The Little Chapel that Stood
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The Little Chapel that Stood

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Beautifully illustrated book tells of the historic chapel less than 100 yards from the Twin Towers that miraculously survived on 9-11. Firemen hung their shoes on the fence and raced to help the people in the towers: Oh what gallant men did we lose/Who never came back to get their shoes. The story of terror overcome by courage and bravery that teaches us no one is too smal...more
Hardcover, 40 pages
Published July 1st 2003 by Oldcastle Publishing
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I thought the book was very good and instead of making it really sad they turn it around and said how good it was that the chapel was still standing and that was really good.
This book is a great book! I couldn't believe the little chapel that was very close to the twin towers stood! I realize that the chapel was very strong. Even though it is sad that the twin towers fell, but the good thing is, the little chapel stood. Even though I was only three months old, this year, I felt like I was there when the twin towers fell.
I loved the book it was wonderful and very emotional.It taught me even though the twin towers came down our hearts didn't.And our spirits still will rise.It made us stronger and it was a day to remember.The chapel was very close and yet it still rises today.The chapel was really strong and it still is strong.This day wasn't only sad it was incredible and a day to remember the heros that died for us put, our lives in front of theirs and loved ones should be proud.This makes me relies that other p...more
the little chapel that stood is a book that is based on a chapel that is oneblock away from the twin towers came down on 9/11. This chapel was around since the 1700's and when 9/11 happened there was no damage to the chapel this is a book i would suggest that kids my age should read this book it teach's the history of the twin towers also the thing the book tells us that even though the planes take down are idol americas heart is still up there is no way to take it down.
I liked thought the book was depressing because a lot of people died on that day and if I were their I would help them then if I didn't I would die for the people instead of all the people that were their and I think the arthur is trying to teach us is that if you make a sacrifice then you will be remembered in peoples heart and I fell bad for the people because they weren't suppose to die the people that caused it were suppose to die.
I think this book is teaching us what the firemen and policemen did to help us and how they cleaned up and how they made it beautiful and just because they took the twin towers down does not mean we will stop what we are doing to make new york beautiful and it is just confusing how the chapel didn't break into pieces
The little chapel that stood is about 9/11 and how people saved people. I would chose this book for a award. Its a really heavy story about St. Paul church and how that stood even though it was over 100 years old and it was about one block away. I give this 5 stars to this book. Hope you read it too!
I think that the little chapel that stood was a good book that showed what happind on 9/11 and how the terroests can destory our monuments but our spirits still stand. it was also about how on 9/11 and how the heros were honerd and that if were knocked down we will stand right back up and fight another day.
This book "The Little Chapel That Stood", is based on 9/11. It's not about 9/11, and the twin towers.
It's about the little chapel that was near the twin towers. It surprisingly didn't get harmed at all when the twin towers fell.
This picture book is explainig 9/11 to younger readers
I thought that everyone should read this book. I think this is about the twin towers falling. It is about even if something bad the american spirit stayed up. It is also about heros when the people ran out heros ran in such as police,firefighters,and even the cleaners were heros.
t think that the little chapel that stood is a great book. Because it says how tons of people have died and people who are alive. because of the fire fiters they have risk there lives to save lots and lots of people and. I think the people who risk there lives or save people are big heros
I think that everyone should read this book because it was about staying strong even though the twin towers fell. their were a lot of heros that helped to clean up this whole mess and fire men were so brave to go in to the twin towers and save as many people as they can.
I thought the book was sort of sad because in the story it said that the firefighters left their things by the little chapel and never came back to get them and that little chapel it was one of a small amount of buildings that did not fall down.
Elliot T
the little chapel that stood was about the tragic events that happened at the world trades center. the message that the author was trying to get to us is to respect the ones who went into the broken towers and rescued
I really think this is a really sad book the twin towers died with over 3000 people and this makes me think that assassins can kill anything any one
Sep 13, 2011 Samuellowe marked it as to-read
it was a good book and it told me about 9/11 and the fireman who never got there shoes. And the chapel that stood after the towers fell.
Loved seeing this little chapel near the World Trade Center. Loved hearing the history of this tiny little chapel & what it meant to all the firemen/women. It is still a shrine to all the people who helped as well as a place to show reverence for those that lost their lives!
This is a wonderful book to use with young kids in talking about or even introducing the 9/11 attacks. We picked this up after visiting the WTC memorial and actually seeing the beautiful church dwarfed by the surrounding skyscrapers and sitting right in front of the gaping hole left by the WTC.

The sight of that church is so striking and it makes all kinds of sense that it inspired this lovely poem for children. It deals with the tragedy with sensitivity and has a sense of hope that is soothing....more
I think that the book was a very good book. It taught a lesson that when people stand strong they will be able to go through the tragedy that happened. Like the chapel. It was still standing when the twin towers fell which meant that the people stand strong even though the towers fell down. It shows an example of how to staay strong when a tragady happens.

i think it was a really good book cause it taught a lesson.

I think it was a very good book. It was very emotinal.It taught me that when the terrorist knocked the twin towers down it only made us stronger. It was a day to remember all the heroes. I learned that the terrorist can nock down our spirit but americans hearts stands. The chapel represents america.This book teaches me that you have to be strong when something bad happens.

I recommend this book for younger children.
This book was a donation to my classroom and tells the story of the chapel that stood in the shadow of the World Trade Center. The chapel was there long before the WTC was built and was there for the people during the attack as well as afterward. The book is appropriate for younger students. I teach fourth grade and it allowed an age appropriate discussion of the events of September 11th.
Rebecca Brandes
This book is written in a beautiful poetic form to commemorate the Twin Towers and the little chapel that stood. The reader is transported through pictures and word choice to the time of the terrorist attacks. Though there was so much pain and suffering, there was still at least one small miracle: a little chapel still stood.
i think that people still think that the twin towers still stand strong and it is still there to them and it will all ways be in there hearts .It was amazing that the little chapel stood because it was only like a block away and it still stands strong and tall.
We read this book on the anniversary of 9/11 each year. I cannot get through it without crying. So beautifully written. Here is my mini-review
Poetry was a bit awkward and stilted. Message likely of more interest to American that Canadian child readers.
I like book it is nice and sad how they broke the building down but they fixed the place now
A poem written about St. Paul's Chapel and its special place in the history of our 9/11 tragedy.
Just beautiful!
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