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Einstein's Cosmos: How Albert Einstein's Vision Transformed Our Understanding of Space and Time
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Einstein's Cosmos: How Albert Einstein's Vision Transformed Our Understanding of Space and Time (Great Discoveries)

4.16 of 5 stars 4.16  ·  rating details  ·  1,428 ratings  ·  159 reviews
The year 2005 marks the 100th anniversary of the publication of the paper that launched Einstein's career, made E=mc2 famous, and ushered in a revolution in science the paper that announced the theory of special relativity. And there's no better short book that explains just what Einstein did than "Einstein's Cosmos." Keying Einstein's crucial discoveries to the simple men ...more
Paperback, 272 pages
Published May 17th 2005 by W. W. Norton & Company (first published 2004)
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all this quantum mechanics and relativity stuff being so incredibly counter-intuitive, language seems even more of a barrier than usual; it's tough to properly tease out if much of what's written is meant to be metaphorical, epistemological, or just plain hard-up muthafuckin' (relative... of course) truth. or maybe some kind of hybrid? so, while kaku does an admirable job of simplifying some of einstein's more abstruse mindfucks, there're other aspects that send a bug straight up my ass.
i.e. re
Jafar Qasim
أكوان موازية , منحنية ,انتقال عبر الزمن , الثقوب السوداء , لغة الرب , نظرية كل شيء ,الانفجار النووي

هي بعض المواضيع التي ستمر عليها اثناء قراءتك لكون اينشتاين و غيرها الكثير الكثير ...

جمالية هذا الكتاب تتلخص ببساطته , فاي شخص و ان لم يكن قد اتم درسته في المعاهد أو الكليات العلمية سيكون قادراً على سبر اغوار فكر اينشتاين و عقله اللامع .

ما اثار اهتمامي في تتبعي لسيرته الشخصية انه شخص عادي الذكاء لكنه اعتمد على الاجتهاد و على تركيز فكره في افق واحد كان مثار لأهتمامه مما أدى الى نجاحه ووصوله الى أعلى
Kaku emphasizes a point throughout this book that really makes you think in a new light about physics. He says that Einstein always believed that the theories he's been working on (and obviously the ones he is famous for their discovery, namely special and general relativity) can always be understood in terms of simple thought experiments or pictures. It is not difficult to see where this led Einstein, who spent the last years of his life trying to achieve unification between relativity and quan ...more
Oct 20, 2012 Mike rated it 4 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: Anyone
Although I’ve read many other accounts of Einstein’s life and his contributions to physics, I wanted to see how physicist Michio Kaku wrote about him. This book is not an exhaustive biography; instead it is a “popular” book that attempts to give the casual reader a glimpse into the man who stood as tall as Isaac Newton. (For an excellent example of the other style, I recommend “Einstein: His Life and Universe” by Walter Isaacson.)

While not ignoring his early life or his marriages, the author use
عبادة الحمصي

كتاب ممتع وشيّق يجذبك منذ صفحاته الأولى ليأخذك عبر رحلة فيزيائيّة تاريخيّة ممتعة تبدأ مع نهاية القرن التاسع عشرة وتمتدّ لما بعد القرن العشرين.

لغة الكتاب سهلة وأسلوب الكاتب قصصيّ فريد على الرغم من كونه فيزيائيًّا
يصوّر الكتاب البيئة التي نمت فيها بذور النسبيّة وأينعت، ويبيّن لك أن أينشتاين ما كان ليتوصّل لنسبيّته لولا جهود العلماء الحثيثة التي تعاضدت معًا لإرساء قواعد رياضيّة متينة لها. والملفت للإنتباه والمثير للعجب أنّ فكرة النسبيّة انبثقت عن ذهنيّة تخيليّة بحتة . القصة كلّها بدأت حينما سمع أين
Gary Baker
Yes, it's taken me this long to get round to reading it. I bought it as cheap, damaged stock around 2005. Yesterday I slid it off the shelf, blew off the dust and started reading. I finished it a few minutes ago.

The blurb on the back says, "You don't have to be Einstein to understand Einstein." And that is spot on. A wonderful read giving easy access to Einstein's science. We start with him trying to understand a light beam by imagining himself running along side it, and end with his unfinished
Ahmed Alam
كتاب رائع. القدرة السردية للكاتب رائعة وتبسيط اعقد نظريات الفيزياء تستحق الاشادة.
الكتاب فتح آفاق للبحث عن معاني كثير من المطلحات والنظريات الفيزيائية اللي تناولها
الكتاب بكل بساطة لخص قصة الفيزياء الحديثة في القرن الماضي في اقل من 200 صفحة.
حسناً فعل الكاتب باختيار عنوان الكتاب، فلم يُسمه مثلاً حياة أينشتاين أو أينشتاين والنسبية، ربما لأن نظرتنا للكون يمكن أن تُؤرّخ بما قبل أينشتاين وما بعد أينشتاين بدون مبالغة

لا أدر بم أبدأ .. فالكتاب تناول كل ما له علاقة بهذا العبقري الذي عده الكثير من المؤرخين واحداً من مائة شخصية هي الأكثر تأثيراً في الألفية المنصرمة، تناول طفولته، دراسته، عمله الذي بدأه موظفاً صغيراً في مكتب براءات الاختراع في بيرن بسويسرا إلى أن تدرج في المناصب في كبرى المعاهد العلمية بسويسرا وألمانيا وأخيراً استقر به الحال ف
Thomas Dodds
Second biography I ever read and By far the best most informative book I ever read.
You have Isaac Newton of the late 1600’s is well known as one of the greatest scientists who ever lived who discovered gravity. Less well known is his deep belief in God and his conviction that scientific investigation leads to a greater knowledge of God the Creator of the universe. He developed his theory of universal gravitation, which used what is known as the inverse square law. He developed his three laws of
Ok yea I know the pop icon, crazy scientist, Einstein, but I have never gotten a glimpse of the man himself until now. This can only be called an introduction at best, but it is quite good. It seems most great men are not born that way, but must rise above societies norms and dare to look at the world differently. It also seems, this is not without cost.

In addition to learning about the man I developed a greater understanding and appreciation of the science he produced. Truly revolutionary. An e
Jan 21, 2015 Max rated it 4 of 5 stars
Shelves: science
On the cover is a quote from Popular Science,”Kaku enables the reader to see and think as Einstein did.” I wish! That would be an accomplishment greater than Einstein’s. As Kaku recounts Einstein’s major discoveries, two things stand out to me. The first is the incredible magnitude of his lifetime achievement. The second is Einstein’s unique intuitive approach beginning with mental pictures of his theories then finding the supporting mathematics. One can only marvel at a mind that could pull suc ...more
كتاب رائع.. يأخذك في رحلة في حياة ألبرت أينشتاين جنباً الى جنب مع نظرياته وعلومه العظيمة التي تركها خلفه في هذا العالم،، اضافة الى الكثير من النظريات التي ظهرت سواء لنقد او دعم أفكار أينشتاين عبر مسيرته.. وفي نهاية الكتاب كلام عن النظرية الموحدة التي كان يسعى لها اينشتاين في نهاية حياته والنظريات التي تسعى لتحقيق ذلك التوحيد.. كتاب رائع وانصح به
Reem Salem
لم يكن آينشتين عبقريا بقدر ما كان حالماً شجاعاً.... هذا ما ظل يتبادر إلى ذهني وأنا اقرأ ما يمكن أن نعتبره ترجمة غيرية لسيرة آينشتين أو سيرة نظرياته فالكاتب اتخذ من أفكار آينشتين ومراحل تطور نظرياته محطات لأجزاء كتابه الثلاثة بفصولهم التسعة.

بدأ ميتشيو كاكاو، الفيزيائي المتخصص في نظرية الحقل الوتري String Theory والتي ستظهر في الفصل الأخير من الكتاب كإحدى الحلول لحلم آينشتين الذي ظل يراوده حتى وفاته بأن يوحد أعظم نظريات العلم الحديث وأكثرها تناقضاً نظرية الكم Quantum Theory ونظريته النسبيةRelativi
Ibrahim Al heraish
يخوض ميشيو كاكو في بحر اينشتاين .. في بحر احد العباقرة في جزئين فيها تسعة فصول بدأ بفصل الفيزياء قبل اينشتاين وبنهاية تنبؤات اينشتاين وما بينها فصول تبدأ بحياته الى مماته مروراً بنظرياته .. يخوض ميشيو عبقريته بنظرياته وفلسفته التي تأثرت بفلسفة كانت .. كتاب يفتح آفاق جديدة لك وممتع مع حضرة احد افضل علماء البشرية .. لكن ما يعيب الكتاب انحياز ميشيو بشكل كبير لاينشتاين فتارة تجده يرفع من قيمته ومن قيمة نظرياته ويبخس من ساعده في ذلك بدأ بماكسول الى علماء اخرين ساعدوه في نظرياته بشكل كبير لولاهم لما ن ...more
Mutlu Cankay
Yazar biyografi ve bilimi melezleyen bir eser kaleme almış. Çağımızın en ünlü bilim insanlarından Einstein'ın hayatı ve fikirleri üzerine odaklanan kitap adım adım Newtonian fiziğin çehresini değiştiren ardından yıkan fikirleri okura tanıtıyor. İlginç anekdot ve göndermelerle samimi bir üslupla yazılmış olan eserde bilim dünyasının en ünlü isimlerinin podyuma çıktığı ve fikirlerin kimi yerde uyumlu dansına kimi yerde hırçın düellolarına şahit oluyoruz.

Einstein'ın esprili kişiliğini fikirlerinden
Mike Lewis
Just finished the book Einstein’s Cosmos, which is a good look into the life of the genius physicist Albert Einstein.

The book has lots of interesting facts about Einstein such as:
- He was born in Germany but he had such a bad experience in his youth, he renounced his citizenship when he was 17
- He was always brilliant. There’s a myth that he wasn’t that smart when he was young (and a whole Kaplan advertising campaign). This is 100% wrong. He read a Geometry book when he was 12 and LOVED it. A
Let me be honest. I wanted to hate this book. I hate Michio Kaku. He's a shameless attention-seeker. His other books were garbage not fit for toilet paper.

Somehow, he managed not to disgrace Einstein's good name, all that much. His prose is still full of self-aggrandizement. He emphasizes the mystery of the scientific details instead of doing his job and EXPLAINING THEM! But only a little. Much less than in his other books.

Pompous ass that he is, he claims that, aside from String Theory, "all ot
Wow! Never before have I really began to comprehend the impact that the life of Albert Einstein had on our world. Dr Kaku does this in a way that brings Einstein's complex theories and formulas to a level I could ALMOST grasp. Dr Kaku paints an amazing picture of not only Einstein but also the world of mathematics and physics, not to mention politics, that he both shaped and was shaped by. I'm nothing less than in awe of the impact Einstein made then and still makes today. Amazing and inspiring. ...more
A fairly quick read, despite the content. Kaku has the tendency of being a little over dramatic, talking about the face of God and whatnot, but it's still a good read about Einstein's work. I picked this up randomly in the library one day because it looked short and interesting. It's full of names and physics vocab that I can only just barely grasp, but Kaku offers enough simple picture-like explanations to get you through it.
Great blend of history and physics - brings the man back to life. Also thoroughly demonstrated to me a) what I don't know about physics and b) what none of us know yet about physics. Very thrilling!
Candy Sparks
Thanks to this book I was excited to see the 5th dimension in a movie I just watched. I was so excited I was shaking my little hands. WONDERFUL!
Dec 20, 2012 Sophie rated it 5 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: everyone
Just finished reading. Loved it. Very well written, as always.. then again, I have not picked up any of Michio's books and NOT liked them. Wish List: to meet & perhaps have lunch with Michio Kaku.(Providing it was okay with his wife :-).
Seriously, When I was in school, I did not do well in higher maths, although that could reflect on the teachers.
When I watch Michio on TV, he is engaging and entertaining and thought provoking. When you read Michio, it is the same. He has an appeal that rea
Oct 10, 2011 Valerie rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommended to Valerie by: Ian Rathmann
I became curious about Ricci curvature and tried to investigate the math, but I had to settle for just barely scratching the surface. I understood it enough to see how it relates to relativity, and I had the question answered that I read the book for, which is how math=bomb. And I had a new understanding of Einstein Bose condensates. I will never watch the wave at a baseball game the same way again.

And I discovered a curmudgeon to rival Babbage. "I do not mind if you think slowly, but I do objec
Robert Vlach
Nejlepší životopisy vědeckých velikánů píšou jednoznačně jejich dnešní následovníci. Není těžké pochopit proč. Špičková přírodověda už je dnes již natolik vzdálená rovině, kterou dokáže pobrat byť i dobře zasvěcený publicista, že se toho museli ujmout vědci sami. Letos mě osvítil Lawrence Krauss s Feynmanovým životopisem a nyní další fyzik Michio Kaku naprosto svěžím pohledem na Einsteinův odkaz. Hlavní důraz je opět položen na vědu, kterou doprovází líčení životních etap. Mimochodem, vůbec jsem ...more
A tour of the universe as Einstein saw it. By thinking in pictures. Michio Kaku, leading theoretical physicist (a cofounder of string theory) and best-selling science storyteller, shows how Einstein used seemingly simple images to lead a revolution in science. With originality and expertise, Kaku uncovers the surprising beauty that lies at the heart of Einstein's cosmos. Michio Kaku is also good at depicting human side of Einstein and other physicists. It's fun to think about Einstein writing nu ...more
Troy Blackford
I knew Michio Kaku as the ubiquitous, long-haired talking head on nearly every science show ever aired on television in the last ten years. I enjoyed his appearances but I think subconsciously, something about the frequency of his appearances made me wary of him. There was no rational reason for this, mind you, but it might be the only explanation for why I waited so long to try reading one of his books.

Well, I am sorry I did. I've read dozens of books about physics despite not really being cut
This is a short read, but don't let that fool you; the concepts presented are tough to wrap your brain around. That being said the author does a respectable job of presenting them in an approachable way, replying on the metaphors Einstein himself used to come to an understanding of the universe's biggest mysteries.

The hidden value of this book, or at least one that I wasn't expecting, is the very approachable and highly entertaining biography of Einstein that strings together and contextualizes
What a great book! If you've ever asked yourself: "what exactly did Einstein DO?" This book nails it. Four things:

1. Light is a constant (not time)- special relativity
2. E=MC2 - energey from any object
3. Gravity isn't really gravity but space-time. Gravity doesn't pull us. Space-time pushes us.
4. Unified Field Theory - which he never really solved. But superstring theory might do this.

Awesome book. Well written.
This is a book that I never would have chosen on my own, but my friend insisted that I read it. She is a lot smarter than me so it was easy for her to understand, but I have to admit that it was kind of interesting to read not only about Einstein's theories but also about his personal life. I actually struggled to get through some of it but I am glad that I read it. It has made me want to learn about physic's.
Jaimit Doshi
quite a decent book on Einstein and his thoeries. Helped me reinforce the value of simplicity in profound thought. Sometimes it did get a bit dense but it woudl reward the reader if he sticks through it. it makes great sens eto read this along with "e=mc2 - the biography of an equation" and the "dead famous - einstien".
I am still feeling a little warped from reading all that physics.
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(Arabic: ميشيو كاكو)
Dr. Michio Kaku is an American theoretical physicist at the City College of New York , best-selling author, a futurist, and a communicator and popularizer of science. He has written several books about physics and related topics of science.

He has written two New York Times Best Sellers, Physics of the Impossible (2008) and Physics of the Future (2011).

Dr. Michio is the co-found
More about Michio Kaku...

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