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3.63 of 5 stars 3.63  ·  rating details  ·  820 ratings  ·  122 reviews
A tragic car wreck leads to PTSD and therapeutic salvation in this novel from the author of America, which Kirkus Reviews deemed “a work of sublime humanity.”

Anna is involved in a horrific accident one night that leaves her brother’s beautiful and popular girlfriend dead. Suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, she begins an unusual met
Paperback, 256 pages
Published April 24th 2007 by Atheneum Books for Young Readers (first published September 27th 2005)
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Wilson Mather-Glass
Ms. Romaniuk
Reading l.A. Book Review 3
18 October 2010
Drama Without Reason
If tragedy struck in your life, would you whine about it for eternity, or try to get past it? Wrecked, written by E.R. Frank is a slow, melodramatic realistic fiction novel. Anna is a girl whose life is shaped after a traumatic accident. She and her friend Ellen barely survive the crash that takes place in front of Wayne’s house, after leaving a party. However, the other driver wasn’t so lucky. T
The night that continues to haunt Anna begins with a party at a friend's house. After her friend Ellen gets inebriated, Anna gets behind the wheel. A series of events lead up to a collision that injures Ellen and kills the other driver - who just happens to be the girlfriend of Anna's brother. Anna continues to hear Cameron's screams...but what affects her the most is when the screaming stops. In addition to this, she suffers from nightmares and panic attacks. Unfortunately, her father is in com ...more
"Wrecked" is about Anna, who unfortunately gets in a car accident with her best friend after a night of fun and drinking. She and her friend Ellen survive while her brother's boyfriend Cameron gets killed. After the incident Anna is suffering from panic attacks, nightmares, has a problem with her right eye, and can't even get close to her car. Her friend Ellen broke her leg and a few of her ribs. While the car accident barely left a physical mark on Anna, it did a whole lot of mental damage to h ...more
Amanda Goff
Reads like an advertisement for a type of therapy that is experimental (EMDR) and holds it up as a cure. Simplistic and seems kinda like the author (an EMDR therapist) is stroking her own ego through the fictional therapist character who cures Anna after 6 sessions.
Joan Aybar
Joan Aybar
November 17, 2014
E.R. Frank
What would you do if you accidentally killed someone you cared about? It was an ordinary night when Anna - the main character - and Ellen were extremely anxious to go to a party, waiting for long hours for the moment to arrive. After departing from the party completely drunk and unconscious, Anna and Ellen suffer from a car accident. Anna wakes up at the hospital screaming terrified. She noticed that her parents are in the room but she couldn’t iden
Coming home from a party, Anna gets into a wreck. The driver of the other car, Cameron Polk, is killed. Cameron Polk - Anna's brother's girlfriend, loved by all - dead. What comes next for Anna?

I really enjoyed Anna in this book. She started out as not very likable and very superficial, but then underwent a huge trauma that triggered major character growth. The depictions of PTSD and grief were very real to me. My favorite aspect of the book, however, was the EMRD. I loved the way that E.R. Fran
I expected better from this book. Great storyline, Anna is driving the car that severely injures her best friend and kills another young girl, coincidentally her brothers girlfriend. Although it was not her fault, this story is her journey of how Anna comes to terms with the accident and all that involves.
This was not a can't put the book down type of book. It was an effort to finish it. It's repetitive, jumps all over the place and quite frankly isn't that interesting.
Megan Geo
"Wrecked" is a novel by E.R. Frank about a teenage girl named Anna who gets in a car accident that has major impact on her life. The story starts with Anna going to a party with her best friend Ellen. When Ellen gets drunk, Anna drives them home, and while driving they get in a car crash and kill Anna’s brother Jack’s girlfriend, Cameron Polk. Anna escapes the accident with minor physical injuries, while Ellen ends up being unresponsive for a while due to brain damage, and a broken leg. Although ...more
Alicia Hower
I thought this book had high potential based on the summary, but I was wrong. It starts out with Anna getting into a car accident and killing her brother's girlfriend. The whole book is her coming to grips with the accident. The flashbacks and reality are poorly separated and don't make a lot of sense. I found several of the characters to be unrealistic. The ending was awful in my opinion. It was like the author decided they didn't want to write anymore and just ended it there. Overall, I wouldn ...more
Wrecked is a story that deals with loss, guilt and healing. It centers on Anna as well as her friends and family as they all try to cope due to one situation or another that has impacted them. There are many different elements in this book that don't just revolve around the accident but mostly, it's about the underlying guilt that Anna feels following Cameron's death and the events that unravel as she tries to live her life with the recollection of that one night gone wrong.

I have never read any
Anna finds herself in the most unfortunate position of having been on the other side of an accident which killed her brother’s girlfriend. And if that weren’t bad enough, her best friend Ellen was in the car with her, and suffered sever injuries. But while she was physically least scathed, Anna is the one who cannot readjust.

She doesn’t know what to say to her brother. She doesn’t know how to get used to the way her mother is treating her. To her dad being somewhat less of a jerk. To her brother
I knew this book wasn't going to live up to the high expectations I had set when I saw the back when I read the "BEFORE" chapter. And when I finished the book, I was right.

Not to say that this book was horrible--it wasn't. It was just... okay. I didn't have the urge to hurl it across the room and burn it to a crisp like I had wanted to after trying out Alice Sebold's The Almost Moon. But I didn't love it either. I wasn't amazed when I read the last sentence. I wasn't crying when I put it down. I
"'Anna, listen to me,' she says...The driver of the other car died.'
'I know,' I tell her, but my jaw and mouth are chattering so much, I can't make the words.
'Anna,' my mother says. She pulls her arms even tighter, and I'm glad because I think I might shake myself right off the bed onto the floor if she weren't here, holding me together. 'It was Cameron Polk,' she says."

Anna and Ellen just wanted to go to the party and have fun. But a night that starts with them drinking and partying results in
I really liked this book and I would have given it 4 stars but I felt it could have been a little more intense. If you like Love you, Hate you, Miss you by Elizabeth Scott you will like this book. Anna, the main character, is not writing letters to a dead friend, but she does get in a car accident and the person in the other car dies. This story is about how Anna and her family deals with the tragedy.

Anna has memories of better times she spend with her brother because after the accident Jack isn
Book Review
By: Autumn Barber

What would you do if you accidentally killed a loved one? “In on split second, upside down and shattered, just like that, wrecked.” E. R. Frank’s wrecked is shocking to me with its story of how to over come your past.
The characters in this book are Anna, Ellen, Jack, Cameron, and Anna’s parents. I really liked the characters in the book. The author writes to make me really be in the book, believe the characters as people. In the beginning of the book Anna go
J. Lee
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Wrecked is the story of a young girl who is in a freak auto accident that ends up killing her brother’s girlfriend. The primary focus is on the aftermath and how Anna, her family and friends deal with the impact it has on their lives. Most significantly, how as a family they manage the role Anna played in the accident along with how Jack (her brother) deals with the loss of his girlfriend.

The plot was straight-forward and wasn’t one in which there was a great deal of twist and turns. What you re
Wrecked By E.R. Frank

Anna has a best friend just like everybody else, she has Ellen. They sit together, talk together, laugh together, and killed Cameron Pollock together. The accident that wrecked Cameron’s, Jack’s, Ellen’s, Anna’s and anybody close to Cameron’s lives, started with a party. Anna never liked the taste of alcohol, but Ellen did, Ellen got drunk and Anna was buzzed, when they tried to drive home they collided with an oncoming car, killing the driver Cameron Pollock.
Now Cameron is
Lexie Mulhern
Imagine re-living a bad memory that you want nothing from except to forget. Now imagine you can't do very much to forget about it. It wouldn't be very fun living like that would it? Nobody wants to remember, let alone re-live a terrible event that you have had to struggle through. You would try to forget about it,but it keeps coming back to haunt you, and there isn't much you can do about it. A life like that would not be a very enjoyable way to live. 'Wrecked' by E.R Frank is a realistic fictio ...more
Kendeli Ayala
I gave this book a 3 only because I didn't like the ending at all. I usually read books with huge life morals or something that makes and ends the book in a really good way that I want to read it again. This book ends it in a casual way, I don't really get it. I don't like it at all. The only reason I finished this book was because I was more than halfway done with it and I needed the pounts for class. It was a real drag after the beginning. The beginning is the only good part in my opinion. It ...more
She watched her friend as she saw her friend lay on her lap. Anna felt the warm blood on her leg. This story is very detailed that you can berly know whatnot is saying. This is 256 pages of a life lesson and story of a girls life. This amazing story is by E.R. Frank. The problem of this story is that anna (the main character) had a car accident and has killed a girl named Cameron pork. Which is her brothers girl friend. You can't imagine this story any other time then present time. It has cell ...more
When I read the synopisis of Wrecked I immediately wanted to read this book! But I somehow did expect the main character to be a guy, I can't explain why.. I also expected this book to be in a letter format which it wasnt.

Wrecked is about Anna and Ellen who have a car accident after going to a party. In this accident the driver of the other car is killed - this happens to be Cameron, the girlfriend of Anna's brother.

During the book Anna suffers from panic attacks and nightmares. She, Ellen and J
Samantha Boualaphanh
1. Wrecked
2. E.R. Frank
3. Fiction
4. This book is about an ordinary girl hiding behind the shadows of her popular well-known brother. She had always been the one no one really notice until one night of drinking and driving where she killed her brothers girlfriend Cameron. The whole town and her parents convince people that she didn't kill her when she knows herself that she did. She now lives her life with flashbacks of the accident and the griefs of her family members.
5. One of the key motifs is
Sabrina Llamas
CHARACTERS: I rate the characters a 5. All of the characters were very well described. Anna is the main character and she gets in a car accident which kills her brothers newfound love and puts her best friend into a coma. The story focuses on her emotions as well as everyone elses thoughts about the accident. Some of the characters are charismatic,sensitive, foolish, fearful, and so on. I loved the characters because they are so believable. A father is firm and tender hearted which defines Anna' ...more
Ann Bailey
This book had an interesting story line, but honestly I got fed up with the pity party from Anna. In my opinion she should feel horrible for killing her brother's girlfriend and it should haunt her everyday. Traumatic experiences like that are supposed to. You go to therapy and work on doing things that can change the world in other ways to show that you have a purpose for surviving the crash. Anna just felt like everyone should feel sorry for her, but honesty...tough luck.
Julianne Buterbaugh
This book wasn't great. There wasn't really a lot of plot: it was simply, "two girls get into a car accident." Very few characters are created and used, and even less are developed. The only dynamic characters are the mom and Anna. I didn't like how many flashbacks there were, and it didn't seem like they meant anything. I could see the purpose of the first one- it meant that Jack and Anna used to be closer. But the subsequent ones just took up space in the book.
Hunter Yurkovich
In the beginning, I liked this novel because of the actions that took place to develop the story. However, about mid way through, it began to get boring and predictable. The book also had a lot of spelling errors and before I caught on, I was confused. The outline of the novel is great, but the story was lacking for my standards.
Really hits the feelings, you know? I also liked the side drama in the story. Jason and his boyfriend problems for example. So far, I liked just about everybody, except maybe Ellen. I don't know what her and Anna have in common. One's a drunk and the other isn't the party person.
I read the book in a day; it's a short and easy read. If you can get over the writing flaws and repetitiveness of it the story is a very interesting and thought-provoking glimpse into the mind of a teen girl who suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder.

I do wish the main character, Anne, would have been developed further because I did not find her particularly likable. Her only quality mentioned in the book is how superficial she is. To be completely honest, at times I felt the book dragging
Anna, goes to a party with her best friend Ellen. On the way home, Anna gets into a car accident, seriously injuring Ellen and killing Cameron Polk (her brother’s girlfriend). Anna feels incredibly guilty about what happened, and she starts to have nightmares. Anna’s parents send her to therapy, where she learns that she was suffering from post-traumatic-stress-disorder. But, as her therapy continues, she examines other problems in her life, like her controlling father who is almost abusive. I r ...more
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E. R. Frank is the author of two highly praised novels for Atheneum: America and Friction. Her first novel was Life Is Funny, winner of the Teen People Book Club NEXT Award for YA Fiction and was also a top-ten ALA 2001 Quick Pick.

In addition to being writer, E. R. Frank is also a clinical social worker and psychotherapist. She works with adults and adolescents and specializes in trauma.
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