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The Kidnapping of Christina Lattimore
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The Kidnapping of Christina Lattimore

3.61 of 5 stars 3.61  ·  rating details  ·  1,571 ratings  ·  182 reviews
She spots the masked man in the dark, lonely parking lot--but too late. Grabbed and drugged, Christina is kidnapped and held for ransom. When her family pays, she thinks her ordeal is over. But then she realizes that her family thinks she planned the kidnapping! How will Christina prove her innocence?
Mass Market Paperback, 320 pages
Published March 1st 2004 by HMH Books for Young Readers (first published 1979)
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I picked up this book because it had an award on the front. Saying that: I figured out what was going to happen about 1/4 of the way through the book- and then after 1/2 the way through I kept skipping ahead- so I just stopped reading it. I think the reason I couldn't quite get through it is because the author is a 70 something year old woman who is trying to sound like a teenager- she just doesn't capture the emotions, immaturity, insecurities, cares and vernacular of an actual teenager. She tr ...more
I hate it when you have to force yourself to finish reading a book. The plot of the book is revealed in the first 2 chapters which never bodes well. When I first picked up this book I thought it would be more action packed, but I was greatly disappointed. (SPOILER) During all of Christina's "imprisonment" - if you could call it that - consisted of her just sitting in a basement pondering escape and her possible death.

It also didn't help that Christina wasn't very relatable. The only thing I rel
Sep 15, 2008 Cristian rated it 2 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: students who like suspensful stories
Shelves: book-club
If you like suspensful stories;then I would recommend the book The Kidnapping of Cristina Lattimore. The author Loan Lowery Nixon uses vary good word choises that makes the book more interesting. This book is about a teenager named Cristabel Lattimore, but goes by the name Cristina.Cristina is headed to college in Europe,but before she leaves she gets kidnapped.Will she ever see her parents again?
Emi Guzman
I actually own this pathetic book all because I judged it by it's cover and picked it up from a book store without even reading a single page inside. My mother forced me to buy a book to read over the summer, but I ended up dealing with things more important than reading, so I finally decided to read it this weekend when I found it in my room. Big mistake. I never should have bought this or read this. The story is exactly what the title sounds like. "The Kidnapping of Christina Lattimore." Chris ...more
Wilson Mather-Glass
Ms. Romaniuk
Reading/L.A. Book Review 5
16 November 2010

The Kidnapping of Christina Lattimore:
When Proving your Innocence Isn’t as Easy as it Looks
It’s quite hard to admit that someone you know could be a criminal. Christina Lattimore, a teenage girl living in Houston, is put in this situation when she realizes that more than one person she’s known for her whole life could’ve been involved in an act that could put them a way for a good amount of time. This act involved kidnapp
Jailine B.
It beggaining of the book I have to say it was slow but like in page 5 you can feel the tension between the the main character Christina(chris)and Zack. Zach is a guy who works at buger place. He marred and no kids. If you get the chance to read the frist hunder pages youll be glad that he dosent. Chris is a junor in high school and is best firends with lorna. One day after coming home to find tape on the door holding back the lock.Shes scared and calls and family memder whos up stairs. Latter t ...more
3 Nikki B.
Looking for the perfect mystery book? You don’t need to do any detective work to find out “The Kidnapping of Christina Lattimore”by Joan Lowery Nixon is for you. First off, this book has a really good plot. Next, this book keeps you on your toes with all the suspense. The last reason this is the perfect mystery book is that it all connects.
To begin with, this book has a perfect plot. The plot makes sense and you can follow it easily, even when the story gets complicated. In this story, a girl
My overall impression of the book was that it was interesting but still unrealistic. The writing was a good balance between action and description that made it enjoyable to read. The plot was predictable at times, but was still entertaining and had an interesting spin on classic kidnapping stories.
The biggest issue I had was with the characters. The protagonist, Christina, was whiny, one dimensional, and very concerned with her reputation. Christina was immature and unrealistic and I think she r
Jessica Richins
Christina is the daughter of a wealthy pastor and the granddaughter of a CEO of an oil and gas company in Texas. She is kidnapped and held for ransom. Her kidnappers have a plan if things go wrong. Them make it look like Christina is involved and planned her own kidnapping. When she gets home from her ordeal no one believes that she was really kidnapped. So she decides to prove her own innocence.
I thought this book was ok. This was one of my author presentation books, and I had chosen this book
I really liked this book! I was at the book store one time, and I saw the title and cover and the section it was under, and it looked pretty alright. Then I read the back, and that's when it caught my attention, it looked like a good book to read so I bought it.

What I really liked about this book was that it has some mystery in it, and some problems to deal with. I can't really explain it in words, but it was a really good book! It must be really hard to prove yourself innocent when there is so
Shashank Eeda
Its Friday after school, Christina and her friends go to the same place they do every week. Everything started changing that day, she was in a lonely parking lot and spotted a masked man, but she was too late to escape. She was captured and and was put in dingy basement.

This book was fairly interesting, and I love the way the author used the writing techniques. The way the author wrote the book inspired me to keep on reading and find out what happens. He used type of techniques where you basica
Charlie Thomson
A very enticing book. Five stars. The book starts off with right into the action, the way I like it. Drama everywhere with Christina's family not allowing her to go on the trip, to the creepy man at the restaurant. The kidnapper was kind of obvious, because so many hints were given. Even after the police came to find her the story didn't end there, who knew the grandmother would blame her own granddaughter? Christina wouldn't accept this she knew no one would look at her the right way until she ...more
Fun, fast-paced mystery! The main character's voice was a little old-fashioned sometimes. She would say things like, "Why, Mother!" But it wasn't so annoying that it got in the way of the story. I would definitely read more of this author's books.
This is one of those books that completely surprised me negatively. -_-
Caitlyn Acerbo
There he was. Dressed in all black watching her. The man lunged out and put a hand over Christina's mouth. Next thing she knew, she was sitting in a basement with nothing but a cot. She gets forced to sign a ransom letter but when the cops find her... Everything is wrong! Why are they treating her like a subject? Everyone thinks that Christina faked the whole kidnapping so she could get her grandmother's money. Will Christina be able to prove her innocence or will she be charged guilty?
The book
Plainsboro Public Library

This thrilling novel is about a young girl who lives in an over-protective family and wants to go to France. After persuading her family in every way she could think of, she decides to visit her grandmother to see if she could use her trust fund to see whether or not she would be able to use that money to take her class trip to France. With no success, Christina turns to reach her house feeling not at all accomplished. All of a sudden, she is drugged and whisked away to an imprisoned place where
After being kidnapped, Christina has to stay in a basement all alone. The two kidnappers are doing the work, but Christina thinks there is a third person. All the kiddnappers want is money from her grandma and makes her signed a letter. After the cops find Christina, and arrested the kiddnappers, Christina thinks this is all over and the kiddnapers go to jail. But that’s not the case since her family thinks she planned the kidnapping all a long. There is no evidence of her being kidnapped, and ...more
Jay Jason
As seen here:

The Kidnapping of Christina Lattimore looked like a great book from the back cover. A mystery where everyone's a suspect always is good food for the brain. I was just about to check it out from the library when I saw that it had been selected as a Reading Olympics book for 2012. All hope I had for this book disappeared in a puff of smoke. Through past experiences with Reading Olympics books, I have concluded that all RO books MUST have painful, excr
This book was 100 times better than excellent (I don't even think there is a word to describe this book it was that good.) I love the suspense and mystery in this book. The author did a good job of writing the book, making the story very believable and leading you to believe things that weren't really true. To elaborate... it was believable due to the way the story was written. It made sense Christina would try to plan her own kidnapping so she could get ransom money from her grandma and then go ...more
Molly B.
The cover of this book got me interested because it just looked really creepy, I read the back, it was a good thing I did because I really got into it. This is about a girl name Christina Lattimore who got kidnapped, but she knows who kidnapped her. The police soon found out where she was. No one was really sure if Christina actually was kidnapped, they think that she faked it so that she could get money from her grandma. Christina soon decided that there must be someone else who thought up of k ...more
Christina is not your average high school girl. She attends an all-girl school and is very proper. Her class is attending a trip to France and she wants to attend. Her parents object and after asking every member of her family, is turned down each time. After going out with her friend Lorna, she is kidnapped and put in someone's basement. She is then arrested and charged with arranging her own kidnapping. She is horrified. Everyone believes she wanted the ransom money for her trip to France. Her ...more
In the book "The Kidnapping of Christina Lattimore" by Joan Lowery Nixon, the main character Christina is kidnapped for ransom. In this suspenseful story about a teenagers kidnapping, you learn about Christina's life and what is most important to her. Christina matures throughout the story and engages the reader by relating to topics that occur to teenagers in real life. Through first person you know Christina's personal thoughts and you can understand her better as a character. When reading thi
Chrissy Demarco
The book “The Kidnapping of Christina Lattimore” by Joan Lowery Nixon is a mystery novel with a lot of well portrayed suspense. The main character Christina comes from a wealthy family and goes to a high class private school with the most elite of Texas. The other main character Zach is a not so wealthy, not so nice man who owns a hamburger restaurant in the city. The way that the two characters balance each other out makes the book interesting and keeps the reader on their toes.

In the beginni
Jessica Kohn
The Kidnapping of Christina Lattimore is an outstanding book and I would easily recommend it to someone. It has an interesting twist to it, in the middle and end. You'll be very shocked to how it ends. This book makes you never want to put it down!
The book starts off with Christina waiting for her friend to arrive at a hamburger restaurant after school like they do every Friday. A strange lady approached but didn't say anything. Christina went home, found things were strange and took off for h
Andrew Seeman
The Kidnapping of Christina Lattimore, by Joan Lowery Nixon, is about a high school girl, named Christina, who is kidnapped. She is then blamed for a crime she didn’t commit and has to prove her innocence. The kidnappers plan was so flawless that when the police caught them, it appeared Christina was guilty. Christina is a dynamic character who changes throughout the story. The author uses direct character development when Christina thinks about how different she was before the kidnapping then ...more
Simone Gorgievski
"The Kidnapping of Christina Lattimore" by Joan Lowery Nixon, is a thrilling novel filled with mystery, drama and suspense. The main character Christina Lattimore, a high school student from Texas, seems to have it all. She lives in the best part of town, goes to private school, and her best friend Lorna who's always there for here. As the story begins the most important thing to Christina is going on the school French trip. After Zack and Loretta kidnap Christina, her priorities change to survi ...more
Nichelle Jones
Coming home after leaving her fiends house Christina was attacked by two people who kidnaped her for ransom. When she woke from being drugged she was in a dark, macabre basement. Frightened not knowing were she was she began to cry. A man came down to give her food everyday, leading her to figure out who the man was. After the ransom was paid Christina was brought home. All over the news the people who kidnaped Christina were caught and they told everyone that it was her plan to get kidnapped so ...more
Angelina Calabrese
The book The kidnapping of Christina Lattimore is a well written story. This book is filled with mystery and suspense. While reading this book at first I was entertained but, then the book kept going without much excitement. The author tries to create a teen character but I felt that the author didn't really capture a teenagers thoughts and insecurities. In this book the author uses theme. The theme I felt that the author was going for was that people aren't always as they seem. When reading thi ...more
Shayla Hertzke
The Kidnapping of Christina Lattimore is a very interesting book. This is about a girl who has a life that everybody could dream about. She had nice cloths, a big house, and even a maid. Her family is also very wealthy, so wealthy that her Grandmother could pay for her to go to college. Even so, Christina wanted to go on a trip that her whole entire class are going on, but her grandmother is over controlling and does not want her to go. Christina feels like she has no freedom and is frustrated ...more
Kayleigh Reome
I think this was a great book. It created so much suspense. You never knew what was going to Christina or what was going to happen to the guy that kidnapped Christina. You never knew if she was going to murdered or if she was going to hurt the guy, run up the stairs and out of the house. And you also did not know who the kidnapper/kidnappers were! It could have been the man from the burger place downtown that Christina and her friend went to everyday after school. It could have been someone she ...more
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Author of more than one hundred books, Joan Lowery Nixon is the only writer to have won four Edgar Allan Poe Awards for Juvenile Mysteries (and been nominated several other times) from the Mystery Writers of America. Creating contemporary teenage characters who have both a personal problem and a mystery to solve, Nixon captured the attention of legions of teenage readers since the publication of h ...more
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