You Can Run, But You Can't Hide. Duane 'Dog' Chapman with Laura Morton
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You Can Run, But You Can't Hide. Duane 'Dog' Chapman with Laura Morton

3.87 of 5 stars 3.87  ·  rating details  ·  981 ratings  ·  172 reviews
You Can Run But You Can't Hide Chronicling a 25-year career of capturing more than 6,000 fugitives--as well as starring in his own reality show on A&E--Chapman reveals his violent and inspirational journey in this extraordinary "New York Times"-bestselling memoir, all told with his trademark bravado. Full description
Paperback, 292 pages
Published September 4th 2008 by Orion (first published December 1st 1975)
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I enjoyed this book b/c I *love* Dog and his family (I know, I'm a dork). It wasn't prize-winning literature by any means, but it was very interesting.
Trev Twinem
There is a picture of Dog about midway through his book, a picture of Dog adorned in white, with his long flowing hair standing with his preacher Tim Storey on a canoe as he makes his way to meet Beth on their wedding day in 2006. This picture epitomizes Dog as I believe he sees himself as a kind of avenging righteous angel or the reincarnation of Jesus..yep the myth as he would have us believe is certainly bigger than the man.

There is another chapter or should I say capture described in great...more
wow what a book and what an interestingly unique man. I have watched his show and seeing what he does and how he does it and I must say I am still baffled by what bounty hunting really entails. I never really understood the high risk that is involved with this profession until reading his book and watching his show. Which at first I thought the show was kind of a quack but now after reading his book I'm inclined to think that he has a very genuine person and as long as you treat him with respect...more
I think that Dog has gained a lot of criticism and bashing for writing this book but the fact he isn't a professional writer can easily be over looked. It isn't a fiction crime novel or some thriller that grips you to the edge of your toes. Its a Biography. Dogs Biography. His life wasn't one that stemmed from sweet smelling flowers, it came from gritty heart breaking real life experiences. Duane and Beth Chapman have both had very rough lives but they don't use that as an excuse or use it for s...more
I loved this book! It was sooooo cool to see how much stuff Duane "The Dog" Chapman had to go through in his life. Honestly, I wish I could sit down with him sometime and pick his brain-he's seen some serious stuff! I love his show of course, and now I get to love him as a person.

The best part was how the Lord helped Dog through all his rough times. Dog really had to trust in His help, not just on himself. D-o-g, stands for G-o-d, which was a nickname he earned because of his faith. That is awe...more
Been a bit since I first read book, but know really loved it when it first came out. Been a big fan back in the day when Dog was real popular. Matter of fact came close to meeting him. It was during his book tour for his first book. I forget who Dog or Beth has family near my church so we were able to bring him out to our civic center. People were requesting all over the states. I remember some requesting from Texas. Came to when the speaking was going to happen was pretty much sick as a dog, an...more
Jessica Kayuha
Back in March of 2013, while I was recuperating from a mastectomy and preparing to start chemotherapy for breast cancer, I got hooked on watching "Dog the Bounty Hunter" on A&E. And now, every weekday morning, from 6-8 AM, my family knows that that's what will be on my television.

I was looking something up about the Chapman family this past April 2014, and discovered that Dog himself had written two books, and that Lyssa Chapman had written a book about herself, so I set out to buy and read...more
Dog has admittedly led a very interesting life. His rise from the low-life to the high-life is very admirable and when you view him on his TV Reality series he is interesting, charismatic and even addicting to watch. The problem is that Dog is no writer. His memoir comes off preachy and forced. While it's interesting to get the back ground on his life, Mr. Duane Chapman should have stuck to being the DOG on TV and hired a writer for his memoirs.
Cynthia Vespia
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Have you seen "DTBH" on TV? Do you like it? Have you heard of Duane "The Dog" Chapman? If you answered yes to any of those questions then this is the book for you. Not a big fan? Never heard of him? Stop reading this review and watch a few episodes first.

At first my expectations were pretty low for this book. I thought there would be wall-to-wall stories about close-calls over his career or difficult bounties (there are a few) and not much else. While this isn't on par with Lech Walesa's powerf...more
Hannah M.
Dog the Bounty Hunter! That’s right! Whilst drowning my sorrows in the Social Sciences section of my local bookstore, my eyes caught sight off the Dog. All I could think to myself was, ‘I have GOT to read this.’

Most people know Duane Chapman as the guy on TV, the one who chases after fugitives. I’ve been an avid watcher of the show myself for quite some time. However, there is much more too him than most people think, and certainly more than one might believe after just a quick glance at him. I...more
A very interesting read, though not the most well-written book I've read. Of course, the mediocre writing didn't prevent me from enjoying this book; you can kind of hear Dog telling the story as you read. I didn't know much about Dog aside from what's shown on his TV show, but wow, now that I've read this, I am just astounded by how far he's come and how much of a turnaround he's made in his life. This is the kind of tale that I think would be very inspirational to a lot of people who've made a...more
Story Description:

Chronicling a 25-year career of capturing more than 6,000 fugitives--as well as starring in his own reality show on A&E--Chapman reveals his violent and inspirational journey in this extraordinary "New York Times"-bestselling memoir, all told with his trademark bravado.

My Review:

Duane “Dog” Chapman has led an unbelievable life. Many times he was destitute, feeding his kids’ cat food, living on food stamps, and welfare. Somehow he always managed to pull himself up by the boo...more
Jul 17, 2009 Ladiibbug rated it 4 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: Dog The Bounty Hunter Fans
Non-Fiction - Memoir

Duane "Dog" Chapman, star of A&E TV's "Dog the Bounty Hunter" has quite a hair-raising and amazing life story.

A 7th grade drop out, in his early teens he turned to drugs, crime, and joined a biker group which committed crimes for thrills and money.

This is a wart-and-all memoir ... most of his life has been chaotic and very difficult, most of it because of his drug use and bad decisions.

He met some amazing people after his release from prison in his early 20's (for being a...more
Todd Van Meter
He can hunt but he can't write... well. I received this book as a gift and, God help me, I actually read it. Dog has taken self-aggrandizement to a level only Dog could adequately describe. The book provides interesting facts on Dog's early life and tribulations and factoids about his current life. One sentence has him walking next to God, the next has him providing some dirtbag or outlaw biker a come to Jesus moment through threat or intimidation. If even 10% of this book is actually true then...more
From my blog Reading Mom!

"I spent the first twenty-three years of my life on the wrong side of the law. For most of my childhood, I ran with gangs and bikers. The only thing I knew about the law was how to break it. I got pretty good at that. It took a murder-one conviction to make me decide to change my life from committing crime to fighting it. It might seem strange that a man with my criminal past is so passionately concerned with what happens to the victims...more
It's a must for unashamed Dog fans who won't feel guilty about this light-as-a-feather comfort read.
Although flagrantly inconsistent and incomplete, the story presented was outrageous and fascinating. Emblematic of this, Duane audaciously likens him and Beth to Bonnie & Clyde, insofar that the whole town was stunned "they're back".
Added to this is the inspiration that Dog exudes in places, more concentrated than on his tv shows. Alongside simple religious ideals are the Dog's drive and soli...more
For a long time, the A&E show Dog the Bounty Hunter has been a favorite guilty pleasure of mine, so there was no way I was going to pass it up when going through the biographies at my library. After watching the show I've always wanted to know the the full stories behind all the little snapshots you get of the mullet-wearing bounty hunter's life. A seventh grade dropout, Chapman found himself on the wrong side of the law early in life, eventually spending some time in a biker gang, and event...more
Tami Urbanek
Whenever I read stories about real people and their lives, I like to take the extra time to look up any articles or interviews they mention. I have always been a Dog fan, mostly for his sheer determination and in your face approach, but also because at his core he is a person who genuinely wants to help people. after reading this I have an even bigger respect for him and Beth! they have been to hell and back and lived to "hunt" another day! thank you Dog for sharing your story, I respect and app...more
Being from Hawaii, I hear lots of jokes getting cracked about Dog and his wife Beth. However, I also knew some of his background, like he had a hard past. I was curious about how he turned his life around.

There were a few grammatical and spelling errors in this book, but Dog mentions that he has a seventh grade education. The rest of his life was a chain of events that challenged him and pushed him to great lengths to reach a higher ground.

There were times in this book I felt things didn't add...more
Adam Hale
This is the autobiography of Dog the Bounty Hunter, also known as Duane Chapman. It is one of my favorite biographies that I have ever read.
The book is filled with crazy stories of adventures. Things like robberies gone wrong, drugs, biker gangs, women, and bounty hunting. He talks about his childhood in Denver, Colorado. His father, “Flash”, was a boxer and he was abusive. As a teen he started hanging around with biker gangs and soon became heavily involved with the Devils Disciples. You find...more
Krista Ashe
Although I was a fan of Dog the Bounty Hunter back in the day, I actually read this book as research for a pesky book SNI. I liked the fact that it told the life story of Dog, and it was really in his words...didn't reek of a ghost writer. There were times during his rough and tumble biker days, I could have used a little less of his commentary on the women he slept well as how much he liked to describe his wife, Beth's, boobs, lol.

A big aspect of the book was the Andrew Luster captu...more
Ann York
Well what can i say about this book this book was very good from beninning to end it's all about his life from a teenager and to now and how about he got done for murder even though he did'nt do anything he still went to prison and how he tired to get that bloke andrew luster for months on end and he got his man in the end but he was the one who ended up in the mexico prsion all beacuse he went after the most wanted man in america and it's all about his kids two how two of them died that was ver...more
Jun 05, 2008 Natalie rated it 3 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: those who watch Dog: The Bounty Hunter
"I have watched "Dog the Bounty Hunter" on A&E, so I was a bit intrigued to read his story.

It is interesting to see where he came from, where he has been, and where he hopes to be. It helped me understand why he does the things he do...more I have watch "Dog the Bounty Hunter" on A&E, so I was a bit intrigued to read his story.

It is interesting to see where he came from, where he has been, and where he hopes to be. It helped me understand why he does the things he does and why he seems...more
Holy mother of turpentine I can't even express how much I loved this book!!!! There's only so much that a television show can express, especially one such as Dog The Bounty Hunter, which is focused on his chase. Duane's book opened up an entire side that's not entirely touched on in his show. Everyone is aware that he's been incarcerated, but not everyone knew the conditions behind it; what he went through after and everything leading up to where he is now. Its vividly retold in such an amazing...more
Probably only a fan of Dog- the Bounty Hunter tv show would appreciate this book. I haven't seen that many episodes of the show, but the ones I've seen have been interesting enough that I wanted to read this book. I'm glad I got it from the library - it's not one I'd read again, but I have to admit - it was actually very interesting! what a life Duane (Dog) Chapman has led. He dropped out of seventh grade, and grew up street smart. Despite all the bad things he's done in his life, he managed to...more
I started reading this book about four months ago, forgot about it and am only finishing it now. That isn't to say it's not readable. Dog has certainly led an interesting life and this book documents it well. He did, however, come across as very arrogant and not nearly as likeable as on television. I also noticed that, maybe it's just my edition (which I would consider to be the standard hardback) but there are a lot of typos and continuity errors. For instance, his sister's name is spelled Jole...more
Kim O'neal
This book has proven to be encouraging although it is a little rough around the edges (as you would expect it to be). The story of Duane's life is a picture of someone who has chosen to follow his faith even when it would have been much easier not to. I watch the show and this book filled in many of the details of the lives of the people on the show along with how the show started. This family has faced all kinds of adversity (some self imposed and much not). I think that this family exhibits tr...more
I was expecting good and entertaining, what I wasn't expecting was great and fascinating! This was an engrossing read from start to finish. I knew Dog came from some sketchy beginnings but I had no idea how many ups and downs and basic kicks in the face this man has experienced. I liked him before, now I have a tremendous amount of respect for him on top of that.

Dog's story really illustrates how important choices are in life, both good and bad. His tale of wrongs, bad luck, and redemption is tr...more
I had only watched "Dog the Bounty Hunter" a few times so I didn't know a lot about his life story. I was impressed by the way he was able to sum it all up in his book. I am also pleasantly surprised that he and Beth both turn to God and have so much faith even though things didn't always go his way he kept his faith for the most part. The chapter that dealt with both his wedding and the passing of his daughter was both sad and uplifting at the same time. I wish him and his family nothing but co...more
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