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Top Ten (Top 10 #2)

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Alan Moore and Gene Ha's multi-Eisner Award-winning homage to police dramas and old science-fiction tales concludes its groundbreaking run in TOP TEN BOOK TWO. The officers of Precinct 10, Neopolis's finest, are keeping the peace in a world where every last citizen has super-powers. The police force encounter all manner of the super powered and the supernatural on a routin...more
Published (first published October 2001)
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I should start by saying I love this series. I love the characters, I really like the police procedural stuff, the mysteries, the Easter eggs of beloved comic and cartoon stories that are on every page if not every panel of these books. Top 10 is Alan Moore at his absolute best, and that is saying a lot. Even with Neopolis' gritty exterior, these books have a tremendous sense of humor and optimism to them. They are about ordinary people (with super powers) doing things they regret. The heartbrea...more
Reprints Top 10 #8-12 (June 2000-October 2001). M’rrgla has been captured but the 10th Precinct learns that her powerful friends might be able to get the murderer off through a technicality. As King Peacock fights for his life on an alien planet, the real danger to the officers might be right within their ranks. Plus, the death of a popular officer leads to a new robot officer joining the force…just in time to investigate a possible sex-trafficking ring involving a popular superhero group.

Top Ten is outstanding. It's able to mix wry parody and sly cameos with actual interesting, well-balanced, memorable characters. The storyline is intricate and engaging, and the art and character design are phenomenal - how many superhero comics are there out there where a hero's body type and costume actually matches his or her powers?

Once again, I'm extremely disappointed that this series didn't go on longer.
Michelle Johnson
QUICK PITCH: Law & Order: Superheroes.

VERDICT: You guys are going to think this is crazy, but Alan Moore has written a really great comic book.

Top Ten is a fantastic superhero comic from the post-Watchmen era. It's also a fantastic "cop show". Alan Moore perfectly mixes the funny and ridiculous with the dark and terrifying, and Gene Ha draws the whole thing with an attention to detail that's downright fanatical. It's amazing. You should read it.

This one's a true two-parter. Pair with Top...more
Elizabeth (Miss Eliza)
I liked the quick resolve of the plot that was left dangling from the first volume. The "fight club" was stupid, but thankfully short lived. Why does every sci-fi anything have to do a fight club storyline? The pedo thing, creepy, but thankfully wrapped up even quicker. I love the little details in the background, the 4th Doctor randomly walking by, a Dalek head being the movie projector, Doroty and all her friends from Return to Oz, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Peter Pan, ET, it's amazing what you...more
I really loved this book and this series, I'm so disappointed that they didn't continue it. It was that great combination of a strong storyline and terrific characters who had depth and, well, character. The only other thing I've read by Moore so far is Watchmen, and I don't remember it that well at this point, but from reading this series it seems to me that he has a remarkable ability to convey a lot of information about the people he's writing about in very few words. All of the characters ar...more
My first version of this review was a bit negative, it turns out because I'd left a long interval between reading book 1 and book 2. Having reread the entire saga without such a hiatus has rather changed my views. Hence this updated (and much more positive) review.

There isn't much that needs to be said, so I'll be brief. Top Ten: 1 was a great story that interweaved any number of story lines and built compelling characters. Book 2 picks up all the spinning plates and continues to spin them while...more
Issue 8 - Wow. That was so sad, but also so intelligently written. I think this issue is the best one so far...

Issue 9 - The alternate universe with Rome was awesome - as was the reference to Marvin the Martian, 300, Asterix, and the others. And oh God, the ending...

Issue 10 - Love it. Just love it. All of it.

Issue 11 - Wow, I saw so much in this one - Cartman, Futurama, Powerpuff Girls, etc. And I love Joe! I can't believe there's only one more issue left...

Issue12 - Nicely wrapped up. I was af...more
Seth Kalis
With a vacation staring me in the face I went to my public library with the intention of getting some reading material.I saw top ten's second volume and seeing Alan Moore's name on it I decided that it's be worth my time. I'd never read volume one but Iwas able to jump right in. The premise of examining the day to day life of super powered cops in a city full of "science heros"(Moores words not mine) is an intriguing one. As a long-time comics reader I love seeing stories like these that examine...more
Aditya Mallya
This is a fun conclusion to the "first season" of Top 10. In Volume 1, we learnt that Neopolis is located in one of many parallel worlds, and in Volume 2 this network of universes begins to open up, allowing us a look at life in alternate versions of the city. As you can imagine, Alan Moore's imagination has a playful jaunt with this concept along with his partner in crime, artist Gene Ha. For example, one version of Neopolis is located in a world in which the Roman empire never fell, and gladia...more
This isn't so much a review as it is a list of reasons why I loved this book in the event I ever get retrograde amnesia and forget. With Top Ten, Alan Moore once again reminds us why he is quite possibly the greatest comic book writer, living or dead.

The multiple plots are engrossing, entertaining, and masterfully woven together. The writing is funny, sincere, and dramatic but never labored or hokey. Moore does a great job lampooning the convenions of typical comic book stories, such as the reb...more
I was not prepared for how much I enjoyed this series. It would be easy to take it for lesser Alan Moore because it's less ambitious, but you would be wrong. He writes the crap out of it and Gene Ha draws the crap out of it. It's packed with jokes, visual gags, amusing interactions, clever plots and surprising twists. Moore is a master craftsman and he knows how to get the most of the twenty four pages he gets in each issue. The only downside to that is that because the cast is so large and he o...more
This 'season' of Top 10 wraps up in this volume, with some reasonably surprising developments and climaxes to the stories started in volume one. Once again, Alan Moore throws away more ideas in his background tales than many authours are likely to ever have.
My only real problem with this second volume is that Shockheaded Peter seems to suddenly turn nasty, where before he was kind of innocent and goofy. I'm not sure if this was an intentional change or if it's just one of those things that we on...more
J'ai préféré de loin ce tome au premier sûrement parce que les personnages se développent davantage, et que pour le coup je me suis sentie beaucoup plus impliquée émotionnellement parlant. Tout super héros qu'ils puissent être, les fêlures sont visibles, les personnages sont tourmentés et réagissent comme des "humains, avec tout ce que cela peut laisser supposer derrière cette notion.

J'aurai bien aimé une suite avec d'autres aventures dans ce commissariat !
Overall I really liked this but for some reason I didn't like it as much as the first book even though the highlights of this were the best parts of the series. There were a ton of things I absolutely loved. I love Smax and I really want to read the spin off limited series Smax. I thought the devlopment of his friendship with Toybox was great. Girl One was great and it was sad to see her go. The introduction of Joe Pi though made up for it as he became one of my 3 favorite characters in the seri...more
Ryan Mishap
The science-heroes of Neopolis live their lives while the Tenth Precinct attempts to keep tabs on crimes and plots in the second collection of the series. King Peacock--that worshipper of Satan--is sent off world where he is given the bureacratic run-around and winds up in a gladiator contest. Meanwhile, the top cop in charge of the multi-world police forces visits the precinct on an inspection....
Several plot lines from the first collection are resolved, and Toy Box will accompany Smax to his...more
Top Ten is a fun read with a lot going on, which means it's got a little something for everyone (or at least everyone who enjoys superhero comics and re-imaginings of the genre along the lines of a police procedural set in a city populated entirely by the costumes-and-powers segment of the world). It also means that it can still be an enjoyable experience even if there are large, thudding chunks of it that don't entirely seem to work ... until you think about them for so long and look at them fr...more
Alan Moore really is a cut above other comic book authors. He can take an odd premise, like a world where everything is a superhero, whether it be a mouse invading your pantry to a drunk on the street to the officers in Precinct 10. While the world is crazy, and enormously fun to look at due to the excellent drawing, at the core there are strong characters, some which you like, and some which you don't. There is a human frailty and vulnerability to these characters, despite the fact they're supe...more
So this is the first thing that I have ever read off of the goodreads recommendations. Although volume 1 was suggested Volume 2 was the only one I was able to get through interlibrary loan. Top 10 appears to be the police force for a city where everyone has some kind of heroic power. The story focuses on different people in the police station and floats between characters with everyone being connected in an over arching way. I really liked it and only wish I could find more b/c I could tell when...more
I can't begin to describe how much I love this series, and how disappointed I am that Alan Moore ended it after only two trades and a mini series (the new series by Di Fillipo does NOT count as a continuation in my opinion; it's not Top 10 without Alan Moore). Absolute genius, this series takes place in a city full of super-powered men, women, and "other", and follows the story of a police precinct as they try to keep the peace. Brilliant, clever and fun, this is hands down my favorite work by o...more
Top ten book 2 continued the nice character development of book 1. It was short but it seemed to wrap up several of the stories really nicely and set up the two next books that were in different time periods or settings. I think Top ten definitely feels more like a cop show than a superhero comic. There aren't really any big fights, at least there aren't any distracting ones and there's a lot more plots to do with the existance of life, unorthodox relationships and prejudice. The last section of...more
Erik Erickson
Nov 29, 2009 Erik Erickson rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Moore fans and those who enjoy post-modern integrations of existing styles, characters and plots.
Shelves: comics, fiction
Fun read. Moore effortlessly integrates so many fixtures of pop culture in a non-cheesy way, as usual. New officer Joe Pi is by far the best and most hilarious character in the series. I definitely enjoyed this volume more than the first one, a good bit of which is because of him.

Looking forward to The 49ers, although it's sad that that's pretty much the end. I've actually read the first couple of issues of Smax before, and I didn't love it. Although it was the first Neopolis book I read, which...more
This thing finished just as strong as it started. Stunning work, from start to finish. Entirely original, and it felt familiar. I can't believe how much I dug this for as much as I seemed detatched. There's no crime novel "what happens next." There's no "tune in next week." This almost read close to a memoir comic for how well it seizes a narrative of humdrum everyday life. But it isn't here, obviously, and what he does with the robot Joe character, as far as character development, is perfect. S...more
Magic Mike
This is the conclusion of the Top 10 story started in book 1. Top 10 is about a police force in a city populated with super powered citizens. If you like Powers you should like this and vice versa.

Note: There are two other stories by Alan Moore in this universe. One is The Forty-Niners which is a step down from this, but still good. The other is Smax which is an odd and not all that great book.

There is also Top 10 season 2 which Alan Moore was not involved with and which I have yet to read.
The only complaint I have with this book is that this is pretty much it for Top 10. I don't count the Beyond The Farthest Precinct collection, which wasn't written by Moore and has received very many damning reviews. Will be reading 49ers next, and hope to get my hands on Smax soon, though. As with the first collection, the loving attention paid to the artwork served the story well while providing the comic geek with a plethora of in-jokes. Very enjoyable.
Richard Guion
Same high marks as the first volume. The mystery behind some of the killings in Neopolis comes to a conclusion and the person behind it is revealed. There is a very intense action scene at the end and serious repercussions for the characters. It's a shame that the series actually stops at the 12th issue because I could have read this comic series for another few years if Alan Moore and his artistic team continued.
Book 2 was just as good as the first, I think. Are there any more Top Ten books out there, I wonder?

The same cast of characters comes to Book 2, most of whom are fairly likable. A main character is killed and many more injured in a duel with the Commissioner. Some odd little twists and one slightly weird/off "wrap up" of the super mice storyline.

All in all, good book.
Londonmabel Mabel
One if my favorite graphic novels, I wish it was a tv series so it would go on and on. Good mystery stories, great characters you really care about, and unbelievable background details in the illustrations. The illustration details in vol 2 are even better than vol 1, and it's a real page turner as the storylines from part 1 come to a head.

Re-read in 2012.
Only slightly less impressive than Book 1. The conclusion tended towards one specific social deconstruction and analysis while wrapping up the action arc in a surprising manner. The racism was more blatant this time, and, I thought, less powerful as a device to move external dialogue. I'm still going to read the other two books in the series.
CJ - Drop Dead Cute
This actually teeters on the 3.5/4 mark. Good story, decent artwork and a book that addresses racial prejudices, addictions and mental instability - it's good. I think it doesn't quite make the four because I'm simply too disappointed in knowing that nothing that I hope for comes out of the Smax and Slynger partnership.
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