La máquina de follar
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La máquina de follar

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Charles Bukowski se dio a conocer en España con sus «relatos de locura cotidiana», publicados en dos tomos: Erecciones, eyaculaciones, exhibiciones y La máquina de follar, que le valieron una inmediata popularidad. Su obra ha provocado, entre otros, los siguientes comentarios:

«Un maestro de la sátira anarquista. Una leyenda viviente» (New York Review of Books).

«Los más hon...more
Paperback, 190 pages
Published July 1st 1995 by Anagrama (first published 1967)
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Bukowski is in the form of his life here. Every single story hits you hard. Most of them aren't more than 5 pages long. But the impact is tremendous. Basically Bukowski has just one story. That of the down and out, hard drinking and alienated vagabond who spews out some incredible social commentary.

There are some gems like the one about guys with clean kitchens. And this wonderful line ".....doldrums of mechanical people in a mechanical act, trying to tickle their cement souls back into life wi...more
Indra Mangule
I simply love Bukowski. He belonged to a world I dont quite understand and he disliked people on such a high level - it confuses me. He describes a universe, where all things are wrong and where meaning of going on seems as dubious as the claim that one can come out of this life still being sane.

And yet, there are too many familiarities in what Bukowski says. I can sympathise to what he is saying or rather, what he seems to be feeling. Though the source of his impressions is different from mine,...more
Fatto sta che un autore come Bukowski io non l’ho ancora trovato. E ritengo anche che sia il più incompreso autore mai esistito. In particolare, i racconti contenuti in questa celebre raccolta non ottengono mai l’attenzione che meritano data la ripetitività dei temi e l’estrema volgarità che in essi l’autore ha voluto riversare senza alcuna moderazione (e a volerci sprecare un po’ di tempo le si potrebbero smentire entrambe queste due caratteristiche bersaglio di biasimo, ma io la vorrei fare pi...more
I'm at a total loss as to why this guy is popular amongst people my age. To be fair, this is the only book of his I've read, so maybe I'm missing something. But really, straight forward stories of life as a drunk, dirty, old man are not very interesting. They're often depressing, as would be expected, but there's no redeeming lesson or observation in most of it either. I could see the appeal to younger readers being first exposed to derision for the wealthy, skittish, management class and the fl...more
Mar 31, 2008 Emily rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition Recommends it for: Everyone.
Recommended to Emily by: My friend Todd.
This was my introduction to Bukowski. A friend loaned me this book after reading a short story I wrote, telling me that I would probably enjoy it.

As I read it, a strange feeling came over me. It was the feeling of excitement knowing that I was reading something brilliant mixed with the feeling that I got when I saw Hustler Magazine for the first time. I think it describes Bukowski's work perfectly. His words are both beautiful and debauched at the same time. Still one of my favorite books.

È difficile valutare dal punto di vista letterario questi racconti, nei quali vengono sovvertiti tutti i canoni compositivi e grafici tradizionali, in una ripetizione ossessiva di temi, situazioni ed eccessi che talora si sospetta volti soprattutto a stupire, provocare e scandalizzare; ma soprattutto è difficile scindere il giudizio qualitativo dell’opera da quello personale sull’autore, poiché ad essere oggetto del giudizio del lettore è essenzialmente lui, Charles Bukowski.
Persona o personagg...more
Aaron Maddox
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
This wasn't an amazing, blow you away book, but is that what you would really expect going into it? I've read a handful of Bukowski novels before and I've liked them even though some of their honesty makes me cringe now and again.

This is a selection of short stories, mostly autobiographical, and I found them delightful and easy to digest. I've never read any of Bukowski's poetry, but he does a good job at truncated writing. Little blurbs of thought and ponderings of things instead of forcing a l...more
He writes well, this much is obvious, but I really just didn't care about reading what felt like the same 'story' over and over again.

I enjoyed his writerly voice, the tone of the prose, the attitude of it all, it was so dirty and real as you would expect of somebody influence so obviously by Ernest Hemingway but, and maybe it is because of these expectations that I didn't love it, I was expecting more, something to make me want to keep turning the pages, plot maybe? And if that's so then I gues...more
Raegan Butcher
Bukowski cranked out these stories for dirty magazines strictly for the money but he was the kind of writer who worked well with that kind of editorial freedom to produce whatever his inebriated mind could come up with and there are some really good examples of his writing here. My favorite: "The Blanket" which is as close to perfection as these old stories from this period in his life get with its surreal combination of low-life angst and Edgar Allan Poe-like feverish poetic madness. It's too b...more
Aunque estoy convencido de que hay lecturas positivas que te ayudan ha vivir, y hay lecturas negativas que te oscurecen el acto existencial, creo que es necesario mirar en ambos sentidos. Hay que ser higiénicos y hay que embarrarse en lodo de vez en cuando. Bukowski es chapotear en fango: divertido, sarcástico, irónico, deprimente, destructivo, nada para tomarse en serio. La receta es la misma: pobreza, alcoholisimo, mujeres-carne, el heroísmo en el vacío existencial.
I was looking for something new (to me) in the early 90's and some dweeb in a Brentano's recommended this to me because Bukowski has died months before. I hate discovering something great just after the author has died. I also hate people saying how great some author (or artist) was after they die, but they never had much to say while the author was still alive.

Anyway, this is one of his two greatest novels.
i was first introduced to this book in the bathroom of a one-night-stand's house. i tried to delay the sex part, because i was actually more interested in the book than the guy but i was eventually overtaken. nonetheless, i went and bought the book the following week.
Bukowski prende, ma prende in un modo così fastidioso che ti porta a dibatterti tra una storia e l’altra dei suoi racconti con la voglia di dire: adesso basta, è l’ultimo che leggo. Perché fa quasi rabbia questo suo compiaciuto sguazzare nella fanghiglia umana, il suo mettere la sua strabiliante energia mentale in ciò che la cultura e la morale ci ha insegnato a disprezzare…ti senti provocata, rintuzzata proprio nelle cose che ti hanno abituato a non dire, non vedere, non sentire.
Poi, quando or...more
Bukowski makes me laugh -- a lot of the time I feel like I shouldn't be laughing, but I still do. Then, I turn the page and repeat.
once upon a time, in a shitshack bookstore not unlike so many other shitshack bookstores, a life-long love was forged. employed at this store was a strapping young lad named chris. bright-eyed. bushy-tailed. boneheaded. and enamored with the wealth of books surrounding him. he was perplexed as where to even begin looking for the good stuff, and he’d often scour the place after business hours. labyrinthine shelves. stocked endcaps. free-standing or pop-up displays. a pile of books here and there...more
Par où commencer et où finir? j'ignore... Si vous ouvrez une des nouvelles de Bukowski au hasard, vous avez une forte probabilité de tomber sur un poivrot en train de se siffler une bière dans un bar, de coucher avec une fille croisée un peu plus tôt, de tabasser sa copine, ou même en train de se procurer la chance de posséder les fesses d'un homme(ou les quatre à la suite). Si vous êtes puritain ou bien-pensant, c'est-à-dire avec une conscience forgée par les délices de la vie, ce genre de livr...more
Classic, quotable Bukowski. However, if you are just starting out on the quintessential dirty old man, you should read "The Most Beautiful Woman In Town" first. Bukowski needs to be eased into, and this collection of short stories gets a little dark and crazy. If you started here, you might give up on him, and he truly was a brilliant man.

Favorite quotes from this collection:
"Show me a man who lives alone and has a perpetually dirty kitchen, and 5 times out of 9 I'll show you an exceptional man....more
«Καθίσατε να σκεφτείτε στα σοβαρά ότι το LSD και η έγχρωμη τηλεόραση εμφανίστηκαν στην αγορά σχεδόν ταυτόχρονα; Καταφθάνει αυτός ο εκρηκτικός βομβαρδισμός χρωμάτων, κι εμείς τί κάνουμε; Κηρύττουμε παράνομο το ένα και γαμούμε τελείως το άλλο... »

«Εμένα η θέση μου δεν είναι εδώ. Τότε κάτι μου είπε πως αυτό σκέφτονται ΟΛΟΙ τους. Δεν ανήκω εδώ. Ο καθένας μας σκέφτεται το ίδιο πράγμα για τον εαυτό του. Κι έχουν δίκιο. Λοι...more
Craig Gilbert
Good read but y'know?....I've been told to read Bukowski for years. And when I do?'s not that great. Decent reads sure. Life-altering and equal to all the hype? Not really, no.
C'est le tout premier livre de Charles Bukowski que j'ai lu, à vrai dire depuis toujours on me conseille ses livres parce qu'il paraît que c'est super bien écrit, et ses nouvelles sont amusantes à lire.
Peut-être que je ne suis qu'une petite prude mais j'ai parfois été choquée par cette façon crue de décrire les choses, à vrai dire surtout les scènes de cul. A fur et à mesure que je lisais le livre, j'en avais marre de lire toutes ses histoires de cul, et il y avait une chance sur deux que l'aut...more
Bukowski è un porco bastardo! ma è un grande, ho divorato "storie di ordinaria follia".
La storia che ho amato di più è stata "the most beautiful woman in town", sono anche riuscita a piangere. Bukowski ama le donne, ama bere e ama i cavalli. Mi ha affascinato il modo volgare in cui è stato scritto il libro, ma ancor di più sapere che lo stesso uomo così volgare amasse davvero da matti le donne; tutte le donne. Ottimo libro, peccato però che facendo qualche ricerca su internet, abbia notato che n...more
There are actually some interesting thoughts, and I liked a few short stories, nevertheless they are far outnumbered by the, in my opinion, meaningless have-nothing-to say ones, which are generally built on the leading lines of being drunk (vomiting and unable to control oneself) and sex as an animalistic need.
I believe the primary topic was social alienation, but the outcome is (with few exceptions) dull and senseless, not leaving any lingering feelings nor a touch of reality behind.
However, th...more
Tshiung Han See
For some reason, I still remember the story about the stapling party, the one where Bukowski likens writing to betting on horses (I still haven't made it to the race course yet), the one where Bukowski is constipated and is encouraged to eat spring onions to help his bowel movements, the one about the woman who keeps and lies with all the animals in the world (and at the end of this one, the world ends). If one strives to become a highly-functioning anything, this one gives us hope.
This is the first Bukowski's book I read and I must admit I really enjoyed it. It's weird, some stories are pointless, it's written for money, BUT it feels like sitting in a bar listening to the craziest stories told by an old weird dude. It's spontaneous, genuine, free and actually there are some very deep moments, thought-provoking ones, and amazing 'pictures'. Some thought are really thoughtful and interesting, this is is something totally worth reading.
Ioana Olaru
ok. înainte să citesc cartea am mai citit câteva poezii de Bukowski (atât în română, cât și în engleză) și toate mi-au părut bune (sunt destul de subectivă, recunosc, am o problemă cu asta). nu știam mare lucru nici despre opera, nici despre viața lui. nici acum nu știu. însă povestirile semi-autobiografice însumate în volumul ăsta mi-au lăsat un gust amar. limbajul vulgar și lipsa unui fir narativ în unele dintre povestirile lui, m-au făcut să-mi schimb părerea despre Bukowski-persoana (Dostoie...more
The more i read this, the more i wanted to read. At first i wasn't too sure but after a couple of stories i was really starting to enjoy reading them. I can see how they might not be to everyones taste with the bad language and talk of rape, but i think there is a lot more to his writing than that. I think he was a great writer and also a very lonely man. I am looking forward to reading more of his work.
Charles Bukowski is a hard as nails existentialist who deftly blurs the lines between fiction and non-fiction (we hope) and casually offers the world his 2 cents without expectation. You get what you get. Expect vulgarity, revulsion and the occasional gross out intermeshed with sun rays of divinity uncovering pearls of the sublime.

In other words, this book is great.

There's something to it. More than just attitude. But overall this is a bloated and uneven collection. These stories have a lot of sharp edges, but they are sloppy and repetitive. Bukowski is arrogant/self-doubting, dangerous/saccharine, real/dishonest, transcendent/earth-bound. He insists on inflicting himself upon the world. Sometimes it's painful, but other times it's just tedious.
I love him and I hate him. Enthralling, disusting and brutal. How he lived as long as he did amazes me. None-the-less, I went through a phase where I couldn't get enough of him. Kind if like reading H.P.Lovecraft in the sense that it horrifies and holds you tightly in it's squeeze.
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Henry Charles Bukowski (born as Heinrich Karl Bukowski) was a German-born American poet, novelist and short story writer. His writing was influenced by the social, cultural and economic ambience of his home city of Los Angeles.It is marked by an emphasis on the ordinary lives of poor Americans, the act of writing, alcohol, relationships with women and the drudgery of work. Bukowski wrote thousands...more
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