When Love Awaits
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When Love Awaits

3.93 of 5 stars 3.93  ·  rating details  ·  3,336 ratings  ·  92 reviews
Once Lady Leonie cursed 'the Black Wolf' - handsome Rolfe d'Ambert, the mercenary Lord of Kempston - for his bloody deeds and cruelty to the local peasants. Now she must marry the magnificent blackguard to bring peace to the land.

Young, innocent, and possessing a rare and exquisite beauty, Leonie would be a prize for any man - yet Rolfe seeks the match solely for revenge....more
Paperback, 343 pages
Published January 27th 2004 by Avon (first published April 17th 1996)
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Karla (Mossy Love Grotto)
You know, most Johanna Lindsey books I read would get an extra star if the last 1/3rd wasn't always the H and h deliberately misinterpreting and non-communicating about Random Dumb Shit and having Psycho Mood Swings from minute to minute.

This one was quite better than the usual, though. No Malorys in sight! Woot!
Read the translated version and write the review in my own languange

Buku yang bikin emosi (again) Emang ada aja yah tokoh cowo yang nyimpen mistressnya, sementara istrinya ada di tempat yang sama.....Cewenya juga tipe plin plan nih. TSTL. Too stupid to live. Cari cowo lain kenapa (deuuuh!!!). Kirain kuat pas awal2, ternyata toh juga bego di akhir..

Dan lagi, ada ya hero yang ga kenal ma muka istrinya sendiri, sampai digodain di taman, kagak nyadar itu istrinya . Bukan contoh hero yang baik nih...more
I'm okay with BIG MISUNDERSTANDINGS, maybe even two if the writing's good, but this book was nothing but misunderstandings.
I know I normally hate these types of books - meaning, brutish, yet handsome hero, a great and terrible misunderstanding, forced marriage, a live-in mistress, a bitchy stepmom... but it redeems itself in a way that I would have never expected of JL. A really strong heroine who does not need to dress up as a man to assert her strength. Now, that is sexy.

Lady Leonie is forced to marry Rolfe, the Black Wolf, under the orders of the King. But he only wants her because of the land that is under her n...more
Well, let's see... first of all, i wasn't planning to read it last night. So, i decided to sleep early and woke up at 1 in the morning, and couldn't get back to sleep. So, like any sane person would do, i clicked on my lamp and picked up the first book on my nightstand, and figured that i could read a few chapters and continue the next day. But, I believe i may have found a book that i quite like, because at exactly 6 o'clock in the morning, i finished the whole thing.

When i found this in the b...more
I picked up an entire collection of Johanna Lindsey books from the free cart at the library and over this weekend, I've decided to read and get rid of books that are "cover challenged." A mere glance at "When Love Awaits" attests to the fact that it clearly falls into that category.

The male protagonist, Rolfe, is butt naked and holding a sword, and Lady Leonie's neck is abnormally long and bent at an unnatural angle.

At any rate, I used to be a huge Lindsey fan, and I've never read this 1986 one,...more

Way too many misunderstandings between the hero and heroine.

I just didn't get why they arrived at so many conclusions from so unreliable sources. Why would the heroine believe anything the mistress says? It doesn't make sense to not be suspicious of her motives. Don't try to make out the heroine is smart by having her be her own steward and discover underhand dealings regarding the accounts, and then make her completely oblivious to the evil stepmother and conniving other woman.

And bar...more
This is absolutely my least favorite Johanna Lindsey novel of all time. The hero has to be some kind of idiot to not realize that she is not ugly but beaten and he is so chauvinistic- way more than the alpha males you usually read about - in his attitude and downright cruel in the way he treats his heroin. PLUS there is an awful lot to do with a mistress in this book.

Truth me told, I got a third of the way through this book and wanted to rip it in half I was so pissed off. I only finished it be...more

salah satu novel JL favorit gw...suka sama co nya en ce nya walo gw lupa siapa namanya hehehe...
tapi recommended banget buat di baca secara terjemahan gpu bagus banget...
Pingle McCloud
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Indah Threez Lestari
Setelah lama tertunda, akhirnya buku ini kubaca dalam perjalanan Gambir-Cirebon semalam.

Membaca halaman-halaman pertama, langsung teringat Defy Not The Heart. Selain settingnya sama-sama medieval, seperti Ranulf, Rolfe mantan mercenary jagoan sebelum jadi penguasa Kempston, dan seperti Reina, Leonie juga lady mandiri yang biasa mengatur purinya sendiri. Persamaan lainnya juga bedding-nya baru terjadi setelah wedding (contoh yang baik buat generasi muda, kebanyakan novel roman mengesahkan seks d...more
Lover of Romance
Lady Leonie grew up without a mother, her father remarried, and her step mother ends up controlling everything in the household when she drugs her father enough to appear drunk. No one is aware of this. Leonie, one day curses the "Black Wolf" whom she is afraid of. The peasants hear her, and since they are very loyal to her start wreaking havoc on Rolfe; minor incidents but enough so that he wants to take action. He decides to marry Lady Leonie to stop these incidents. Lady Leonie refuses to mar...more
one of my fave book

masih tetap bercirikan JL (yahhhh secara yg ngarang JL).

Rolfe D'Ambert, the mercenary lord of kempston mengambil alih manor & tanah yg bersebelahan dengan tanah milik lady leonie.
Lady Leonie yg oleh karna mendengar cerita dari sahabat kecilnya yg kehilangan segala miliknya ditangan Rolfe langsung menjudge jelek Rolfe bahkan mengutuknya & memanggilnya "Black Wolf".
kutukan itu didengar oleh her people membuat keadaan runyam.
para penduduk setempat jadi tidak menyukai Lord...more
Really 3 1/2 stars. Just a tad bit above average because there were a few parts that actually stood out for me. 1. The step mom's character was well developed. She wasn't just the evil step mom with the one dimensional personality. Ms. Lindsey showed the character to have her own agenda where even though it did not make her less evil, at least you could kind of comprehend her position and therefore can see her as a real person. 2. The heroine's father's character was also well developed so that...more
Bintang 3.

Sejenis dengan buku karangan JL yg penuh dengan penipuan karakter antagonis yg ingin mgambil keuntungan, tak adanya kejujuran antara karakter hero dan heroine, keadaan yg tak menguntungkan, ketegaran dan harga diri yg tinggi yg dimiliki karakter heroine, dan gabungan dari unsur unsur tersebut menciptakan perspektif yg salah. Selalu ada saat terbersit kata kata "mengapa" dan "seandainya" sepanjang membaca buku ini. Walau negitu aku tetap suka HR yg happy ending seperti halnya kisah satu...more
Sebenarnya rating-nya cuma 3.8/9 tapi sudahlah sekalian saja jadi 4.
Leonie yang 'dibuang' oleh Ayahnya ke Montywn mengutuki pemilik baru dari benteng Crewel yang membuat putra dari pemilik yang terdahulu, Alain, meninggalkannya.
sedih karena ditinggalkan teman cowok itu dan diberitahu bahwa pemilik Crewel yang baru adalah seseorang yang kejam, karena itu Leonie mengutukinya. namun karena kutukan itu--agar pemilik Crewel yang baru tekena cacar air--membuat anak buahnya melakukan hal yan...more
The lovely, enchanting Leonie could have any man she wished, but she was just satisfied running her estate. After her mothers death, her father sent her away as she always reminded him on what he lost and remarried and became a drunkard. After cursing the "Black Wolf" the new Lord of Kempston, for his so said cruelty to the local peasants, she is mortified when she discovers King Henry has demanded her to marry the dark, but handsome Rolfe d'Ambert, the mercenary Lord of Kempston. As the story g...more
Historical romance ini agak beda dengan buku2 sebelumnya yg saya baca karena dilatar belakangi perebutan benteng/wilayah sehingga lebih menarik. Kisahnya ssendiri lumayan seru karena banyak kesalahpahaman yang terjadi antara Rolfe dan Leonie. Mulai dari sebelum menikah, malam pertama mereka dan sampai setelah menjadi suami istri.

Satu hal yang lucu adalah karena sebelumnya Rolfe tidak pernah melihat wajah istrinya dan diberitahu bahwa calon istrinya memiliki paras yang jelek, kemudian saat perni...more
Astri  Nasthasia Videlia
Cerita yang menarik...

Penuh dengan emosi... sampe emosi gw juga terpacing baca.nya... kenapaa?? soal.nya isi nih novet SALAH PAHAM semuaaa... miss understanding... miss communication!! ckckckckc... hebat deeh...

cerita.nya kayak cerita2 kerajaan yg biasa di film.in.. (mungkin ni bagus juga kali yah klo d film.in)
konflik.nya banyak... salah paham.nya apa lagi... egois sama pikiran masing2... tp itulah bumbu dari cerita ini, ciri khas Johanna Lindsay...

oh iya... terlalu banyak antagonis d cerit...more
Astri  Nasthasia Videlia
Cerita yang menarik...

Penuh dengan emosi... sampe emosi gw juga terpacing baca.nya... kenapaa?? soal.nya isi nih novet SALAH PAHAM semuaaa... miss understanding... miss communication!! ckckckckc... hebat deeh...

cerita.nya kayak cerita2 kerajaan yg biasa di film.in.. (mungkin ni bagus juga kali yah klo d film.in)
konflik.nya banyak... salah paham.nya apa lagi... egois sama pikiran masing2... tp itulah bumbu dari cerita ini, ciri khas Johanna Lindsay...

oh iya... terlalu banyak antagonis d cerita i...more
Like all of Johanna Lindsey's other books, I quite enjoyed this. Lady Leonie was such a sweet lead female, and my heart ached when her's did; she deserved happiness but was always denied it for so long. So many times she and Rolfe could have started their happy life together, but something (usually Amelia and her lies) stood in their way. This could be used as a cautionary tale for what lack of communication can result in (although, thankfully, it has a happy ending). I wish that the book had go...more
After being abandoned by her grieving and drunken father and his evil new wife to a keep that she inherited by on her mothers death. Leonie makes the best of a bad situation.

Her nearest neighbour and friend is evicted from their castle when King Henry gives it to one of his supporters. He is referred to ad the "Black Wolf"

her father and step mother show up to tell her she is being given to the "Black Wolf" in marriage the following day. Which she is not happy about but is forced into doing.

yg buat gw sukaaa bgt ama buku ini selain ceritanya, adalah penggambaran fisik rolfe n leonie.. silvery long hair, snow white figures, big eyes, n innocent girl.. hahaha sounds so kinky.. tp gw malah demen bgt.. smntara si rolfe digambarin sbg cowo yg bener2 knight despite his attitude yah.. hoho.. tinggi besar, garang, jago berantem,, cool, n rada2 kasar, buat gw tergila2 ama tokoh rolfe.. tp sikap playboy nya.. minta ampuuun deh.. bikin gregetan.. untung dy ga salah sasaran,meskipun dy ga tau...more
Wheee--thunk! There are some brilliant villains in the first part of the book, and then they vanish, and while there's a comeuppance of sorts, most of it happens offscreen (in a book sorta way). The conflict between the main characters is sort of there, but neither of them really commits to it. They get mad but they're kinda wishy washy about it, and as soon as they start with the tonsil hockey, they're over it until the next time. She presents the heroine as this strong woman who doesn't take c...more
The story line was a little disjointed. And the plot was a little silly. The argument that dragged on the entire book could have been resolved with better communication in three pages.
Widhy Pratiwie
sebenarnya pengen kasih bintang 5,,,,tapi berdasarkan beberapa pertimbangan 4 aja deh...

pertimbangan pertama : leony yang di pukulin tangan kanan ibu tirinya biar mau nikah ma rolfe (gila aja donk dibikin babak belur)

pertimbangan kedua : rolfe yang bersikap kasar aat MP (ckckckck kudu dijitak ni cowo)

pertimbangan ketiga : rolfe yang maen sruduk aja mau nidurin cewe laen (meskipun sebenarnya itu memang leony,tapi awalnya kan rolfe gak tau siapa cewe itu....sighhhh!!!)

dan terakhir : rolfe masih ny...more
Lindsey was one of my mom's favorite authors, and so I read a whole lot of her books when I was growing up. Coming back to them 20-some years later is a little odd. There's a whole lot of abuse and rape of the heroine, sometimes by the hero. Do we expect less of it now that we live in civilized times? Even in a historical work? Why was it more accepted in the 80's to portray a more realistic picture of the times?

Note to the hero of the book: If you wish to keep the wifey happy, send the mistress...more
Overall oke deh buat yang suka dengan genre historical romance kaya aku.
Walau ada sisi dimana bikin gemesin. Tapi aku suka saat dimana sang heroine mengurung diri di bentengnya, walau dengan alasan sebuah rajukan. :p
Dan aku juga suka gimana sang hero dapat membalaskan dendam sang heroine di awal cerita, walau aku tetep ga suka dengan caranya. :D
Buku ini not bad, tapi tetap belum ada yang berhasil mengalahkan Something Wonderful. :p
Oky Septya
Capek dengan sikap kedua hero dan heroine yg kekanak-kanakan. Ini contoh lucu dari istri yg ngambek bisa memicu peperangan, like literally. Rolfenya emosional, dan Leonie masih ngambekan, duh~ duh~ coba deh kalo ada masalah di komunikasikan ajah, jadinya kan ga salah paham sampe kudu ngabur tiap abis berantem. (eaa gua mulai sok).

Hm, keseluruhan ceritanya sih lucu sebenernya. Bagian ngambek-ngambekannya itu loh. Marahan cuma karena gengsi dan hal sepele. Tapi gemes juga sih sama tindakan Rolfe y...more
When Love Awaits - G
Lindsey, Johanna

Once Lady Leonie cursed "the Black Wolf" -handsome Rolfe d'Ambert, the mercenary Lord of Kempston-for his bloody deeds and cruelty to the local peasants. And now she must marry the magnificent blackguard to bring peace to the land.

Young, innocent, possessing a rare and exquisite beauty, Leonie would be a prize for any man - yet Rolfe seeks the match solely for revenge. But her sensuous kiss ignites within him the fiery need to claim her - and an irresistible d...more
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Johanna Helen Howard was born on March 10, 1952 in Germany, where her father, Edwin Dennis Howard, a soldier in the U.S. Army was stationed. The family moved about a great deal when she was young. Her father always dreamed of retiring to Hawaii, and after he passed away in 1964 Johanna and her mother settled there to honor him.

In 1970, when she was still in school, she married Ralph Lindsey, becom...more
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