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3.38 of 5 stars 3.38  ·  rating details  ·  1,343 ratings  ·  124 reviews
"With the lover everyday life recedes," Roth writes—and exhibiting all his skill as a brilliant observer of human passion, he presents in Deception the tightly enclosed world of adulterous intimacy with a directness that has no equal in American fiction. At the center of Deception are two adulterers in their hiding place. He is a middle-aged American writer named Philip, l ...more
Paperback, 208 pages
Published April 1st 1997 by Vintage (first published 1990)
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Um homem. Uma mulher. Infidelidade. Encontros secretos.
Fragmentos de diálogos, entre os dois amantes, com o despudor e a sinceridade, que é privilégio dos que nada esperam receber e nada têm para dar, além de a si próprios...
Jenny (Reading Envy)
In my Reading Goals for 2014, I said I wanted to read Philip Roth. This is the first book of that process, and I liked it enough to read more, hopefully which I will get to before the end of the year.

This novel is told entirely in dialogue, of two people in bed, some "real" and some "imagined," although it is all fiction. It is clear the author has put himself in the novel enough to make us ask, "Is this how he is?" but I don't know enough about him to care that much. And it gets a little confus
Luís Paz da silva
Comecei a ler este livro em Maio e, após umas escassas dezenas de páginas, comecei a pensar se a aquisição deste livro não teria feito jus ao título. Ontem, após terminar Os Anéis de Saturno, decidi pegar-lhe de novo, recomeçando a leitura desde o início e constatei que estava enganado no meu engano: é um livro extraordinário que prova se é verdade que somos o que lemos, a inversa não é menos verdadeira: para quase todos os livros, há momentos certos de leitura. O livro espraia-se pelos diálogos ...more
Ubik 2.0
“Stiamo parlando di un taccuino, di un brogliaccio, di un diagramma, e non di esseri umani!”

Questa strana opera di Philip Roth sfugge a una precisa definizione: si presenta come una serie di dialoghi privi di raccordo che sembrano in effetti (come proclama a sua difesa il narratore P.R. alla moglie che lo accusa di tradimento) una sorta di sperimentazione narrativa, una frammentata sceneggiatura, talora anche un po’ stucchevole nel ritornare ossessivamente sui temi tante volte sviluppati dall’au
Os diálogos entre dois amantes, são praticamente tudo o que há neste livro, e não é preciso mais nada...
“Continuas de algum modo, em algum recanto do teu coração, a alimentar a ilusão de que o casamento é um caso de amor?
Se sim, isso pode ser a causa de muitos problemas.”

“-Vida estranha a vossa.
-Sim, é estranha. É um disparate. Mas que queres a minha vida é assim.
-És muito infeliz?
-Isso tem períodos, acho eu. Uma pessoa tem períodos de desânimo. E depois vêm longos períodos de certa calma e am
OK, well. Deception is not just about the deceptions of adultery, but the deceptive games writers play with their readers.

How much is fact and how much is fiction? And all that.

What I liked:
The dialogues between the two central lovers.
The beginning and the ending conversations of the book are strong and have most of the best thought-provoking material.
The occasional passages that kept me rapt in the middle portions.

What I didn't like:
The dialogues with the other two girl characters, the Czech an
Letizia Sechi
A writer, his writing room, a woman who's not his wife, a bed. Dialogs, words, intimacy. Dalliances between two people who haven't made each other eternal promises and yet so binded that you can't tell what is love, fascination, attraction or just habits.

And then lies. A writer is who builds worlds he can live in, without truly upset the quiet of his real life. A good wife who stays at home and waits for you while you're working. A charming, smart and attractive lover to make you feel alive.

Maria  (Scratchbook)
Non sono una critica letteraria e non mi atteggio ad esserlo, quindi voglio precisare che i miei giudizi sono mossi da semplice passione amatoriale.
Pertanto, peccando proprio di passionalità, posso affermare che Inganno di Philip Roth è un autentica meraviglia.

Versione completa qui: http://startfromscratchblog.blogspot....
“I listen to you a lot, you know.”
“Too much. Why do you?”

Raw and filled with confusing conversations, Philip Roth’s novel is a work of pure dialogue between two adulterous lovers. One of them is a Jewish-American writer named Philip while the other is an unnamed English woman in a marriage which is falling apart. The novel is all about the conversations between the two, mainly the woman talking about her husband’s adulterous relationship, while the man listens.

The dialogue oscillates from logica
diálogos, diálogos do princípio ao fim, crús, sem papas na língua, irónicos. disseca-se tudo, desde o sexo ao antissemitismo, dos EUA à Inglaterra, das relações às emoções. o primeiro livro que li de PR. e não fico por aqui.
Lee Foust
Philip Roth writes a slick Po-mo novel and beats Don Delillo three ways from Sunday at his own game.

Deception starts out as a lover's discourse, a dialogue without description or even much stage direction. But, what we think will be about deceiving one's husband and/or wife turns out to be about deceiving one's readership through fiction itself. Which is also to deceive one's wife by writing about one's imaginary lover, and then to write about one's wife's objections to one writing about one's i
Jan 15, 2011 §-- rated it 5 of 5 stars
Shelves: novel
"Yes, that's life for you, always slightly askew fiction." (p. 191)

"Postcoital intimacy. That's the subject."
"Is it? I hadn't thought of it precisely that way." (p. 182)

"Maybe they thought somebody who writes a book like this must be a sex maniac. They take any small bit about anybody." (p. 54)

A forgotten classic. It makes sense that, since Philip Roth won every major literary award IN ONE DECADE, people can forget about the gems he was turning out in his sleep the decade before. Deception is
Unlike Roth's other books I've read, I was not strongly drawn into these characters. The style of the book, written almost exclusively in dialogue without attribution of the speaker, is creative and engaging, but I found it more difficult to connect with for this same reason. Roth is brilliantly insightful on love, relationships, infidelity, jealously, and so on, but the overall impact of the book for me was more abstract than personal due to the distance I felt from the characters.

This may hav
The last 29 pages of Philip Roth's Deception moved it from 2 stars to three and a half for me. What started out, and rolled along quite nicely, deceptively, for 178 pages, as a series of intelligent, postcoital dialogues between a Jewish author and his lover (with a couple voices thrown in from past love affairs), suddenly turned into a revelation of the most unsettling betrayal every scribe of love's barbaric candor eventually succumbs to. The novel must expose the love affair. Or, in Roth's ca ...more
Chego ao fim deste livro e concluo que a minha perspectiva da literatura é demasiado 'clássica', se é que isso se pode dizer... Quero e preciso de saber o mais possível sobre as personagens. Andar meio às cegas, ter de deduzir (sem seguranças) quem é quem, sem nomes nem locais, ter quase só fotogramas em jeito de flashbacks, para mim, não chega para me encher as medidas enquanto leitora. O livro só me "apanhou" no último terço, em que finalmente o narrador "põe ordem na casa" e, ainda que inadve ...more
Jack Wolfe
Why would anyone want to have sex with Philip Roth? This appears to be the central question of "Deception." Sure, his sentences are graceful, and some of his quips are amusing, and, look out ladies, the guy can occasionally go off on a philosophical tangent that's full of neat contrary logic. But tell me, readers, and do be honest: would you ever fuck a man who was this self-aggrandizing? A man whose bad female characters exist only to ruin Philip Roth's reputation (the "courtroom" sequence is j ...more
Jim Leckband
Every journalist who is not too stupid or full of himself to notice what is going on knows that what he does is morally indefensible.
When I read this first line of Janet Malcolm's article in the New Yorker (and subsequent The Journalist and the Murderer) about the Jeffery MacDonald murders, I was blown away at the ease she just laid the issue on the table from the start. In this case, a writer hired to write a story about the "innocence" of MacDonald, soon felt convinced of his guilt - and hence
Michael Battaglia
So imagine William Gaddis' "JR", but about a third of the length and instead of covering a whole host of topics (but mostly money and what it does to people) mostly depicting pillow talk between two people cheating on their spouses. Bingo! Now you have "Deception", a book about people talking.

For those who don't like to read lengthy prose descriptions of, well, anything this book will be both your manna and a godsend as there is essentially no narration at all, no way to tell who is talking othe
Geo Forman
The majority of the book is as though you are listening on an FBI wiretap to a writer with his mistress. Only there are multiple mistresses at different times of his life and you are eavesdropping on conversations with them all. The book is all dialogue and it is up to the reader to determine who is now talking to whom. Tour can only piece it together after picking out key words in the conversation.
The book wraps up with yet more conversation only, for the first time, with the writer's wife. She
May 09, 2015 Lilith marked it as abandonados  ·  review of another edition
Tiene algunas partes muy interesantes, partes que me han encantado, y partes con las que no puedo, pero ahora mismo no tengo ganas de seguir con su lectura.
Pedro Pinto
Como é que uma sucessão de conversas nos podem transportar para um mundo imaginado/real?

Philip Roth deixa-nos imiscuir e prende-nos até à última página numa dança que teimamos em não querer parar.

Abandonar seria o nosso maior erro: imaginar o real, ou o inverso, é, por vezes, a nossa maior realidade feliz.
Rita De oliveira
Aqui toda a gente engana toda a gente. Um casal de adúlteros encontra-se num estúdio em Londres para sexo e conversa, ela trintona, ele cinquentão, um alter ego de Philip Roth. Falam das suas vidas fora dali, ela queixa-se da relação do marido mas não o deixa, ele faz o mesmo mas em menor quantidade. Pelo meio, outros episódios de adultério a envolvê-lo a ele, o escritor. E, no final, a sensação de que até nós, leitores, fomos enganados. Terá havido mesmo adultério ou tratar-se-á todo o livro de ...more
Saba Fiazuddin
It is hard to read a book where almost all characters' actions are so abominable you cannot help but feel distaste for them. This book, however is an exception to the rule. The men in this book are brutal, despicable and charismatic. All characters are written vividly and despite their questionable acts they are engaging. It is a feat to capture the readers' attention for more than a hundred pages when the protagonists do not do anything but talk about their disintegrating marriages and politics ...more
Paul The Uncommon Reader
Who's being deceived here?

This was the second book by Roth that I read - the first was The Human Stain. Goodness, it was a very different book. So, Point One: Roth is a versatile author (the books were written about 10 years apart).

Layers of deception:
1) Deception is written more or less as a dialogue - though it's never quite clear who is speaking. So we as readers are being deceived (as we always are by authors, unreliable narrators, et cetera).
2) This narrator deceives his wife - twice. On

Deception is a collection of disconnected conversations and it's almost all dialogue.
It takes some time to get into the book, but then you become interested in the characters' lives and their thoughts about nowadays and - of course - love and relationship.
I enjoyed that this fictional work really showed the power of simple speech between people. It took me less than a day to read it, now that I don't go to school. :)
Maybe I should read it one more time to really get into the story. Overall
Marisa Martins
"- Uma das injustiças do adultério, quando se compara quem é amante com quem é cônjuge, é que quem é amante nunca se vê naquela situação chata e desagradável de discutir por causa dos legumes, da torrada que se deixou queimar, do telefonema que não se fez, da exigência demasiada que se faz ou se sofre. Tudo isso, penso eu, são coisas que as pessoas deixam deliberadamente de fora das relações extraconjugais. Estou a generalizar a partir da minha própria experiência, que é muito pouca, quase nenhu ...more
Mary Callahan
An interesting and intimate analysis of the dissolution of marriage. Delivered through a series of disconnected conversations between an adulterous couple, Phillip (the writer) and an unnamed English woman, debating over various topics that range from logical to senseless. And as many debates do, many do not even reach a logical conclusion, nor do they ever expose how these topics relate to or impact the supposed lovers on a personal level.

It’s sometimes difficult to keep track of who is saying
What can I say? Another brilliant book by Philip Roth! The novel so aptly named Deception is essentially about a writer's love affair with his work as well as the bluring of the lines between fiction and reality in which the lines between once autobiography and once fictionalized characters become so embroiled that it is hard to see which is true or false. One does not realize this until the last two chapters of the book and what was once an annoyance in terms of the pure dialogue nature of the ...more
John Otto
Philip Roth is a good writer, and I'm sure from a technical standpoint this is an excellent book. But as a nonacademic, the post-modernist structure of this book gets to be a bit much.

The book purports to be a series of conversations between an author, named Philip; an English woman who may or may not have been his mistress, a Czechoslovakian woman who may or may not have been a prostitute, and Philip's wife. The wife discovers the book and is convinced it describes actual affairs Philip has had
The trend of my reviews on Goodreads thus far makes me think I am becoming less tolerant of literary experimentation and excess. I am aware of the fact that I have limited time to read, and consequently I want the books I spend time with to reward me in some way, either through entertainment or insight. In Deception, the only thing I found praiseworthy was the dialogue, but since there is little more to it than that, I found it easy to put down without finishing it. I enjoy good dialogue, but it ...more
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Philip Milton Roth is an American novelist. He gained early literary fame with the 1959 collection Goodbye, Columbus (winner of 1960's National Book Award), cemented it with his 1969 bestseller Portnoy's Complaint, and has continued to write critically-acclaimed works, many of which feature his fictional alter ego, Nathan Zuckerman. The Zuckerman novels began with The Ghost Writer in 1979, and inc ...more
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