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3.7 of 5 stars 3.70  ·  rating details  ·  2,946 ratings  ·  217 reviews
The siege of Troy has lasted almost ten years. Inside the walled city, food is scarce and death is common. From the heights of Mount Olympus, the Gods keep watch. But Aphrodite, Goddess of Love, is bored with the endless, dreary war. Aided by Eros's bow, the goddess sends two sisters down a bloody path to an awful truth: In the fury of war, love strikes the deadliest blows ...more
Paperback, 358 pages
Published September 1st 2002 by Harcourt (first published March 17th 2000)
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It's a sad time in the city of Troy. The war has been going on for 10 years and it has spread it's roots into each and every household, spreading misery and death and sorrow. Soldiers go out to war every morning, leaving behind widows and orphans; women spend the day in terror, wondering whether their husbands, sons and brothers will come back or not. Food is scarce, thanks to the siege and money is spent endlessly on the war, on the weapons and food for the horses. Anything that is moving is co ...more
This book was pretty boring. It wasn't on my list of books, nor was it recommended by anyone, so I took a chance. The only reason I got it was because I just finished Les Miserable and wanted a short one to off set that monster.

The story is basically just what goes on in the life of a few girls who live in Troy during their war with the Greeks. It had no plot or if it did it was so bland and transparent that I didn't catch on.

Random gods would appear to different character for no reason whatsoev
The worst re-telling of all time. Nothing original, except for a ridiculously juvenile love story of minor characters that was more filler than story. Exceptionally bad dialogue.
I assumed this was a debut novel because it was so bad. I was astonished, upon completion, to find that Geras has written many books. I would say 'Don't quit your day job' but apparently this is her day job.
Marwa Hassan
انها الحرب قد تُثقل القلب
و لكن خلفك عار العرب !!
,,, تذكرت هذه المقوله عندما رفض اليونانين الرحيل عند طردواه قبل ان يأخذو بالثار ممن قتل ملكهم
الفيلم ملحمه ,
اكتر شئ عجبنى فكره القتال بالسيف و الدرع , اد ايه شئ عظيم ان المقاتل يقاتل خصمه وجها لوجهه فى ايده سيف و ايده التانيه درع
القتال بيكون متعه خصوصا ممن يتحلى بأخلاق الفرسان
اللى اخترع المسدس و القنايل ده شخص جبان اللى يخليك تقتل خصمك من مسافات بعيده
القتال فى حد ذاته شجاعه و احنا فى زمن الجبناء !
Sam K
I think that the authors theme is to always stay true to family. The author was showing that a lot of people might do something wrong but in the end it is important to stay true to family no matter what happens. This book takes place in ancient Troy during the Trojan War .There are three main characters in this book Xanthe, Marppesa, and Alastor although there are many more characters I thought that these were the most important. The story is told by all three of these people depending on the ch ...more
Lindsay Tandy
I was looking forward to reading this book about the Trojan War but it didn't really work for me - until perhaps the last couple of chapters which were moving and shocking. It takes place during the final stages of the ten year Trojan War and it is written from the perspectives of different everyday Trojans - mainly women - living behind the wall in Troy. There is a range of characters, ranging from the legendary players in this well-known myth to the lesser known characters, including Hector's ...more
Peter Velic
Adele Geras did an incredible job writing this book. Although it may not have been the most exciting at times, Geras did a very good job in creating characters all intertwined in a very unique romantic situation. She pulls family apart in this book all over a love that, at times, seems very unreliable and almost fails. As the book goes on, the romance between characters start to get quite complicated and the battle between the Greeks and Trojans intensifies greatly. Geras writes the latter half ...more
Troy is a good retelling of the Trojan War from essentially the beginning of Homer's Iliad to just after the fall of Troy. Geras's heroines are Xanthe, nurse to the son of Hector and Andromache, and Marpessa, handmaiden to Helen; she weaves her own characters skillfully into the tapestry of the characters familiar from Greek mythology. We all know how the story ends, but by providing her own characters and making them sympathetic, so that the reader wants to find out what happens to them, Geras ...more
Shayla Smith
This book is different than others i've read about the Iliad. It is told in the point of view of servants. This author does a wonderful job of creating twists in plot and weaving frustration into every chapter. The main characters are loveable and experience the trojan war with the known characters i.e. Helen, Paris, Andronmache, Hector, etc. as backgroud characters rather than the foreground.
I loved this book! it kept my attention through out, this author is very good at writing books with fru
Dayna Smith
The epic siege of Troy told through the eyes of young people trapped within its walls. Primarily the story of two sisters Xanthe and Marpessa cursed by the goddess of love, Aphrodite, to love the same boy. Marpessa serves as the handmaiden for Helen. Xanthe is nursemaid for Andromache, Hector's wife. Will either sister escape the arrows of Eros? Will anyone escape Troy alive? A fantastic book! It does contain mature thematic content, violence, and profanity. It is Troy from an insider's point of ...more
Katelyn Hill
The novel Troy by Adèle Geras is about the Trojan war at the city of Troy between the Greeks and the Trojans. The story has many viewpoints from various characters, but it is mostly narrated by a girl named Xanthe who is a love struck, stong, and gentle girl. One example of when Xanthe was being in love is when she is talking to her sister Marpessa about a new soldier that had been put under her care in the Blood Room. "'I saw Eros today,' Xanthe said. 'I truly did. He was in the corner of the ...more
The war only gets worse. There is no hope for peace, just insane, heartless killing and murder. Overall, this book was an easy-read that had short chapters and was easy to follow. It was interesting to read the Trojan War from the point of view of nursemaids, weavers, maids, as well as queens, kings and princesses. The different perspectives of characters were intriguing, and interwined quite well with one another. The complicated love triangles were all quite too much for me, however. They were ...more
Carrie Slager
After reading The Song of Troy by Colleen McCullough, Troy by Adèle Geras just pales in comparison. That doesn’t mean it’s a bad book. It just means it isn’t the best book about Troy.

Troy follows the story of Marpessa and Xanthe, two sisters trying to live their lives during the last months of the Trojan War. They’re both three dimensional characters with interesting backgrounds and we get to see them through other characters’ perspectives, but they’re not really all that memorable. There’s noth
I swear, if one more god turns up and tells one of the characters exactly what is going to happen only for them to forget everything about the entire encounter 30 seconds later, I will scream. It happens every other chapter! They're the Greek Gods of the Parthenon, the epitome of vain! They wouldn't want to be forgotten! I call shenanigans!

Excellent writing, depressing and poorly handled (and someone else's) plot, "eh" original characters. I'm not quite sure why this won so many awards.
As someone who absolutely adores greek mythology, I loved that Troy was a book at the teen section. It was an immediate pick.

Yet, it wasn't all that I expected. It had a slow beginning, and while I liked the characters, there was still much I thought had been left out of the story of the war itself. The ending still, and even the deaths that had been unleashed, horrified me. It wasn't like I wasn't expecting them. You read a Greek/Trojan story = you get Greek and Trojan deaths.

And honestly, I ki
I picked up this book because I love anything to do with Ancient Greece and I've read other things by Adèle Geras and liked them. This book didn't disappoint; the only thing I didn't like was when the gods came down and spoke with the mortals. It could have been handled better - the way the townsfolk suddenly suffered amnesia after the gods had left got a bit irritating after a while.
Loved the book. There was not a one dull moment and the storyline kept me captivated throughout.

The only thing that annoyed me was how gods would constantly appear to somebody, tell them something important or what is about to happen, and then disappear and with that all the memory of the visit. Why would gods even bother appearing to maids and ordinary people and tell them of a future event and then erase all the memory of it? Odd.

I do hope there will be a next book because it kind of ended in
Everyone has heard of the story of the famous city of Troy and the battle between the Greeks and the Trojans. This version is cleverly told from the point of view of two orphaned sisters, Xanthe and Marpessa. Xanthe is maid to Lady Andromache and her son Astyanax. She also works in the blood room, where wounded soldiers are taken. This is where she meets Alastor, a young warrior, who Xanthe, under the spell of Aphrodite, soon falls in love with. Marpessa is maid to the beautiful Helen of Troy. M ...more
Lily C
This book tells the story of the Trojan War from perspectives that aren't given a lot of attention in The Iliad--mainly women and children, and I appreciated how it addressed the suffering of animals as well. It's somewhat awkward at times, since the big events of the war are often only on the periphery of what's happening in the novel. However, I think Adele Geras made the right decision in creating a new story to run parallel to Homer's; her writing is quite unexceptional, and there would be l ...more
I am not marking this for spoilers for parts of the Trojan War stories; and I didn't care about the characters she made up, so I won't bother telling their stories.

I really wanted to like this. I expected to like this. I have a thing about the Trojan War, I have a bit of a crush on Hector, and I adored the idea of the Trojan War from the view of the Girls.

It was jumpy, like a movie or a TV show, switching between its characters too much. I also wanted Andromache's story, or Helen's, or Cassandra
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
J. Else
After 10 years of war, the inhabitants of Troy are getting tired of bloodshed and are running out of food. The story takes a look at the end of this "great war" through the eyes of four teenagers and other women. Its an interesting take on the society and the hopes and wishes of the women at that time. The detail about the surroundings and clothing is fun to read. What got really old though was the appearance of the gods. This, of course, is what you want to read about print and experience throu ...more
Troy is a novel that centres upon the history of the war between the Greeks and the Trojans. It is an epic story full of both comic and tragic moments. Adèle Geras takes the story of the Trojan war and turns it into a YA novel of breathtaking quality which leads me to hold her in the highest esteem.

The first character who touches you in this novel is Xanthe. She is a poor Trojan girl caring for Prince Hector's baby Astanyax and also tends to the dying and the wounded in what she calls the Blood
Troy retells the awesome epic of The Illiad through the perspective of several citizens of the doomed city of Troy. Of course Hector & Helen & Paris all make significant appearances, but the most pages focus on the lives and loves of their devoted servants--in particular two sisters named Xanthe and Marpessa who are just as memorable as those of the best myths. The third-person narration was consistent and clear and at times compelling.

I loved revisiting the story of the Trojan War, but
Awesome storyline, really unexpected twists. Though the ending was kind of a cliff hanger: What will happen next? Alastor? The sisters?
I am kind of hoping that there's a next book, "Sparta" since Menelaus is the king of Sparta if I'm not mistaken. Just joking.
There were those times when I had those "Oh my gosh" moments... I couldn't help it. The twists were really unexpected, what with Aphrodite and her games in play.
The unexpected popping in and out of the gods were amusing and a bit frustratin
I am so torn between giving Troy 4 or 5 stars. My mind says four but my heart says five because this book seriously tore me apart in the last quarter of horrific destruction and since it is not often that a book makes me feel so heartbroken and shocked and raged (essentially 'sdgaklfadj') all at the same time I was tempted to give it 5 stars.

After quashing my gut twisting feels however, I confess that Troy is not quite perfect. I loved the way the story was set up- it took its time and the stag
This is a version of the Iliad told mainly through the characters of four teenaged women: Marpessa, servant of Helen and sister to Xanthe, who is a nursemaid for Helen’s sister-in-law, Andromache to Hector’s son, Astyanyx. Both sisters are in love with Alastor, an aristocratic warrior, who is in love with Marpessa and yet forbidden by his class to marry her. This soap opera love triangle gets in the way of the business of warfare though the novel illuminates the costs to home and hearth. War is ...more
I was never into reading History books or Historical Fiction stories until about a year ago. That’s when I read History my mind started to form it into it’s own love story, soap opera, or young adult novel. All of the sudden, History just wasn’t facts about yesterday; they were stories about people like us today.

Now, I’m not going to lie, I didn’t just stumble along this book; it itself didn’t pop out and grab my interest. There’s a movie that my family watches frequently called “Troy” which has
Nazlı Güngör
Nazlı Güngör L9-10
Troy – Adele Géras
Historical Novel – Young Adult
I decided I should read another genre, and as I’m interested in ancient history, I would like to read this book. Basically in the book, a love story during the Trojan War, the effects of the war on this love triangle and how can things change over time are being told. The book starts after the war began, and the story in the Trojan side has been told. Two sisters Marpessa and Xanthe are involved in this war too. An admirable girl
Mason Grist
Troy, by Adele Geras, is a retelling of a classic story, the Iliad, through the eyes of two Trojan sisters. The setting is mainly inside the walls of Troy, near the end of the ten year Trojan War; however, the setting occasionally strays to the wall tops and plain outside of the city. The story is told from the point of view of Xanthe and Marpessa, the teenage main characters of the book, with frequent input from the gods and goddesses. Xanthe works as an attendant in the Blood Room, where maim ...more
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