The Seal of Solomon (Alfred Kropp, #2)
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The Seal of Solomon (Alfred Kropp #2)

3.9 of 5 stars 3.90  ·  rating details  ·  777 ratings  ·  87 reviews
Thousands of years ago, King Solomon used a powerful ring, known as the Great Seal, to imprison the fallen angels of heaven in a sacred vessel. Now both the ring and the vessel have been stolen from OIPEP by a double-crossing Mike Arnold. Should Mike choose to wield the demons' power, all hell could break lose . . . literally. Led by the mysterious Op-Nine, OIPEP has a pla...more
Hardcover, 336 pages
Published May 1st 2007 by Bloomsbury USA Childrens (first published January 2007)
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Aug 02, 2007 Trevor rated it 4 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: Teen readers looking for serious over-the-top action reads
Shelves: teen-lit-read
Fan-bloody-tastic book! I read the first Alfred Kropp book a few years ago and was surprised at how good it was. Alfred is a oversized kid who ends up being the heir to a legendary bloodline. The action in this book focuses on the release of the demon Paimon and the host of hell from the brass vessel they've been imprisoned in for 3000 years. Kropp has sacred blood running through his veins, and the secret organization attempting to fight the legions decides to kidnap him, steal his blood, and d...more
I love Alfred Kropp's voice; he is what makes this series so much fun! And Yancey definitely has his self-deprecating wit down in this sequel.

The book is a fast paced action adventure novel that quickly veers into supernatural fantasy. It is a fun book that could appeal to reluctant readers, especially boys, but could also cross over to many other types of readers.

But, what keeps the reader interested is Alfred's journey of self discovery as he learns how to be the knight that he was named.

I hi...more
Another great ride with Alfred. This time around, they're facing one of the greater demon princes, fresh from Hell! Alfred has to find the Seal of Solomon (his signet ring, that is to say) and use it to defeat Demon Prince Paimon. More is revealed about Alfred's past, and OIPEP.

These books are amazing just for their intense yet smoothly written mixture of technology, espionage, fantasy and humor. Where else do you find a self-deprecating, awkward teenage boy using high tech weaponry to defeat a...more
Ariel Acupan
Read the entire review HERE.

After reading the first one, I immediately grab this so the adventures of Alfred Kropp would not be interrupted :). With this one, I like how the author withholds the information and suddenly drops it to you like a bomb in perfect timing to give the readers the effects he wanted. The consistency was there, which I think is necessary for a series. It should feel and read like the main character from the first is still the character your reading up until the end of the...more
this book is better than the first book
Jul 08, 2009 Jane rated it 3 of 5 stars
Shelves: teen
Good sequel to the series
Beberapa bulan setelah Alfred bertempur dengan Mr. Myers alias Mogart, dia kembali ke kehidupan lamanya, kembali jadi objek bulan2an di sekolahnya dan merasa bosan bukan main. Bahkan sekalipun dia adalah keturunan Sir Lancelot du lac, berhasil mengalahkan seorang megalomaniak dalam adu pedang, dan memiliki pedang ksatria yang merupakan pusaka milik para Ksatria Meja Bundar, dia harus menerima fakta bahwa di mata dunia dia hanyalah seorang yatim piatu yang kini dititipkan pada sepasang keluarga T...more
Tyler Greene
Apr 29, 2010 Tyler Greene rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Readers of "The Extraordinary Adventures of Alfred Kropp" and lovers of Percy Jackson
"Alfred Kropp: The Seal of Solomon" is the 2nd book in the Alfred Kropp series. In this book Alfred Kropp, Mike Arnold, and OIPEP come back for another action packed, fast-paced adventure. Alfred Kropp is trying to live his life as a normal kid after dieing and saving the world but i s haveing trouble. Mike Arnold, the traitor, comes and kidnaps him. Suddenly Alfred is thrown into the world of supernatural happenings (again) and into OIPEP. The Seal of Solomon has kept the fallen angels of heave...more
Cana Rensberger

After finding, and then losing, his father, Bernard Samson, a billionaire, then discovering himself as the last direct descendant of the famed knight, Sir Lancelot, retrieving King Arthur’s sword, Excalibur, and, finally, surviving his own death in THE EXTRAORDINARY ADVENTURES OF ALFRED KROPP, Alfred, naturally, now finds life a tad dull.

Except for the new sport at school called “Kropping”, a practice of daily harassment and humiliation recently adopted by his classmates, his life has pretty mu...more
Nicholas H
It began with Alfred Kropp the quiet type kid that doesn’t really fit in and seems to have been getting himself into action packed troubles that are a matter of life and DEATH!

This book was much like the first when Alfred finds out something new and the new things finds himself in a situation which may affect the whole world. The book was written in a fairly easy to read manner with around 250 words per page. There was rarely any suspense in the beginning but when it picks up you have to be on y...more
Ji Mei ^_^
After reading the first book, I had high hopes for its sequel and I certainly wasn't disappointed. This one follows the first one by a year, I believe (or maybe just a few months). Anyways, whatever the time, it was still a smooth transition to this next one. I like how Alfred acts a little more firm, standing up for himself, and as the book moves on, he just grows into a really extraordinary person. For a kid, often picked on and alone in the world, Alfred Kropp really just shows the reader how...more
Jacob Lassila
In a world where your worst fears come alive, an average overweight Alfred Kropp is called in to save the world from total desolation for a cause he doesn't even know or believe in. The Eastern United States sets the stage in a present time utopian society where Alfred doesn't feel like he belongs. "The Seal of Solomon" questions the age-old battle of David and Goliath, putting Alfred against the wrath of hell.

Yancey's writing style is easy to follow, laying out scenes one at time creating a nev...more
Jennifer Wardrip
Reviewed by Cana Rensberger for

After finding, and then losing, his father, Bernard Samson, a billionaire, then discovering himself as the last direct descendant of the famed knight, Sir Lancelot, retrieving King Arthur's sword, Excalibur, and, finally, surviving his own death in THE EXTRAORDINARY ADVENTURES OF ALFRED KROPP, Alfred, naturally, now finds life a tad dull.

Except for the new sport at school called "Kropping" -- a practice of daily harassment and humiliation recently...more
Cathrine Bonham
This was a non-stop read. By that I mean that I could not stop reading this book until I finished it. Sadly I was forced to stop often for an inconvenience I call work, but every free moment I was fully engaged in this story.

Alfred Kropp is the cursed with a really pathetic life. He is in foster care but his late father was really rich. Now his foster father is trying to adopt him and steal his inheritance. Kropping the sport of picking on Alfred Kropp is all the rage at school and to top it off...more
Wow. I couldn't put this down. I loved the first book and procrastinated reading this one because I have read too many lame sequels. This was not lame.
Rick Yancey has a most amazing talent for letting us enter the mind of a kid who handles unbelievable situations in a very believable way. His simile and description is effortless and the action is fast-paced and intense.
I think what Yancey does best, though, is the characterization of Alfred. You genuinely care about this weird kid. His voice is...more
Alfred is once again embroiled with the super secret international organization OIPEP. He is snatched from his foster home by one agent who drags Alfred off to execute him. He is then recued only to be dragged into the race for the ancient seals of Solomon. A ring has that has the power to control the demons which have been locked up for thousands of years in a sacred vessel in a secret location. Of course the bad guy gets the ring first and releases millions of demons to terrorize mankind. Alfr...more
Beth Mainord
I love how this absolutely normal kid overcomes overwhelming obstacles and saves the planet. Alfred Kropp is one of my favorite heroes ever!
Andy K.
At first i just picked up this book just because I had nothing to read. But the more I read, I more I wanted to read. It was so interesting that they are having an adventure to take bake the seal of solomon. I get to always wonder what will going to happen at the next page.

Now I'm wondering what kind of adventure will the appearing at the next book. I just heard the tittle which is the third scull, and only the tittle still sounds so interesting. I m trying to read the next book but every time i...more
I liked this book about as much as the first one. It's entertaining. Not amazing, but entertaining. I would have given this a better rating, but I did get frustrated with the main character because he kept trusting the wrong people and wouldn't ask any of the right questions. It gets a little frustrating because he somehow bounces between being an accidental hero who isn't really that smart to a brilliant tactician. But the book was entertaining and I was willing to forgive those hiccups.
Claire Grasse
After Rick Yancey's wonderful first book that was brimful of redemption, hope, and courage, I wanted so much to love this one... I was disappointed to find it so "far out," dark, and just plain bizarre that I simply couldn't love it. I wasn't looking for a feel-good novel, but I didn't want to be driven at knifepoint to the liquor store either. Two stars for Yancey's lovely, skilled use of language, and that's about it. I'll read the next one with great trepidation, but I certainly won't buy it...more
Alfred Kropp will always be one of my favorite characters. The dialogue in this and the first books keeps me laughing. This book though seemed like the first book with a few changes in the scenery.

When Alfred ends up in a car with an agent of OIPEP who is struggling with his past actions and they are off to save the world it is too similiar to Alfred and Bennacio in book one. I love the first book and I love Bennacio so this other agent didn't have a chance with me.
John Hively
The main character is interesting, one of the best main characters one could have in a young adult book. The plot line includes some mystery, but it is a basic hero's journey. On the other hand, the ending is a surprise inasmuch as we learn the inner mental workings of this kid. The ending made me want to read the next book, otherwise I might not have. I related to the kid because of that ending.

Rick Yancy is one of the finest young adult fantasy writer's in the world.
More of the same. I'm kind of surprised. It doesn't feel Yancey-esque. Where's the subtlety from The Monstrumologist? Though, now I see where the Van Helsing in Monstrumologist came from.

"The demons! Alfred, what have you gotten yourself into?"
"Well," I said. "At least it's not something really bad, like drugs or alcohol."
“Yes, yes,” Dr. Merryweather snapped. “Or seventy-four percent of the total forces under arms in the world. Or sixteen times the size of the U.S. military. Or the entire population of New Zealand, including women, children, and sheep. Continue, Nine.” He was pacing around the room, rubbing his forehead. When he passed behind me, I could smell Cheetos. Cheetos have a very unique smell, so I was sure it was Cheetos. The crunchy kind.
Alfred is back ... and this time, it is much creepier, and a little more out of this world. The Seal of Solomon has been stolen, and the demons are in control of the earth. It is up to Alfred to put the demons at bay. The ending is out of this world.

It is a good book, but I liked the first Alfred book much better.

I do enjoy a character who doesn't beat people over the head with his faith who is saved by faith.
Rocio Pritchett
Another major win for Alfred Kropp as he is sent to bumble his way through saving the world from devils and untold hellish angels. I know it's unrealistic for secret government people to call on him again. I know it's unrealistic for him to say sure. But I throw all that aside because I love Alfred, and I want to see how his personality keeps him sane. This book contains some gruesome parts, but they are well-told.
I am loving Alfred Kropp! Perfect mix of story, characters, and action. Alfred is a reluctant hero with a big heart and no idea how capable he really is. His voice is one of the best I've read, right away you get inside the mind and heart of who Alfred is.
Anybody would like this series, but if you have boys, it's perfect for them. It's not very dark or violent, but I am reserving it for middle school age.
Emily Wallace
I think this is a great series for middle or even high school students. My only issues with this book is I don't feel like I know Alfred at the end of this book. Maybe that is what the author is trying to do for the third book. (Which I will have to read.) I just felt disconnected to the main character's thought at the end.
It was a good book with excitement throughout. I liked how Alfred grew during the book. There were parts at the beginning that I didn't like because he would always be down on himself for his size or situation in life. At the end he took control and did what had to be done. I hope the 3rd book has him continue his growth.
WCPL Teens
Alfred--orphaned at a young age and feeling out of place--must save the world a second time when demons escape from a sacred vessel; only the ancient ring of King Solomon can put them back. Alfred is recruited by the OIPEP spies to help recover the ring. This book is ok, but not great. It took me a long time to get through.
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aka Richard Yancey

Rick is a native Floridian and a graduate of Roosevelt University in Chicago. He earned a B.A. in English which he put to use as a field officer for the Internal Revenue Service. Inspired and encouraged by his wife, he decided his degree might also be useful in writing books and in 2004 he began writing full-time.

Since then he has launched two critically acclaimed series: The Ext...more
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“Alfred," Merryweather said. "OIPEP is the only organization of its kind in the world, with practically unlimited resources and an intelligence network that spans every country in the planet. We shall do what any powerful, multinational bureaucracy would do in such a crisis. We shall hold a meeting!” 2 likes
“In the beginning there was a war. Before there were men or green fields or the untamed sea. Before there was anything at all, before Time existed, there was a terrible war. A war that these beings you saw today lost. The Archangel Michael, with the Sword mortal men would name Excalibur, cast them down for their transgression against the throne of heaven.” 0 likes
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