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Tiger (The Five Ancestors, Book 1)
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Tiger (Five Ancestors #1)

3.98 of 5 stars 3.98  ·  rating details  ·  1,892 ratings  ·  209 reviews

Twelve-year-old Fu and his temple brothers Malao, Seh, Hok, and Long don’t know who their parents were. Raised from infancy by their grandmaster, they think of their temple as their home and their fellow warrior monks—their “temple brothers”—as their family. Then one terrible night, the temple is destroyed. Fu and his brothers are the only survivors. Charged by their grand

Hardcover, 208 pages
Published March 22nd 2005 by Random House Books for Young Readers (first published January 1st 2005)
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Review also posted at My Bookshelf is Ready.

I'm always on the lookout for YA/MG books that don't feature romance, and thankfully this one didn't. This is really a "boy friendly" book in that regard. Also, there are a lot of martial arts fight scenes in this.

However parents should be advised that there does seem to be a bit of gratuitous violence for this audience, so it's something to be aware of if you want to shield your kids from that sort of thing.

Again, the best feature of this book is that
Mike (the Paladin)
I forced my way through a lot of this and finally skimmed my way to the end. I see a lot of high scores here so all I can say is...I'm happy for you.

This is a YA book...that stands for "Young Adult". The emphasis here is on the "Young". This book it seems to me is aimed largely at preteen to young teen boys. It's full of fights, bodily fluids (including but not restricted to mucus and feces)... The dialogue, well it's really sort of elevating it some to call it dialogue but there you go. Anyway
Novia Indaryani
Oct 20, 2013 Novia Indaryani rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommended to Novia by: Rifda
Pertama kali lihat cover buku The five ancestor: Tiger, lumayan nyeremin. Bagaimana tidak? Cover nya gambar manusia setengah hewan, ini buku tentang siluman apa? LOL. Tapi Rifda malah nyaranin baca buku ini, katanya bagus. Yang biasa dibilang bagus sama Rifda biasanya suka emang bagus juga.

Buku ini bercerita tengtang biksu dan ilmu beladiri Cina. Ada sebuah perguruan bernama Changzen yang artinya "Kebenaran yang tersembunyi", perguruan tersebut diserang oleh pasukan Kaisar masa itu dan dipimpin
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Copyright © 2005 by Jeff Stone
Cover Ilustrations copyright © 2005 by Richard Cowdrey
Penerbit Teen@Noura [ Penerbit Noura Books ]
Alih Bahasa : Sujatrini Liza
Editor : Ida Wajdi
Proof-reader & Lay-out : Putri Rosdiana, @kaguralian, Nurhasanah
Desain sampul : Fahmi Ilmansyah
Ilustrasi Isi : Malia Hartati
Cetakan I : September 2013 ; 270 hlm ; ISBN 978-602-9498-28-8
Rate : 3.5 of 5

Kisah ini diawali dengan munculnya serangan terh
Anna Rebecca
I really enjoyed this book. It drew me in quickly. Typically I don't read much about China or the Chinese in general, but this book, and the others in the series, have been the exception. Despite the fact that they are written for children, I think adults will find them enjoyable. They are not difficult to read nor is the plot overly complex, but none of that matters. This book draws you into the struggle these children face after their home is destroyed. There is a bit of a mystery that the chi ...more
Taylor Hupe
Tiger is the first book of The Five Ancestors series by Jeff Stone. Tiger follows a young monk named Fu who is twelve years old and the youngest monk in the Cangzhen Temple to master the kung-fu fighting style of the tiger. When the hidden temple is under siege by soldiers led by ex-monk Ying, Fu and his four monk brothers; Malao, Seh, Hok, and Long, are the only ones to survive and they must uncover the secrets of their pasts and find out how their lives all connect to that of Ying.

The five b
Tiger is the first book in the Five Ancestors series, by Jeff Stone. This book follows the story of Fu, a young monk, who has mastered the Kung Fu style of Tiger. When his home, Cangzhen Temple, is attacked by a bitter and angry former monk, wielding the fearsome power of gunpowder, all the monks except him and his four brothers are slaughtered. Fu flees into the forest, and must learn to survive on his own, while also honing his skills, so that he may avenge his deceased teacher. His quest for ...more
Great, captivating. A great young readers action book. My 10 year old son started reading these series and I had to check them out.
I couldn't put them down. Very interesting. Funny, sad, surprising, action packed and mysterious. What more could you ask for? If your kiddos are into kung fu they will like these.
My sons love these books! They would certainly give them 5 stars. Each book retells the story from each character's perspective. In that respect, these are character studies. Each book also reveals one more piece so it isn't just regurgitating the previous books.

Definite thumbs up for boys!
First book of seven in a young adult series featuring several boys who have been raised in a secret Shaolin temple. Each book seems to focus on the adventures of an individual boy. One of their number felt he had been wronged by their teacher, so he returns to take his vengeance upon them all, causing the destruction of the temple & the scattering of the young monks. This book seems to be targeted to 10-12 yr old boys; there's violence (decapitations, specifically) and lots of references to ...more
Jacob got a Kindle over the holidays last year, so I've been on the lookout for ebooks to borrow on his behalf (since it's connected to my Amazon account) the last two months. It looked like he would enjoy this series, so I got on the waitlist... and then decided to also send it to my devices once it was available so that I could read along too. Turned out he finished it pretty quickly and asked me to get the second book before I even started the first, lol. In any event, I really liked it! I'm ...more
Five Ancestors: Tiger struck me as an odd combination of Kung Fu Panda meets Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, but set in ancient China with real Buddhist warrior monks as the main characters.

The Five Ancestors is an ongoing series surrounding five orphans named in Cantonese after the animals they resemble and whose Animal Style Kung Fu they have mastered. When their temple is destroyed and their grandmaster is killed, they are commanded to scatter and recruit help to fight against their traitorous
3 stars... because it is rare that I find a book that I don't enjoy! With all the hallmarks of Kung Fu lore this first in the series of the Five Ancestors has a great deal of appeal for the action adventure reader. The moving of the plot and the unfolding rivalry between the monk turned bad-guy and the five young loyal warrior monks to their temple and grandmaster is the strength of the book. The main character of this book, Fu, is engaging and evolves with each mistake and success in the story. ...more
David Sof 2014

Tiger by Jeff stone was about 5 brothers and a formal one they master acient kung fu and was represented each animal, Fu [Tiger:] , Crane, ma lao[monkey:], Long [Dragon:], Sei [snake:] and the evil one [ying:]Eagle. this story was Fu's point of view. Basically Ying the young a formal brther wants the final dragon scroll and the master got his head slice by one of ying's deadly acient weapons. Fu takes the scrolls and versus [Ton long:] Mantis on of ying's companion fought and Fu's Double Tiger f
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Bukan buku fantasi, tapi dari awal sampai akhir bisa bikin excited kayak baca novel fantasi >//<


Ini adalah kisah yang terjadi pada sekitar tahun 1650 M di Provinsi Henan, Cina. Kisah tentang sebuah kuil shaolin yang tersembunyi, bernama "Kuil Changzen" ---artinya: Kebenaran Tersembunyi. Di dalam kuil itu, terdapat 100 biksu, 5 biksu muda, dan seorang Mahaguru.

Ini adalah cerita tentang 5 biksu muda yang sudah menjadi master shaolin. Namanya Long, Seh, Hok, Fu, dan Malao. Kelim
This book was the best book a read in the series. In the book the kid named Fu and brothers were hiding from another brother that betrayed them and the temple and then he found them. He ran in the forest and then he thuoght of the scolls that the brother named Ying which is the betrayer of the temple and them. He went back and he found a guy named Tolong and he had the scrolls and then he fought him and then Fu won and he ran back to the forest and then Ying killed the grandmaster while Fu was g ...more
Juan Valera
Kung fu movies are my guilty pleasure, I should admit this before even attempting to describe my love affair with this book. ( It's a little disarming how often I read books intended for much younger readers.) The story is vaguely reminiscent of many other fantasy settings, the wise old master dies and leaves his disciples with power and the responsibility of avenging him and setting right whatever is wrong with the world. But such a typical summary does Jeff Stone no justice, and he deserves re ...more
Kosei K.
The Five Ancestors book 1:Tiger虎
Jeff stone
196 pages

The book takes place at a temple in China and the youngest monks that live there. Grand master, the leader of the temple, selected the boys at early ages to specialize in a certain style of kung-fu. They all represent a animal like the main character Fu, Fu means tiger in Cantonese. Fu has four brothers Malao (monkey), Seh (snake),Hok (crane), and Long (dragon). Ying (eagle) is also a brother of Fu but he does not live with Fu. Ying is the "bad
Ira Mustika
Keren abis. Ngiler pas baca gerakan kungfu nya. Fu ini macan banget ya, tapi keren. Ending-nya rada gantung. Soalnya habis ini gilirannya Malao yang ahli kungfu gaya monyet. Pasti penuh hal konyol nih.

Cerita diawali dengan penyerangan ke kuil Changzen oleh mantan biksu yang ingin membalas dendam, Ying si elang. Tidak tanggung-tanggung Ying ingin menghabisi semua biksu yang ada di kuil Changzen.

Mahaguru pun menyuruh 5 pendekar mudanya yang diberi nama Fu, Malao, Seh, Hok, dan Long bersembunyi dan
This is the first in a series of children's books. It's labeled as 5th grade, 3rd month reading level, which sounds about right. I read it with my third grader and he did need help on some of the words.
BUT HE LOVED THIS BOOK. Couldn't wait to get his hands on it when he came home from school.
It's based on the origin myth of kung fu: that there were five elders or ancestors and each fought like a different animal. In the story, the five are orphans, aged 11-16, who are being raised as "warrior m
This story takes place in ancient China. Five fellow monks; Fu, Malao, Seh, Hok, and Long, are all masters of their own type of Kung Fu. The first book, "Tiger" is based after Fu. Fu is a strong, hard-headed, quick-tempered, child who is the youngest ever master of tiger-style Kung Fu. His name, Fu, literally translates to Tiger in Cantonese. As do his brother's Malao (Monkey), Seh (Snake), Hok (Crane), and Long (Dragon). They are orphans who live and train in a Shaolin temple along with many o ...more
V.K. Finnish
I only give 4 and 5 stars to books I feel I can read over again and still enjoy just as much. I definitely think The Five Ancestors series is worth reading more than once.

Tiger, the first book of the series, took me a bit to get into it (thus 4 instead of 5 stars), but at that point--the point of no return--I found myself getting into the story and the main character, and I was hooked. The plot is about five orphan brothers who live in a secret temple in 15th-century China. The brothers are name
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
I remember reading the first three books in this series when I was younger. As I remember, I really enjoyed them (to the point where I wanted to be an animal-like fighter so badly I practised karate in my room and came up with new animals for the series). I was, to say it mildly, obsessed with these books.
I don't rate these books because I don't know how I would feel about them now - after all, they were written for young children (most likely boys) and I'm not 11 anymore...
This book read like a mix of Kung Fu, The Karate Kid, and Mulan. Jeff Stone did a good job of blending a typical kung fu plot into a children's book. The hallmarks of the martial arts genre are there; a temple grandmaster killed by his former student, the students brothers, each of whom wields a different style of kung fu, must now find out why from a shadowy past that none of them know, betrayal, and secret scrolls. And yet interwoven is the story of brothers who are still learning to be adults ...more
I found this story to be an engaging one in which Kung Fu strengths were intimately connected with an individual's association to a certain type of animal. The Chinese and indeed many others cultures throughout history have and often still do place great emphasis on certain types of animals in connection with personality types and an individuals approach to life situations. This author captured that deep correlation between nature, animals and humans, as well as the necessity of the dominate spe ...more
Big, muscular 12 year old Fu or tiger is rather content with his monk life at the holy conzen temple, and being the youngest person to ever master tiger style fighting kongfu.Anyway he is until his evil pin headed, long lost brother Ying or egale comes back to distroy the temple,its grandmaster, Fu and his 4 brothers and steal the secret dragon scrolls,for Ying has always wanted to be an all powerful kongfu fighting dragon. When grandmaster is about to die,he tells Fu and his 4brothers,Malow[mon ...more
Emmanuel Murillo
Its a great book about 1600s in China and the destruction of Cangzhen temple destroyed by sixteen year old Ying with soldiers from the emperor. Only the five youngest survive, Malao, Fu, Seh, Hok, and Long. Book one tells from Fu point of view whose names mean tiger in Cantonese. As Fu escapes he beats up tiger hunters but one of them is the governor of the region and is later on captured . The governor promises Fu to Ying 'cause Fu has some dragon scrolls Ying wants when Fu is turned over a dru ...more
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Jeff Stone is the author of the hugely successful Five Ancestors series. When that series concluded, he wanted to do something different than another tale set in seventeenth-century China. However, he was reluctant to completely let go of kung fu or the characters he had grown to love. So he created an opportunity to update them to his own contemporary life. That would be his new trilogy--The Five ...more
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