Morning Comes Softly
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Morning Comes Softly

3.97 of 5 stars 3.97  ·  rating details  ·  2,704 ratings  ·  173 reviews
A shy Louisiana librarian, Mary Warner fears she'll always be alone—so she answers a personals ad from a rancher in Montana. Never before has she done anything so reckless, casting the only life she knows aside to travel to a strange place and marry a man she's never met. But something about this man calls to her—and she knows this may be her very last chance at happiness....more
Paperback, 384 pages
Published February 27th 2007 by Avon (first published 1993)
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Loved it, loved it, loved it. It made me laugh at times and cry at others. Very good. This must be one of Debbie's earlier books first published in 1993. Doesn't have cell phones or computers or internet in the story at all.

What did I learn from this book? Here is a quote from the book that I thought was great: "Life's lessons didn't come cheap, and Travis wasn't there to issue any discount coupons."

I wish there was a sequel because I love these characters after just one book and would like to...more
I got this book off of Swaptree because I liked the idea of the storyline. I received a note with it from the previous reader stating how much she enjoyed it, and still I put off reading it for awhile. I finally picked it up and started reading it and got sucked in. This is my first Debbie Macomber book and she truly knows how to write. Her use of words is different than I'm used to reading and made the book so much more enjoyable. I wasn't sure how the storyline was going to play out, but I enj...more
After reading several historical mail-order bride stories this was a nice change as it was a contemporary book.
After the death of his brother and sister in-law rancher Travis takes their three children in and is trying to give them a good home so that they don't go into foster home. He doesn't do that well and after failing to find a housekeeper he places an add for a bride in newspaper. Mary, a librarian from Lousiana answers the add and as she fits Travis' and children's wishes they get marrie...more
Diah Didi
Baca ini karena Aline bilang bagus. Sederhana, tapi manis. Berhubung selera kami mirip, so I gave it a try setelah beberapa bulan.
And indeed! I loved it!
Nggak ada adegan gegap gempita menghebohkan. Semuanya terjadi dalam konteks sehari-hari. Pertengkaran mereka lebih karena mereka masih sama-sama asing bagi lainnya dan mereka sedang berusaha menjembatani itu. Ya nggak heran juga sih mengingat mereka cuma kenalan lewat surat. Apa jadinya ya kalo saya iseng menanggapi iklan2x jodoh di koran? :D

This was a great book. I loved the mail order bride theme. Although, the hero, Travis put an add in the news paper for a bride.

Travis was a rough Montana rancher who needed help quick. His brother and sister-inlaw died in a car accident leaving Travis to raise 3 young children. Poor Travis had the social worker breathing down his neck to raise the children correctly.

Mary reads his add in Louisianna where she lives and works as a librarian. She has had quite a bit of loss in her life too. She de...more
The hero is rancher in montana who's taking care of his brother's kids after his brother and the brother's wife died in an accident. So the hero takes out an ad for a wife because he can't afford a housekeeper. And the heroine is a typical mousy librarian with no bf/marriage prospects. Sees the ad - thinks it's a perfect cos she gets a readymade family.

It was a decent read. The heroine is a stereotypical librarian because all librarians are frumpy and mousy of course. I felt that initially, the...more
It’s a very sweet story about a convenience marriage. I usually like this theme because you get to see how a relationship evolves based on other things but lust (which in this book is especially true because Travis is not very attracted to her), and how they live together (which is the real challenge). The characters are well drawn, believable and their flaws make them likeable.
Another favorite to me with this theme is Bound By Marriage by Nalini Singh.
This book was really really sweet and very enjoayble.
So, I guess it was a heart-warming tale of a man and woman from two separate worlds who finds love and healing in an unusual way (she answers a personal ad that he places because he can't afford a maid to help with the 3 kids he's raising for his deceased brother).
BUT, pretty much they get there by fighting and making up. So, the whole book they are either yelling at each other or having smutty love scenes. And yes, they are married, and going to church and raising kids right, etc etc. But it's...more
The book was a modern twist of mail order bride story. It was too sugary for my taste with many things that stretched credibility, especially, in character development. Take for example our h. At the begging of the story she was characterized as a shy, quite Louisiana spinster of 32 years old who didn't have any dates and was still a virgin. I would think the male population of her town was either blind or stupid. The woman could cook sophisticated dishes, saw dresses for her friends, and sang b...more
Rate: 4.5

This was actually a quick read for me. I felt that the characters were realistic in the sense that it wasn't lovey dovey love at first sight. Both characters grew to love one another through time spent together and with the children.

Travis came across as a stubborn rancher who didn't have to worry much of his life until 3 kids were thrust upon him through a tragic accident that took both of the children's parents. He struggles trying to balance having kids, maintaining his ranch and ke...more
I was excited to read this book. I've liked her other books I've read. I was surprised that Travis is such a chauvinistic pig and that Mary just takes it. Seriously, his character throws me off. He wants to do the right thing, but has no respect for Mary, even though he says he loves her. What he really loves is the sex (having it multiple times a night for days on end) doesn't go to complete smut level, but I was really shocked how far Macomber took it. It was not what I expected from her...more
A NICE book - held my interest; easy reading, relaxing. I don't ususally like this type of book - too predictable but it was well written & "pleasant".
Janet Miller
This would be a great hallmark theater movie. A wonderful family story. I enjoyed the writing style.
TBR Challenge 2011 - I'm putting this book in the TBR Challenge list because I've been looking for the title for the past year! I read part of this book at the library one day while waiting for my children, but didn't remember the name, so I couldn't go back and finish it. At the time I remember thinking I wasn't that interested in the book, but for some reason the story stuck in my mind.

After finally reading a description of the book on an forum, I located the book and finished readi...more
Karen & Gerard
A delightful and heartwarming read, Morning Comes Softly by Debbie Macomber is my favorite novel of hers. It’s a romance about a Montana cowboy who puts an ad for a wife in a paper so that he can raise his brother’s three children who became orphans when their parents were killed in an auto accident. Who would answer such an ad? One lonely frumpy librarian from Louisiana named Mary is who. Travis thought she was like Minnie Mouse and was very disappointed when they first met; however, she manage...more
"She was wearing a pale lavender dress, and the soft color enhanced her features, which were--he hated to say it--ordinary. She seemed a tad pale, until he realized she wasn't wearing makeup. Not even a little blush or lip gloss. Her glasses were the huge horn-rimmed variety that took up nearly all of her face. Her classic navy blue coat was unbuttoned, and she wore sensible black shoes."

Well, geez, could the woman be, oh, I don't know, a LIBRARIAN, perhaps? Why May, you know the stereotypical d...more
One of Debbie Macomber's earlier novels. Set in Montana, this romantic story is about a man, Travis, who becomes the guardian to three children when his brother and sister-in-law are killed in an automobile accident. Travis doesn't know much about child rearing or about cooking or keeping house; he is, after all, a confirmed bachelor and a rancher. What he needs is a housekeeper, or better yet, a wife. Trouble is, in the small town that he lives in, everyone considers him a troublemaker and no w...more
I am giving this book 3 stars because I felt that this book was missing something. I enjoyed several parts of this story but I did not like how she kept using the same words to describe similar situations. The main reason why I did not enjoy this book as much as I thought I would was because on several occasion I felt that the author just copied certain sections, changed one or two words and then pasted it in another part of the book.

In addition, I felt like Tilly and Logan's story was a little...more
In this book you meet Travis Thompson, a hard working, hell-raising, set in his ways rancher, from Montana. He has just gained custody of his brother's children due to his brother, Lee and his wife, Janice, dying in a car crash. He is having a hard time adjusting to life with three children and decides that he needs help, as in a "wife". Someone that can cook and clean and take care of the children better than he can apparently since social services is breathing down his neck. He decides to put...more
There were parts of this book that I liked and parts that I didn't. The basic premise has probably been summarized by others, but in case it hasn't...

Tyler is a 36-year-old rancher who takes in his brother's three children (two boys and one daughter, ranging from 12 to 5) after his brother's and sister-in-law's death. The parents were driving home when they were driven off the road by a suspected drunk hit-and-run driver. In view of the fact that they live in such a small town (in terms of popul...more
Nancy J
I was expecting more from this book because I really love this author's Cedar Cove series and her Blossom Street series. I almost quit reading it, but I wanted to give it a chance because I do love Debbie Macomber's other books.

The one thing that bothered me from the beginning was the blatant stereotyping of the two main characters. The Montana cattle rancher who took on his brother and sister-in-law's three children after the parents were killed in a tragic car accident, was a rough and rather...more
Mary - 30+ - head librarian - alone - had been close to her mother and brother, both of whom had died - content, but a hole where something lacked - petite, average looking, perhaps a little mousy looking...

Travis - 35+ - Montana rancher - hellion as a youth - hardworking - alone - honest - his brother/friend & sister-in-law killed when run off the road - he has care of their 3 children (5, 7, 11) and though he is serious, he is seriously unprepared for their care...

In desperation, (those so...more
Made it up to 55 pages of this book and to tell it straight, the female character was basically flawless. She couldn't do anything wrong and she came across as this perfect "girl-next-door" type of person. This story reminds me of the books I used to read when I was in my 20's and I moved away from it for a reason. I want female lead characters to have some kind of flaw in them to let me know how strong they can be in order to survive it and to redeem themselves. I'm sorry I couldn't find it in...more
Let me start off by mentioning that I'm not a fan of Mail Order Bride theme, but that didn't turn me off. I started reading this book late last night and I had to force myself to put it down, it was about 1:30 am when my husband told me (rather harshly) to turn off the light. So I was really looking forward to my alone time this afternoon to finishing the book. I was not disappointed, as usual I got the heart wrenching story (yes, hanky alert) and hoping that all would end well. I enjoyed the ch...more
Lenore Raven
A light and funny romance by the hand of Debbie Macomber.
Not one of her best, but it's a delight to read.
Mary Warner is an "old spinster" and Travis Thompson needs a wife desperately and together they find that the mail order things did both of them the joy of their lives.
The end was unexpected and Debbie Macomber delivered a great suspense scene.
It has Ok.
This was a quick read and a good one. At first this reminded me of the plot of Sarah,Plain and Tall which I used to read with my students. However, this takes place in more modern days and has a lot more action. Travis is left with the care of the 3 young children of his brother and wife who are killed in a horrible car accident. He advertises for a wife, and his ad is answered by a lonely, Louisiana librarian. Life on a Montana ranch is much different from her city life, but the children make i...more
Berkisah tentang seorang wanita bernama Mary Warner seorang pustakawati pemalu yang berasal dari Louisiana. Ia menjawab sebuah iklan yang di muat oleh Travis untuk mencari seorang istri. Travis memerlukan istri untuk membantunya membesarkan tiga anak saudara lelakinya yang meninggal karena kecelakaan. Travis mengundang Mary untuk datang ke Montana. Mary yang pemalu , berwajah biasa saja dan bertubuh kecil memang tidak sesuai dengan harapan Travis, tapi Mary memiliki kelebihannya sendiri selain b...more
Dorry Lou
I have the DVD of this, but had never read the book. It is probably one of her better books as it was written in 1993 and I think the more books they write isn't always good. Anyway it was a good story.
Mary Warner answered an ad for a wife wanted. She was a librarian in Louisiana living a boring life. Travis Thompson living in Montana, became the guardian of 3 children after his brother & sister-in-law were killed in an auto accident. He soon realized he needed help. It was interesting to re...more
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Debbie Macomber is a #1 New York Times bestselling author and one of today’s most popular writers with more than 170 million copies of her books in print worldwide. Macomber brings to life the compelling relationships that embrace family, community and enduring friendships, filling her readers with a sense of love and hope.

Macomber is the author of more than 100 novels, most recently the instant #...more
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