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Infinity War
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Infinity War (Marvel Universe Events #15)

3.56  ·  Rating Details ·  708 Ratings  ·  54 Reviews
Collects Infinity War #1-6, Warlock and the Infinity Watch #7-10 & Marvel Comics Presents #108-111.

When evil dopplegangers of the Marvel heroes appear, it's all-out war! Why has Magus unleashed them on an unsuspecting world? And is the heroes only hope?Thanos?! Plus, will the Infinity Gauntlet swing the tide of the war?
Paperback, 400 pages
Published April 5th 2006 by Marvel
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May 13, 2015 Aaron rated it liked it
At the end of The Infinity Gauntlet, Adam Warlock had taken control of the Gauntlet and essentially became a (or maybe the) god. In order to rule emotionlessly he divested himself of good and evil, which unbeknownst to him became the respective personifications known as the Goddess and the Magus. After giving up godhood, Adam ensured the Gauntlet's Gems were removed and could never be used in conjunction again; the Gems were split among his friends, now known as the Infinity Watch. Infinity War ...more
Feb 18, 2013 Sesana rated it it was ok
Shelves: superhumans, comics
I really liked Starlin's other big, cosmic crossovers, but this one just didn't do it for me. There are some golden moments (Doom and Kang working together while both plot betraying the other is brilliant and dead on) but overall it had the effect of trying too hard. And the central idea that drives much of the storyline (superheroes fighting their evil twins oh no!) just isn't compelling. I also didn't like how Marvel collected the involved issues. This trade has Infinity War #1-6, plus Warlock ...more
Jun 23, 2013 Alazzar rated it really liked it
EDIT: I just finished writing this review, but realized I neglected to mention one thing: the issues in this book are not arranged in chronological order, which is kind of ridiculous. If you'd like to read them in approximate order (I say "approximate" because some of the issues overlap, and it's hard to pick which to read first), I'd recommend going like so:

1. Warlock and the Infinity Watch #7.
2. Infinity War #1-3.
3. Marvel Comics Presents #108-111. (These short installments don't have cover ar
Jul 30, 2016 Dan rated it liked it
An almost 4 star book. Doppelgangers,Magus going from afro to man bun....and epic fights through out.
Jul 23, 2011 Kurt rated it it was amazing
In 1992, I was 11 years old and just starting to collect comic books. I didn't have a background in Marvel's cosmic stories, but this story became a high point of my existence. I loved that the main story was so big that all of my favorite characters needed to get involved, and it even had impacts on all of their regular titles too. As an adult reading this collected edition, I see some major flaws in it, and I'm wary of line-wide crossovers in general, but I still love it.

I love that Starlin wa
Sep 24, 2015 Nathaniel rated it really liked it
Starlin is an intriguing writer, and since this is, essentially part one, I'm not going to comment too much on plot. In light of the little I know about where the Marvel Cinematic Universe is going, this is an interesting road map? preview? something. If nothing else it certainly explains Guardians of the Galaxy getting such a (relatively) early movie. It also provides some background on Gamora, which for the life of me couldn't remember a thing about.
William Cardini
Sep 13, 2016 William Cardini rated it really liked it
Shelves: faves, new-read-2016
Although I'm a big fan of Starlin's cosmic comics for Marvel, and I've read Infinity Gauntlet many times and parts of Infinity Crusade, I'd never read this "middle book" of the trilogy of Infinity crossovers from the 90's before now.

Starlin's writing can sometimes be too grandiose, but I still love seeing those manifestations of universe-wide abstractions walk around. The plot of the six Infinity War issues was heavier on intricate manipulations of the big villain than on the tortured introspect
Arno Callens
May 27, 2015 Arno Callens rated it really liked it
Shelves: marvel-comics
Infinity War is a mind-boggling sequel to Infinity Gauntlet, in which the roles of Thanos and Adam Warlock seem to be reversed. Thanos now seeks to prevent the destruction of reality by the Magus, the evil aspect of Adam Warlock's psyche, expelled by Adam Warlock when in possession of the Infinity Gems.

Once again Thanos steals the show, as compelling in his redemptive mission as he was in his struggle for omnipotence. Other stars include the cold and calculating Galactus, the tragically abused G
Mar 19, 2015 Plamen rated it liked it
A retread of The Infinity Gauntlet, but a more nuanced retread, exploring themes that the original merely glanced over.

The original Infinity Gauntlet was mainly about power. Who gets to use it? Who has the power to control it, and who deserves it? In the end, Thanos rejects power, Warlock is stripped of it, and any other being is utterly overwhelmed by it, unable to control it.

It's not a theme that is easy to relate to. How many of us have had the chance to wield any kind of power?

Infinity War
Sep 21, 2015 Ron rated it it was ok
Shelves: 2015-read
I always like to close out my summer reading with a little graphic novel action. Since the Infinity Gauntlet is so integral to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and since I read the original story arc many moons ago in comic form, I decided to spend some of the waning days of summer with this sprawling story of power and its abuse.

The scope of the story is amazing, with virtually every major character in the Marvel Universe getting a cameo. And therein lies a problem: with so many characters playin
Sep 11, 2015 Kevruzz rated it liked it
Shelves: reviewed
It's clear reading INFINITY WAR as an adult that Jim Starlin had said pretty much all he wanted to say with the previous year's stellar INFINITY GAUNTLET. Having read much more of the backstory only makes it clear how shallow this story is by comparison. I can imagine the Marvel editors calling up Starlin to say "Gauntlet was a hit. Make another one immediately." It honestly makes as much sense now as it did when I was eight and first started reading comics.

It's certainly great to look at. Ron L
Feb 23, 2015 Davy rated it really liked it
It took me a while to get hold of this comic and have no regrets to finally buy it. It's a "classical-Jim Starlin-cosmic"-event. When al the "big guns" like Galactus Thanos, Adam Warlock, the Magus and Gomorra show up, even the Avengers become their puppets in the cosmic wars. The aftermath of Adam Warlock and his Watch becoming holders of the Infinity Gauntlet set the universe in total chaos. The Magus has escaped from Warlock and his searching for ultimate power. Thanos was great again, having ...more
Jeff Swystun
Jan 30, 2016 Jeff Swystun rated it liked it
Who doesn't like superheroes of this planet? If you want to see virtually every chief Marvel character in action this is the collection for you. Unfortunately, for me, I like my heroes more terrestrial and not so super (remember most early ones were human and were crime busters not universe changers). Comic books switched in the seventies towards stories that became convulted and incomprehensible. When villains could eradicate so many heroes with the flick of a pinkie (yet do not), things really ...more
Nov 25, 2015 Lynda rated it really liked it
Picked this up new on impulse. Very good, but a little hard to read. Continuity seemed strange.
Oct 04, 2014 Jesse rated it liked it
I found this really hard to get started, it advertises a large cross section of the Marvel Universe, but really after the second issue you come to find that only a small section of that group even matters. The flow of this GN would have benefited from splicing the Warlock and the Infinity Watch and Marvel Presents segments into the Infinity War books, and not just tacking them on to the end, so that it could be read as if you were reading the individual books as they were each released. I'm stil ...more
Feb 14, 2016 Steven rated it really liked it
Infinity War was an interesting event to say the least. Now, not knowing a lot about the story arcs going on during the time the Infinity Gauntlet event was being being written I can only give my view on the story by itself. Infinity War did not pull me in as much as Civil War or AVX, but it was still a well written story nonetheless. My biggest issue is the pacing, which was fine until the end, but during the last issue of the Infinity Wars comics themselves, it seemed to jump all over the plac ...more
May 13, 2016 Jason rated it really liked it
I was all set up to read a more thought provoking non-fiction book.... and then I saw Captain America: Civil War, so I dove head first back into graphic novels. With all Marvel movies leading to the eventual Infinity War, I wanted to buy a copy of it all.

The Marvel movies are definitely headed towards the Infinity Gauntlet (I've read that badboy a few times in my life) and not the Infinity War. "War" is a direct sequel to "Gauntlet." I liked this collection of work. It had the 6 comics that bui
Jan 17, 2016 Andrew rated it liked it
Good, but not as good as earlier Starlin works. Felt like Marvel was trying to cram in every single hero they had. Also, the book itself is set up poorly...the entire Infinity War takes up most of the book, but at the end they have reprinted the Infinity Watch issues that should have been placed in their correct chronological order INBETWEEN the issues of infinity War. Otherwise they seem like a rehash of events I've already read about. Poor publishing decision (and it seems like such a no-brain ...more
Aug 23, 2015 Jeremy rated it it was ok
Despite some pretty great elements and a several impressive thematic overtones, Infinity War is a pale shadow of its predecessor Infinity Gauntlet. The main plot carries through well enough but Jim Sterling's superhero vs. doppleganger subplots stretch on far too long and the climax is a bit of a mess. The character development of Thanos, Gamora and Adam Warlock in particular are good and Kang and Doom working together is great, but this felt a fair amount too padded for my tastes.
Infinity War picks up when and where Infinity Gauntlet left off - with Adam Warlock as the keeper of the Infinity Stones and another universe-wide battle for the cosmos about to begin with a new threat: Adam Warlock's dark side, the Magus. Although the nature of the "hero" and villain are a little more abstract than they were in Infinity Gauntlet, Infinity War benefits from being able to continue a fairly linear story in a way that makes it more accessible than Gauntlet was. War has the same hal ...more
Apr 24, 2016 The_Mad_Swede rated it really liked it
This volume collects Jim Starlin's six issue mini series The Infinity War from 1992, which was the follow up to his previous cosmic saga at Marvel, The Infinity Gauntlet. In The Infinity Gauntlet and in his contemporaneous run on The Silver Surfer, Starlin had brought back some of the characters that he really made his own back in the 70s, Adam Warlock (and his entourage) and Thanos of Titan. In this follow up mini series, Starlin, aided by Ron Lim on pencils, presents a new immense threat to th ...more
The Infinity War (on its own and as a sequel to The Infinity Gauntlet) offers a breath-taking and epic panorama of the more otherworldly and cosmic entities and aspects of the Marvel Universe. On a personal level, it has been a most memorable introduction to Thanos,although perhaps in a rather more serene and less "evil" version of the character. Of course, the scale of the Magus' plans to take over the universe requires the presence of so many of Earth's and elsewhere's champions and villains t ...more
Scott Lee
Jan 22, 2016 Scott Lee rated it liked it
A sequel to the Infinity Gauntlet mini-series, and much more complicated thematically than that straightforward slugfest (no surprise when Jim Starlin wrote this one), Infinity War puts Warlock, the Infinity Watch, and the rest of the Marvel Universe against a resurrected Magus and his army of evil Marvel Character knockoffs. In the end, Starlin has some interesting philosophical things to say about Good and Evil that aren't normally encountered in a comic book. Still form and function don't qui ...more
Joseph Rizzo
May 23, 2016 Joseph Rizzo rated it liked it
This was good, just not as fun as the Infinity Gauntlet. I loved Infinity Gauntlet just because of how fun it is to see the whole Marvel Universe duking it out together. This is more of the same, just not as much focus on the most well known characters. This one is focused on Adam Warlock, the Magus, and the Infinity Gauntlet again. It will be interesting to see how Marvel does this in the Avengers: Infinity War films.
Mar 03, 2015 Patrickderaaff rated it really liked it
Better than I remembered it. The Magus seems to manipulate all events like a master chess player, but of course there is one thing he does not see coming. Earth heroes and cosmic beings are all support characters, this is really another episode of The Grand Thanos Show. And I loved it!

I also liked the Warlock & The Infinity Watch issues, which I had not read before, but it would have been nice if these had been included chronologically in this TPB (where possible). The 'I Thanos' chapters f
Jun 06, 2015 Tommy rated it liked it
Shelves: comics
This was ok. I really liked Adam Warlock but the Infinity Watch and Mole Man were just kind of meh. I imagine this started as a way to piggy back off the Infinity Gauntlet and not just let it fizzle out but there was a noticeable dip in quality in my opinion. Interesting read but I'm done with infinity gems for a little while.
Oct 22, 2014 Adan rated it it was ok
Meh. Infinity Gauntlet was better. Also, why wouldn't you put the Infinity War and Warlock issues chronologically instead of putting all the Warlock issues at the back? I had to flip back and forth to read the story in its proper order.
Jason Luna
Dec 13, 2015 Jason Luna rated it it was amazing
Shelves: marcus-books
The combination of Jim Starlin's imagination and the art of Ron Lim and other artists that Starlin works with, combined with Adam Warlock and the Magus and other astral super powers and cosmic end of universe stuff, it's Marvel Comics at its best.

Compared to the Infinity Gauntlet, the story seems a little more abbreviated and a little more dependent on the incredibly bad odds being upended by some convoluted chance. But the art and the spectral storylines, even the glimpse of the "every Marvel c
Steve Magay
Aug 17, 2016 Steve Magay rated it really liked it
Shelves: personal-faves
Loved how Thanos and Adam Warlock joined together in this quest. I fell in love with Thanos' character in this book.
Timothy Boyd
Aug 10, 2015 Timothy Boyd rated it really liked it
The second installment in the Infinity mini series. Fantastic art and story by two greats. Very recommended
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James P. "Jim" Starlin is an American comic book writer and artist. With a career dating back to the early 1970s, he is best known for "cosmic" tales and space opera; for revamping the Marvel Comics characters Captain Marvel and Adam Warlock; and for creating or co-creating the Marvel characters Thanos and Shang-Chi, Master of Kung Fu. Death and suicide are recurring themes in Starlin's work: Pers ...more
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