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The Death of the West: How Dying Populations and Immigrant Invasions Imperil Our Country and Civilization
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The Death of the West: How Dying Populations and Immigrant Invasions Imperil Our Country and Civilization

3.65 of 5 stars 3.65  ·  rating details  ·  399 ratings  ·  41 reviews
The national bestseller that shocked the nation--The Death of the West is an unflinching look at the increasing decline in Western culture and power.

The West is dying. Collapsing birth rates in Europe and the U. S., coupled with population explosions in Africa, Asia and Latin America are set to cause cataclysmic shifts in world power, as unchecked immigration swamps and po
Paperback, 320 pages
Published October 15th 2002 by St. Martin's Griffin (first published 2000)
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Even among conservatives Patrick J. Buchanan is a somewhat controversial figure but his 2002 book The Death of the West is a pretty good account of how our civilisation is being destroyed from within.

Demographic collapse and massive Third World immigration are the most obvious threats but Buchanan also takes aim at the climate of political correctness and the self-hatred of liberal elites.

He provides a good rundown on the long history of cultural marxism which is of course the real key to the de
Israa Al
كتابٌ مهم لكل مثقف معاصر، يشرح بوضوح دلائل و مبشرات قرب انتهاء الحضارة الغربية، و يربطها بالمسببات الجزئية لها، مثل انتشار الشذوذ و قلة نسب المواليد و الزواج، و رغم ان الكتاب لا يتطرق لهذا الا انه بين بجلاء نتائج المشاعية الجنسية و السماح بما لا يسمح تحت دعاوى الحرية الشخصية و نسبية الاخلاق، كما ابطل بطريقة غير مباشرة القول بان الفرد حرٌ لاقصى حد بحياته موضحًا ان تلك الحرية لها تأثير قد يكون مدمرًا على المجتمع او الحضاره ككل، و هذه كلها نتائج متوقعة من الحضارة الغربية الناتجة على اساس لاديني. تم ...more
This book should be required reading for all American students, so that they can understand how our country has been ripped from us and how we are being deceived into the destruction of our own race.
Highly recommended. Buchanan is pretty much a redneck to me, but at least he's fairly transparent. I found myself fascinated by and agreeing w/ large portions of this book- except when he talked about race, when he might as well have had 6 heads on his shoulders. I cannot take anyone seriously who does not acknowledge the socioeconomic and psychological damages of slavery and who discusses problems in the black community w/o reference to the history of black people in this country. It simply can ...more
Sith Lancerlot
و شهد شاهد من أهلها

كل من يقول أن الليبرالية هي الحل أو العلمانية هي الحل ألجمه بهذا الكتاب

حرية أباحت الشذوذ الجنسي فانقلب على أهلها فالحضارة تنتهي عندما تنهار الأخلاق و الدليل أن البربرية لا تبني حضارة أبداَ

قلة الإنجاب بسبب أن المرأة لا يمكن أن تركز إلا على شيء واحد: إما عملها أو تربيتها للأولاد , طبعاً سبب قلة الإنجاب أو عدم الإنجاب يعود أن المرأة الغربية تريد أن تستمتع بحياتها فمعظمهن يجهضن ويركزن على احتياجاتهن الشخصية.

انهيار قيم الأسرة عند الغرب.

الهجرة هذا كان سبباً في سقوط معظم الإمبراطوريا
A good look at what is destroying Western Civilization. Lack of babies, lack of boarders, lack of God are destroying the West. Discussion on population and the new "Cultural Marxism" were especially poignant. Some might be turned off by some of Mr. Buchanan's discussion on race and ethnicity. What looks on the surface to be racism is rather frank discussion about race and ethnicity. What makes it sound racist is not what he says, but rather that we have been conditioned to think that frank discu ...more
رغم أنه كتاب موجه للشعب الأمريكي على وجه الخصوص..والغربي بشكل عام..

إلا أن به الكثير من النقاط والأفكار المهمة الجديرة بالنقاش..
Jacob Senholt
A great book that clearly documents that the road the West is currently on will lead to the death of the world as we know it.
Jeff O'Brien
I don't know what possessed me to read this. I guess I was challenging myself to see how much pain I could endure in book form. I'm not even sure how to rate it. On the one hand, the author did an amazing job of what he set out to do. So maybe I should have given it five stars. It was also well written. But it was really just a bunch of statistics and the author claiming that our culture is dying and the only way to save it is to keep the goddamn Mexicans out and outlaw abortion so the USA will ...more
Matthew Burger
Pat Buchanan is a racist piece of shit!
My wife reads some Russian nationalist blogs, and one of the bloggers recommended this book to her; I read it for company. The idea is that low birth rates in Western countries and Japan, caused by contraception and the culture of consumerism, spell the death of Western, Christian and Japanese civilization, and third-world immigrants coming to the United States are destroying it. The Wikipedia article about Buchanan says that he married in 1971, and has no children. As my younger brother, born i ...more
This book explains and illuminates the decline of Western Civilization. It’s not a prediction, it’s a fact. This decline is going on under the collective noses of Americans, Europeans, and Japanese.

Why are birthrates well below replacement level? Why do western men and women choose pleasure over family? Why is it no longer ok to be a patriot, to love the country of one’s birth? Pat Buchanan succinctly explains the root of this decline and what can be done to reverse it. A must read for all Amer
Sally Sarko
I have read this numerous times or skimmed to find facts for reports or to use in debates. All my liberal friends made fun of me for reading this but I love Pat Buchanan and agree with him totally politically so I really enjoyed this book. Oh but actually in here I think he says there should be an incentive (like being paid an amount per child) for having children and I do not really think that would be a good thing for the government to do.
Like him, hate, or just dismiss him this frightening prediction from half a decade ago is starting to look like a play book for immigrants, radicals, and disinterested Americans.
Scary insight into how this country is sadly and slowly being destroyed
Mark Muckerman
Not the greatest tome of revelation ever penned, but not a total waste of trees, either. If you can put aside your politics and faith foundation (and ignore the author's), this book is actually not bad, and provides some well researched data and references one would not and will not see surfacing in the mainstream press, today's sound-bite media, and certainly not on Bill Maher's show. I'll preface my review with the opinion that this book suffers from two foundational handicaps: 1) it takes goo ...more
Daniel L.
Eugenics? You Bet (a.k.a. Racist, White Supremacist Drivel)

Several reviewers consider Mr. Buchanan's prophecy that there will be a power shift from the West (i.e., White Christian - Aryan) to the growing non-Western peoples (everyone else, including Latinos and Blacks) alarming, the truly alarming thing is that Mr. Buchanan's freakish views have gained credibility among the mainstream.
Mr. Buchanan derives much of the information in the Death of the West from the New Century Foundation, which is
"الغرب يموت، لقد توقفت أممه عن التكاثر، وتوقف سكانه عن النمو وبدؤوا بالانكماش، ولم يقم منذ الموت الأسود (الطاعون) الذي حصد أرواح ثلث سكان أوروبا في القرن الرابع عشر تهديدًا أخطر لبقاء الحضارة الأوروبية من هذا الخطر الماثل، اليوم؛ هناك سبعة عشر بلدًا أوروبيًا فيها جنازات دفن أكثر من احتفالات الولادة، وهناك أكفان أكثر من المهود، والبلدان هي: بلجيكا، وبلغاريا، وكرواتيا، وجمهورية التشيك، والدانمارك، واستونيا، وألمانيا، والمجر، وإيطاليا، ولاتافيا، وليتوانيا، والبرتغال، ورومانيا، وسلوفاكيا، وسلوفينيا، ...more
زياد عبد العزيز
الكاتب يتحدث عن اثار الفكر المادى و ما ادى اليه هذا الفكر من العدمية فى عصر ما بعد الحداثة و الكاتب نفسه متخبط للغاية فى كتابه من وقع هذا التاثير

فى الفصل الاول يتحدث عن مخاوفه فى احتمالات ان ينقرض الانسان الابيض خلال قرن من الزمان بعرض احصائيات الولادة و معدل النمو السكانى فى دول العالم الاول و مقارنتها بنظيراتها فى دول العالم الثالث و استنتج ان دول العالم الثالث سوف تحصد ثمرة معاناتها الحالية خلال قرن من الزمان بوراثة دول العالم الاول

و فى الفصل الثانى يعطى بعض التفسيرات الصادمة التى ادث الى ه
كتاب جيد ، فيه كثير من المعلومات والإحصائيات، أكثر ما لفت نظري في الكتاب هو فزع الكاتب والحالة المزريه التي يصورها للمجتمع الأمريكي وذلك نتيجة إقصاء الدين، بين لي جلياً سبب ميل السياسة الأمريكية لإسرائيل واليهود ذلك أنه يعتبر ثقافتهم جذورها المسيحية واليهوديه ، إذن السبب قوي جداً
Jul 27, 2014 Brad marked it as to-read
Art of Manliness - jeremiad rec; jeremiads can make you angry
Pat Buchanan is a very radical conservative and this book shows it. His viewpoints are even extreme to me and I'm a die hard Republican. He views do have some truth to them and has the facts to support them.

I would only recommend reading this book if you are already a die hard conservative like myself or else it won't be appreciated. If you are a moderate or liberal then you would probably put it down after the introduction.
Great book on multiculturalism.

My local library has a copy but won't lend it out because the material is not appropriate!! So much for liberality and freedom in London.
A good book. I had not ever really given things like population and immigration a thought with respect to their impact on the world. This was one of those 'knowledge' enriching opportunities.
ثريا بترجي
يبدو أن النقاش حول الكتاب في لقاء تواقة كان ممتع
وثري ....كما وصفه البعض
يؤسفني أني لم أحضره لكن حقيقة التقرير
الذي أعدته دارين و اروى كان من الممكن أن يغنيني
عن قراءة الكتاب
أحببت قراءة هذا الكتاب ,و لكن لا أعرف لماذا حين قراءته شعرت بخوف لأنني أحسست أن بعض الناس تسير في هذا الإتجاهأو هذا الطريق , ما رأيك يا مرام
هذا الكتاب يوضح لنا طريقنا السائرين إليه بتقليدنا لهم حذو القذة بالقذة، و هم سبقونا إليه.. ففيه دروس و فوائد يجب أن نستفيد منها...
Solady Batterjee
كتاب دسم اثار نقاش بيني و بين والدي الذي قال أنه كتاب جيد, أرى فيه حديث خير البشر, تكاثروا تناسلوا فإني مباه بكم الأمم يوم القيامة
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One of America's best known paleoconservatives, Buchanan served as a senior advisor to Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, and Ronald Reagan. He ran for president in 1992, 1996 and 2000. Buchanan is an isolationist on the subject of American foreign policy and believes in a restrictive immigration policy.
More about Patrick J. Buchanan...
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