The Pilgrimage
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The Pilgrimage

3.61 of 5 stars 3.61  ·  rating details  ·  20,693 ratings  ·  850 reviews
'The Pilgrimage' recounts the spectacular trials of Paolo Coelho and his mysterious mentor, Petrus, as they journey across Spain in search of a miraculous sword.
250 pages
Published (first published 1987)
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Mohammed Arabey
كل ماافتكر الروايه دي ..الايام اللي قضيتها وانا بقرأها"قريتها تقريبا علي 10 او 11 مره" احس ان كل مره كنت في مكان جديد او في مرحله جديده من الرحله للوصول لشئ من الروحانيه او الصفاء..اتعلمت حاجه جديده..مليت في بعض الاحيان .. "اتخنقت من الانجليزي في احيان تانيه" بس في المجمل..حتي لو حسيت بملل حتخرج من التجربه باضافه ولو طفيفه في طريقه تفكيرك وتعاملك مع الامور
طريق "الحج"غريب...اتصورته كله في خيالي بوصف باولو كويللو الدقيق..مع اني مشفتش الصور بس بعد ماخلصت الروايه لقيت انها شبهه اللي اتخيلته بناء علي
Ian Galloway
I enjoy every book by Paulo Cuelho that I've read (12 to date) and this one, his first, has touched me in tha same way the Alchemist did. Perhaps it's the common theme of searching for a way a path a meaning and the fact that I can empathise strongly with the sentiment, having walked that exact road to Santiago. The mysticism in some of the events of the journey, with hindsight, are a bit too far of a step for me personally but the whole journey of the pilgimage to Santiago and the learning and...more
Saud Omar
تنبيه: ليس هناك حرق لأحداث الرواية في هذه المراجعة


من مدونتي: ثمانون كتابا بحثا عن مخرج



رواية ( حاج كومبوستيلا ) هي ثالث عمل لباولو كويلو, والتي صدرت عام 1987؛ أي قبل عام واحد فقط من صدور أشهر رواياته ( الخيميائي ). عمله الأول كان ( أرشيف الجحيم ) وقد نفد ولم تُعد طباعته حتى الآن, والعمل الثاني له هو ( الدليل العملي للفامبيرية ) وقد سُحب لأنه بدا لكويلو أن العمل لم ينجح في إيصال رسالته.

تحتل رواية ( حاج كومبوستيلا ) مكانه مميّزه بين روايات كويلو؛ وذلك لأن من خلالها يستطيع القراء أن...more
asma Qadah
لا أعتقد أنني سأنصَح الجميع بقراءة هذا الكتاب، على الرغم من أنه جيّد و المعلومات التي تحويه يمكنني اعتبارها تجربة شخصية دينية. الرواية/ الكتاب على الكمّ الهائل للمعلومات التي فيها أعتقِد أنها مناسبة لما فوق سنّ الثامنة عشرة. هناك معلومات/ ممارسات دينية كثيرة تحتاج إلى قراءة واعِية.

حماسي للكتاب كان بسبب ذكره في روايته “الزّهير” التي قرأتها و لم أكتب عنها بعد. خلال قراءتي لـ”حاج كومبوستيلا” اتّضحت لي ممارسات دينية – مسيحية كثيرة، و حاولت من خلالها مقارنتها بالممارسات الدينية – الإسلامية. محوَر ال...more
“A dazzing tale of the road traveled by ordinary people.” Coelho's book traverses the story and journey of a man (himself) learning to be extraordinary through the paradoxical beauty of simply understanding what is ordinary.

What struck me as I gobbled up this book in a mere afternoon was the easygoing cadence and accessibility of language that Coelho employs throughout his book; he doesn't try to dazzle you with vernacular or prose, it's simply inherent in the story itself. And to me, that's t...more
This is the 4th Paulo Coelho book I've read, and my least favorite so far. Not that there's anything wrong with it, per se, but I can definitely see his evolution as a writer from this (his first) to The Witch of Portobello (his most recent and one of my faves).

For me, this book was slower, less relatable (if only because very few people are on this kind of a mystical quest) and just less smoothly written overall. I also had a hard time sympathizing with the protagonist.

Now, that's not to say th...more
Jennifer Ready
Jan 02, 2008 Jennifer Ready rated it 1 of 5 stars Recommends it for: philosophy majors
I really hated this book. In fact, it is the second worst book I've ever read (first being the Voyage of Somebody the Sailor). The story made no sense, and key parts of it were left unexplained (what is RAM? what is The Tradition?). I suppose you might get some philosophical value from it, but I didn't really think any of it was earth-shattering or even worth a raised eyebrow. The only redeeming quality was that it was short and went quickly.
Webster Bull

As I prepare to walk the Camino de Santiago with my daughter, I am reading a few of the better selling books about this 1000-year-old pilgrimage route to the cathedral town of Compostela in northwest Spain. One of the first that pops up on Amazon is by Paulo Coelho, the much-published, much-translated Brazilian author whose most popular title, The Alchemist, is a New Agey book-club favorite in the United States.

Coelho's book about the Camino, The Pilgrimage (1988), is about as New Agey, or gno...more
It’s my first English novel and I’ve truly enjoyed it. A book which, even it’s not the best of Paulo Coelho, you can not stop reading when you start it thanks to his nice and sweet style.

First of all, let’s consider how we would categorize The Pilgrimage. It’s a journey of a piligrime and It’s also a personnel developpement book which you need it along your life. Paulo Coelho takes the road of Santiago de Compostela in order to find his sword, looking for his secret therefore he takes the true...more
Oct 31, 2008 miaaa rated it 3 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommended to miaaa by: aldo zirsov
Shelves: fictions-others
What are you expecting other than a spiritual journey from this book? Well it is his journey across Spain's Road in order to find himself. Something that I've heard and seen in a movie [Darjeling Limited:] but I supposed I haven't had the chance to conduct it. Or I might have lacked a courage to begin it!

Of all the exercises he introduces, the Speed Exercise dumbfounded me. The minute I read the exercise, it reminds me to the regular road I have anytime I go and back from work. There's one old m...more
It's difficult to write a review of this one. It completely depends if you feel attracted to the book and the story.
It gives the reader an awful lot to think about. This is not a book you can fully understand after one time reading.
There are a lot of uncommon 'events' in it. Liking, or loving it depends highly - I think - if you have a religious background.
There are quite a number of excises in the book you can practice. I certainly are going to work with several of them.

One quote from the bo...more
Lina AL Ojaili
رحلة اكتشاف النفس وجماعة رام
(عندما تريد شيئا ما فإن الكون بأسره يتضافر ليوفر لك تحقيق رغبتك)
K.D. Absolutely
Mar 27, 2010 K.D. Absolutely rated it 1 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommended to K.D. by: Filipino Group - Book for March 2010
Shelves: travel
The reason for the 1-star rating is the timing. It sucks. Had I read this prior to Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code or Angels and Demons this could have earned another star. Had I read this right after reading a book on Harry Potter or Percy Jackson, there could have been another star. Had I read this when I was in my teens or 20's, there could have been another one.

The mention of Knights of Templar, ancestral rites done in midnight with those chantings, search for a sword, etc. just did not hit th...more
محمود أغيورلي
مقتطفات من رواية حاج كومبوستيلا للكاتب باولو كويلو
عندما يصبح سيفك بتصرفك لا تجعله سجين غمده فترة طويلة لانه بذلك يصدأ .. وعندما تستله من غمده لا ترجعه اليه قبل ان تقوم بعمل خير او تفتح طريقاً
الشيطان هو روح ليست بالشريرة ولا بالخيرة ويعتبر حارساً على معظم الاسرار التي يستطيع الانسان فهمها كما انه مسلط على الاشياء المادية
ان الطريق الحقيقية للحكمة تعرف من امور ثلاث : اولا : الحب الالهي .. ثانياً : تجليها عبر ممارسة عملية في حياتك والا تمسي الحكمة...more
Noor Azzony
a magnificent read!
the Strange Road to San Tiago and everything that happens on it, is nothing but a mirror of each and everyone's life journey! the book is a reminder that life is brilliant and that we are capable of so much more than we beleive we are... it is the limiting beleifs that we have that stop us from becomimg who we are supposed to be..
definitely worth reading!
Ok, I had promised myself, not to read any more books by Paolo Coelho, but I've become a victim of first my curiosity to read one of the most well-known books about the pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela which I've done myself just three months ago and secondly of clever book marketing: The volume I own is beautifully bound in blue with pigeons, shells and the cathedral of Santiago, all in all very hippyish and thus kind of irresistible to me.

So far, I enjoy Coelho's strange voyage much more...more
Well, the 2 week journey made on foot by Paulo Coelho ended for me this evening. To tell you the truth, after reading this book, I'd like to experience it myself...But enough about me, let's get straight to the reviewing process.
This book is the authors first one. In it, he writes about his pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela. Despite the fact that the journey was filled with many unpleasant things ( injuries, exhaustion , bad weather conditions and so on...), in the end it turned out to be a...more
Paulo tidak mengira bahwa dia harus jauh-jauh terbang ke Eropa untuk mendapatkan sesuatu yang sangat diinginkannya, yaitu Pedang Sang Magi. Kedatangannya ke Eropa tersebut membawanya ke sebuah perjalanan melalui jalan yang di abad pertengahan dikenal sebagai Jalan Misterius menuju Santiago. Dan perjalanan itu bukanlah sebuah perjalanan biasa, tetapi sebuah perjalanan ziarah yang suci bagi umat Kristiani. Dengan ditemani pemandunya yang misterius bernama Petrus, Paulo melakukan perjalanan sejauh
حاج كومپوستيلاّ
لا يحتاج المرء الى تسلق الجبال ليعرف انها عالية

عندما تسافر تختبر فعل الولادة من جديد، تجد نفسك حيال أوضاع جديدة عليك تماماً
فالنهار يمضي ببطء وانت غالباً لا تفهم اللغة التي يتكلم بها الناس
كانك تشبه طفلاً خرج من بطن امه للتو.
في هذه الشروط تبدي اهتماماً أكبر لما يحيط بك لان بقائك منوط بذلك وتصبح انساناً منفتحاً على الآخرين ومتقبلاً لهم لأنهم يشكلون عوناً لك في الحالات الصعبة

العمل الذي لم انجزه، لم تعد له أهمية . أما الأعمال التي سأنجزها لاحقاً ، فسوف تكون أفضل.

التمرين الثاني في الرح...more
I have just finished "The Pilgrimage." I was moved to tears. My heart opened yet again. A great clarity comes when we forgive ourselves. For when we do, we will know what we will use our swords for. I was so touched, so lifted up by reading Señor Coelho's experience. I am so glad that he wrote it down and has shared his journey on "the strange road to Santiago," with the world. "The Pilgrimage" is a testament to fighting "the good fight" and to energetics. I haven't ever met Señor Coelho, but ri...more
به نقل از سایت انتشارات کاروان
سایت رسمی پائولو کوئلیو به زبان فارسی
در این کتاب جملات زیبای کوئلیو درباره‌ی عشق، زندگی، ایمان، خدا، ترس، بردباری، تلاش،... گنجانده شده است. کوئلیو این جملات را از آثار گذشته‌ی خود چون بریدا، کیمیاگر، کوه پنجم، خاطرات یک مغ، والکیری ها، کنار رود پیدرا نشستم و گریستم، ورونیکا تصمیم می‌گیرد بمیرد و ... گردآوری کرده است. در قسمت پایانی این کتاب زندگی نامه‌ی پائولو کوئلیو به همراه تعدادی عکس از او و کتاب‌هایش گنجانده شده است.
Dr Ayyam
باولو .. يرسم بكلماته الرائعة طريق رحلته بحثا عن سيفه .. يصطحبه مرشده بتروس ويعلمه تعاليم رام على طريق مار يعقوب التي تنتهي عند سانتياغو كومبوستيلا .. تضمنت رحلته التي عبرت مجازيا عن صراعات الانسان في الحياة وخوض الجهاد الحسن .. تقتضي شروط نيل هدفه ان يطيع بتروس ولا يخالف ويجري تمارين رام بأوقاتها وبتركيز عال .. يحمل حقيبة ذهنية ممتلئة بالتساؤلات والتناقضات والمخاوف .. يتعلم الحب الالهي الذي يغذي الكون ويدرك قيمة التجارب الحياتية التي لسهولتها نستهين بها وتغيب عنا فائدتها وجوهرها .. يحادث قوى ال...more
88's November book club pick... my first true blech. Spiritual memoirs aren't really my kind of thing anyway, but this stilted hodgepodge of pop psychology and Da Vinci Code mysticism frustrated the hell out of me.
Started it but couldn't finish it, too long, quite boring, and if you read "The Alchemist" then you know how this one will go.
So, I don't intend to finish it. I'll save the time for something else.
بثينة العيسى

الكتاب امتداد للقيمة التي يؤسس لها كويلو، منذ الخيميائي وحتى آخر حرف يكتبه، النص تكتنفه الروحانية ويحرض على التأمل، عوضا عن كونه ممتع.

Estefanía Peña
Mi Opinión:

Como les dije en la sinopsis, esta historia comienza cuando Paulo va a recibir su espada y comete un error y su Maestre, le dice que tiene que caminar por el Camino de Santiago de Compostela. Ya que hay se desarrolla toda la historia, a medida que Paulo va caminando con su guía que se llama Petrus. Petrus le va enseñando las Prácticas de RAM.

Este libro te va enseñando tantas cosas, que como persona debemos hacer, como te abre tu mente y te pone a pensar que el ser humano es tan avari...more
Feb 22, 2010 jzhunagev rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition Recommends it for: Coelho fans and thoseseeking illumination
Recommended to jzhunagev by: the "Voice"
The Answer is in the Journey

Published by Harper Torch (Mass-Market International Edition)
265 pages
Started: January 2, 2010
Finished: January 26, 2010

Review of The Pilgrimage by Paulo Coelho

Part adventure story, part guide to self-mastery, The Pilgrimage is a compelling tale that delivers a powerful brew of insight and magic.

The story opens on the night of January 2, 1986, on a mountain off Brazil, where Paulo is to be ordained as master of the Order of RAM, about to receive his new sword—used i...more
Bueno, ahora a poner en práctica el soplo de RAM, ejercicio de la semilla y principalmente el ejercicio de las sombras.
Para destacar las siguientes citas:
"El primer síntoma de que estamos matando nuestros sueños es la falta de tiempo. Las personas más ocupadas que conocí en mi vida siempre tenían tiempo para todo. Las que no hacían nada siempre estaban cansadas..."
"Cuando uno desea algo ,debe tener una finalidad muy clara para que lo quiere"
"Sin embargo, si me esforzaba como lo había hecho, tal...more
For me, this was a smooth read full of parables that highlight all that can be gained from belief structures in a world that can be confusing, noisy and, quite frankly, uninviting. Our narrator sets off on the Road to Santiago in order to claim a higher rank in his magical organization, but learns through his guide and the people he encounters that true faith is couched in how we view other people and respond to the world around us. This lesson is best learned in the myriad battles of will with...more
Sreelekshmi Raj
Walking through the path once more. Review after that. Hats off to Paulo. I really want to thank him for giving that book to world. I want to write a lot more, but i told you a great thank you and a great appreciation will follow, will be posting within two days.

If I should be true to myself, I should say that I got to know how to read a book properly only now, and for that I should thank Paulo the most. I have walked the path along with Paulo and Petrus not once but twice.
I have never read suc...more
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The Brazilian author PAULO COELHO was born in 1947 in the city of Rio de Janeiro. Before dedicating his life completely to literature, he worked as theatre director and actor, lyricist and journalist. In 1986, PAULO COELHO did the pilgrimage to Saint James of Compostella, an experience later to be documented in his book The Pilgrimage. In the following year, COELHO published The Alchemist. Slow in...more
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