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Isard's Revenge (Star Wars: X-Wing, #8)
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Isard's Revenge (Star Wars: X-Wing #8)

3.93  ·  Rating Details ·  6,866 Ratings  ·  58 Reviews
Sleek, swift and deadly, the famed X-Wing fighters have earned their reputation as the Rebel Alliance's ultimate strike force the hard way--first in battle, the last line of defense.  Now they must make a deal with the devil herself--an enemy whose ultimate goal is their total annihilation.

It's the kind of mission only Wedge Antilles and the Rogue Squadron would dare to un
Paperback, 352 pages
Published June 3rd 1999 by Bantam Books (Transworld Publishers a division of the Random House Group) (first published April 1999)
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Jun 10, 2013 Daniel rated it it was ok
This book is especially hard to read after coming off Wraith Squadron's adventures. Character growth! Humor! Dialog! Pranks! Now it's back to Rogue Squadron, where everyone is perfectly logical, the humor is forced or refers back to something we've forgotten, and we'll rehash the first three books' plots.

There is no character development in this book. The dialog doesn't sound like any kind of real conversation; it's like everyone is just a floating plot point. It's very stilted, and even butler
Jess Neuner
Apr 28, 2016 Jess Neuner rated it really liked it
I was warned when I first started reading this series that Ysanne Isard lingers. And oh, does she. Thought dead after the Bacta War, Isard returns, not just once, but twice. It turns out that not only did she survive her shuttle getting shot down, the Isard that survived that was actually a clone of Isard. Not yet realising that either Isard is alive, Rogue Squadron is tasked with taking out Prince-Admiral Krennel, one of the more powerful former Imperials who set himself up as a warlord. They'r ...more
Cian Beirdd
Jun 19, 2013 Cian Beirdd rated it it was ok
The title, including revenge and the character of Isard, suggested this was going to be the pinnacle of an, unsophisticated, series. It is not. There is a lovely set-up: Isard recruits Rogue Squadron to combat an old threat and save some POWs. But the execution was definitely lacking. Dialogue was embarrassing. Every important character is mechanically promoted all at once. The characters do nothing interesting, no development, no philosophy, no anything. The action is good, but this felt a lot ...more
Ian Reay
Jan 15, 2015 Ian Reay rated it it was amazing
Shelves: star-wars
Five years after 'Return of the Jedi', the New Republic, victorious over Grand Admiral Thrawn, turns it's attention to the brutal dictatorship of the Ciutric Hegemony. But Rogue Squadron are not the only ones gunning for Prince-Admiral Delak Krennel; Ysanne Isard is alive and well and plotting avidly, for Krennel is being advised by her clone, another Isard.
The opening of this book is awesome, throwing us into the deep end of the Battle of Bilbringi (from the end of 'The La
Jul 24, 2011 David rated it liked it
If, by and large, books can be compared to food - the classics being haute cuisine; the terrible books being dog-food - then the X-Wing series of Star Wars books (all written pre-Episode One, and based on the popular LucasArts games) could probably be best described as fast food: enjoyable enough in small doses but you wouldn't want to live on them and not always that memorable.

With regard to this book, which picks up from the end of Timothy Zahn's "The Last Command" (with the ending of that no
Oct 06, 2014 Bryan rated it it was amazing
Anything that puts Wedge Antilles in a TIE Defender gets 5 stars from me.
Sep 28, 2009 Ron rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
A gift for successfully ending the series. Predictable and pedestrian.
Nom Chompsky
Jun 21, 2017 Nom Chompsky rated it it was amazing
Shelves: star-wars
This book is centrifugal to so many important, iconic and fun Star Wars moments, the most noteworthy of which is the fall of thrawn. The bothan/human interspecies adoption plot is incredibly sad, polemically unflinching, and the very meat of what makes all this wonderful no-longer-canon mythos so much more penetrating and meaningful than the original trilogy films. Many of the deaths are grotesque and the stakes for those deaths are super high and purposeful. Even the plot with Isard is plausibl ...more
Ben Yandle
May 08, 2017 Ben Yandle rated it liked it
This is still a pretty decent book. It had some good twists and some neat character progression but 2 things really dragged it down.

1) One is a spoiler involving and overused plot point for this time frame. They did mix it up a bit but reading these in order of the chronological timeline, I will be glad to see this plot point retired

2) This book has several sections that are just full on summarizations or exposition dumps from the Last command book. I understand this book came out a few years a
Crystal Starr Light
Jul 15, 2010 Crystal Starr Light rated it really liked it
Shelves: star-wars
“The way we rebuild the galaxy is by making lives better one at a time”
The New Republic is hot off the battle with Thrawn. Admiral Ackbar forces Wedge Antilles to accept a promotion to General so they can deal with the remnants of the Empire and the Prince-Admiral, Krennel, and rescue the remaining Lusankya prisoners. Little do they know that Isard is back and wants revenge.
NOTE: Listened to audiobook.

I Liked:
I don’t know if this audiobook was better edited, or I was paying attention better or t
Jan 09, 2011 Megan rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: star-wars, scifi, fiction
I can’t even begin to figure out a way to write this review spoiler free. I myself don’t believe in spoilers, especially for books that were published in the 90s, but for the sake of preserving the surprises I got when I read this — knowing zero about it — I’ll tell you up front, this is one spoilery review.

(view spoiler)
Mark Oppenlander
This volume of the X-Wing series is separated from the earlier stories by several years - years marked in the Star Wars Legends timeline by the conflict with Grand Admiral Thrawn. Also, after several X-Wing books from Aaron Allston featuring Wraith Squadron, Michael Stackpole returns to his Rogue Squadron characters with the clear goal of tying off some loose ends.

In the wake of the Thrawn conflict, the New Republic begins the task of rooting out the Imperial warlords who have taken over small s
Tom Ferratt
Oct 20, 2014 Tom Ferratt rated it really liked it
X-Wing - Isard's Revenge: Clinging to the Past
Before I get into this novel, I have to say that I have a natural distaste for authors who feel that they can only cling to material they've previously created. I thought that Allston did a great job of expanding this series of novels by adding new faces (pun intended) and plots. With Stackpole's anticipated return to the series, he really just ignored most of what Allston did and dove right back to where he left off with Rogue Squadron's story. To m
Mar 14, 2013 Michael rated it it was ok  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: star-wars
About a year ago, I embarked on a quest to re-read all of the X-wing novels, start to finish (as well as Stackpole's I Jedi , since it re-uses many of the characters and situations). I loved these books back when I was in middle school, and I wanted to see if they stood the test of time.

Spoiler alert: They don't.

Or rather, the first four novels in the series are still great reads, and Allston's Wraith Squadron series is passable, but by the time Isard's Revenge has come around, the formulaic
Vincent Darlage
The sound effects and music made the story more fun than it otherwise might have been. Anthony Heald did a good job of reading it. The scene with the X-Wings ripping through the AT-AT's (as seen on the cover) reminded me of a Star Wars RPG game I played in my youth, wherein I took an X-Wing against an AT-AT and ripped through it - prompting us all to ask - why didn't the rebels send their X-Wings against the AT-ATs on Hoth? (Our answer was that X-Wings couldn't actually fly on planets - that the ...more
Colin McEvoy
Jul 19, 2016 Colin McEvoy rated it it was ok
Shelves: star-wars
Star Wars novels have always been my "guilty pleasure" reading, but I've had a real love-hate relationship with the X-Wing series, particularly Stackpole's works. I don't think they're the strongest books in the Expanded Universe and I especially have issues with Stackpole's writing, but in the past I've been able to look past that because I still found the stories and characters interesting enough, if not flawed. (And I've always enjoyed Aaron Allston's entries a bit more, as I like his sense o ...more
Apr 28, 2011 J. rated it really liked it
Michael Stackpole returns to the X-Wing series after a brief interlude took us through Han and Leia's nuptuals and the Thrawn crisis. Things are decidedly different in Rogue Squadron following Wedge's promotion to the rank of General after Admiral Ackbar notes that his stubborn refusal to move up the ranks is inspiring his people to take the same stand and his bull-headedness is only hurting their careers. Wedge accepts the promotion and just about everyone else moves up as well. Corran Horn and ...more
Jaime Krause
Oct 21, 2012 Jaime Krause rated it really liked it
This book is a great reminder to not assume anyone is dead if you don't "see" their death and/or if a body isn't found.

As the title suggests, Isard is back. But there is something a bit off with her, and her manipulation is not as evident as it had been in the past. Is it possibly the effects of a concussion or something else?

I love that it starts at the end of the battle in The Thrawn Trilogy. The X-Wing novels really do flow well between other now-Legends novels. There is a question of whether
Nov 27, 2016 Justin rated it liked it
Once Aaron Allston's excellent Wraith Squadron trilogy concluded (in Solo Command (Star Wars, X-Wing #7) (Book 7)), the X-Wing series was passed back to series originator Michael Stackpole, who brought back Rogue Squadron (now featuring Myn Donos from Wraith Squadron) for a final run against an enemy long thought to be dead.

It's difficult to offer a recap of Isard's Revenge without giving away spoilers, but it's pretty obvious that Ysanne Isard, the villain from the first four X-Wing books, is b
If Joss Whedonand George R.R. Martin are well known for killing off characters we love, Michael A. Stackpole should probably be well known for faking the deaths of the characters we love.

A previous villian from the X-Wing series returns from the dead to extract revenge on Rogue Squadron and attempt to return to power. And Stackpole takes the opportunity to make sure that every character he has ever written for this series of books gets to add the words "returned from the dead" to their resume.
Darryl Dobbs
Apr 22, 2016 Darryl Dobbs rated it liked it
With Thrawn now out of the picture (The Last Command), the focus now for the New Republic is to eliminate the remaining Imperial warlords who are scattered throughout the galaxy.

Rogue squadron is ambushed by the Imperials who were under the guidance of - Isard "Iceheart", who was thought to be dead. So while Corran Horn, Wedge Antilles and the gang are whisked away to a secret base, Corran's wife Mirax Terrik and his friend (and Wedge's future love) Iella Wesseri are doing their own investigati
Aug 03, 2013 L. rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
It's difficult to offer a recap of Isard's Revenge without giving away spoilers, but it's pretty obvious that Ysanne Isard, the villain from the first four X-Wing books, is back and the Rogues are in her sights. As usual, Corran Horn is the star of the book, and as usual, there are a lot of aerial dogfights, unrealistic dialogue, fake deaths, incompetent Imperials, and chapters that end in melodramatic statements that no one - even in fiction - would ever utter out loud. Don't get me wrong, it w ...more
Oct 20, 2016 Theresa rated it really liked it
Shelves: fantasy, adventure
Having missed out on a lot of books before this one, I missed out on a lot. I might just have to remedy this.

So Isard comes back from the dead and offers to help the Rebels beat Krennel. They all know they can't trust her, but they have to play along to save their comrades. Of course with Isard around there are bound to be a lot of plot twists.

Also in this book is the story of Gavin and Asyr's romance. They want to get married and adopt but Borsk Fey'lya will do whatever it takes to stop it.

Arlene Kellas
Jun 30, 2014 Arlene Kellas rated it liked it
Shelves: star-wars
One chapter in and all I can think is it would be amazing to have Timothy Zahn and Michael Stackpole collaborate. This first chapter is what was missing from the Thrawn trilogy.

It wasn't the best book of the series, but it was still fun.

I do have to say this is the first book to really analyze the symbols for the Republic and Empire. It was from Isard's view, but I still loved it. "She hated the Rebel crest's soft curves and languid angles. To her it had no strength, no ability to stir the spir
Ricky Ganci
Jan 05, 2012 Ricky Ganci rated it did not like it  ·  review of another edition
It was my least favorite of the X-Wing novels, and of the least enjoyable of the Star Wars novels as a whole, simply because I felt like I was reading a story that I’d read before, and that’s the main reason I’m crediting myself with an entire read even though I skipped about 100+ pages in the middle somewhere. It was basically the plot of all of the first four X-Wing books all mish-mashed into one. Corran goes missing, then comes back to life. Iella Wessiri shoots Isard to avenge her dead husba ...more
Jun 13, 2012 Jerry rated it really liked it
The penultimate X-Wing novel actually makes for quite good reading; great writing and plenty of action and suspense, with a little drama and romance in the mix. However, the ending (which I won't divulge here) is slightly disappointing, if only because I'm unsure how they could continue the story afterward. I know there is just one more, because I own it; we shall see whether it's any good.
Jun 21, 2012 Mphecker rated it liked it
While I enjoyed the novel, I think I read this too soon after the Wraith Squadron books make the shift back to Stackpole's characters and writing style. I enjoyed Isard as a villain in the first four books, but I felt like her schemes weren't as thought out in this book. I enjoyed seeing the old Rogues, but the switch back from the Wraith Squadron series held me back a bit too much to really enjoy this.
Jul 21, 2015 John rated it liked it
Shelves: paper-copies
Not as good as I remember previous instalments being, but that could be as much due to the huge gap in age between reading Solo Command and this novel. I did however still have a blast; I'll never get tired of reading about Corran Horn and his exploits.
Aug 20, 2013 Andrew rated it it was amazing
The return of Ysanne Isard and her Imperial cronies, and a return to Rogue Squadron and Michael A. Stackpole after two books featuring Wraith Squardron written by Aaron Allston. As good as Stackpole's previous work: a bunch of plot lines branch out and all are tied in neatly towards the end. Always loved Wedge Antilles as a kid from the movies, so having him as the major character is a huge plus.
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