Scary Stories 3: More Tales to Chill Your Bones
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Scary Stories 3: More Tales to Chill Your Bones (Scary Stories #3)

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Storytellers know — just as they have for hundreds and hundreds of years — that everyone enjoys a good, scary story!

Alvin Schwartz's Scary Stories 3 joins his other popular collections of scary folklore, Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark and More Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark, to give readers spooky, funny and fantastic tales guaranteed to raise goose bumps.

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Paperback, 128 pages
Published 1991 by Scholastic, Inc.
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Anna  Gibson
The "Scary Stories" trio was one of the more infamous books at my elementary school's library - everyone wanted to read them, and for good reason - they're fun, spooky, and the illustrations are both beautiful and downright terrifying! The stories are a collection of folktales, ghost stories, and campfire stories, meant to be read aloud with a group of friends. However, they're perfectly scary even if you're just reading them to yourself on a rainy afternoon. The stories within these three books...more
The illustrations. THE ILLUSTRATIONS!!!!

Stephen Gammell is a god. His work captures exactly what I found so terrifying as a child: that you would inevitably find ghastly shapes if you stared into the dark long enough. The shadows in my room became the outlines of monstrous figures, or demonic faces. But the only way to stop them from coming was not to look -- but who would dare close his eyes or turn his back when there could be monsters just across the room?

These stories are mostly unsettling,...more
A poltergeist that specializes in unscrewing bottle-caps...a couple who bring home a strange-looking little dog from Mexico, only to be told that it's a sewer rat...suddenly vanishing friends, relatives, and animals...a Texas girl raised by wolves- -yes, it's a new collection of horribilia: chillers, ghost stories, and urban legends, retold in an appropriately matter-of- fact way.

Schwartz gives most of the tales a modern setting, provides hints for storytellers, discusses variants, and--as in tw...more
One of the most memorable series of books from my childhood. The stories in the books aren't particularly scary; some are humorous, some are eerie, some will give a kid chills...some are not even original to Mr. Schwartz, and are the sort of urban-legend stories you hear around the campfire growing up.

No, what makes these spectacular books stand out as fine examples of kindertrauma is Stephen Gammell's most excellent illustrations.

Some of them still give me heart palpitations, even as an adult.

Schwartz, Alvin. (1991). Scary stories 3: More tales to chill your bones. New York: Harper Collins.

Categories: Controversial books, supernatural stories, folklore and legends, short stories, series

26 traditional and modern-day scary stories are presented in this book. The gruesome topics - death, ghosts, eating body parts from a dead person, dying from fear, nightmares - have made this book and the others in the series targets for frequent challenges. In the back of the book are notes about the...more
Alvin Schwartz has done an excellent job of maintaining the quality of his scary stories in this third volume to the series.
In each of these books, there are some funny stories, some folklore songs, some stories that are just more interesting than truly frightening, but in each book there are also one or two or three tales that really ARE very scary, and make my flesh run cold. In this particular collection, "Harold" and "The Red Spot" give me chills, but it is the haunting "Maybe You Will Rem...more
This is a collection of strange, scary, shocking, gross and funny stories for older children. The tales presented are an interesting mix of old and new and our girls loved them. I was less enthused about the collection, although a good storyteller could have a lot of fun with these stories.

The illustrations were scarier than the tales, in my opinion, but overall it was an interesting compilation. We've also read Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark and More Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark.
Lizbeth Cruz
l think that they are oson because they tell scary storesm and they you tell them at the night and you see scary stores you never hured off.abd you see l the cryer and you see a big store about the women with a death screaming for money:)and ther is a store about a voice in the adect ther are to childring in the atect and ther are traying to help.:)and ther is a store about clinkity clink.and that is a store about a pearson clink-clink.:).thert is a store aboust the bed the winbow.these store is...more
Katy Jane
1. At 28, these are no where near as scary as when I was 8, 9, 10 years old. I would stay up at night thinking about these stories and freak myself out.
2. I am reading them again because this month is banned books month and this is a book that is challenged almost ever year. Reasons being: insensitivity, Satanism/occult, unsuited for age group, violence, religious viewpoint.
3. These being banned make little sense to me because they are a collection of folklore that have been around for forever.
I started reading this book to my cousin and my sister. They both really enjoyed the book and retold stories to my family. My personal favorite story was "The Bus Stop" I've heard the story told in a variety of different ways, so it was nice to read this version. I was surprised to learn that a similar story was told in ancient Rome. I look forward to reading the rest of the Scary Stories series during the summer on a camping trip.
Apr 10, 2014 Matt rated it 5 of 5 stars
Shelves: 14-1
I recently started scouring amazon, looking for these books read religiously as a kid: scary stories to tell in the dark. whenever possible - assuming some fiend hadn't already stripped the library clean of them - I would take them out for weeks and share them with friends. this one in particular was always a delight.

what's the big deal? simply, the illustrations. they are gorgeous. they are the creepiest, strangest shit. the stuff nightmares are made out of. back in those days the writings wer...more
Pk Devan
Sometimes when you think everything is ok, it can change within a second! Scary Stories 3 is a collaboration of bone chilling short horror stories. After reading this book you will want to always have a light on! My favorite short story in the book was Harold. It's a story about two farmers who build a creepy scarecrow made to look like a human. After weeks Harold starts to move things and it gets to the point where he is walks around behind their backs! It is a creepy story that will make you...more
Tiffany Apan
Those of us born in the 1980s I think had it pretty good. We got all the good Nickelodeon shows (You Can't Do That On Television, Are You Afraid of the Dark, All That, Roundhouse, all the cool Euro-anime-esque cartoon shows like Spartakus), Ninja Turtles, My Little Pony, Rainbow Brite, books like Wait Til Helen Comes and Dollhouse Murders. All those were awesome and at the risk of sounding uber condescending, I feel for the kids who grew up without all that we 80s and 90s kids got. But what real...more
Matthew W
This book (and the other books in the "Scary Stories" series) had a huge influence on me as a child. May future generations of children also be influenced by the "Scary Stories" books!!
Grayson Peterselli
im nine years old i read i didnt sleep for days but it is one of the best books to tell in the dark i love it and is terrified by it enjoy it!!!!!!!!!
Chuck Engelhardt
Sometimes I like to read juvenile books and this was one. I really enjoyed this book; mostly because it was filled with nostalgia, stories I'd heard and told in my youth. It's not particularly scary, but then neither were the stories when we shared them around a campfire with other 13-year-olds those years ago. Still, they were fun. I especially liked the reminder of the hearse song in the end. Man, had that been a long time. Words varied slightly, but they all came back.

It was also a wonderful...more
Kevin Lucia
I have the first two. Someday will have to grab this one, the third...
G.B. Lindsey
Wow, talk about trauma.

One appalling day about two-odd years ago, my sister and I stood utterly frozen in the bookstore in a godawful hive-minded fury (i.e., what my sister defines not as angry but as "shangry plus") when we saw that they had dared to re-release this trilogy WITHOUT THE ORIGINAL STEPHEN GAMMELL ILLUSTRATIONS. Unspeakable is the rage that resulted, the high-pitched squeaks and the flailing that nearly knocked books from their shelves, and oh god, the SPUTTERING. We clung to each...more
Nono Qiu
Jan 29, 2013 Nono Qiu is currently reading it
I read Scary Stories 3. This book is about a lot of little scary stories that are been made up. Alvin Schwartz and Stephen Gammel wrote it. There are many little scary stories that can chill your bones. I like one of the stories called Such Things Happen. It was about a witch taking a revenge for her dead cat that was killed by a man who lived nearby. The witch kept causing trouble for the guy, but the witch died at last. My favorite part of the story was the part that the guy killed the witch....more
Jace Jensen
I chose this book because it's getting to be Halloween time so I thought that this book would fit the mood. Also, one of my friends recommended it to me. This book is interesting because it is not just one story but it is filled with all kinds of haunted stories. My favorite quote is, " But where could she get another piece of liver that late in the day? Then she remembered the old woman lying in the church next door, waiting to be buried." I think that quote is disgusting because after they ate...more
Canadian Reader
Always on the look out for some stories to chill the bones of elementary-school students, I was disappointed with this book. The stories seemed undeveloped and generally lacked suspense. I did like the fact that Schwartz included notes about his sources, but I'm not sure how many kids would really care about this.
Kim Dixon
This book(as well other books by Alvin Schwartz) was/were some of the MOST POPULAR books in my small elementary school library. I read this book around the age 10(I plan on rereading it soon). I remember it being very scary(duh!), but it drew me in. I checked this book out many times.
This one might have been a little bit better than the second book of the series. Some of the stories I liked better than the second one. I loved the twist in the story or that surprise or shock who did not see coming. Like in one of them, some girl falls in love with some guy and he dies (I don't think she knew because she was on the other side of the country) and so they go to the parent's home (who know he is dead) and the twist is he's gone (in like thin air) and they check the grave to find...more
Trisha Shaw
Dear god I love this series. While everyone around me was reading goosebumps, I was readling these. That's probably why I'm sorta messed up to this day. Hahaha... Great spooky stories, awesome illustrations. Love it love it. LOVE IT.
Elizabeth Davis
The stories are a little repetitive at this point, yet they were much better in this third installment than in the second. The illustrations were also much creepier this time around as well. Good, silly fun series that showcases creepy folklore.
Elisa Sahara
Probably the best at children's horror writing. I read the other two but I think this third one was the best since the stories become scarier and more mysterious. Brett Helquist done an amazing job at illustrating it, he imagined the short stories into something not even thought before and drawing it down. I would definitely give it my five stars, it was too good. What do you think?
Ms. Myers
I think this book is awesome because every single story in inside this book talks more about what the character is doing that is scary. This book is about scary stories that are scary. This book came out about two years ago. This book also has good taste of reading because people that are into syfy have a good feeling about this book, because they're into scary things. The reason why I like it,is because when I was a little kid I use to be scared of the dark. Second reason is,that this book brin...more
Nidah (SleepDreamWrite)
The drawings are still creepy as ever.
Some of the stories are creepy and a little uncomfortable especially the Red Spot. Still, the stories are best to read on Halloween.
Eira Langdon
I LOVED these books as a kid, they terrified me and I love getting scared. I have no idea why these are targeted to kids though, some of the stories are maybe kid appropriate but not the pictures, seriously where did they find that guy? His work is literally nightmare fuel.
Mekenzie Larsen
Reread this book this morning. It was a favorite from my childhood and I hadn't flipped through it in over 10 years, and to get in the Halloween spirit I pulled it from a dusty shelf and fell in love again. The illustrations really make it, I can't believe they released an edition without them. Stories that have stuck with me since I was a little thing include "Just Delicious," "The Black Dog," "Bess," "Harold," "Such Things Happen," "The Wolf Girl," "Sam's New Pet," "Maybe You Will Remember," "...more
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Alvin Schwartz was the author of more than fifty books dedicated to and dealing with topics such as folklore and word play, many of which were intended for young readers. He is often confused with another Alvin Schwartz, who wrote Superman and Batman daily comics strips and a novel titled The Blowtop.
More about Alvin Schwartz...
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