveling? All the protagonists are good-looking? Have I not been paying any attention my entire stupid reading life?

It's just I've got like 40 more of these to go and everything's becoming so obvious and tedious. "So why don't you stop?" Because I've already committed myself to this idiotic project and I don't want to gi...more
Mónica Silva
Opinião no blog http://howtoliveathousandlives.blogsp...

Mais uma vez Christie apresenta um mistério intrigante, onde as aparências iludem mesmo! Sempre com reviravoltas e uma narrativa dinâmica, Christie não desilude.

Uma das melhores características da obra literária desta autora são as suas personagens, mas particularmente os seus detetives. Neste livro surge o famoso detetive belga Hercule Poirot, cujas idiossincrasias continuam a torná-lo numa das personagens mais cativantes do repertório de...more
Having read almost all of Agatha Christie's books years ago, I am surprised to find, upon rereading the book, the mystery is still fresh to me. A few pages upon reading the book, I was set on giving this a 3 star. Then, I cheated -- yes I peeked the end and found who did it (but not how the person did it). It is a rather interesting reading the rest of book upon having that information in the back of my head. Even with that clue, which enables me to pay more attention on the every thing that thi...more
This is my favorite of the Agatha Christie novels I have read so far. I like Hercule Poirot; his personality, thinking process and detection methods. The characters in this novel are believable creations, the story is interesting and well told. It is a love story, a murder mystery and a courtroom drama.
4 stars since it is Christie, but I didn't enjoy this one as much as others.
I found the ending to be a bit anti-climatic, although I didn't know who the culprit was, but there was much going round and changed identities and long-lost relatives and so forth, so the ending just wasn't as dramatic as I enjoy from Christie.
With a book such as this one, I tend to sit back and just enjoy the ride. I know she'll have Poirot explain the mystery to someone, and I'll get the resolution then. I did enjoy t...more
Jann Barber
A most satisfying read!

Elinor Carlisle stands accused of murdering her Aunt Laura, as well as Mary Gerrard, a childhood friend. Motive for Aunt Laura's murder was money, while motive for Mary's murder was jealousy, as Elinor's intended fell in love with Mary.

The characters are well written, and the explanation of what actually happened makes perfect sense.

All clues point to Elinor as the murderer, and her demeanor in the witness box does nothing to make people think otherwise.

Hercule Poirot's li...more
Cheryl Landmark
I finished this book in one afternoon. Once again, Ms. Christie has entertained me with her standard fare of mystery and characterization. I love how she develops her characters primarily through dialogue and not a lot of long-winded descriptions. And, my hero, Hercule Poirot, was as delightful and charming as usual, even though he didn't seem to be quite as involved in this mystery as he normally is. Ms. Christie's neat little twists and turns in the plot had me guessing until the end who the m...more
Наверное, нужно мне оставить затею проникнуться детективами. Ну не my cup of tea этот литературный жанр. Нет, чтобы смириться и читать что-то другое. Нееет, мы не ищем легких путей и начинаем читать Агату Кристи в оригинале, в надежде впечатлиться. Постараюсь кратенько.

Очень качественный детективный роман от королевы жанра – Агаты Кристи. Очень британская атмосфера. Туманный Альбион здесь чувствуется почти в каждом слове и действии. Строгость и обстоятельность. Крайне неспешно развивающиеся собы...more
لستُ من هواة الروايات البوليسية و لكنني لا اقاطعها و لا ارفضها نهائياً، و هكذا جاءت قراءتي من عدم رفض لهدية من اراد تغيير رأيي.
النسخة التي لدي رديئة لم تعكس الترجمة الركيكة فيها جمال اللغة و الشاعرية التي تستخدمها آغاثا كريستي و لذا لم يتبقى الا الحبكة و الأحداث - و لمعرفتي بأن النسخة التي قرأتها ظالمة وضعت ورائي المقياس الجمالي رغم أهميته في هذه الرواية بالذات التي اختير لها عنوان "السرو الحزين" (و الذي تم تغييره في نسختي الى المتهمة البريئة) حيث من المفترض ان يكون هناك مزج بين الجريمة و المشاع...more
كالعادة الدهشة في الفصل الأخير من الرواية
Amy Schmalbach
I have yet to read an Agatha Christie mystery that didn't suck me in and leave me puzzled until the very end, and Sad Cypress is no exception. The format is a bit different than the typical Agatha Christie book: we are introduced briefly to a court case, then we get a first person's point of view to the events that unfold, then we shadow Hercule Poirot as he interviews the relevant parties, and finally we watch the court case be argued and defended and conclude. The mystery starts out straightfo...more
Michael A
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Timo Ivanov
This book by Agatha Christie is much different from her other novels. The structure is essentially a prologue, a long flashback, and a long investigation by Hercule Poirot.

Elinor Carlisle is the niece of the wealthy Laura Welman, who's suffered a severe stroke. Roddy Welman is the son of the brother of Aunt Laura's long-dead husband. Elinor loves Roddy fiercely, but he's a flighty and nervous twit who feels that "too strong love" is off-putting. Poor Aunt Laura has another stroke, and nears dea...more
Sarah Sammis
Usually Christie's books rate higher for me but Sad Cypress just didn't pull me in to the mystery as so many of her other ones have. I found myself having to reread passages and often looking for other books to read instead. The lengthy exposition of the crime which takes half of the book breaks the usual pacing of a Christie mystery and the book never seems to recover from it.
Mona yousif
اغاثا كريستي: لا تلعب ياصديقي دور المحقق وانت تقرأ لها اي كتاب ,فمهما يكن من توقعاتك بل اثباتك بالادلة القاطعة لهوية المجرم ,مزهوا بنفسك بالانتصار عليه مقبلا على تكبيله بالقيود.فأنت لا تلبس ان تشارف على نهاية الرواية الا وتراك قد جررت ازيال خيبتك في اكتشافك الوهمي, هي وان دعت لك القارب بمجدافه ستعلم انك ابحرت غير اتجاهها ,,اتجاه الغموض الذي لن تكشف اسراره الا بها!.


مُذهلة مُذهــــلة
مُ ذ هـ ل ة !

لا تستحق 5 نجُوم فقط بل مائة !
من أجمل الورايات التي قرأتُها لها حتى الآن
طريقة القصة بحدّ ذاتها جميلة رقيقة تختلف عن العنف المُعتاد
أو أجواء المُجرمين هكذا رأيتها
وأحببتُها جدًا رغم طولها لم أشعُر بها !
إنسابت صفحاتُها كما الماء من بين يدي وأنتهت فجأة !

اجاثا فَتنتِنا !
Samyak ahuja
Spring has finally arrived here in the UK and the Agatha Christie Team have been thinking long and hard about poisons. The flowers are back in bloom and it’s from many of these plants that poisons and remedies are made.

This was Agatha Christie’s favoured method of murder (in fiction, of course). She once claimed when asked about her victims: “I prefer to poison them.”

This trend throughout her work inspired the Poison Garden at Torre Abbey, near Agatha Christie's hometown, which is open to visito...more
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Agatha Christie also wrote romance novels under the pseudonym Mary Westmacott, and was occasionally published under the name Agatha Christie Mallowan.

Agatha Mary Clarissa Miller was born in Torquay, Devon, England, U.K., as the youngest of three. The Millers had two other children: Margaret Frary Miller (1879–1950), called Madge, who was eleven years Agatha's senior, and Louis Montant Miller (1880...more
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“Ah, but life is like that! It does not permit you to arrange and order it as you will. It will not permit you to escape emotion, to live by the intellect and by reason! You cannot say, 'I will feel so much and no more.' Life, Mr. Welman, whatever else it is, is not reasonable. [Hercule Poirot]” 21 likes
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