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Echo, Volume 1: Moon Lake
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Echo, Volume 1: Moon Lake (Echo #1)

3.91 of 5 stars 3.91  ·  rating details  ·  1,269 ratings  ·  101 reviews
Julie Martin is in the wrong place at the wrong time when she finds herself under a strange explosion in the desert sky. The resulting fallout covers her in a mysterious silver metal that brings her more trouble than she can ever imagine, and a friend to die for. Collects issues #1-#5. Bonus pages include development sketches and design notes.
Paperback, First Edition, 112 pages
Published September 15th 2008 by Abstract Studio (first published 2008)
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May 07, 2013 David rated it 4 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: photographers, park rangers, and test pilots having a really bad day
I was a fan of Terry Moore's Strangers in Paradise, though that series went on way too long and began recycling storylines every volume. He writes real, human, messed-up but endearing characters, and then puts them in extreme situations. His stories are like taking the characters from one of the more intelligent rom-coms and suddenly sticking them in a gangster or sci-fi movie.

Also, his black and white art has a lush, hubba-hubba quality to it that's almost cheesecake (he likes decidedly "well-r
A woman wearing an experimental liquid-plutonium bodysuit is shot down by an off-the-books government agency over the California desert, and the suit rains down on an unsuspecting photographer (as well as a deranged homeless man). Now the agency is hunting the photographer, who wants nothing more than to fix her shattered marriage, help her sick sister, and play with her dog.

So far so awesome. Solid characters, gripping plot, plenty of tension, good dialogue. I admit to being a little disappoint
I'm re-reading the series now that I have the complete edition, and it starts off with a bang and some uncomfortable people interactions. Julie's apparently been no prize, and while doing nothing special her life crawls further in the toilet.

I like the writing - it's sparse but authentic, and the dialogue keeps the story moving without having to resort to narration or VoiceOver.

It's odd to read a well-done graphic novel that consists only of pencils - no colours or even inks. Harder to appreciat
Sumit Singla
This is my first exposure to Terry Moore and I haven't yet read the acclaimed Strangers in Paradise, Volume 1: The Collected Strangers in Paradise.

In Echo, we meet Annie, who is piloting a new nuclear powered flying suit for the American army. However, things go wrong and she ends up being nuked herself. Julie Martin has nothing going for her - divorced and with support payments stopped by her ex, she is trying to take pictures to sell and get some cash flowing. She is directly under the nuclear
J. L.
Seems like a lot of reviewers gushing over this graphic novel were coming to it after being fans of Moore's earlier work. Being unfamiliar with Strangers in Paradise, I read Echo: Moon Lake without any preconceptions.

Unfortunately, I don't think I'll be continuing on with the series unless my husband buys the next volume. Not sure I would even then. Two-dimensional characters thrown into conflict driven by a gaping plot hole is not my cup of tea.

However: the art is lovely (all pencil, no color
A sort of biological weapon-suit explodes while being tested high over the California desert. It rains to earth in tiny particles, some of which land on a young woman taking photos nearby. These particles merge and consolidate on her body into a kind of living metal plate, one that proves to have some serious defensive capabilities when the feds come looking.

"Echo's" premise is interesting, although the dastardly military researchers here will feel familiar to anyone who's seen "Alien." Moore's
Primo volume di Echo, la nuova serie di Terry Moore.
Che sarebbe l’autore di Strangers in paradise, che però non ho mai letto. Quindi non posso fare paragoni con altre sue opere.

Ho preso questo volume -a proposito, è uscito ora e in copertina reca la data di un anno e mezzo fa… favoloso!- proprio per provare qualcosa di questo autore, senza però dover recuperare chissà quanti volumi.

La protagonista è Julie, una ragazza normalissima. Vita sentimentale a rotoli con un divorzio non voluto in corso,
The first thing you should do when reading this comic is to try not to think of Moore's other work, Strangers in Paradise. I know, I know. It's hard to separate yourself from his other work- especially since occasionally you'll see whispers of some character traits in this book. It's difficult, but not impossible & it's very important that you don't compare it to SiP because otherwise you'll feel a teensy bit let down in comparison.

Echo is about a freelance photographer, Julie Martin. Julie
Shelton TRL

Government experimentation with liquid armor goes awry when they test the armor's effectiveness against missile attacks. The resulting airborne explosion results in the armor raining down on a pair of people, giving them a partial coat of the armor. This armor protects them from hostile attacks or touching. For Julie, a soon to be divorced struggling photographer, this means being worried about anyone touching her and trying to figure out why the military is trying to kill her. For a
Ian (first person omniscient)
October is my self-designated sequential art month and I have been catching up on my back log of books I have been sent and collected. Tonight's read is [i]Echo[/i] by Terry Moore.

This isn't a book that I can really sink my teeth into topic-wise so I will just cover the basics. Mr Moore is author and illustrator which is always impressive especially when pulling off both without dropping the ball. He has that very clean sharp style that I always tend to enjoy the most but if there is a fault to
This book is a whole new experience for me.
I'm fairly new to comics, I read the Disney comics I was a child, as well as the Mauricio de Sousa comics (he is a Brazilian author that writes about a group of 7 year-olds).
I also read some franco-belgian comics.
And then I got addicted to Calvin and Hobbes strips.
But this aren't real super heros. I got my superheroes stories in movie and cartoon form.
Batman and superman movies, spiderman cartoons.
The thing is this is heroes are around for so long that
Sep 02, 2008 Caroline rated it 5 of 5 stars
Recommended to Caroline by: Erin
Shelves: comics
Terry Moore is best known as the writer and artist of the long-running comics series 'Strangers in Paradise' -- which I haven't read that much of because, as noted, it's long running and all those volumes sitting on the bookstore shelves look intimidating.

But SiP ended, and I'd heard generally good things about Moore's followup project 'Echo'. I was avoiding any specifics because I figured I would want to read it eventually. That was a good move, because I had no idea what I was in for when I re
Strangers in Paradise remains one of my favorite comic series, in part because Terry Moore managed to create some complex, likable characters who I wound up really caring about over the course of their relationships. Francine and Katchoo were the primary characters, but of course the cast of other characters who interacted with their lives were also well developed and very interesting to read about. The end of that series was bittersweet, because while Francine and Katchoo finally wound up toget ...more
An excellent adult graphic novel: a woman just happens to be at Moon Lake when a special top secret flying suit (think Iron Man, but with a woman inside) explodes in a radioactive cloud. She is showered with little metal pellets, that stick to her skin. And when she touches a big chunk of mysterious metal, all the little pellets flow to that metal and the whole thing bonds to her shoulders and chest in a kind of metal bra! Very weird. Even weirder? Anyone who touches the metal skin in a threaten ...more
Penny Ramirez
Excellent book! Love the story idea, love the imagery - sometimes quite stunning.

Julie is taking photos in the desert when something explodes in the sky above her. Small pellets begin to rain down, sticking to her skin and to her truck. When she gets home, she finds a larger piece of the same substance in the truck - and it adheres to her skin, pulling all the little droplets together - including those from the truck - to form a breastplate that she cannot remove. It shocks people that touch it!
C'est une histoire science fiction peut-être mieux pour les gens qui ne sont pas des fans de SF. Moi j'ai adorais SIP donc évidemment j'aime Terry Moore. J'ai envie de lire plus... Je pense que je ne l'aurais pas aimé autant en comics individuelle mais en volume comme ça j'ai aimée
Terry Moore's follow-up to Strangers in Paradise is off to a -- well, it's off to a start. Five issues in and I'm not sure where he's going with this weird little sci-fi story. Some parts seem rushed, some dragged out, but there's a lot of this story yet to come. This first volume doesn't cover a complete story arc--or if it does, it's left with quite the open ending.

So far, not stellar, but not bad, either. Worth a read by Terry Moore's fans, and Moore's fans who gave up on SiP around when ever
Terry Moore continues to impress with his ideas, designs, and storytelling in the graphic format. With Echo, Terry introduces us to test pilot Annie, who is maneuvering a new body/flight suit until she is targeted by her own agency. Julie Martin happens to be standing on the ground taking pictures when Annie is killed, raining the metallic pieces of the suit down upon her. Now stuck with a government experiment on her chest, Julie must uncover the secrets behind Annie's death and the mysterious ...more
Sep 01, 2008 Rick rated it 4 of 5 stars
Shelves: comics
After completing the successful twelve year run on his seminal creation, Strangers in Paradise , Moore recently turned his artistic attentions toward his next endeavor, Echo. The science fiction series centers around photographer Julie Martin, who after an explosion, discovers a powerful atomic armor adhering to her skin. Moore wisely relies on his strong sense of characterization especially his portrayals of women, both as an artist and writer. Echo: Moon Lake collects the first five issues as ...more
I'm a huge fan of Terry Moore, and this is just more of his amazing work. The artwork is gorgeous, as it always is, and he's created an intriguing premise with some questions to be answered.
I rate this series a 3.5. I felt it started off strong but started to fall short half way in. None the less Terry Moore's art is fantastic and unique as always!
Terry Moore has come up with another brilliant graphic-novel series, with a very different plot from Strangers in Paradise. It It's not SiP: his female characters look so similar it's hard to tell them apart at first, and bits of the story are predictable. Most of the plot is fairly original and even surprising, keeping you eager to find even hints to the many mysteries throughout. The characters are wonderfully well rounded, as I've come to expect from Moore's excellent characterization. The ar ...more
Moore manages to make me interested enough to continue to Volume 2 despite this first volume being short on both action and exposition around the tech. The artwork played a part in keeping me in. Although it gets really sparse in parts, with many panels lacking anything in the way of background, the characters' faces and body language still give your eyes something to study and draw story from. The art and dialogue keep everything moving smoothly enough, so it was only now in retrospect that I r ...more
I'm a Terry Moore fangirl. We should start there.

I did a reread of this series as it's about to draw to a close in a week or two, and it was time to play catch-up with one of my favorite ever authors and his latest series, before it ends and the newest one begins. I love the beginnings of this series. All the people are so defined and yet we don't know how they all work together, why, where it is going.

I love the scientific quotes from the beginning. Referencing the endings and beginnings we'v
This is review for the entire series. In retrospect Echo is an action movie, but instead of the explosions and T & A, most of the excitement and tension is character and relationship based. It is a an action movie for Women. Over the 30 issue run, you really get to know these flawed hopeful characters, and the overarching feeling of doom that seems to stand in the wings has you wishing it will all turn out okay for them. Cross your fingers and give it a try.

PS: Ironically Echo has more Explo
"Lady, I don't know what you did back there, but you better have a good explanation when they catch you!"
"It wasn't me! It was..."
"Yeah, yeah... danger boobs. Got it."

I'd never read anything by Terry Moore of "Strangers in Paradise" fame, but this first look into Echo's life certainly made me want to give it a try. Loved the premise, loved the way Julie's character was fleshed out and especially loved the mystery of what is going on at HENrI. Can't wait to see where the story is going, and I h
Matt Thomas
Military industrial complex strikes again and creates a powerful weapon, kills to test it, loses it and is willing to kill to get it back. Meanwhile, the weapon attaches itself to an innocent woman with relationship issues and automatically protects her.

Great illustration despite it being entirely in black and white, great story telling and interesting details and we get to see plenty of breast "shots". To top it off, the story leaves a cliff hanger motivating enough to make the reader predict b
Mira Domsky
A secret government project tries to destroy evidence, creating an "incident" at Moon Lake. This is the beginning of the story of the three(4?) people who were unfortunate enough to be at Moon Lake that day, and people who were hired to shut them up.

The artwork is beautiful, and absolutely eloquent and poingnant. A few frames of a comic book can say so much in such a small space. And like Strangers in Paradise, this comic features kick-ass women, and a strong but sensitive male character; basic
Wow. I noted a lot of similar stuff between this book and when he wrote/drew for The Runaways series. I was greatly disappointed. Kinda boring plot and, sure, it was like wearing a bra, or really stomach showing shirt, but the main character (woman) was still practically topless... sorta... I was disappointed, as I said. AND IT SHOULD'VE BEEN IN COLOR.

And the 'reviews' on the back of the book made it sound like his best work yet. It wasn't. Truthfully it seemed like any other superhero story sta
really fun!
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Following the examples of independent comic creators such as Dave Sim and Jeff Smith, he decided to publish Strangers in Paradise himself through his own Houston-based "Abstract Studios" imprint, and has frequently mentioned a desire to do a syndicated cartoon strip in the authors notes at the back of the Strangers in Paradise collection books. He has also mentioned his greatest career influence i ...more
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