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Appointment with Death
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Appointment with Death (Hercule Poirot #19)

3.81 of 5 stars 3.81  ·  rating details  ·  16,693 ratings  ·  564 reviews

Among the towering red cliffs and the ancient ruins of Petra sits the corpse of Mrs. Boynton, the cruel and tyrannizing matriarch of the Boynton family. A tiny puncture mark on her wrist is the only sign of the fatal injection that killed her. With only twenty-four hours to solve the mystery, Hercule Poirot recalls a remark he overheard back in Jerusalem: "You do see, don'
Leatherette Bound, The Agatha Christie Mystery Collection, 198 pages
Published July 1987 by Bantam Books (first published 1938)
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Once again, Christie has written a mystery with an ending I didn't see coming. This time, I can't decide if I think she left enough clues to lead to the culprit, however. Normally, I find myself saying "oh, yeah!" as I read the outcome, but this time I thought it was a little shaky. But, as usual, Christie does a beautiful job fleshing out the characters of a well-rounded cast, with plenty of doubt cast among almost all of them. I changed my mind a few different times as to the possible outcome, ...more
Appointment With Death can be summed up by simply saying it is not one of Agatha Christie's best mysteries, by a long shot. The little Belgian was even more fussy and arrogant in this one.

It's not a bad book, but I expected the ending to be something sensational, after the way the story was progressing. The resolution is not only ridiculous but unfair in that it turns on a last-minute revelation. And it is too convenient by half. And the epilogue, in which Agatha Christie reveals the romantic pa
Paulo "paper books always" Carvalho
This was not the best book by Agatha. By all means. First of all, Poirot only appears in half the book (100 of 210 pages) and the last 20 pages is the setting as Poirot tells them all how smart he is and how he cracked the murder.

So it seems, not all people had some motifs to kill the Matriach of a American family and the killer isn't who we are led to believe.

My main problem is that Agatha Christie was getting more and more discontent with Poirot and this book shows it. I understand. This lady
I usually read an Agatha Christie novel when I am at home on Christmas vacation. I had this on my shelf, so I decided to bring it with me.

"Appointment with Death" has Hercule Poirot on yet another holiday, this time to The Holy Land. As usual, Poirot's vacation is interrupted by a suspicious death.

I have read quite a bit of Agatha Christie, and I must say, I found this book somewhat disappointing. The first Christie novel that I ever read, was "Murder on the Orient Express" - to this day it re
Laurel Young
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Christie thoroughly drew the psychology of her characters in this mystery. The various behaviors displayed due to stress and suppression were all plausible reactions.

Surprisingly, the eccentricity of Hercule himself was not as evident. The Poirot I know has his quirks. At the beginning of this story, it is predictable that he closes his window in order to be sure that “outside air stays outside”. I grinned to myself and said, “Yes, he would do something like that.” I missed his humorous idiosync
Haven't read an Agatha Christie mystery since I was a teenager. It's good to be back. Not sure that anyone writes mystery better than she did.
Compared to the other Christie mysteries, this was quite ok. I did not like Poirot listening to chance remarks which is serving as evidence. I usually like Poirot to come into a completely unknown scene and start investigating. I liked Mrs.Mcginty's dead because of this factor.

But the genius shows with the execution of the crime. As usual while reading Christie's books we know very well that chance remarks are always important, but we always never seem to get the context. This book, the context
Mónica Silva
Opinião no blog http://howtoliveathousandlives.blogsp...

Mais um mistério clássico da Rainha do Crime: Agatha Christie. Desta vez situado nas ruínas de Petra, na Jordânia, um ambiente exótico e bem caracterizado, aparentemente um local pacífico para o famoso detetive Poirot. Contudo, isto não se verifica por muito tempo, pois um homicídio rapidamente o arrasta para uma investigação misteriosa e complexa.

Porém, Poirot vê-se contra a vontade de todos os que conheciam a vítima. Ninguém parece minima
I thought for sure I had this one figured out and I did get it part right. I enjoyed this one for the psychology attached to the Boynton family and for the great characterization given to all the characters including Lady Westholme, the rather imperious MP, Dr.Gerard, the French doctor, Miss Pierce, a scatterbrained goose, and Miss Sarah King, a newly degreed doctor. As with many Christie novels, more than one person lies and many people have something to hide. The ending while happy for the Boy ...more
- بدأت فِي الرواية و أنا متأكدة إنها هتعجبني لإنها ببساطة
لـِ اجاثا كريستي
- أبدعت كعادتها ، سرد القصة ممتع ؛ وأحداث متتاليية لا تكاد تنتهي من حل لغز حتي تنقلك لأخر
فلا تشعر بالوقت أو بِ ملل ، تمضي في تسلسلُها و حل الألغاز فِ نَهم شديد لتصل إلي حل اللعز " مرتكب الجريمة "

روايـة رائعة و حبكة جيدة جداً .:))
Krisi Keley
I enjoyed this novel as I have all of the Agatha Christie novels I've read - for the clever mystery, the interesting story and the author's ability to make sardonic references to human foibles and prejudices in a humorous and rather non-offensive and forgiving way. But Appointment with Death was particularly intersting to me, reading it as I did shortly after reading Murder on the Orient Express, because Christie revisits the choice Hercule Poirot made at the end of that story. Did she do so to ...more
Feels like Dame Agatha was experimenting with new techniques, namely, how long will the readers wait before letting Hercule come in and solve the story? And of course, a little like Murder on the Orient Express, it's a murder that no one really wants solved. Yet, enter he does, and solves the crime using the techniques of the mind--although he admits he lacks proof. Come to think of it, I don't think he referred to "the little grey cells," alas. While not her best, I nonetheless enjoy the Egypti ...more
“Compreendes que ela tem de ser morta, não compreendes?”
É como esta frase que este policial de Agatha Christie inicia-se.
Tem como pano de fundo a cidade de Jerusalém e as ruínas de Petra (considerada em 2007 como uma das sete maravilhas do mundo). Tem como personagens: uma psicóloga, um psiquiatra, uma deputada e uma família extremamente sui generis, chefiada pela patriarca Mrs. Boynton, uma mulher tirânica! E claro, Poirot.
Mais um excelente policial que li devoradamente. Recomendo-o.
As I continue my march through Agatha Christie's collected works, I savor each tale. That doesn't mean that I read the books slowly - often I rip through one in just a couple of hours of reading. I'm taking my sweet time by only reading a book or so each month or two, enjoying the ride. I don't know if I ever realized how many books she'd written.

In this case, I started reading this book just before going to bed, but discovered that I only read a page or two before passing out, so I ended up rea
Stephanie BARNES
The ending was really good! Totally unexpected!
Overall, The book was pretty good (4/5), as the ending makes up for the slow, dragging plot. However, I would only recommend this book to someone who has a high level of patience and persistence!
Throughout the last chapters of the book, I was completely in the hands of Agatha Christie, I was continuously moulded and folded by her words which left me on the edge of my seat, dying to know who the murder was! The author even made me
Sophie Hannah
This is one of the very best Poirot novels. It's almost implausibly gripping from the first line, and unputdownable thereafer, until you reach the end. The labyrinthine plot and complex clueing is fantastic - Agatha at her best. Also, the characters and psychology here are superb. The murder victim, Mrs Boynton, terrorises her entire family with nothing more than the threat of her disapproval, and Agatha conveys this sort of psychological brainwashing in an expert way. The plot was convoluted an ...more
Petra, "a rose-red city half as old as time", is a Jordanian tourist spot and the place of death for the "old Buddha" as fellow travelers observed her: swollen, bloated, immovable in the midst of her family, the Boynton's, a "gross spider in the center of her web"!

"An American family-rather an unusual one, I think." Unusual indeed! All adult children including in-laws cowed to their step-mother whose power of manipulation, tyrannical nature, and complete financial control ruled their desperately
Jani H
Appointment with Death first takes place in Jerusalem but ends in Petra. We are introduced to the family of Boynton’s who are lead by their mother, Mrs. Boynton, a lady who thrives on controlling and dominating her family. At this time we are also introduced to two doctors: Dr. Gerard, famous French psychiatrist, and Ms. Sarah King, studying psychiatrist who has romantic interest in the youngest Boynton son. Lastly we are introduced to two new women, Lady Westholme, a famous politician and Ms. P ...more
Mmm, yeah. I didn't enjoy this nearly as much as I should have.

Firstly: there was a weird degree of repeated words and one incidence of a repeated sentence later in the paragraph that made me wonder what manuscript this edition was taken from. Certainly wasn't up to Christie's usual impeccable standard of perfectly trimmed prose. Even the adjectives used were a little too untidy and amateurish, words that would have been excised in the editing stage. Made for slight unease on my part.

Another thi
Appointment with Death is the first Agatha Christie I've read. It was the first I've been tempted to read despite my girlfriend owning about 10, and I think much of that was due to my loving the cover of the edition of AwD she bought, which features a silhouette of a syringe-wielding hooded attacker standing out against a kind of day-glo desert background:

It reminded me strongly of David Pelham's illustrations for the works of JG Ballard:

Another great Poirot mystery. This one concerns an American family, the Boyntons, whose tyrannical mother dominates every aspect of their lives. While traveling in the middle east, Mrs. Boynton is found dead, and it is unclear whether or not foul play is involved. Of course, M. Poirot just happens to be in the area, and he is brought in for his expertise.

I enjoyed this one immensely, although I'd rank it somewhere below Murder on the Orient Express because Poirot doesn't really play any part in
One of the first Christie's I read as a kid! This is a classic from the golden-age of Christie. I really enjoy her "location" mysteries that utilize her personal knowledge of life in the Middle East during this time. (She was there often with her archaeologist husband.) This particular installment features a particularly good cast of characters that enact a relatively standard Christie mystery.

When I was a kid, I didn't notice that all Christie's American characters sound pretty...British. This
I've been wanting to try reading mysteries for a while, and I figured what better way to start than with the 'Queen of Crime' herself, Agatha Christie. I picked this one up on an impulse in the bookstore, mostly because I liked the setting and thought the plot sounded interesting.

In this book, Christie's beloved detective Hercule Poirot is on vacation in Jerusalem, and during his first night's day he overhears part of a conversation in which someone says, "You do see, don't you, that she's got t
Monsieur Poirot solves another case with his astute powers of observation and deduction. I quite enjoyed trying to match wits. I came close, but not close enough.

While Agatha Christie was able to create some complex red herrings, life for many of her characters were quite simplistic. I can't quite wrap my head around how quickly two characters could decide they were in love. It was almost silly. Yes, silly is a good word for much of the shenanigans in this novel.

This story was set at one of the
"Appointment with Death" unfortunately was not a good Agatha Christie's mystery, but the story was good though, it was a quick read, there weren't many complicated characters.

i enjoyed reading it at beginning. When the old women died, and Poirot start investigating, it remind me of "Murder on the Orient Express", but i soon realized that Agatha Christie won't use the same plot again.

I think it would be fun to read "Appointment with Death" right after "Murder on the Orient Express".

i was so excit
¿Cómo es posible que siempre sospecho de la gente equivocada?
Me gustó el final, no me esperaba ese asesino, la verdad es que la familia tenía toda la pinta de haber tramado todo en conjunto.
Pero en estas novelas uno nunca sabe, lo malo es que Poirot todavía no me enamora, presiento que ningún detective captará mi atención como lo hizo Holmes hace muchos años.
I was really excited to read agatha Christie but wasn't in love with the book. All of the characters looked so guilty so I wasn't sure who was the murderer but therefore wasn't able to be surprised either. I also didn't think the characters were super interesting. Overall it was a fun read but I probably won't be reading another murder mystery too soon.
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Agatha Mary Clarissa Miller was born in Torquay, Devon, England, U.K., as the youngest of three. The Millers had two other children: Margaret Frary Miller (1879–1950), called Madge, who was eleven years Agatha's senior, and Louis Montant Miller (1880
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“Poirot sa: - Offerets moralske karakter har intet med saken å gjøre. Et menneske som har gjort noe så uhyrlig som å ta et annet menneskes liv, kan ikke få lov til å gå løs i samfunnet. Det sier jeg, Hercule Poirot, og det er min uforgripelige mening. Nå og alltid.” 1 likes
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